Caliwog is alive!

…just mega-busy with other stuff. But I’m still here, I’m still following the movement, and I’m still firm in my believe that Scientology, in all its forms — be it Church-sponsored or Independent — is bullshit. Expensive, time-wasting, life-robbing, good-intention-derailing, profit-centric bullshit.

If you miss posts from Caliwog, I can suggest a good six months’ or more worth of reading that will say the same things  I have been saying:

All of these books, generously made available for free by their authors, will put paid to the lies of both the Church and the “Independents” and tell you THE REAL TRUTH about Scientology — that ALL of it is rotten, and that it isn’t an innocent or “good” religion derailed by the angry little midget.

Keep the faith, brothers and sisters, and F LRH!


14 responses to “Caliwog is alive!

  1. Welcome back Caliwog! Hoping to get your perspective on current events (such as Narconon deaths etc.) in the very near future!

  2. I agree with your take on this whole Scientology business.

  3. Welcome back Caliwog. 🙂

  4. Kevin Stevenson

    Welcome back. You were missed!

  5. So much news…
    Where are you, Cali??

    Big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  6. Marty has moved Caliwog. I would laugh my ass off if he turned up in your neighborhood.

  7. No more Caliwog blog??? : ( I know you are busy, but when I get a chance, I love to read your posts. Am I really forced to only get one sided info off of Marty’s blog when I like your critique so much better. Please come back.

    Thank you.

  8. I have noted there is a distinct change in Marty’s tone in his posts. I can recognize – as we all can – when a person is faced with a fact that acts as a cornerstone to another series of facts that is proven false, there are several routes you can take.

    The cowards route is to find a justification for the falsehood and invent ways in which the other facts can be validated – or you can bite the bullet and accept that your entire building has had the foundations raised, and you are lost.

    It is human nature when we feel lost to immediately seek out something that will give us strength or to attempt to adopt a viewpoint that will get us through the problem faced by a belief system that has come crashing down.

    But it is the hallmark of someone with bravery to accept that they are lost and rather than to find the fastest way out, to sit in that confusion for some time until the answers are found. This usually takes years and can often result in suicide.

    What Marty has done is a hallmark of cowardice. He has within the Sea Org and outside the Sea Org stood for things that he knows are now false – and this is not in question. But rather than perhaps accept that he does not have the answers, he invents ideas that give him “a rope” to hold onto.

    Marty will not accept that what he has thought int he past or present is wrong, and the reason is because he was a Scientologist where it is a crime to have uncertainty. Most humans can accept that they do not have the answers or that they were wrong once upon a time – but not Scientologists – and that is what Marty is – a Scientologist still programmed with Scientology thinking that can not be undone.

    It is OK to know you have bad habits and work on them, but in Scientology one sits down and does ethics conditions to resolve things – which do not work at all. It is also Ok to know you do not have the answers, but not for Marty or his flock.

    It is this sort of bad behavior from Marty that is the same bad bad behavior we saw in LRH when he knew he was wrong – he changed the definitions, invented a rundown – I do not know how many processes promise “OT” but it is substantial. DM could not get passed his mistakes or admit he was wrong either. And neither can Marty.

    You either have the answers or you do not, if you do not, then accept it. This is a primary reason why Scientologists (as instructed by LRH) refuse to seek out or understand Scientific critical thinking which is a process – Scientists know when they do not know and work through a series of steps to get to an answer – or a “no answer” which leads to another line of thinking or action.

    This sort of logical and rational behavior is shunned in Scientology and I noted Mike Rinder boasting the Data Series was super-good which is just again, another huge falsehood. Here we have all these executives trained ont he Data Series who actually knew nothing about LRH’s real past – so how effective was it? It was totally ineffective. The truth is the Data Series only works when you ahve information, it was not designed to detect actual falsehoods – though it claims it does, but it does not. It is sort of pre-school, kindy-garten sort of thinking and training for those who are in predictable environments.

    My beef with Marty and his likes – like Mike – is that all the statements by LRH about Scientology fall down when we prove multiple falsehoods – and yet we see them still stand by many aspects of Scientology. We should note they stood by other aspects they now dispute. My question is why are they standing by any of them? Because they are unwilling to stand before anyone and state they do not know and are yet to find out the truth totally.

    So instead they lie. And it will be another series of posts later from Marty that contradict his earlier ones we will see int he future when he again finds out he has been an idiot. My point is that he is lying right now and this is because he thinks he is right – he has not actually disected Scientology in anyway to actually look at it.

    He was doing a disservice years ago and he still is today. Marty has no clue about why he got some gains in Scientology and does not understand what he was ACTUALLY experiencing when he went exterior or had an F/N. He has no understanding of what was actually happening. And he never will because it would take about 2 years to grasp it, and Marty does not have the patience to actually study and understand what was going on with himself.

