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Don’t worry, Caliwog is still here!

My apologies for the recent lack of activity – now that I’m back from vacation, it’s taking me longer than I expected to get caught up in my outside life. I haven’t been shut down by OSA or Marty and Mike’s super-powers; I’ve just been very busy, but I still have lots to say about Scientology, Marty, Mike, Dave and the Church, and I’m gonna keep on sayin’ it. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.


A break from blogging

Caliwog will be on vacation for the next few days. Don’t worry, THE TRUTH will return shortly!


How to make Caliwog go away

In his blog entry Anonymous or Miscavige, Marty Rathbun makes an interesting point:

Anonymous and Miscavige depend upon one another for their very existences

Is Marty right? In a way, yes.

I cannot speak for all of Anonymous, only myself. But Marty’s partially correct; I do depend on Miscavige for my existence – my existence as Caliwog, that is – just as I depend on Marty and Scientology. If they didn’t exist, there would be no Caliwog and no Caliwog’s Blog.

Thing is, I don’t want Caliwog to exist.

If, by some miracle, all of Scientology folded up tomorrow – the Church, Marty, Mike, the Free Zone movement, the whole kit and caboodle – than I would walk away from this blog and my identity as Caliwog forever and go back to the rest of my life.

And nothing would make me happier.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen. The Church isn’t going to suddenly shut their doors. David Miscavige isn’t going to turn himself in to the cops. Marty isn’t going to give up his blog and his auditing practice and get a legitimate job. Every Scientologist is not going to suddenly realize that LRH’s “tech” is simply a little psychotherapy mixed with a lot of sci-fi bullshit.

As long as Scientology keeps harming people, there will be a Caliwog. As soon as my raison d’ĂȘtre goes away, so will I – and believe me, I can’t wait.

So now you know how to shut me up, Marty. How about you go first?


A break from blogging

I’m going to be taking a break from blogging for a few days. I know the timing is lousy; it looks like the pressure from Scientology protesters is having an effect on Marty, who is circling his wagons, making excuses for his behavior, and addressing his posts more to the faithful than the general public (note the increased use of Scientologese).

But something has come up and I must pursue it – a deep black OSA line that appears to be a form of Reverse Protestation. If I don’t pull the string on this, DM’s use of anti-radicalism could cave in our PTSness and totally destroy the comm line of proper Scientology protest.

Just kidding. I’m going on vacation. See you in a few days.


Taking off the gloves

In his post Blood Money, Marty makes the point that it’s time to stop turning the other cheek with regards to Church-going Scientologists.

The church is dead. Those who cannot see it are not Scientologists*…Maybe some of you have the time to continue to treat them with kid gloves. I do not happen to have that luxury…Perhaps we can be a bit more assertive on a one to one basis in pointing out the evil that bots are perpetuating by enabling it.

* (Newbie note: This doesn’t mean people who aren’t Scientologists. It means Scientologists who are not acting like Scientologists. Scientology is black or white: If you’re not applying proper Scientology, you are not misguided or wrong, you are simply not a Scientologist. There is no middle ground. This is what Marty means when he says the current Church is not delivering Scientology. They are delivering the same old courses, but Marty feels they have either been altered or not administered correctly. In LRH’s mind – and therefore in Marty’s – one doesn’t say in this case that the courses are not being delivered correctly; one says they aren’t being delivered, period. Like I said, black or white.)

I happen to agree with Marty. I’ve been involved in some blog conversations with people who share my view of the Scientology “religion” (which is that it’s a scam and a crock) but are sympathetic to Marty. The gist of their arguments is that David Miscavige is committing crimes, and Marty is helping to bring down DM, so that’s a good thing. And I see their point.

But there’s a lot more to Marty than that, and Marty is right: It’s time to stop handling him with kid gloves.

First of all, let’s not forget that Marty was part of Scientology’s upper management for many years. He was near the top, helping DM and the Church to perpetrate many of those same crimes he is attempting to expose. To his credit, Marty doesn’t try to hide this. He admits to being physically abusive. He admits to breaking up marriages. In fact, many of his former victims are now his chief ass-kissers. (I’m looking at you, Mike Rinder and Jim Logan.)

