Death by Scientology

Tony Ortega did a great job covering the death or Brad Halsey yesterday, but I am going to go one step further and share my opinion: Brad Halsey was killed by Scientology.

I’m sure you all read the story: Mr. Halsey was a long-time Scientologist who was declared an SP by the Church, but remained loyal to Hubbard and his Scientology “tech”. After a motorcycle accident (which is proof to Scientologists that he was a Potential Trouble Source, or PTS, connected to suppression; PTSs are accident-prone), Mr. Halsey was in severe pain, but like a good Scientologist, he refused to take pain medication. (Scientology teaches that drug companies are evil, part of the galactic psychiatric conspiracy. No, seriously, they believe that.) As a devoted Scientologist, it’s a safe bet that he also refused traditional medical care, choosing instead to relieve his symptoms with auditing and “touch assists.”

Eventually, the pain became too much and Mr. Halsey decided to take his own life – or, as he apparently wrote in his suicide note, leave his body. This is what Scientology teaches: If the body breaks down too badly, just get rid of it and let it die. The “thetan” (spirit) will simply pick up another one, and if one has paid enough to be an Operating Thetan, one can bypass the “implant stations” set up by the evil galactic overlord Xenu and continue on as one was.

Now, we all have our own beliefs of what happens after death. You may think Brad Halsey is in Heaven, or Hell, or Purgatory, or you may think he is nowhere. Gone, zero, blanked out, kaput. You may even think he will be re-incarnated with similar traits.

But Scientologists believe that Brad Halsey, the sentient, reasoning, identifiable being, voluntarily left his body, literally flew out of it, and (provided he did not take the option of touring the stars or taking a decade or two off to live as a horse or a dog – Hubbard mentioned that as an option) is, as we speak, occupying the body of some newborn baby somewhere — very likely with all of his knowledge, experience and personality intact, or at least just below the surface.

All he needs to do is wait it out for a few years ’till he’s old enough to pick up the E-Meter cans, then he can get back to helping to depose Miscavige and purify the Tech, or whatever it is the indies think they are going to do.

I’m straying from my point, so let me reiterate: Brad Halsey chose to avoid medication and end his own life based on the outcome promised to him by L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

It’s the same mindset that keeps people like Shelly Miscavige and Heber Jentzsch in Scientology’s prison camps… by their own free will.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone has the right to end their own life – but I’d rather it be a properly informed choice. Mr. Halsay made his decision based on what Hubbard told him. Had Mr. Halsey recovered from his Scientology experience, would he have made the same choices? Or would he have pursued proper medical care, and perhaps managed to live a longer life with less pain… or perhaps no pain at all?

Sadly, we will never know, because Brad Halsey was a believing Scientologist.

To Mr. Halsey’s loved ones, I offer my deepest condolences, and I hope you will understand the spirit in which this article is written.

And to L. Ron Hubbard, I say: Congratulations, you old fraudulent fuck – twenty-eight years dead and you got another one. I bet you’re laughing your flabby, Vistaril-filled ass off.


7 responses to “Death by Scientology

  1. Your article is well written. Such a frustration to see another person just drop their body when you know something might have helped him cope if he had turned to medicine. Yep, I said it… drugs. I know from experience you cannot get a scientologist to act in their own best interest because they know what is right, Hubbards dogma.
    I just hope the amount of information on Hubbard’s “Vistaril-filled ass” will be sought before they turn their lives over to the DM butcher of scientology.

  2. It’s Aaron Saxton here. I saw on ESMB that a poster was getting a bit of hell-fire for his general defense of wins obtained in Scientology. One reason why this needs to be addressed is for the same reason I will not ever trust Marty Rathbun.

