Something I never thought I’d read

From Marty Rathbun’s blog, yesterday:

“About the closest thing scientologists are going to find to that original L. Ron Hubbard package is David Miscavige.”

You’ve come a long way, Marty. It’s good to have you over on this side.

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7 responses to “Something I never thought I’d read

  1. Marty still does not get it.

    Yes, he has seen the light by way of process of elimination, but this is not the correct process.

    You can be given a million choices and decide to try every one to see if it works or if it does not work – you will never live long enough to try every method.

    this is why Scientific critical thinking and analysis was created – it immediately rules something out. Now, you may wish to explore those reasons but the point is IT IMMEDIATELY RULES IT OUT.

    When Scientolgoy is subjected to this process, it immediately rules Scientology out as valid. No need for decades of research.

    If I tell you there is a hidden planet behind the moon I do not need to send a spaceship up to see it, nor do I need a satelite to scan behind the moon, listen to a million eye witnesses, II can apply scientific LAWS (not theories, LAWS) and ascertain that this is impossible. Period.

    The same applies to Scientology and Marty has not learned to think scientifically, he has learned to trial and error.

    This is why often ex-scios think they have the answers only to get caught up in another BS cult, thinking or religion.

    LEARN scientific thinking. It is a science in itself and it is the reason why science is so powerful.

    I can not stress it enough that it is pointless as an indi or Scientologist to attempt to ascertain whether Scientology is valid or not until you have learned this process thoroughly.

    If you applied Scientific thinking to Scientology it would not matter if you heard “it works” from 100,000 people, you would know they are all wrong. This is why true scientists and their discoveries have sent humans into the stratosphere with knowledge. All other forms of analysis of situations and purported facts are all naked with correct scientific analysis.

    Marty has not come to the otherside. He has merely left one side of a fence with at thousand options.

    Go ask if he still believes in past lives, engrams, the bank and see what answers he gives you. He has not learned yet.

    “Scientology is a fraud” is not an answer as to why it does not work – thats a summation.

    You can without a doubt rule out many belief systems and ideas with scientific thinking.

    I appreciate Marty is no longer a Scientologist. He is still a lost boy and will spend the rest of his life taking on ideas and philosophies and running them through a course until he decides they are valid or not. FLUNK. Scientific critical thinking will do the work for you./

    The WORST trick LRH ever played was making you think you can do sound analysis, and then making sure you thought science was full of crap so you steered yourself away from learning how to think.

    Marty still suffers from this. And because he does, this is not the last ride he will be taken on, or take HIMSELF on.

    NO exceptionally well educated or intelligent person is in Scientology and yet there are exceptionally intelligent people in scientology – the difference is ONE KNOWS HOW TO THINK AND CAN PERFORM ANALYSIS AND THE OTHER HAS NOT LEARNED.

    For Gods sake LEARN HOW TO THINK IT IS A SCIENCE GOD DAMN IT!!! LRH knew Scientific thinking very well, which makes him all the more evil and he knows he has got you if you don’t know how to perform critical thinking. This is why he lost all his friends and contacts after Dianetics – they KNEW IT WAS FULL OF SHIT.

  2. Please join us Aaron for one day next year. Your presence is being screamed for. We understand you are done and finished with protesting and everyone respects that. One statement, one video would mean so much to so many. I humbly ask for you to find it in your heart to accept this invitation. Thanks mate….Paul.

  3. I am not missed, Paul.

    The critical movement against Scientology enjoyed the flash and the attention is gave the the uprising at the time.

    My actions later were not taken well and divisions were created – thanks in part also to some of the most well known critics actually engineering this ( thank you Marty).

    The hype is missed, not the person.

    If anon wants to put the nail into Scientology then I suggest a course of action. As soon as you understand that legal action will never ever finish the church off and that the only way to destroy them is by using their own technology against them, then you have won.

    You were always an odd duck Paul , never could quite get the read on you and that always bothered me enough to give you half the truth and never the full packet.

  4. Hey Marty & co.

    Waiting for that damn apology. You know the part where you saw the error in your ways and regretted the covet operations against critics? What about the trolls you had in ANZO before you had your “I see the light” moment.

    Oh have you forgotten about the little side activities you set up to sabotage some critics in ANZO?

    You’ve always come off a little too BS about your regrets Marty, how about that heart felt apology?

    Some of the trolls you sent in have made their peace with me, how is it they are big enough to do that and yet you, the great critic that fights the good fight can’t seem to get around to apologize.

    I always wondered if your distaste towards me had something to do with the fact that I saw you on the ship and know jolly well – along with half of CMO ship that you weren’t there to sit down and study at your leisure, but that in fact you were being sec checked to death inside and out in a location where you couldn’t run away – or be served. Did it bother you Greg and I had a good laugh together while you say there as ethics bait in front of a junior? Perhaps you could give us all a factual list of the vast number of courses you must have completed in a full year non-stop of study!

    A little more honesty with your history could go a long way to giving you that 100% clean feeling you’ve been seeking. Still dying a little at a time? You should be.

    For the lulz

  5. Just so everyone knows Paul Salerno has disavowed ever being a member of anon. When asked if he ever worked for the church or third parties he declined to respond.

    Just thought everyone should know he was thought to be that way before and nothing has changed.



    Its time to launch the same points of view against Leah Remini.

    Once again we have another person who is kicked out of the Church; who hasnt figured anything out, thinks Scn still works and goes public.

    Its Marty 2.0

    Over the years Leah will come to understand Ron and Scientology are 100% frauds, but that will not stop Leah – like Marty – going on TV, stating SCN works, Rons a good guy and its just a bad church…and then later change her position when she wakes up.

    What astounds me int he arrogance of these two people. What they know is what they know. They never doubt themselves.

    • Has she come out to say she’s still an LRH fan? I read her book and it sounds like she’s figured out that the whole thing is a scam.

      How are things, Aaron?

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