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Aaron Saxton: More on Tory and Marty

Not too long ago, Aaron Saxton posted a series of comments about ex-Scientologist Tory “Magoo” Christman that was a little harsh in its wording. I’ll admit that the comments made me a bit uncomfortable. I’m a big admirer of Tory, as I think she’s done a lot for the protest movement, and I certainly don’t want to offend her; unfortunately, that’s a consequence of this blog’s no-censorship policy. And Aaron does have a point – I myself am always a bit wary of people who oppose Scientology but support Marty Rathbun. Some people think independent Scientology is better than the Church, and is a stepping stone on the path to freedom; I don’t agree.

Anyway, Aaron posted a follow-up comment expanding more on why he feels the way he feels about Tory and others who support Marty Rathbun and/or Scientology in any form. I can’t speak to Tory’s mindset; I’m not an ex-Scientologist, or any sort of Scientologist. Aaron and Tory are. Regardless, Aaron makes some very valid points. Here are some excerpts from his comment (read the complete original here):

I know I am being rough on [Tory]. I am rough on anyone that supports Marty and then overtly supports his lies.

Anyone who supports Marty might as well support David Miscavige, or any other Executive of the Church – he is doing precisely what they do except he is not in a Sea Org Uniform and has as yet not established a way to exploit people on a large scale.

If people like Tory give him enough “street credit” and support, eventually he will have his own org and people will wonder how he was able to achieve it.

As for my own persecution in the Church, I was thoroughly aware of what I was doing to other people, knowing it was right to do this to those people based on the rationality of a system of beliefs that logically concluded through application of those beliefs that those actions were indeed 100% OK.

[Note from Caliwog: If you are not familiar with Aaron’s story, you can see it on YouTube; part 1 is here.]

I spent over a decade researching what happened to me and others and precisely why I did what I did.

If Tory and people like her actually understood what really happened to them, they would never give Marty the light of day – not even for one second.

A person who truly understands what is happening in Scientology in LRH’s form, DM’s form, David Mayo’s form, Otto Roos’ form or Marty’s form would never offer these people support of any kind.

Marty is evil. He really is. It is hard to comprehend just how nasty LRH really was – it takes as Scientologists would call it – a very severe adjustment in confront. Justifying it in ANY way or excusing any of his evil is wrong.

When you can understand the logic behind supporting Hitler to wipe out the Jews (and I am Jewish and most of my family tree was killed in camps or in Budapest under German, then later Russian rule). When you can understand the logic behind wiping out all Westeners if you are a Muslim, when you can understand the logic behind killing yourself with a group of several hundred people to travel to the celestial plains of a promised religious leader, then you are truly well armed to avoid it again. And, you are capable of seeing the true evil in these people that push from the top these beliefs knowing them to be false (like LRH, like Marty).

But it takes a lot to really understand it. Ironically, Scientology promised to its followers to understand the mind, engrams, the body and spirit to help them out – but it deliberately does the opposite.

Marty is doing this. Tory was doing this as a Scientologist. She may have changed her mechanism (Scientology) for playing out her problems, but she will find others. Marty is one of them, and this absolute lie about the [Church] program [against Tory] is an enabler of her triggers and Marty is playing on it not to help her, but to rope in more people.

Everything I have ever said about Marty has been true from the word go – because I know exactly what he is, I know the material that was used to create him – and it is NOT MATERIAL available to Scientologists, staff members or 99.5% of Sea Org members. Maybe 1 in 60 Messengers I knew had ever seen this guff. And this disgusting stuff was made by LRH for his top people that he needed to turn into monsters. Marty is a precise creation.

If I had not had help provided to me many years ago that got me onto the right track, I would be like Marty today but probably more effective. Remember, I did work for the SO in secrecy after I left for a while – I was anti-SO but not anti-Scientology. Like Marty.

Marty does not fool me one little bit. He never has. He fools others pretty good and it is sad Tory is one of them. Marty knows what I am talking about and I have had my share of his people come my way to swing me over his way.

No thanks. I am anti-Scientology through and through and will not in any way bend to accept their beliefs or policies or be nice about it. If you want that, go to Marty or ESMB – but here on Caliwog, I will call it as I see it.

Aaron Saxton

If you want to read Aaron’s original comment in full, you’ll find it here.