Mike Rinder is full of shit

Since Marty Rathbun has been so quiet of late, I’ve been reading Mike Rinder’s blog with interest. It’s always been obvious to me that Mike is a Hubbard apologist. Like Marty, he blames the evils of the Church on David Miscavige; like Marty, he knows full well the policies that were written by LRH; unlike Marty, he is not trying to make money from auditing, so he doesn’t have the same motivation to white-wash Hubbard.

It’s too bad, really — I’ve always kind of liked Mike. Marty has been an unapologetic thug, but Mike seems to be a bit of an underdog… although he did spend years running OSA, the Church’s spying, harassment and dirty tricks division.

So, anyway, I saw a glimmer of hope when Mike’s blog entry of December Fourth (The Texas Showdown) said:

You will see in my declaration that was filed today that I cited some little known LRH references that may surprise some readers of this blog. It’s not all sweetness and light and “My Philosophy”. People no doubt will still try to justify that they are “misapplied” and “taken out of context.” I ask that you simply read them for what they are and compare what has been reported about the activities taken against the Rathbuns. This IS the “tech” that is being applied.

Holy shit! thought I. Perhaps Mike was coming around?? I read his declaration in the Monique Rathbun case. And as all of you who read it will know… I was disappointed.

Mike posted a couple of policy excerpts from 1972, but doesn’t attribute them to Hubbard. (And it’s possible they were written by Hubbard operatives; that did happen.) But, as always, the blame remains squarely on David Miscavige. Even when he mentioned Lisa McPherson, he blames Miscavige for handling “her case” and not Hubbard for instructing his followers that the cure for a psychotic break is to lock someone in a room and not talk to them.

Now, maybe I’m being too harsh, or too impatient… rewriting negative policies from the pre-Miscavige era is a baby step. Still, there’s nothing in here that states what seems so obvious to me, but is missed by so many people: Miscavige is running the Church according to Hubbard’s rules.

Mike should know better. Even after all Hubbard has done to him (from beyond the grave, no less!) he insists on protecting the Ol’ Fraud. God bless his deluded little soul, and may he some day truly escape from Scientology.


10 responses to “Mike Rinder is full of shit

  1. Gee, Caliwog, is it possible you’re being a little harsh? In the passage you quoted, Mike clearly refers to “LRH references that may surprise some readers” and then goes on to say, “This IS the “tech” that is being applied.” Isn’t that exactly what you’re asking of him? It seemed plain to me, when I saw this on his blog, that Mike was saying that Miscavige is faithfully following instructions from the Source.

    If I may venture a personal observation, I believe there’s more to be gained by recognizing what we all have in common than by seizing upon every point of difference. Smarter people than me have noted that leaving Scientology is a process, not an event. People’s views change and evolve over time, as do the people themselves. None of us are right about everything.

  2. Of course I’m being harsh, I’m Caliwog. 🙂 And I stand by what I say. This is standard Scientology tech that Mike Rinder is applying: He makes noises about “dropping a bombshell” but then says NOTHING critical about LRH in his deposition — just two quotes from policy that aren’t even attributed to the Ol’ Fraud.

    When Mike comes out and admits that what DM is doing is based on LRH tech, I might change my mind. When he says that Lisa McPherson was killed by LRH’s idiotic Introspection Rundown, I might change my mind. Until then, I intend to label Rinder for what he is: Just another Hubbard apologist who is white-washing LRH in the name of “reform”.

    I agree that leaving Scn is a process, and a very difficult one. Let’s just not pretend that Mike is very far along in that process. He’s not. And in the event the Church does collapse, people like him are the next big danger: Those who are trying to “clear” the way for the LRH “tech” that gave rise to all of Scientology’s evils.

    ML, CW

  3. Dear Caliwog,

    You’re not being harsh. You’re simply describing it how it really is.
    The white Europeans did not drive the Native American Indians off of their own land because the Whites wanted to save the Indians from Alcoholism and enlighten them to Christianity. The Whites wanted the Indian land. Plain and simple.
    The US did not drop atomic weapons on Japanese cities and incinerate 100,000 people because the US did not realize what the atomic attack would do. The US wanted the war over as soon as possible and with as few American deaths as possible. War. Plain and simple.
    And so forth with many historical examples. Let’s not act like idiots and kid ourselves.
    Hubbard did not blackmail, extort, and intimidate his critics because they were endangering the only hope for mankind. Hubbard wanted to destroy and silence anyone who might expose his money-making scam. Plain and simple.
    It’s hard for people to recognize that the same person who wrote “What is Greatness” and “My Philosophy” is the same sick, vile, depraved mind who conceived and carried out Operation Freakout and other perverse, repugnant schemes. It’s difficult to reconcile that. The denial is completely understandable. (Believe me, I’ve been there.) But that same denial and unwillingness to recognize is the same reason Hubbard was able to get away with what he did, at a magnitude of what he did. And that makes it possible for a future “Hubbard” to pull off a similar con. And if that future Hubbard is a senator or other high figure, we are headed for a very dark age.


