Must-read: A Piece of Blue Sky

WARNING TO INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGISTS: This blog entry discusses a book which presents evidence that L. Ron Hubbard was an immoral charlatan who started Scientology as a business. Further reading could prove dangerous to the notion that David Miscavige is the only criminal to head up the Church of Scientology. You have been warned.

A Piece of Blue Sky is one of three excellent autobiographies of L. Ron Hubbard (the other two are Bare-faced Messiah by journalist Russell Miller and L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? by Bent Corydon). All three are great reads, and all Scientology protesters should read at least one, if not all. (If you prefer works of fiction, I suggest the Church of Scientology’s official L. Ron Hubbard site.)

It’s hard to pick which of the three bios is the best, but I happen to think A Piece of Blue Sky is a great one with which to start out. Author Jon Atack is a former Scientologist who, like the Independents, was driven out by the tyranny of David Miscavige’s new regime – but unlike the Independents, Jon took further steps that led him to see the truth about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, and he published A Piece of Blue Sky in 1990.

A Piece of Blue Sky tells many of the Hubbard stories the Church would prefer to see buried, including his bizarre dalliances with Satanism, his pleas for disability payments (remember what Hubbard said about rewarding down statistics?), and my favorite, the time he used his World War II command to commit an act of war against Mexico. The book paints a clear picture of who Hubbard was and how his personality set the tone for the crimes of Scientology. Naturally, the Church sued and harassed Atack, and to this day there is an injunction against distributing the original version of the book in the UK.

A Piece of Blue Sky is available online in HTML and PDF format. You can find it here.


2 responses to “Must-read: A Piece of Blue Sky

  1. The sad thing is the independents will never read these accounts of the real LRH and will defend the account posted by the church. Or if read they will simply state that they were not there, they dont know, all the writers were in a conspiracy against LRH and the church.

    I will also recommend watching the entire deposition of Robert Vaughn Young posted on youtube. He offers great insight during the change over.

  2. Michael Varnsbury

    Good work for directing people to read ‘Blue Sky’. It really is a magnificent tour de force.

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