Marty’s Confession

Okay, kids… it’s time for a rant.

On Friday, Marty Rathbun got himself arrested in New Orleans for being drunk and disorderly. Marty had a bit too much to drink and tried to start an impromptu basketball game with someone who was walking past the bar. When the cops told him to go home, he tried to go back into the bar to fetch his wife, was barred from access because he’d stripped off his shirt, made a bit of a fuss, and wound up getting himself thrown in the hoosegow.

Now, I don’t think this is really a big deal. Okay, I’ve never gotten so drunk that I got myself put into handcuffs, but it’s not like Marty tried to rob a bank. He was celebrating and it got a little out of control. Shit happens. (Although shit like this generally happens to 21-year-old kids rather than mature 53-year-old adults.) And Marty posted a blog entry about it because he knew the Church would be all over this like flies on dog crap. Which they are – two of my favorite Church-friendly sites posted identical carefully-edited versions of Marty’s “confession” almost immediately (here and here).

Needless to say, Marty’s blog entry was met by an outpouring of support from the Parrots. Now, again, I don’t think that getting drunk and out of hand is necessarily a big deal…EXCEPT WHEN YOU ARE LEADING AN ANTI-CHURCH GROUP AND YOU JUST GAVE THE CHURCH A SHITLOAD OF AMMUNITION TO USE AGAINST YOU.

I read all of the 200+ comments, and NOT ONE said “You dumbass! You know the Church is watching your every move! You know they hold you up as a model of what an ‘evil squirrel’ is! You know you are the standard by which independent Scientologists are judged! Don’t you think you should consider that before you GO OUT AND GET BLIND DRUNK IN A PUBLIC PLACE? What the hell is the matter with you?”

Of course, maybe someone did post that, and Marty censored it – but I don’t think so. Saying LRH is full of crap will get you Censored By Marty™, but saying Marty is full of crap generally won’t. I imagine he’d let such a comment through, and would probably reply by referring to the part of his post where he said he doesn’t want to be a leader:

I have said it before that I am no angel and this movement is not about following some leader. I do not seek to be a leader… [Rapper] Chuck D said early in his career that he did not seek to be a leader, but instead his aim was to help create 5,000 black leaders. That has been, and remains a goal of mine: to help create 5,000 independent Scientologist leaders.

Marty doesn’t seek to be a leader? Well, Marty, if you’re really trying to avoid leadership of the Independent movement, you’re doing it wrong.

Marty goes on to compare “the Hole” at Orleans Parish Prison (or “OPP” to a 14-hour veteran of the place like Marty) to conditions at Scientology’s Int Base. I have news for you, Marty: YOU WERE NOT IN THE FUCKING HOLE. You were in a holding cell where they put amateur prostitutes, drunks who can’t hold their liquor, and dumb-ass college kids who try to buy drugs from cops. Fourteen hours in a holding pen does not constitute hard time, and if you can’t manage to keep yourself under control at a bar, I’m pretty sure that a week in the ACTUAL hole would wreak havoc with your psyche. What would you do with no communication and no audience to tell you how great you are?

I personally have a problem with all of this because Marty’s actions hurt not only the Independents, but the Scientology protest movement as well. I may see myself as being on a different side of the issue than Marty, and I know many Scientology protesters feel the same way – but to Scientologists, Marty and I are on the same team, because we oppose David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology. So when Marty pulls dumb shit like this, it hurts us all.

Oh, and don’t miss this gem from Marty’s blog entry:

You may have heard the racist joke about what happens when you roll a basketball down the street in certain neighborhoods. Well, I am the living proof it is not a race thing.

Um, no, Marty, I haven’t heard that joke, but I assume it has something to do with black people, and I think it’s rude, offensive and disgusting to even allude to it. Why even bring it up? Do you think racial stereotypes are funny? You’ve allowed anti-Semitic comments to be posted on your blog, and now this? Nice, Marty. Very nice.



10 responses to “Marty’s Confession

  1. iiiiiiiiiii LOVE your rants…..thank you for not holding back and letting it all out.

  2. Why didn’t Marty just MEST himself sober dammit? C’mon LRH said you would have control of MEST, not get MESTed up. Zing!

  3. I think it’s great he got shitfaced and had a bit of a good time. Why he wants to overevaluate it, it what drives me nuts.

    Like all ex-Scios who have been sec checked up the wazzoo he can’t help but tell people.

    Frankly, more alcohol, more music and more amusement would be good for the boy (no racist pun intended).

    I kind of think it’s funny – all these SO members in OSA reading the blog – they can’t go out and drink, listen to a band or anything. I hope they are jealous with envy.

    Now, if we can just see Marty puffing away on a joint, we might see him sit back and laugh at the stupidity of Scientology. And get his personality back and a sense of who he is.

    Tacking Scientology from a critic’s point of view can be very draining; and while I know someone or some people should stop Scientology, it is also important for people to not lose themselves while in the fight.

