Two viewpoints on LRH

“Hubbard’s theory [of prenatal engrams] never makes it really clear, at least in a manner that would be accepted by most medical doctors, exactly how engrams can be planted before a foetus had developed a nervous system or the sense organs with which to register an impression, or even how a person could retain or ‘remember’ verbal statements before he had command of a language. Scientologists simply accept his theory on faith, that if a husband beats his pregnant wife and shouts ‘take that’ as he hits her, a ‘take that’ engram can be planted in the womb. Thus, when junior grows up, he might react to this statement literally, and become a thief whose goal is to ‘take that.'”

— Paulette Cooper, The Scandal of Scientology, Chapter 3

“Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard discovered methodologies that can enhance self-determinism, increase freedom of choice, and bring about higher states of awareness and beingness to those who practice them.”

— Mark “Marty” Rathbun, 31 Factors

[L. Ron Hubbard] is quite literally viewed by millions worldwide as Mankind’s greatest friend.”

— Official Church of Scientology website

Hmm. Which of these two go together?


One response to “Two viewpoints on LRH

  1. I remember reading dianetics early in secondary school and remember well my mother’s concern but enough about my SP mother lol. What I don’t fully grasp is the distinction between engrams and things like body-thetans and other thetans we are supposed to lose through auditing. Is a distinction actually made? This could possibly explain your thief enturbulated to become a thief with no actual nervous system.

    I know there is the body (the raw meat) genetic track and the actual YOU in Scientology the Thetan or operating Thetan. And after reading a history of man there seems to be a million and one things to audit.

    I suppose my question is – is it engrams up until OTIII and then we are told that these engrams are actually living parasites called thetans? Or is it engrams then engrams and body thetans et.c?

    Of course I’ve had enough therapy to dismiss all of it as nonsense but I would like to know are engrams still being talked about after OTIII and if not is that because they were thetans all along or that by the time someone is OTIII they are supposed to have cleared all engrams.

    I know for someone a few scientologists actually thought was L Ron himself I should be asking myself these questions but as someone my scientologist friends/fiends thought a natural clear I wouldn’t have encountered this in this current lifetime until they cluttered me.

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