Marty claims to have proof of David Miscavige’s illegal acts – and yet he has done nothing to put DM behind bars. Why not? If he has the power to put DM away and put a stop to the abuses, why the hell hasn’t he?

And then there’s the fact that Marty’s basic premise – that the crimes of Scientology are the fault of DM – is a lie. The truth is that most of Scientology’s abusive behavior was originated by L. Ron Hubbard. This is not an empty accusation; the proof is right there in LRH’s policies. You can download them from Wikileaks and read them for yourself.

(Incidentally, my saying that DM is not to blame for the crimes of Scientology has gotten me labeled as an OSA spy [OSA is the Office of Special Affairs, the Church’s secret police force) and a DM supporter. So let me clarify: DM is just as guilty of these crimes and abuses as LRH. I’m simply saying that the abuses weren’t his idea; he’s just picking up where his mentor left off.)

And then there’s the factor that led me to start this blog in the first place: Marty censors comments. He censors a lot of comments. The usual reply to this is “His blog, his rules.” And I agree. But Marty claims to be giving his followers the truth, when in fact he’s delivering a carefully-edited version of the truth.

There are plenty of blogs run by independent Scientologists that do not censor comments, but rather allow respectful anti-Scientology comments to stand and be argued by Scientology supporters. Leaving Scientology is a great example, and you’ll notice that the conversation in comments (at least those that I’ve seen) amounts to a high-level exchange of ideas, rather than the mindless rhetoric-spewing ass-kissing that follows each of Marty’s posts.

Matter of fact, I can only think of two organizations that employ such Draconian censorship of opposing ideas: One is Marty’s blog, and the other is the Church of Scientology.

LRH redefined the word “reasonable” to be a bad thing; it meant coming up with reasons to justify something that is not OK. Marty is suggesting that Independents not be “reasonable” about people they think are wrong. And I agree with Marty. Let’s not be “reasonable” about him and his followers. Let’s remember that Marty still firmly believes in LRH. He believes that we are aliens trapped in “meat” bodies on a prison planet. He believes that locking Lisa McPherson in a room and not talking to her was the right way to address her psychotic breakdown, and he does not believe that this ridiculous idea of LRH’s was what killed her. (I’m not just making suppositions here; all of this is revealed in his blog posts and comments. Search and read for yourself.)

Marty Rathbun believes in the tenets of Scientology, which is a dangerous and harmful religion.

Scientology must be stopped, and that doesn’t mean we stop at criticizing David Miscavige. It means that we, as protesters, must ensure that ALL of the truth about Scientology – including its beliefs and the source of those beliefs – must be brought to light.

My hope is that we will do our jobs so well that Marty himself will realize the truth about LRH and come to the same conclusion about Scientology as so many others, including myself: That it’s nothing more than a scam designed to enrich a very evil man. A scam so well thought out that it’s still working a quarter-century after the evil man’s death.

Thanks, Marty, for the inspiration.


By the way…

The third and final part of my Admin Tech series is coming soon; I’m just trying to find a way to make it, um, not totally boring. Translating Hubbardian drivel into English isn’t always easy, you know!


The angry side of Caliwog

I normally try to keep emotion out of my Scientology protest writings, because I think a calm, rational tone is the best way to convey information. Still, the subject of Scientology is something I feel very strongly about, and staying calm isn’t always easy.

I posted the following on a thread at the Ex-Scientologst Message Board (“25 years and Miscavige remains in control“). It was in response to a rant about the evils of David Miscavige. Someone said that DM was operating on Hubbard’s instructions, some of which are no doubt confidential, and an LRH supporter responded with “Maybe these ‘advices’ are so ‘confidential’ because many of them don’t actually exist?” My response was as follows:

Oh, come-fucking-on.