  4. Oh my God, Caliwog – you’ve completely missed the point. I was going to write something much more insulting, since you feel happy to write similar to Rinder, but I’m not going to sink to your level.

    Why do you think he is writing his blog? For his own enjoyment?
    Who exactly do you think Rinder is writing his blog for? People like you and me? I’m surprised it needs spelling out for you, but I guess I’ll have to do it.

    He’s writing it for those “under the radar” who dare, after much soul-searching, to visit the website of one of these dreaded big-SPs.

    There, they learn that their church is behaving like a criminal organisation – and crucially Mike’s observations coincide with their own. They know he is speaking the truth. From those tentative first steps, they discover more truths that previously they could not countenance. Once out of the cult, there is a very long and slow wake-up progress, until they realise the full horror of the lies they have been told.

    That full reality cannot appear to someone overnight Caliwog, it just can’t. Scientology is an absolutely horrific mindfuck that takes a lot of time to recover from, and the final truth is the hardest – that Hubbard was not mankind’s greatest friend, but a piece of shit possibly unparelled in human history.

    If Rinder’s blog entries were entitled “Hubbard was a piece of shit” do you really think those scared Scientologists would read a single word??? It just would not match with their own brainwashed view of the world. Miscavige is the obvious weak point in the church, the obvious point of attack. Hubbard on the other hand is a point of strength for the church, at least in terms of keeping the sheeple under control.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have heard an ex-Scn say something like this “…and so I started reading the blogs of Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, and I was totally shocked, and so I started reading more, and so I quietly left the church, and then I spoke about it with others, and then I was declared, and now here I am on Tony Ortega’s blog calling Hubbard a shit like the rest of you.”

    Rinder knows exactly what he’s doing, it’s a shame you don’t. Have you not noticed that when someone chimes in with “Hubbard was brilliant and would not have stood for this” that it is Rinder who politely corrects them.

    Yes, of course Miscavige is just following orders – everyone knows that, not just you! Rinder has stepped up his blog directly because Marty is totally out of it now and just cannot bear the bullshit anymore. It is a damn good job that Rinder HAS stepped up to the plate, since curious Scns need to hear stuff they can handle and matches up with their reality of a corrupt church out to steal all their money, rather than any number of hate sites run by the church.

    Just look at the damage done to the church by Rathbun and Rinder – and all you can do is stand on the side and hurl insults at them. If the war against Hubbard was measured in number of Scientologists who now know he was a fraud, then you sir are losing by many thousands to nil.

    If you had hired a helicopter and buzzed the SuperPower dedication ceremony then I might have some respect for you. But since you didn’t, and Rinder did, then I suggest you shut the fuck up.

    And since Rinder took somewhere in the region of 50 beatings from Miscavige, I think he’s fully entitled to wind the little shit up.

  5. Sid, I think you’re wrong but I like your eloquence. It seems like you’re saying that Mike Rinder’s blog is a carefully-constructed “gradient” to get Scientologists out of Scientology, correct? If so, I say you’re wrong — for an excellent example of how that should be done, see Jeff Hawkins’ now-defunct blog at http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/. Jeff is the perfect counterpoint to me. He explains in a delicate, gradient way why Scn and Hubbard are BS, in a voice ex-Scns can relate to. My goal is to rip the sheets off the scam. I am (or was) talking to protesters, Anons, and never-been-ins, reminding them that Independent Scientology is no less a scam that the Co$.

    Mike at one point expressed the opinion that I am a member of OSA, a not-so-carefully placed plant, appointed by Miscavige or his cronies, to discredit Independent Scientology, even if that requires trashing LRH. Karen DeLaCarrierre once commented that the fact I brought up her boob job on my blog was proof that I was an OSA operative. Except I never talked about her boob job on my blog — someone posted something about it in a comment. (Bad taste if you ask me, but unlike Marty and Mike, I don’t believe in censorship.) Seriously, does anyone in their right mind think the Church would want someone to write what I have written? To their way of thinking, I’m just as big an SP as they are. (Scientologists don’t seem to understand that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.)

    What I am saying, in my usual long-winded way, is that you have Mike all wrong. Mike is trying to “safepoint” LRH and Scientology. He truly believes that DM is what is wrong with the Church. His concessions to Hubbard’s evil are the result of simply not being able to deny facts (and, hopefully, the beginning of cracks in his own belief). If you think his methods are a careful plan to get people out of Scientology and away from Hubbard, you are wrong. You are an intelligent person assigning intelligent motives to a very simple man. Not that Mike is dumb, but Hubbardian thinking is shockingly one-dimensional. It’s the reason a big, rich entity like the Co$ can find itself embroiled in such massive problems — because they are stuck with Hubbard’s simplistic thinking. Mike Rinder has the exact same problem. And the fact that he is the enemy of our enemy does not make him our friend.

    Here’s the true test of a non-Scientologist: If they can say, “Hubbard was a pathological liar, a masterful con artist who bilked thousands of people for millions of dollars, and his ‘technology’ is nothing but a few scraps of rehashed psychotherapy and a lot of drug-induced science fiction bullshit, and by the way, psychiatrists as a group are not evil,” then they are non-Scientologists. Anything less is grounds for suspicion.

