Thoughts on the latest Marty thing

Over on the Underground Bunker, a lot of people have been reacting to the bizarre twist in Marty and Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit with comments like:

“My first thought is that I hope Monique, Marty and their baby are safe and well. No matter what other stuff is going on, that’s the most important part of all of this.”

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. Let’s not forget that a) this is bigger than Marty and his family, and b) Marty has plenty of blood on his hands (figuratively speaking). The Rathbuns started something, something that could have helped a lot of people and made up for a lot of damage, and now they’ve backed away. One could question whether they had a moral obligation to continue. I can see both sides.

When I saw Marty’s “Rue this day” post, my first thought was, “True colors.” His continued silence hasn’t changed my opinion. LRH wrote something about “misemotion” that was pretty accurage, and I think it applies here: When one reacts with an inappropriate emotion, it’s probably because one feels guilty.

So what happened? We just can’t know. I can’t help but think of Bob Minton backing down and saying “It was like the Terminator was after you.” I didn’t think the Co$ still had that kind of bite, but maybe it does. So maybe the Co$ has blackmailed Marty. (Tony seems to think that isn’t the case, and I suppose he has good reason, though I wish he’d share his thoughts.)

Or maybe Monique just got sick of the whole thing and said “Stop it or I leave.” (Whether Marty should have dragged Monique into this is another question.)

To me, this feels a lot like Mr. Minton’s reversal; the difference is that Bob wasn’t in, he wasn’t DM’s right-hand man, and he wasn’t the one helping to make the misery happen.

The Rathbuns started something big, and now they are stopping it, and a lot of us are going to be disappointed. But we can live with that.

More worrying are the families that are broken up, the lives wasted and destroyed, and the fortunes sunken into this terrible, dangerous, life-destroying business-masquerading-as-a-religion. The Rathbuns’ lawsuit was a great opportunity to help stop that, and now it looks as if that chance is going to disappear.

Sure, it’s great that Marty can get on with his life, and his wife and child the same. But considering the consequences, is that *really* the most important thing?

Just goes to show that not everyone is cut out to be a hero.

I hope I’m wrong and there’s some other explanation.

Seeing Marty’s temper in action, I don’t think there is.


P.S. Tony: You will rue this day! RUE THIS DAY, I tell you!

5 responses to “Thoughts on the latest Marty thing

  1. Mulling it over, not sure which creates more cognitive disonnance:

    1. The action (dropping the attorneys)
    2. The reaction (Marty’s blog post)

    On the face of it, neither makes any sense which could lead one to speculate one motivation prompted both.

    Thanks for your comments Caliwog. It is important to keep in mind the bigger picture, which unfortunately makes this all the more disappointing.

  2. I have to think, based on Marty’s wild lashing out, that all that time Marty spent in the Scientology bubble must have left him a bit out of touch, even all these years down the line.

    Given that Tony has been covering the case extensively for this long, and writes about more or less everything newsworthy in the Scientology sphere, Marty must be pretty naive to think that Tony would not have written about these latest developments, doubly naive to think that these latest actions would not look odd to those watching the case, and triply naive to think that if he didn’t get definitive answers from the Rathbun camp Tony would not find one of his lawyer sources to speculate about what is going on.

    If he had studied real PR instead of Scientology’s mangled version of it, he’d also know that accusing someone of libel without offering any sort of indication as to what the lie you are mad about is doesn’t come across as being very credible.

  3. I’ve called Marty out since day freaking one on his inconsistent position and outright lies coupled with his BS.

    Since I first commented on him I’d love to see one post where I didn’t nail his character.

    I told you so…there I said it.

  4. I would like to point out some very critical points regarding Marty that have appeared to fly by unnoticed, and yet they speak volumes as to his character and have been red flags from a very early point.

    I am going to preface this with the “I’ve gone nuts” image often used by ex sea org members after an extended stint of fighting the church portrayed so that they are purposefully discredited as requested by the church when they finally turn up and show you that little bit of video footage they have of you that they kept quiet right up until the 11th hour – so there is walks the facade in this scenario.

    However, prior to this there were critical indicators.

    The first one is that as most sea org ex still will attest to is that there is a moment in the sea org when you realize what it is exactly that you are doing and regardless of your beliefs in Ron or the tech, there is a sense of disgust at what we do as executives there hurting people.

    This is what usually is behind most blows and in Marty’s case this is exactly behind his blow. It is rare an exc who blows goes backs and is all ok because the moral questions regarding their inhumanity are too great – and this is clear enough evidence of good people turned bad by the Scientology sea org system.

    But Marty showed his colors early on in the 90’s. He blew and was recovered and was sent to the ship NOT to be bathed in the glorious tech as he continuously purports but to be sec checked near endlessly.

    I was there. I was briefed by the IG (Greg Wilhere) personally on it. He planned hat Marty was doing there and some of the matters uncovers in his sec checking

    Marty has maintained this lie for sometime.

    What is disturbing is that after the ship he as given a choice to be a nobody and live with his new sense of morality , or return to the fold and commit sin again. He chose the power and sin and abandoned morality and at this critical juncture where he had true awareness of exactly what he was doing is really disturbing.

    In other words his own moral compass that existed before Scientology came to light – he IS and always WAS a creep.

    In 2010 when he was confronted with his lies about why he was onthe ship ( to which I will add Greg stated he wanted him out of the continental United States to avoid being served but I can’t say if that is true or false – but it is what I was told directly by Greg) he maintained his lies.

    After being confronted by this Marty created a group in Australia (2010) with the direct purpose of using ex-scio’s who were active, known and respected to investigate and and turn over information on other activists (such as myself) in order for Marty to execute plans to discredit them and shut them up.

    Some of these bastards who worked for Marty are still on esmb to this day, and some have even written me apologizing for what they did for Marty.

    Marty has never spoken of this.

    I ask all to understand that Marty is not a good person. The thousand deaths he suffers each day as he purports is the death of his own power to laud over people and his righteousness.

    He has rarely if ever actually apologized or specifically stated specifics on anything he did that was illegal.

    What astounds me is that the operation he launched in Australia was known to others on esmb and even possibly others and yet it was dismissed as Marty acting out as a victim of Scientology still.


    You’ve lost a lot of good critics to infighting and discrediting in the movement and Marty has been a primary instigator and it is about time people on SKH finally grew up and admitted who else was involved in the despicable actions that took place in 2010 in Australia and that also it is realized that despite the drama if you actually look at the statements of incidents and reported facts by those critics who are now shunned you will find they were right all along.

    I stand behind my previous posts. Especially about Marty.

    Many other people actually deserved the attention and help of the movement and were ignored because disgustingly the movement saw Marty’s performance and recovery as a senior investment without ever actually asking if he was a person of good character who deserved that attention and the resources.

    Marty hasn’t changed. The part of him that is truly screwed up was screwed up prior to Scientology. He is not a good person, and never will be. And he will use people to get what he wants as he has done all along his entire life.

  5. Wishing you the best and hoping you’ve gotten out.

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