All quiet on the Caliwog front

I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of activity here on Caliwog’s Blog for the last couple of weeks. Part of the reason is that I’ve simply been busy with the parts of my life that put a roof over my head and food on Mrs. Caliwog’s table. But another part is that based on everything I’m seeing and reading, I’m feeling extraordinarily satisfied with what’s happening on the protest movement vis-a-vis the Church and Marty Rathbun.

I started this blog out of my concern that legitimate protesters might not really see what Marty was up to. I am still disturbed that people like Jason Beghe, Tori Christman, Amy Scobee, and even Mark Bunker – all heroes of the movement, as far as I am concerned – have all, in some small way, lent their support to what Marty is doing. That really bothers me.

But in reading Why We Protest and ESMB, it becomes clear to me that people understand what Marty is up to, and that he regularly censors dissent and re-writes history, just like Scientology trained him to do. People understand that he really isn’t any better than David Miscavige or L. Ron Hubbard. I’d like to take some small measure of credit for this, but the truth is that Marty is so obviously full of shit that it’s hard not to figure this out on your own.

The fact that Jesse Prince started speaking out and calling Marty on his bullshit comes as a huge relief. Humans are social animals, so it should come as no surprise that ex-high-ranking Scios are eager to clump together like urine in a cat box. It’s good to see Jesse tell it like it is without fear of making Marty angry. (Like the military, rank is a big deal in Scientology, and Scios are often reluctant to speak out against their perceived betters.) The fact that Jesse can say what he has to say without letting emotion get the better of him is an amazing accomplishment. It’s certainly something I can’t always manage, and I didn’t allow L. Ron Hubbard to take over the best years of my life!

And I can’t go on without mentioning my friend Aaron Saxton. Aaron has become a controversial figure in the protest movement, and it’s unfortunate that so many people can’t see past the baggage and just hear what he has to say. Aaron is perhaps the finest living example of what Scientology does to a person, and he’s willing to talk about all of it – no matter how bad his actions were – because getting the truth out is more important to him than getting people’s approval. To this day, Aaron’s video interview (starting here) remains one of the best and most candid illustrations of what growing up in Scientology and the Sea Org – the Hubbard Youth, if you will – does to a person. If Marty had even one-tenth of one percent of Aaron’s candor, bravery and honestly, I might have some shred of respect for him.

And then there is the scuffle between Marty Rathbun and the Church. Most of Marty’s attention is now devoted to the light-weight harassment he’s getting; the Church, meanwhile, knows they’ve found a button, and will continue to press it. While I feel that any harassment is wrong, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying the antics between them. The truth is, either the Church has lost some of its mean streak, or they just aren’t willing to unleash the big guns on Marty. Actually, the fact that they wield cameras and signs today, whereas in Hubbard’s day they broke into government offices, framed people with fake bomb threats, and showed up on people’s doorsteps with guns, really calls into question Marty’s assertion that Miscavige is the real evil in Scientology. Regardless, I will continue to enjoy watching two groups I don’t like fight with each other, and meanwhile I sincerely hope that Marty never finds out just how persuasive the Church of Scientology can really be.

This is not goodbye, although I know it sounds like one. I just wanted to explain my absence. Things may be quiet for a bit, or something may come up that leads to a flurry of postings. I read Marty’s blog and the Church’s responses every day, and I enjoy researching policy and shining the light of truth on the lies of both the Church and the Independent movement. But these things take time. My over-arching goal has always been to make sure that the public knows the truth about Scientology in all its forms – including the fact that Marty’s brand of Scientology is no different than the Church’s. And the public seems to have figured that out. Marty’s customer base is not new Scientologists; it’s existing Scientologists who want to be deluded at cheaper rates.

Keep posting, keep telling the truth, keep exposing Marty’s censorship, and I’ll see you soon!


5 responses to “All quiet on the Caliwog front

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  2. lurker(not the mostly)

    I haven’t been around much lately either… I spend much less time on the computer with spring and summer… Gardening, and wayyy too many teenagers hanging around my house, descending like locusts to pick the cupboards clean… Well… if they all hang out here, at least I know what they are up to…

    I think you hit on something I have been noticing too, especially at ESMB, where exes are giving Martys antics, the stink eye, more and more often… Especially since Marty attacked David Mayo… suddenly he wasn’t the less harmful version of Scientology, but DM 2.0….

  3. Caliwog, you deserve a lot of credit for getting anons and ex’s to truly see Marty’s BS and similarity to Hubbard and DM. We didn’t see Hubbard’s (when in) and leaving cos doesn’t auto-open your eyes and mind. Part of my difficulty in seeing was that once I began to peek behind the curtain and see how I was truly deceived, I also began to lose faith in my ability to see. So, it’s a dual edge sword. It’s a big mindfuck to come out of.

    I think (hope) that Tory, Mark, Jason, etc. are being cordial and there – as a connection/link for people. Kinda like disconnection in reverse. Like I say, that is my hope.

    Yeah, cuddos to Jesse and Aaron too. I knew Jesse when I was in and am so glad to see that he made it out with his heart intact (and balls, lol). Jesse’s a good dude, as is Aaron – a man I haven’t met but have tried to support in my way (coffee money). It saddens and amazes me that ex’s can’t see beyond the baggage (as you call it) and understand and have compassion for Aaron. Shit, they excuse all of Hubbard. But then, scientology isn’t really about compassion and real understanding. Aaron is one strong man who’s been able to live the shit and then reach through it and carry on being human and not guilty for it.

    Please don’t “goodbye” Caliwog.

    Genuine thanks!

  4. William Johnson

    “Actually, the fact that they wield cameras and signs today, whereas in Hubbard’s day they broke into government offices, framed people with fake bomb threats, and showed up on people’s doorsteps with guns, really calls into question Marty’s assertion that Miscavige is the real evil in Scientology.”

    This gets to the heart of the matter. When Marty was ‘in’, it was a much more vicious group than now. Could that be because Marty is out?

    • I actually think they were softer even in Marty’s time than in LRH’s. Look at the harassment of Mark Bunker to see what they were doing when Marty was large and in charge. Miscavige and Rathbun together aren’t half the evil bastard that LRH was.

      ML, CW

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