Thinner Rinder?

Several of Marty’s faithful have pointed out how much better Mike Rinder looks in the Panorama show that just aired versus the one in 2007. Mike looks thin and gaunt on the first show, but healthy and well-fed this time around – proof, they say, that life outside of the Church agrees with him.

But is that what’s really going on?

If you’ve watched Mike in action as the Church’s chief spokesliar, you know he hasn’t always exactly been supermodel-skinny. (Not that I’m criticizing; wogs in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.)

Now, I’ve known lots of Scientologist who were on diets, Weight Watchers, etc. Scientology promised a lot of cures – everything from higher IQ to perfect eyesight – but weight loss, as far as I can tell, was not among them. (Perhaps this is because Hubbard himself was also in the glass house with me and Mike. Maybe we should call him L. Ron Tubbard? Oh, snap! That was harsh!)

So, anyway, here’s my alternate theory: After years of making second trips to the donut box, Rinder, having found no cure for his spare tire in Scientology tech, finally got himself on track. By 2007, he was down to his college weight and fitting into those dresses he wore in his twenties. (Wait, sorry, that was Tom Cruise. Just kidding! That was satire, counselor. Tom Cruise, to the best of my knowledge, does not wear dresses. Nor does Mike Rinder. And besides, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a man in a dress.)

Then Mike leaves the organized Church, he gets stressed by the Church’s attacks – or maybe by working with Marty – and he goes back to eating. And now he’s back to being the Rinder-sized Rinder we all came to know and love after they took Heber Jentschz off the air.

Now, some might think I’m being a bit harsh, or that I’m picking on Mike for his weight. I’m not. Mike looks fine. And maybe he really was gaunt from all the abuse he received in the Sea Org. But… if that as the case, don’t you think he would have written more about it on Marty’s blog? His followers would eat that up. (Okay, bad choice of cliché.)

Whatever really happened, Mike isn’t saying – last time I checked, he hadn’t acknowledged the comments about his better appearance. So maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe I’m right, but M&M are content to let people think that the Church was starving him.

Either way, Mike, you look much better now.

Have another donut. It’s on me.


8 responses to “Thinner Rinder?

  1. He is trying to think up to look younger for his lady who is half his age.

  2. Rinder doesn’t just look thin, he looks downright SICK in those BBC videos from the time before he left the cult.

  3. agreed.

    I weighed a mere 54-58 Kilos after leaving the Sea Org. Within 4 months I was up to 60 kg, and in one year about up to 65, and finally 18 months after leaving got to a healthy 75 kilos.

    That place kills you with it’s crap food.

    No diets are even researched – they feed you the cheapest shit that they can find.

    Here is an example of how many ways you can eat chicken in the Sea Org – very rarely did we get good read meat which is vital to good human function (yes there are alternatives to red meat, but those require a GOOD mix of MANY items in QUANTITIES) and chicken is cheap:


    Made into puff


    Shredded with rice
    Deep Fried
    Made into patties

    Do not even get me started on how many ways you can eat rice and beans – the SO has mastered this better than the Dynasty Restaurant of Hong Kong.

  4. Do Scientologists think like LRH? Here is what LRH, Tom Cruise and Carmel Underwood think:

    Carmel Underwood recent post:

    …….I blame all those who enable the CofS.

    Whilst people won’t exercise their “inalienable rights” for fear of what the CofS will or could do, the CofS will continue to have the power that has been oppressive to so many.

    The CofS would have no power if the majority said “NO! No more!”

    No matter what the reason, no matter what the circumstances, if the people involved said “NO” and refused to forfeit their rights, the CofS would die.

    The power is in *our* hands. The CofS only still has power, coz people (including critics), give it to them.

    If most who objected to the CofS stopped giving it power, then the CofS would lose its power.

    – When you shut up and say nothing for fear of consequences, you enable the CofS
    – When you don’t act for fear of repercussions, you enable the CofS
    – When you PR BS your scio mates as to where you stand, you enable the CofS

    Crikey, if all those who disagreed said so, to their friends and to others, then the CofS would crumble, without any action from outside authorities. To me, it’s the Scios, fence sitters and former Scios who permit the CofS to continue, whilst poo pooing it on message boards such as this.

    Just imagine if everyone on the same day just told it as it was/is……If they just spoke from the heart with no reservation. If worldwide there were no stops on telling it how it was/is, then we wouldn’t need intervention…..The CofS would be a dead duck.

    I don’t know how to make this happen. I’m just pissed off that it doesn’t or hasn’t happened. I know for a fact that without the pretence of support from people on the fence, people here, and people in, that the CofS would be no more.