    From the voice of experience: NEVER TRUST A SCIENTOLOGIST.

    ML, CW

  6. CW

    I agree that Jeff Hawkins offers a different, much more eloquent approach to weening people off Scientology – but maybe you should take a look at his leavingscientology blog again, because it is more Miscavige-era-centric than you might remember. The top categories are “Ideal Orgs”, “About David Miscavige”, “Abuse in Scientology” etc. Search for Hubbard’s name on the front page and you won’t find it, whereas Miscavige appears 5 times.

    If Mike Rinder is trying to “safepoint” LRH & Scientology, then he’s doing a pretty rubbish job of it because he constantly links to Tony Ortega articles. Tony’s blog is full of articles each week with guest contributors like Jeff Hawkins and Jon Atack who are dissecting and dismantling Hubbard and his bridge to nowhere each week. Ortega is a man on a mission, and it is not a mission to safeguard the tech!

    Anyway, even if I am wrong about the true nature of Rinder’s current intentions, I’m right about the outcome, because Rinder is helping people get out of the day-to-day clutches of the church, and that is by far the biggest step on the road to recovery.

    Rathbun and Rinder are on the road to recovery themselves. Compare Marty’s blog in the early days to the posts that occur now – he has clearly been on the journey out. And the interesting thing is this – in the early days when he was very defensive of LRH, he had hundreds and hundreds of commenters to each article. Nowadys, it’s a hundred if he’s lucky. The “with Ron” brigade have moved off to safer zones. Rinder has picked up the baton of curious churchies pissed off with the church and looking for answers. They won’t visit a blog called leavingscientology.com, but they might visit Something Can Be Done About It!

    You seem to see things in black and white Cali, but in the journey of Scientology recovery, there are shades of grey.

    Calling Rinder a piece of shit because in your opinion he’s not far enough down the road to recovery, is unfair.

  7. Not “a piece of shit,” Sid — “full of shit”. I reserve the “piece of shit” moniker for Hubbard!

    ML, CW

  8. David St Lawrence aka oldauditor

    Caliwog, I am pleased to see that you and others are speaking out even if some of you differ on what gradient to apply to those who are trying to shed their cult indoctrination.

    It is very hard to shuck off the identity one assumes in order to become a group member and to become your own person again. Those who were in the Sea Org often maintain their chrome steel superior attitude long after returning to civilian life.

    I remember suggesting on Marty’s blog several years ago that Hubbard was the root cause of what Miscavige has visited upon us since Ron’s departure and Marty responded by removing my blog from his blogroll and ranted about squirrels and such. He was still very much SO in attitude even though he thought he was independent.

    Marty, like many others is still in the process of becoming unindoctrinated and it will probably take several more years. From my observations it seems to take as long as ten years to accomplish recovery of one’s first dynamic unless one is getting counseling to help with the process.

    We on possiblyhelpfuladvice.com have been calling Hubbard by his true names for several years and we feel that it is only a matter of time before the majority of ex scientologists realize what the general public already knows, and that is that Hubbard was a brilliant drug using charlatan with a history of criminal behavior.

    He gathered some of the best minds of the times in a crusade to bring spiritual freedom to mankind and he destroyed anyone who was better at it than he was or who challenged his self appointed supremacy.

    The final proof of his duplicity is that he was afraid of spiritual entities (body thetans) and was still trying to rid himself of them in the final weeks of his life.

    None the less, he was responsible for getting many able people to participate in spiritual adventures that have transformed their lives, proving that what does not kill you makes you stronger. 🙂

  9. Frankly, I would like to see the attacks on DM cease and desist. Marty and Mike help gets people out – so do a lot of people, no one has been keeping stats for the last 60 years but there is no competition – we do not have an anti-Scn ASI where the greatest defectors earns a reward.

    Mike and Marty have a long way to go – a hell of a long way to go. As for it being a process this is false – it is a process if correctly guided otherwise it is a shopping list of recovery steps that are hit and miss – thus we see people clinging onto Scn beliefs right up until deather whether they are in or out.

    A process has to be done properly and there are councellors that give these steps precisely – and they should know, they are EDUCATED unlike the vast majority of those actually trying to get people out of Scn.

    No, the real “tip of the hat” goes to DM himself.

    By Lord, do not let this man get removed from the Head of the Church. I could not think of a more destructive force that has done more for the destruction of Scn than DM himself.

    I would NOT like to see him removed.

    He has violated several principles of being a cult leader such as punishing those who actually help him – a critical mistake and it is adding up in costs. Can you think of a more foolish leader? Sure, some more will suffer but better them suffer now than more later.

    No, there is no question DM gets my nomination for the greatest destroyer of Scn by far. Keep him there and Scientologists fate is virtually a guarantee.

    I do not like DM, but I love what he is doing for the cause. Keep up the good work you little swirt.

    I will never forget at the Hacienda Gardens how he showed his true colors. His brother could hang off a piece of gym equipment with his toes, and DM was always so jealous because he could not reach the bar to even try.

    Let the little infant rant and carry on. A fine job sir, a fine job!

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