Why did Caliwog come back?

Mostly because I started reading Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman, and it reminded me how much Scientology pisses me off.

Why did I go away in the first place? Partly because being Caliwog takes up a lot of time, and I have to make money. Partly because I was seeing changes in what Marty wrote on his blog – his trouble justifying the lies of L. Ron Hubbard. Marty’s on his way out, and so are a lot of his followers. (But then along comes Milestone Two to take more money from the True Believers who are no longer True Believers. (Speaking of Milestone Two, be sure to read my article about why true believer Jim Logan is a complete idiot.)

Also, partly because my fears that Tony Ortega was snowed by Marty proved unfounded. Tony’s Underground Bunker is the best thing to happen to the Scientology protest movement since Mark Bunker. Sorry for doubting you, Tony.

I figured the protest movement could get along fine without me. (Well, it always got along fine without me, and it always will.)

So now I’m back. How long will I stay? Who knows. Until I calm down, I guess.


3 responses to “Why did Caliwog come back?

  1. Hearts and flowers and here’s to you staying pissed and with us.

  2. I think a lot of us just wanted an update to hear how things were with you.

    I’ve been watching or hearing of all the actions against the church and I am impressed with what is being done, none more so than by DM himself.

    One has to again go down to a fundamental process that what the Anons started up with the protests was key to bleeding the pool, but it is not dried up yet.

    One has to remember the state of mind of a staff member or Sea Org member and how to combat and communicate to that mind. Probably most of the long-term SO Members who have seen the tech changed so many times are having doubts as to the changes.

    Capitialize on this.

    Banners that would say “Your Org was larger years ago – before the tech changed” is a brief statement that raises in the SO Members mind the following:

    1. That Scientology is always expanding, yet they have seen it shrink – but do not know why, they work hard enough.
    2. They know after 60 years there should be thousands of staff there.
    3. They have seen GAT, now GAT II and before that there were countless revisions.

    Another banner used in conjunction with the banner above could be:

    “Join more than the 100 OTVIIIs & 2,000 OT VIIs comps who use the original tech.”

    Obtaining a list of long terms staff that used to work at the locations is vital. Remember, often the staff think that the departed SO member is still on lines somewhere else.

    A banner outside CC Int naming no less than 10 staff that were long term and known to them will hit cords.

    ” So & So just didn’t leave CC Int, they had to leave Scientology because of the way management has made it such a “heavy ethics” location with no freedoms. Isn’t that why Scientology is here? Freedoms?”

    The purpose of these banners is not to answer questions, just to raise doubt. Anything that causes them to look in another direction is a direction they have not looked in before. Most effective on SO Bases.

    Remember, we want DM to require Int to take total control of the HGB and to establish long term direct control over the Continental bases. Once that happens it is easier for them to blow.

    There is a critical point by 2015 that can be reached whereby the Sea Org does indeed lose control. Any legal actions will then be highly effective.

    And leave David alone, we want him running Scientology because I do not think we could ask for a more effective tool to aid the destruction.

  3. And we didn’t even have to create a landing strip in New Mexico.

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