    To recap on Marty Rathbun, he is a man who finds out something, sticks to it as gospel and then when information changes an aspect of it, he then changes his mind. Rather than be in doubt and be comfortable with being in a state of doubt as to something and spend time actively searching answers until he comes to another conclusion, he instead simply heralds his latest thoughts and beliefs. Very unscientific. Either Scn works or it does not, and it is all total lies or it is something else. Marty recently apologized for what he did while being an SO member and yet after this, recently in ANZO 3-4 years he launched a campaign against myself and others because we were against Scientology and LRH. No “I am so sorry email” from Marty. The reason is that he continuosly thinks he has the answers and stands on his thoughts and still does things that are wrong in the name of…

    Marty will constantly be finding “deeper truth” but this could all be gone in an instant and the truth revealed if he simply applied Scientific rationale to his experiences.

    No one who reads this comment has even seen Jupiter the planet, but analysis of gravitational forces and physics state it DOES exist, and this is how planets that can not even be seen with a telescope are known to be there even without them being seen.

    It is the same scientific principle which is lacking in Marty, and many (but not all) on ESMB. To state we did not have mind-blowing wins in Scientology is an absolute lie – we all did. What nearly all of them have failed to understand is what those wins were and why you ever had them.

    If I gave you all a glass of vitamins and your body felt better and fantastic you probably would be prone to having another glass whenever you could. What I did not tell you is that there is a little cocaine in the mixture and it is no wonder you feel great. Years later as your body starts to erode and other issues come to the surface you subsequently would increase your dose, but if you bothered to apply analysis to what you were actually drinking, you would have been aware of the false state you were in and the dangers. But there would be no doubt you felt good for a time. Am I right?

    In Scientology, you are experiencing something that literally floods your brain with endorphines and floods your receptors with chemicals giving you a feeling of elevation. But why this is is rarely understood.

    It would take about 6 months of solid research to understand this mechansim so I will para-phrase it. The E-Meter is putting an electrical signal through your body namely your arms and the spinal cord and brain are the main points where resistance builds up – not something in the theta universe. When you think, and when you recall memories your brain relives the moment which is very very important for it to survive as it has done for the last 500 million years, it serves a precise purpose.

    When the brain constantly accesses a memory which was supposed to be a survival reaction and there is nothing there to justify its existence (a crude example is you are SUPPOSED to be scared of a rabid dog – TR 0 will do you NO GOOD, and you are supposed to either fight it or run away). so if the brain keeps not receiving the OTHER perceptions of the incident (such as really being bit or being eaten alive) it eventually knows that the information is no longer correct and deactivates the reactions it is sending to your legs to run, into your hormonal glands to activate adrenalin etc). When this happens there is no longer any resistance.

    Thus, your floating needle is not “understanding” it is mind wiping. TRs? That isn’t confronting, that is ignoring to the point you are not even hearing what is being said.

    A guy comes up and tells you 100 things about LRH that are ABSOLUTELY TRUE, but you do not hear a damn word of it and immediately call it all lies. You have not been trained, your ability to stop. Think. React. has been pulverized completely.

    Now, when DM yells at you, or your life is clearly miserable, you no longer have the reactions you are supposed to have at all and you do…NOTHING except accept it and usually do not even see it at all.

    The dogs are barking all around you, but you don’t see them anymore. You are in danger, but you do not act.

    Following this comes the real purpose of ethics, conditions and Scientology punishment in order to give you NEW reactions to these otherwise obvious defenses to RUN LIKE HELL FROM SCIENTOLOGY.

    How does this relate to wins? Simple, you are trained to understand what a win is, and flood your own brain with signals telling yourself you are a success, doing well, etc.

    the ultimate insult of Scientology is to have a person so wiped out and so brainwashed into being controlled as to what gives them wins that they audit themselves. My goodness!

    While you are in Scientology it is all covered in policies what will give you wins so you are constantly feed them. “Your in affluence”! is soon followed by “Your in Non-existence” with punishments driving you to get an affluence where you are happy.

    It is illogical to a Scientologist to be happy when you are a down-stat, and yet it is completely natural otherwise the human race would never have made it this far.