    Go have another drink Marty I say, but if your going to act like a twat in public, probably best you don;t admit to it via the internet when your considering being a leader of a church. Not the most deft move he here made.

    The amusement value is there. Oh Marty, say hello the my “brothers in Arms”, thank mate.

    • [Necromancy, I know; deal with it]

      I second Saxton’s thoughts. Keep in mind I’m not pro-Marty, but not anti-human-mistakes either. Marty was in Scn for 30 years, in _deep_, and managed to get out, rebuild his life to a point which is more solid and stable than many ex-CoS members (better than many wogs, as well), found a lovely mate who agreed to marry him knowing he/they would likely be the target of harassment (I doubt Marty would not have mentioned this; downplayed perhaps, but not omitted)…. 30 years puts him squarely back at age 21, happier than a pig in shit, and even more so when juxtaposed with his earlier life. So he went out and got stupid. Albeit he got _really_ stupid, but if anything, it may just show that he honestly didn’t care about being “a leader” or whatever. What I mean is if he were really trying to avoid scandal which may hurt his credibility as the next leader of anything, he wouldn’t have done this. It kind of shows that he just went out and did what he wanted to do, not letting fear of Scn’s DA file rule his life.

      I wont get into the mobius strip of “maybe he wanted this to happen to prove he’s not what he really IS” thinking, since it never ends. He fucked up like many people have before and many will in the future. In a way, he is kind of saying “yeah, the CoS will air this to the world, so what?”

      That or he’s just a budding alcoholic and doesn’t know it yet.

      And 20 bucks says he got that joke from DM (who is rumoured to love racial jokes and epithets) and may still be wiping off leftovers of that kind of thinking. Although he does live in S. Texas (racism more prevalent there?)… but Mosey is an African-American … heh.
      Maybe she set him straight on that one.

      Anyway, good for him for acting human(Ishmael), even if it’s 30 years late. As for spinning it into a comparison of “degradation” …. ugh.

  4. Mirna Minkoff

    Just more proof Marty never matured beyond the confused 18 year old kid he was when he was joined the cult. His posts have made it absurdly clear he has been emotionally stunted at around 18 for a long time. Which isn’t surprising since the cult certainly doesn’t allow for emotional growth or real maturity – it keeps you frozen in time, dependent for EVERYTHING on the cult tit, giving you the “answers” rather than finding them for yourself as most people do when maturing.

    Marty’s postings, music choices (which he calls “rebel music” btw lol), out of proportion rants comparing himself to real civil rights leaders and the underground railroad, bizarre self-importance and tortured, terrible, overwrought prose all point to the underdeveloped intellectual capacity of a 18-year old as well. He thinks and behaves like an angsty teenager – not a grown man.

  5. Thanks, Cali, for speaking the truth here. I’ve not been able to stomach Marty’s blog for quite some time, and reading the Confession post just made me laugh. Maybe I’m flat on Marty’s kooky hijinks and all the glowing acknowledgments that tend to follow in their wake!

  6. Mirna Minkoff

    I agree with Aaron to the fact Marty should stop trying to milk answers from Scientology and go live life, start growing up and figuring life out for himself rather than basing his entire existence off the crap LRH farted out to con money out of suckers.

    Since I think he’s starting from around a mental/emotional age of 18, that will mean a bit of drinking and hell raising to get it out of his system. (Just too bad he’s still got it in his system at 53 – but also not surprising)

    Maybe after a bit of that and some reality checks, he will realize he’s not too good or special for a “real job” (Because he’s mentioned he couldn’t dirty his hands doing something that didn’t “make a difference or change the world”) Working a real job, living in a shared reality with real people (i.e. Non-kool-aide drinking Scienos) will teach him some valuable lessons. It could even expose him to some REAL knowledge outside of the LRH con and hell he may even start maturing and get to the point he can handle a real job that actually ‘makes a difference” rather than just pushing the same con he’s been so expertly fed for 30 years.

    • Lure, Rob & Hide

      Mirna Minkoff , Good straight shooting of the facts .
      For all of Marty’s rant and raves about “thought control” he practices daily and enforces it on his blog to all the unwary confused sheep that have strayed from the flock of the Cult of LRH
      Since he is in the wool business just like the Cult of LRH he “knows “how to fleece those who have flocked off by offering to delouse them from those imaginary pesky spriritual cooties .
      “Can Marty make that kind of money in any other way?”
      You answerecd it so weel I have to quote it here ” It could even expose him to some REAL knowledge outside of the LRH con and hell he may even start maturing and get to the point he can handle a real job that actually ‘makes a difference” rather than just pushing the same con he’s been so expertly fed for 30 years.”

  7. Not written not true!! Guess u oughta see them dox!

    Check out Rathbun’s smile! I think this is where he belongs! Psycho Rathbun in jail!

  8. I have a great “real” job for Marty, clear the planet of Scientology.

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