The idea that David Miscavige is an evil SP bent on destroying Scientology is absurd. There is overwhelming evidence that Scientology was every bit as destructive, evil and dysfunctional back in the days of LRH. The problem is that most of the people who can remember what Scientology was like in LRH days have either a) died or b) left, been through their angry protesting stage, and moved on to a peaceful life. Now we are left with a new generation of Scientologists suffering from classic good-ol’-days syndrome. I *guarantee* you that if the current Church falls and someone else takes over – let’s say Marty Rathbun – then in 25 years you’ll have people complaining about what a tyrant MR is and longing for the days when there was a leader like DM who actually met LRH and knew what Scientology was about. People will forget or ignore the things like physical abuse and RPF living conditions and coerced abortions just like they have forgotten that the SAME FRIGGING THINGS happened when LRH was alive and in charge.

Scientology is rotten to the core. Always has been, always will be. No leader, good or bad, is going to change that.

Personally, I think there is plenty of evidence that DM is a true believer who really thinks he is carrying out the will of LRH. For one thing, most of the bad behavior, especially relentless pursuit of money, is on-policy. (Read the Management Series, for God’s sake!) For another thing, altering the tech is part of LRH’s legacy. Why do you think there are reports of multiple versions of the OT levels? Because LRH changed them! Frankly, the tech HAS to be altered because so much of it is obvious made-up sci-fi bullshit that harpoons LRH’s credibility.

For me, the convincing factor is OT IX and X [the two as-yet unreleased Operating Thetan levels]. LRH said not to release them until all the orgs reached the size of “Old Saint Hill”. We know that DM is looking to bring ever-increasing amounts of $$ into the Church (PER LRH POLICY!) and releasing OT9/10 would be a HUGE moneymaker.

Why couldn’t DM simply say that some shithead WOG typist screwed something up, and what LRH *really* wrote was “until all orgs in these major cities reached the size of Old Saint Hill” or “until all orgs reached the size of Old Saint Hill when it first opened”, or “until all orgs reached the size of Old Saint Hill’s main building” which referred to its physical dimensions? Holy crap, gang, we could have released OT9/10 years ago! Now hurry up and break out your credit cards and get your asses up the bridge!

DM could /so/ make that work, he could make himself a hero by getting Scn to the next level, and he could flood Scientology with bucket-loads of money, enough to buy off Marty and Mike and send them off to live in Bulgravia.

But he doesn’t do that. Why not? Because he really believes in this bullshit.

David Miscavige is a high-school drop-out who uses his fists instead of his brains. Really, you give the guy too much credit.


The purpose of this blog

I think there are some Scientologists, both church-affiliated and independents, who think the purpose of this blog is to convince people to stop believing in Scientology.

It isn’t.

The purpose of this blog is twofold:

1) To counter Marty Rathbun’s attempts to take advantage of the bad publicity against the Church of Scientology by attempting to put all of the blame on Church leader David Miscavige and whitewash Church founder L. Ron Hubbard.

2) To help non-Scientologists understand the true nature of Scientology so that they can come to their own informed opinion about this group.

Change only comes from within

I could no more convince a Scientologist that LRH and Scientology are frauds than I could sprout wings and fly. People come to their own decisions.

Look at the most famous and outspoken defectors from Scientology. (Their stories are all over the Internet.) Few, if any, came to the conclusion that Scientology was a con because someone convinced them. Most came to that conclusion on their own. They saw things that didn’t add up, so they investigated, they thought for themselves, and they made their own decisions.

Real change comes from within. That’s just the way it is.

Now, if reading this blog helps some Scientologist somewhere to come a bit closer to the truth, then that’s fantastic – but that’s not why I do it and it’s certainly not the expectation that I have.

“What do you care?”

This leads to another question: “Why bother? What do you care if a bunch of people get conned by LRH, DM and Scientology?”

I care because Scientology isn’t just a harmless religion with some odd beliefs. Scientology is a carefully-planned scheme that was designed with the express intention of enriching its leader.

I care because many of the practices in Scientology are physiologically, emotionally and mentally harmful, if not outright dangerous.

I care because almost all of the Scientologists I know are decent people who really do want to help mankind – and because LRH (and now DM, and to a lesser extent MR) have taken advantage of their good nature to build their own empire.

I care because what LRH did was wrong, and because I am concerned with the welfare of my fellow humans.

I care because I believe that when one sees evil being done, one has an obligation to stand up in protest.