    Hungry? Starving? Can not get laid? Can’t run away every time from the lions? Good, you will soon learn, but you still should BE HAPPY. Only in Scientology are you programmed when to be happy and when to be unhappy. This is why Scienotlogists get driven – donate MORE, get MORE MORE MORE because LESS is B-A-D when in fact neither up or down is related to happiness. Except if you are a programmed Scientologist.

    It takes years of retraining to undo this – and the worst medicine is to hang around other ex-scientologists with the deep-seeded programming.

    Scientologists had wins no doubt. We all did. But now that the truth is there, I have no doubt suddenly thinking you were the Captain on a space ship 56 trillion years ago that saved a few children is any longer going to make you feel happy.

    It is the same false programming that makes some religious types just go nuts and love the shit out of a guy who died on a cross 2000 years ago. If they all suddenly found out he actually died from being stabbed it would not undo all the joy the felt – even though it was based on a total falsehood. Now, if they found out he never existed, then well, that is an act of deprogramming rather than retraining (he died by stabbing, not by cross as an example of retraining).

    It is only the thought it is true and the thought that it is real that makes it real and therefore there is a win to be had. Knowing otherwise destroys this. This is why Scientology fights to keep you away from others who do not believe, because facts have nothing to do with it – just what you believe.

    You can be happy being a slave. All of our time spent in the Sea Org is clear evidence of this. We were all duped, but it seems some are still duping themselves.

    Ignorance is bliss, and intelligence and knowing is not a ball of fun either – there is no evidence to suggest that knowing the true state of affairs of everything would make you happy – rather it would probably depress you which is why highly intelligent people often suffer form depression – because they know the true state of affairs and it is not pretty.

    We can all watch the discovery channel and watch cute fuzzy bears or we can go into the wild and see male bears getting cubs, killing one another and harming females. What is your choice?

    Some ex-scios have woken up, most have not as to what REALLY HAPPENED to them because they refuse to study what was being used against them – their brain (not their mind).

    Following Marty will still make anyone a fool because Marty until the day he dies will still be trying to figure it out, rather than applying true scientific principles to the situation.

    And Exs, still in this belief, wanting their wins and probably still having some. Perhaps we should leave them alone. But Exs, on the same token, understand your a little sick in the head, you are not really clued up and you are a hinderance to anyone wanting recovery. So take your false wins, and piss off.

    Stop trying to under stand the mind – word clear “Brain” instead and then you will know what the mind actually is – and your doubts or questions about Scientology will pretty much evaporate immediately. LRH always steered well away from the brain and the body knowing this was the source of the mind and instead gave you the only example he wanted you to know “the horrors of Psychiatry” which keep you well away from learning anything about the brain and mind.

    4-6 months of studying the brain & Evolution is critical to anyone wanting to understand what happened to them in Scientology, and without this vital information I strongly doubt there is any chance of recovery.

    If you want recovery, then learn. If you want to ponder endlessly and stay within a mix of people who will argue until they die about “As-Isness” (my god, really????).

    People who are scared and afraid to learn are always trying to recruit others to stay in the quandary of stupidity with them. They feel lonely otherwise and feel they may lose you too if you learn something that makes you walk away from them.

    Anyone on ESMB heralding any aspect of Scientology is a recruiter. Marty was one for years despite fighting DM but still thinking Scientology was true. They do more harm then good. Marty caused several people to leave the fight from his own private vicious campaign he waged years ago while standing there pointing the finger at Scientology for doing the same thing. Disgusting. Two-faced, and disgusting.

    And some on ESMB are doing it today – driving those away who have woken up to leave a pile of people that don’t really know or are willing to give SCN the benefit of the doubt.

    So many good people have been removed from the boards who had valuable contributions made and still to make but some of you could not stomach them so you threw them out. OSA Bots get more credence than actual critics with valuable contributions to make. We see “Read this HCO PL or HCOB” heralded on ESMB more than we see “Read this book” (and I am not talking anti-Scn books, I mean books with actual human knowledge). We see more on ESMB of “Lets talk this point to death until some poor fellow is now more confused and believes there was something to that moment in Scientology” than we we see “I had a win, lets find out WHAT the win ACTUALLY was and get solid answers”.

