A quote for the Hubbard apologists

“I was so excited about the function of auditing and its potential for assisting individuals to become more able and aware, that I was willing to overlook Hubbard’s faults, as they gradually became known to me. That was up to a point of course, the final point being my realization that his intentions were entirely self serving. I saw that he was in it for money and personal power, and his actual intentions were not as stated.

“The basic function of auditing is a wonderful thing, but Hubbard perverted it. The idea of counseling has been around for an awfully long time.”

— John McMaster, Clear #1, in an interview for Bent Corydon’s book L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?

7 responses to “A quote for the Hubbard apologists

  1. I’m sorry, but this article is bizarre.

    CaliWog: Can you name ~one~ Hubbard apologist? I can’t! David Miscavige isn’t one. Neither is ex-Scientologist Marty Rathbun. Who is defending or apologizing for L. Ron Hubbard in Present Time?

    If you want to discuss Hubbard and Scientology with people who hate it all and see it as all bad, I can recommend quite a few. Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty would be a good start for you. I’m sure they would both love to communicate with you about how bad it all is. Marty Rathbun would also agree with you, but he isn’t going to talk to you unless you’re somebody incredibly important as he imagines himself to be.

    And apologize for what exactly? The fact LRH was married three times and smoked cigarettes and read Crowley and blah blah blah until the end of eternity? If Hubbard was the Devil, then what’s the point of your insistence of pointing out the obvious? Why do you hate the man so much? How has Hubbard personally harmed you?

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Hubbard harmed many people. He created the sea org. 1000’s have joined and left in disgust. In Hubbard’s time he introduced sec checking, overboarding, and hard labor. He was an enslaver of men and women. He locked a child in the chain locker of the Apollo because the boy ate a telex. The poor boy cried for 2 days. He had to eat, sleep and shit on himself. He authored ‘disconnection’ and ‘fair-game’. These 2 policies that he wrote harmed many thousands of lives by splitting families apart turning brother against sister, wife against husband. He gave the green-light to ‘Operation Snowwhite’, which to this day is the largest scale espionage committed against the United States. Paulette Cooper was driven mad to the point of suicide. An attempt to murder her was attempted as well when the Scientologist killer’s gun jammed. Luckily no one was hurt. He allowed his wife to take the fall for him and went into hiding like the coward he was. Shall I go on?

    • I guess you’re the only “Hubbard apologist” here. “Why do you hate the man so much? How has Hubbard personally harmed you?” Jeez!

      And Miscavige would definitely qualify as an “apologist,” also.

      It’s kind of funny that you mention, “If Hubbard was the Devil,” considering the recent confirmation of Hubbard’s authorship of the 1980 confidential HCOB ‘Truth Revealed’, where Hubbard reveals his role as the “Anti Christ,” and (in essence) admits that OT 3 and NOTs didn’t work after all, requiring yet another “Wall of Fire”! A *third* “Wall of Fire.”

      Hubbard was popping pills (tranquilizers) at the time – he was kind of tense about his ‘Snow White’/Fair Game activities having blown up in his face: his wife had just been sentenced to federal prison, and he was still nervous that he might go too.

      Tense, needs pills.

      But popping pills was something Hubbard had done, on and off, through out the history of Scientology.

      So that wasn’t so strange.

      Pills made Hubbard talkative during the first Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture in 1952, when he told the gathering that he was “The Prince of Darkness,” and pills were still making him talkative in 1980.

      Point is: One would think that, knowing what he knew, Hubbard would tell the Scientologists to stand down, to drop the Scientologist routine, that the Bridge is no Bridge at all, that there is no OT available through Scientology’s “Bridge,” that NOTs doesn’t do what it said it did, and neither did OT 3, but no.

      Hubbard didn’t let his slaves go.


      Because he wanted slaves in the first place, to carry the banner of his name into the coming centuries – and couldn’t have cared less about their well being.

      Hubbard was a narcissistic jerk who hurt people, and established a machine – of sort – that continues to hurt people.

  2. It was all based on lies. LRH never saw combat. LRH was never wounded. LRH did not heal himself. LRH made many complaints about minor health issues and requested psychiatric help from the military. LRH had a poor military record. LRH let his own teeth rot. LRH was not a scholar and in fact performed very poorly in college and dropped out. LRH held no degrees. LRH kidnapped his own daughter. LRH was convicted of theft and did indeed end up living on the run for years as an unindicted co-conspirator for crimes that sent his wife and others to prison. LRH did use psychiatric drugs as well as illegal drugs. LRH, by his own definition, was an illegal preclear. LRH was not Clear. LRH had no OT powers. Nobody has ever gone Clear or had OT powers. The EP of LRH’s journey through Scientology ended up hurting himself and his own family in tragic ways as it has to many many families. Three divorces, one wife spoke out against him revealing his serious psychiatric issues so he kidnapped their daughter and harassed her, sound familiar? Quentin committed Suicide. Ron Jr. blew and spoke out against Ron Sr. Mary Sue went to prison. Ron ended up on the run, always hiding, paranoid and seeing, hearing and smelling things that weren’t there. His physical issues and mental illnesses grew increasingly worse as he had at least two strokes and in the end who came in and scooped up the cult Ron spent decades building? David Miscavige! The point is is that Hubbard hurt himself, his family and many others and his creation continues to hurt people. Ron did accomplish his main goal, getting rich and and the power to rule over others in his group at the great expense of others. None of this matters though as long as you UP YOUR STATUS TODAY! Come to the next event and show LRH that YOU are helping Clear the Planet by committing to the next level! Remember, if it’s not done in the Church of Scientology it doesn’t count and if you have left or been kicked out none of the achievements of your past count as they have been rescinded! You will have to redo it all.

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Very well said. To all the indies reading this: If Hubbard were alive today, he would approve of what Miscavige is doing. Also, he would consider every one of you independents as ‘squirrels’ and SP’s. He would condone all the fairgaming that was done in his name under Miscavige’s watch.

  3. Jonathan: Plenty of people. Including Rathbun, in my opinion.

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