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The angry side of Caliwog

I normally try to keep emotion out of my Scientology protest writings, because I think a calm, rational tone is the best way to convey information. Still, the subject of Scientology is something I feel very strongly about, and staying calm isn’t always easy.

I posted the following on a thread at the Ex-Scientologst Message Board (“25 years and Miscavige remains in control“). It was in response to a rant about the evils of David Miscavige. Someone said that DM was operating on Hubbard’s instructions, some of which are no doubt confidential, and an LRH supporter responded with “Maybe these ‘advices’ are so ‘confidential’ because many of them don’t actually exist?” My response was as follows:

Oh, come-fucking-on.

The idea that David Miscavige is an evil SP bent on destroying Scientology is absurd. There is overwhelming evidence that Scientology was every bit as destructive, evil and dysfunctional back in the days of LRH. The problem is that most of the people who can remember what Scientology was like in LRH days have either a) died or b) left, been through their angry protesting stage, and moved on to a peaceful life. Now we are left with a new generation of Scientologists suffering from classic good-ol’-days syndrome. I *guarantee* you that if the current Church falls and someone else takes over – let’s say Marty Rathbun – then in 25 years you’ll have people complaining about what a tyrant MR is and longing for the days when there was a leader like DM who actually met LRH and knew what Scientology was about. People will forget or ignore the things like physical abuse and RPF living conditions and coerced abortions just like they have forgotten that the SAME FRIGGING THINGS happened when LRH was alive and in charge.

Scientology is rotten to the core. Always has been, always will be. No leader, good or bad, is going to change that.

Personally, I think there is plenty of evidence that DM is a true believer who really thinks he is carrying out the will of LRH. For one thing, most of the bad behavior, especially relentless pursuit of money, is on-policy. (Read the Management Series, for God’s sake!) For another thing, altering the tech is part of LRH’s legacy. Why do you think there are reports of multiple versions of the OT levels? Because LRH changed them! Frankly, the tech HAS to be altered because so much of it is obvious made-up sci-fi bullshit that harpoons LRH’s credibility.

For me, the convincing factor is OT IX and X [the two as-yet unreleased Operating Thetan levels]. LRH said not to release them until all the orgs reached the size of “Old Saint Hill”. We know that DM is looking to bring ever-increasing amounts of $$ into the Church (PER LRH POLICY!) and releasing OT9/10 would be a HUGE moneymaker.

Why couldn’t DM simply say that some shithead WOG typist screwed something up, and what LRH *really* wrote was “until all orgs in these major cities reached the size of Old Saint Hill” or “until all orgs reached the size of Old Saint Hill when it first opened”, or “until all orgs reached the size of Old Saint Hill’s main building” which referred to its physical dimensions? Holy crap, gang, we could have released OT9/10 years ago! Now hurry up and break out your credit cards and get your asses up the bridge!

DM could /so/ make that work, he could make himself a hero by getting Scn to the next level, and he could flood Scientology with bucket-loads of money, enough to buy off Marty and Mike and send them off to live in Bulgravia.

But he doesn’t do that. Why not? Because he really believes in this bullshit.

David Miscavige is a high-school drop-out who uses his fists instead of his brains. Really, you give the guy too much credit.