    An OT VIII gets more attention on ESMB because he “knows more” when in reality someone who left right after the purif is probably a better source of information than someone who paid himself and others $300,000 to lose his family, leave his wife and go bankrupt.

    Those that truly understand have left and are

    • Robert Biasotti

      Your logic is excellent, as usual.
      I used to follow the struggle for justice against COS. I was an avid viewer and poster on XENUTV and CALIWOG, and some on TORY MAGOO’s YouTube channel. You and I once had a lively exchange in Caliwog’s blog!
      I became increasingly frustrated with the ease with which the CO$ slid, unscathed, out from under the supposedly fatal hammer-blows of investigations, revelations and raids. Then, I had a stroke, which pretty well changed my priorities.
      Well, I’m back, but XENUTV & MAGOO44 are ghost towns, without postings for months or YEARS! What happened to Marc Bunker and his documentary “KNOWLEDGE REPORT”? WHERE IS CALIWOG?

      • Perhaps caliwog needed a break from the insanity.

        There hasn’t been a lot of new news from the Scientology camp other than the inevitable and predictable actions by its leader which is internally destroying the church – so sad.

        There were several homocides and I gave what I new of the incidents to those reporting on Scientology, but frankly there is still disbelief even with the critics that the church would kill people or cover up suicides that were effectively engineered.

        As the years roll on what was once “impossible” to believe becomes proven – I point to comments I and others made in 2009 and 2010 which at the time were stated to be false by some of the leading critics of Scientology , who, once they let the LRH envy go did indeed confirm those statements (thanks for the apology). So my point is perhaps they can also weigh in on the homocides.

        It’s indeed harder these days to get rid of people so David has reverted back to the old system of having critics relatives and family infiltrated – a most disgusting tactic.

        I will never forget one of my friends years after I was out who turned out to be working for them – the level of deceit the church is capable of is hard to comprehend.

        Frankly speaking, I enjoy it a great deal being away entirely from the critical scene of Scientology. The constant talk and submersion in the content tends to constantly draw back memories and events that are just horrible.

        David’s every move for the past 5 years has been almost so predictable and seen in advance that sometimes I wonder if we’re sleeping together. LOL.

        His next steps to tighten the empire in an attempt to concentrate what he perceives as strong holds will have the final effect of dismantling the Sea Org to a very ineffective organization, but sadly, not before he makes a few more moves that will horrify even the critics.

        I do understand David so very well, more important than knowing him is to know his precise personality and how his brain works – we should see the next set of catastrophic actions unfolding within the next 4-6 weeks.

        He is about to find out just how deep the infiltration is within his own organization and when he does, the shock will be so great, he will be so blindsided by rage at the fact he didn’t know it was happening and those he thought were safe were not, that his actions will define him to his most loyal.

        he never managed to entirely eliminate the old guard and all remnants, this is about to change.

    • Robert Biasotti

      (I hit the wrong button)

      Anyway, WHERE IS CALIWOG?
      IS HE/SHE OK?
      HOW ARE YOU?
      Anonymous and Clambake appear to have lost interest.

  3. I do agree that MOST of this tragic death was caused by Scientology, (‘m a “recovering Scn” myself*) I believe, contrary to what others say, that Brad was in a great deal of pain…both physical and emotional. He drank a bit too much to mask his pain.I also know this, having spoken with Brad WEEKS before he passed, it wasn’t Leiza he was “pining away” for, but someone else. She, the girl in question is devastated by this. His stingy brother not allowing her to have the things Brad wanted her to have, the necklace he always wore, a guitar.This gal is suffering a huge loss! But more to the point.
    Your article is spot on. Scn kills people. Tragic. Brad was a great man.

