The Rathbun lawsuit

As you’ve probably read on Tony Ortega’s site, Marty Rathbun’s wife Monique is suing the Church of Scientology.

My issues with Marty remain unchanged. I wasn’t sure where he was going for a while there, but it’s clear from the latest posts that he still thinks Hubbard is some great spiritual guru, and I still think he’s derailing potential ex-Scientologists from their path towards the light by trying to whitewash that old shitheel L. Ron Hubbard (despite recent admissions that maybe LRH wasn’t the person he said he was — no shit, Sherlock). I still don’t like what the guy is doing.

But I stand 100% in support of the lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. Marty and the indies and I may disagree on the source of the Church’s evil ways — they try to blame them on Miscavige, we know they came from LRH — but they are still evil and they are still wrong. The harassment Marty and Monique continue to deal with is terrible, and I admire both of them for dealing with it so stoically.

Caliwog says: Go get ’em, Mosey!


4 responses to “The Rathbun lawsuit

  1. InTheNameOfXenu

    I’m 100% in agreement with you. I get tired of these indies putting the blame on Miscavige. Recently, there was a post on Mike Rinder’s blog. Some guy just left the cult after years of being ‘off-lines’. He started reading about the the physical violence going on in the ‘Hole’ and all the other abuses that’s been going on for decades. The guy was still a staunch supporter of Hubbard, saying that he never wrote any policy advocating violence. I posted a response to him stating that it’s true Hubbard never wrote policies condoning that, but he sure dished out violence to people while on the Apollo. I cited the chain-locker incident where that poor child was locked in there for 2 days. He cried all along while having to eat, sleep and defecate on himself. I cited all the people that were targeted and abused by the ‘fairgame’ doctrine. All written by Hubbard, not Miscavige. I ended up saying that like Miscavige is exactly like Hubbard and that he threw plenty of people under the bus when they became of no use or were a threat. You know what? Rinder didn’t censor the post. I was quite surprised. He left it there for all the others to read. I guess Rinder like Rathbun are slowly unraveling from the Hubbardian mind-fuck. Not quick enough, but unraveling none the less.

  2. I think you’re wrong about Rathbun. If you were to carefully read what he’s been saying recently, I think you would have to conclude that he completely understands the truth of Hubbard, and rather than saying “Hubbard was a shit” which would immediately lose him contact with the many Scn lurkers who visit his site, he seems to be gently leading them away using language they can cope with. I think he has been accelerating this approach for a couple of years now and in fact some of his more recent posts would be difficult for a die-hard Scn to read.

    Some of Marty’s recent quotes:-
    On the subject of OT levels: “religious belief masquerading as scientific certainty”
    On the Truth Rundown: “The Truth Rundown is not over until such a written apology is extracted from the person being subjected to the rundown. And that is by order, and policy, of L. Ron Hubbard. ” “Is ‘brainwashing’ too harsh of a label for this?”
    And have you read his post on Forgiveness? He analyses the Christian understanding of forgiveness, then for contrast simply quotes Hubbard as follows:- “By comparison, Scientology inculcates the following. ‘People attack Scientology; I never forget it, always even the score – HCO Manual of Justice (1959)'” Rathbun then goes on to fully quote Hubbard’s nonsense about the crucifixion and the R6 implant.
    On constructs: “just about everything one learns in Dianetics and Scientology is a construct; a working hypotheses or concept to hold in order to practice a ritual.”
    On whether Scientology works: “By his own firm policy, which has resulted in the destruction of scores of relationships and careers of the curious over decades, Ron demands that the only proofs of Scientology be purely subjective. That leaves the only available objective measure of workability to be the examination of the lives and conduct of those making subjective claims about the product of the subject.” Rathbun then goes on to recap in full the interview with Steve Pfauth where he shows that Hubbard ended his life almost completely mental, i.e. the ultimate product of the subject.

    These are but a few of the things Rathbun has written recently. Sure, you can find the odd platitude thrown in occasionally to soothe the anxiousness of a Scientologist worried about whether they are reading the ramblings of an uber-SP, but what do you think Marty meant in my final quote of his above when he said “the destruction of…careers of the curious”? I think that Rathbun is fully aware that Hubbard destroyed his own career possibilities, and manipulated him into a state where we would willingly carry out the wishes of a sociopath. To quote Tommy Davis, I think Rathbun is angry, real angry.

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Rathbun is definatley unhinged. Like you said he carefully words his criticisms of Hubbard. After all, his bread and butter is auditing. People still come to him for ‘therapy’. He doesn’t call himself a scientologist anymore either.

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