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Liars, damn liars, and Independent Scientologists

Okay. I promised myself I was going to get the blog back on track this week. I have the third part of my Admin Tech series ready to go, plus another mind-expanding article from Aaron Saxton. But then I popped over to Marty’s blog this weekend. Maybe it’s a personality flaw, but I can’t see bullshit without pointing at it and screaming “BULLSHIT!” – and Friday’s post is such a big, steaming, huge pile that I just can’t let it go.

The post in question is entitled There Is No Such Thing as Disconnection, and it’s authored by Christie Collbran, the young girlfriend of Mike Rinder. The title, for the record, is not the lie I’m talking about; Ms. Collbran is referring the Church’s standard line, which all of us, both protesters and Independents, know is not true.

No, the lie is down about six paragraphs. The article is about Mike’s attempt to visit his elderly mother, a member of the Church of Scientology (OT8, no less), while visiting Australia for his Today Tonight interview. According to Christie, Mike and and his mother wrote to each other after he left the Church, but after the St. Petersburg Times articles – which probably made it clear that he was an SP (Suppressive Person, an enemy of the Church) rather than just a a PTS (Potential Trouble Source, one who is merely connected to an SP) – Mike’s mother disconnected from him. And when he came to visit, she hoofed it.

The lie:

This was a total perversion of PTS/SP technology. There was nothing suppressive about her comm[unication] line with her son and she was forced to cut the line due to the control designed by David Miscavige.

This one actually left me staring at my computer with my mouth hanging open.

Jesus wept, Christie, do you actually believe that? What you’re talking about is not a perversion of PTS/SP tech (LRH’s methods for handling PTSs and SPs) – it’s exactly what Scientologists are supposed to do. And Mike’s mother wasn’t forced to cut the line due to the control designed by David Miscavige. She was forced to do it due to the control designed L. Ron Hubbard.

It amazes me that Marty can get his followers to swallow this line of bullshit. PTS/SP “tech” is very clear on what to do: “Handle or disconnect.” Turn them around or turn them loose. That concept didn’t originate with David Miscavige; it originated with L. Ron Hubbard.

Now, Independents and other LRH apologists are quick to point to a 1968 policy entitled “CANCELLATION OF DISCONNECTION,” and say that DM reinstated disconnection in the early 80s (while LRH was still alive). This policy refers to handling PTSs, not SPs; LRH is crystal clear on the concept that SPs are insane, poisonous, violent, and must be avoided at all costs. Besides, despite this one reference, LRH’s mantra to “handle or disconnect” runs rampant throughout Scientology policy. Disconnection did not stop in the 1970s, and the reinstatement of this policy took place in 1982, when LRH was alive, well, and very much in control. No question in my mind: Disconnection is an LRH policy, plain and simple.

But hey, don’t take my word for it – after all, I’m nothing but a lousy two-bit scum-sucking suppressive person myself. No, instead I invite you to listen to L. Ron Hubbard talk about it in his own voice. The recorded lectures from the PTS/SP course are available at www.suppressiveperson.org/pts-sp-lectures, in both MP3 and transcript forms. (I recommend the transcripts – it’s easier to stay awake – but it’s fun to hear Hubbard say the words himself.)

You can also download the checksheet and policies from the PTS/SP course (“How to Confront and Shatter Suppression” – the one Tom Cruise talks about in his famous video) from this MegaUpload page. And lastly, Wikileaks has the PTS/SP Handling Checklist, which dates from Hubbard’s days and was discontinued in the DM era. It’s a list of policies to follow, most of which you can look up and read for yourself in this collection of HCO bulletins from Wikileaks.

Fifteen minutes of searching through a few PDFs – probably less time than many of Marty’s sheeple put into reading his drivel and kowtowing in the comments section – will put paid to Christie’s lie that David Miscavige is behind the policy of disconnection. Oh, yes, disconnection exists – at the behest of L. Ron Hubbard.

I say shame, shame, shame on Christie, Mike, and Marty for spreading this lie to many of the very same people who have been hurt by this abusive LRH policy.

Of course, the automatic response from the Independents is “David Miscavige altered the tech!” True, changes in PTS/SP policy were made – but as we’ve seen, LRH’s words on the subject were very, very clear.

But let’s say it’s possible that DM did change the policy, going so far as to hire a voice actor to re-record those LRH lectures I cited earlier. Mike’s mother is 80 years old. She’s an OT8. I imagine she’s been in Scientology since many years before DM’s takeover, just like her son Mike. If there was a massive shift in PTS/SP policy, don’t you think she’d know? And do you really think she’d let that stand between her and her son?

The sad truth is that by refusing to talk to her own son, Mike’s mother is simply following policy. LRH policy.

“One treats a suppressive person pretty rough.”

Forgive me for carping on about this, but it just makes me so freaking angry. It’s nice that Marty and his Independents have a problem with disconnection, but why are they lying about its origin? Why are they trying to pin it on David Miscagive, when there is overwhelming evidence that it was originated by L. Ron Hubbard?

Some might ask, “What’s the difference? If they want to practice Scientology without disconnection, then more power to them.” But, you see, you can’t practice Scientology without disconnection. Marty and Mike say that real Scientology is based on pure LRH tech. But disconnection is pure LRH policy. As is lying – or, more properly, telling an “acceptable truth” in the interest of good public relations.

Why are Marty and Mike lying about this? I have no idea, and I really wish I knew. Are they misinformed? I doubt it; they are life-long Scientologists, and if you and I can find the truth in a matter of minutes, surely they would have stumbled upon these policies sometime during their decades in Scientology.

The bottom line is that for whatever reason, Marty and Mike are willing to lie to their followers and the public, just like the Church of Scientology. To me, that makes them no better than the Church of Scientology.

It’s funny, because in his Today/Tonight interview, Mike Rinder admitted that he lied for the Church, and urged us to believe that he is now telling the truth.

Instead, it seems he now has his girlfriend lying for him.