    Time to stop pretending or being tight lipped, I reckon. If we who are “in”, on the fence, or out, took a stand, then crikey, look at where Scn would be……down the girgler!

    IMO, those who *know* but who are not speaking out against it, *are* enabling it…….Not on an individual basis, but on mass…..If all those who *knew* spoke out, we’d have a very different scene.

    I have always cut slack to those who would lose too much from speaking out, but of late, my tolerance is thin on those who could but won’t. If only former or disgruntled Scios would stand up for what they believe in…….We’d have a very different scene. The CofS only has the power we give it…………..Stop giving it the power or letting it oppress you by speaking up and/or by doing what ya wanna do.

    LRH said this:

    (From HCOPL of 7 February 1965, Reissued 27 August 1980, Corrected and Reissued 12 October 1985, _Keeping Scientology Working Series 1_, by L. Ron Hubbard)

    When somebody enrolls, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe–never permit an “open-minded” approach. If they’re going to quit let them quit fast. If they enrolled, they’re aboard; and if they’re aboard, they’re here on the same terms as the rest of us–win or die in the attempt. Never let them be half-minded about being Scientologists. The finest organizations in history have been tough, dedicated organizations. Not one namby-pamby bunch of panty-waist dilettantes have ever made anything. It’s a tough universe. The social veneer makes it seem mild. But only the tigers survive–and even *they* have a hard time. We’ll survive because we are tough and are dedicated. When we *do* instruct somebody properly, he becomes more and more tiger. When we instruct half-mindedly and are afraid to offend, scared to enforce, we don’t make students into good Scientologists and that lets everybody down. When Mrs. Pattycake comes to us to be taught, turn that wandering doubt in her eye into a fixed dedicated glare and she’ll win and we’ll all win. Humor her and we all die a little. The proper instruction attitude is “You’re here so you’re a Scientologist. Now we’re going to make you an expert auditor no matter what happens. We’d rather have you dead than incapable.”

    Tom Cruise said this :

    “It’s not, you know, you can’t sit here and wish it was different, and then, you look at it. And at that moment, I have to do something, don’t I? Because I cannot live with myself if, and that [mumbles] I don’t care whether someone thinks it’s hard or it’s easy. Because you’re either helping and contributing everything you can, or you’re not, ok?

    Because you’re carrying my load, all right, and as much as you’re carrying, I still have got to do more. There’s still a thing of ‘let’s go.’

    “You can see the look in their eyes. You know the ones who are doing it, and you know the spectators, the ones who are going , ‘Well, it’s easy for you. That thing, I’ve cancelled that in my area. [Laughs] It’s like, man, you’re either in or you’re out. That spectatorism, I’ve no time for it. That is something we have no time for now.


    Do you see the similarities?

  5. I remember reading a part from Blown For Good where Marc Headley describes eating after getting out of Int. He just went *nom nom nom* like a kitteh with cheese, and who could blame him? And what Aaron said above is true: when you restrict your diet, yeah you do lose weight. How do you guys think Atkins and the Rice diets work? It’s not healthy, but it does give a gaunt look after enough time.

    In 2007, Mr. Rinder looked gaunt, unhappy, malnourished, and kinda googley-eyed.

  6. ex-scn - staff - S.O.

    to Aaron Saxton

    Wow you got a real good gastronomy of rice and chicken!

    In the 80’s at flag – there was not so much variation on a theme ..
    but on thing that one would rely on, day after day..,
    was that on the table there would be

    cockroaches to share you meal time with!

  7. Oh Aaron, you such the nice guy.

    Did I forget to mention I am a Vegetarian? I have been for 15 years. If I ate chicken I would die! Never mind red meat!

    Scientologists, they eat shit, because they don’t give a fuck. The figure as long as it looks at smells like shit, it must be delicious so why not have it for dinner?

    If I was there, I would say “Hey, fuck you man, I ain’t eating this shit! Take it and stick it up your fucking ass!”

    Right, even though I am not really like that, I can be, just to make a point, or because I like laughing, even if I have to cause it myself.

  8. [Yes, I know this is comment necromancy, just re-reading and said screw it, comment anyway…]

    While the diet idea is indeed possible, I seriously doubt that was the reason Finder looked so gaunt. Guilliam (spelling?) Also looked like hell in recent videos. More telling, however, was Rinder’s colour. He looked a sickly shade of grey/green in 2007, a common thing with rpf-style treatment, especially vitamin deficiency. True diets look out for that sort of thing and make sure one’s vitamin intake is at least decent.

    Hooray for rotundness!

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