  4. It is hard to agree with you that Scientology killed him.

    My father was a Scientologist and took his own life when I was just turning 15 (yes, this resulted in my joining the Sea Org). It is true that he thought he would go pick up another body and come back, because he told me this the weekend before he did it.

    But regardless of whether or not he thought this was true, I highly doubt that the belief he may come back in another body actually made it more doable.

    What I really think is that thanks to the beliefs of Scientology there were weak bonds with his family – after all you are taught they are just thetans and it is pot-luck they are your kids. this kind of disassociation is what makes disconnecting, destroying “friends” and suicide more easy to do – we were not my fathers children, we were 1 trillion year old thetans just like him, right?

    When on staff in Australia and in the USA I was denied dental treatment and had to take out quite a few of my own teeth without any pain killers – so I agree the policy of no pain killers or drugs is absolutely silly. Trust me, it is a bad policy.

    DM himself drinks scotch to kill pain so there you go – the top guy is a drug user. And a smoker, so that are two pain killers he uses right there.

    Scientologists kill themselves and destroy their own families. Any father, mother, son or daughter who is given the choice of “scientology” or their family and chooses Scientology is a little pathetic.

    I did the same thing – I chose Scientology at the time over my family but we can thank my parents for the ill-informed childhood.

    In fact, the number one cause (and i know this from having read over 5,000 staff and Sea Org staff files) for people going into Scientology is pathetic family values imparted by very pathetic parents with very bad parenting.

    It is fair to say you will not find very many people in Scientology that had good families, intelligent and well educated parents – very few indeed. Their children are usually poorly educated and dull-witted and socially inept.

    Most Sea Org staff could not even pass a GED.

    We can go after (and should) Scientology, but remember to go to ESMB and see all the viewpoints from Scientologists on their children and how they raised/raise them and you can see if it wasn’t this cult, it would be another.

    Having personally seen in Australia how some of these Scientologists like Mark Hanna, Carmel Underwood, Wayne Judge etc. raise their kids, trouble is almost a foregone conclusion. Don;t get me wrong, most Scientology kids think they had a great childhood, and in lay the problem, they were raised in stupid environments with wrong ideas and so think it was actually great.

    They take some time to wake up to the fact it was actually exceptionally poor child raising skills on the part of their parents. I mean, every Scientologists wants their kids to be an OT VIII and a Class XII…OMG, THESE are the values and importances they give their children.

    No wonder they go and kill themselves, life is pretty hard on idiots and retards.

    Remember, as much as none of us like DM he is doing an A1 job trashing Scientology and has completely destroyed any chance that it will ever be taken seriously ever again. Scientology is permanently labelled a cult and their numbers are CRASHING. I’ve been to so many orgs now and they are so fucking empty I am truly ASTOUNDED. In my days there were public in there and they were doing OK. Now, they are tombs (very expensive, glittery ones at that!). I still have a hard time explaining to my wife what a course room looked like with dozens of people in it because this doesnt happen in orgs anymore. LOL it must be a fantasy dream of org staff (And DM) too! LOL!!!!

    Leave DM at the top I say and do not jail him. Let him think he is invincible, let him bully the shit out of people, beat them and keep them in prisons. Their small pain is doing the world a favor. And it isn’t like those in the hole at Int need our sympathy, trust me, I know what they did on a regular basis to many people, each one of them is a cunt that deserves decades in the hole and if they commit suicide, there will be no sorrow from me. you may think “DM made them do things” but this is hogwash, all of them instigated horrific actions on others on their own volition and needed no example to follow. Let them rot, it might bring out the flavor of satisfaction if they die just enough.

    We will lose more to suicide and eventually terrorism from DM, but seriously it is a small price they pay for everyone’s well being. Having said that I wish no one to lose their son, daughter or family member but if they introduced them to Scientology or did such a shit job as a parent that their kids thought it was a good idea to join, well, too fucking bad for them I guess.

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