    So he will still mislead others.

    His latest posts while displaying a change of heart are more or less displaying what a coward he actually is and his blatant refusal to learn or study.

    And this is why until the day he dies, he will cling onto Scientology, much like Otto Roos did (he is almost dead now), how my mother will and how his readers will.

    It is a crying shame that rather than spend the last few years understanding what was really happening to himself, he spent it spewing out LRH instead – whose ideas and deep brainwashing were the cause of his misery.

    You are a sad case Marty, and you are gutless. The answers are not in your head. There is no such thing as Tone 40. Or ethics conditions. But there is ignorance and pigheadedness – which you have obtained years ago and still hold to yourself as your crowning achievement.

    Only a fool would follow you to the ends of the Earth and lucky for you there are plenty of fools like you around, so do not worry, you will never be lonely – nor will the Church of Scientology.

  9. Wow, Observer. Sounds like you’ve been thinking about this, I mean, a LOT.

    I can’t presume to add too much. It seems to me that Marty is a kind of Albert Speer figure in the Scien world. He seems to be struggling with the truth, and with his own place in the narrative. But as you note, his views and his written comments are changing — one might hope evolving in a positive way — over time. Even Tony O regards him as the greatest single threat to Miscavige and his empire. It’s a sordid business all around, with shortage of guilt to apportion.

  10. I fail to see how Marty poses even a minor threat to Scientology, I am in fact aware of no critics that are. There is no information that any single person holds or even as a combined group which threatens Scientology.

    The single largest factor acting as a threat to Scientology is the body of work itself and it’s application. For decades now, Scientology has simply shrunk. I am intimately aware of every statistic of Scientology from the early 80’s to the mid 90’s. During my tenure at CMO IXU I collected all stats from all organizations, missions, OTLs you name it and compiled them for the world wide statistics – I am being quite literal as to there were no less than 10,000 stats reported weekly that were then compiled.

    It was requested on several occasions that graphs were made of the main stats for the major organizations that spread from the early 80’s to 1994 for complete evaluation.

    There has never been an affluence in any organization anywhere that they have not totally screwed up. There has never been a “power” statistic anywhere that is genuine. There has to the shock of some readers not even been a “normal” statistic on any main Scientology statistic…ever.

    DM has been doing nothing but creating the most ambigious stats that he can lie about because they are so stupid and so open to interpretation that no one could verify them “Number of people helped” “Number of people Tom Cruise has introduced to Scientology”.

    This all started in the early 90’s when stat evaluation showed every single major statistic was just going slowly down. There were jumps here and there but it was like watching a country going into eventual collapse.

    Through the application of Scientology since 1950, the Sea Org has turned out virtually “thousands” of Executive Directors and highly classed auditors, a slew of International Executives ALL OF WHICH HAVE FAILED. PERIOD.

    DM is a prime example, and it is important for the executives that are out there to stop sounding their own trumpets about “What I did for Scientology” or “What I could do” because they are all deluded. They made gains by destroying other areas or going for the short-gain. There are no success stories in Scientology management – only failure.

    DMs steps he has taken this year were predicted years ago – he would eventually destroy middle management and bring the Executives to Los Angeles where they would again fail, resulting in the eventual combining of middle and upper management. See pots going back to late 2009 on this. It was all predictable because LRH policy calls for such actions. There is no person in Scientology more on-policy tha DM, and that is why he fails.

    His future actions will include the eventual destruction on CMO Units via his Reps, who will then fail resulting in command teams under his direct control, who will then fail.

    The eventual outcome will be direct management on an absolute scale which will result in his former executives at Int being sent out as a last resort. Once exposed to the true world and the real trouble Scientology is in, they will leave, and we will have left a very much loyal main core of executives with DM that will hold out and likely change locations to either another country or revert back to the policy of taking the Sea Org back to the Sea.

    From there Scientology will continue to report dismal results.

    Every executive that leaves eventually doubts LRH and doubts the application and under the very definition of LRH, becomes a Squirrel – yet they claim they are the true followers. This sort of behavior has been going on for 60 years which each new one calling the previous ex-Scn community a traitor and a real squirrel. Robinson. Mayo. Marty. There are DOZENS more in the past and present.

    Marty has not woken up to anything really. It only seems that way, but at the core of his beliefs you will find just that, just beliefs, no facts to actually base anything upon. He still does not understand what his brain is, how it works or his mind, and until he does that, he will figure out very little. And that is a shame because potentially a man with such a passion could be an agent for some good, but instead it is wasted on a crusade that only exist in his mind and the mind of others. The reality is that Scientology has been proven completely false and there is no doubt on the scientific data on this – it can not be denied, it is an absolute fact.

    And there we have it. Facts. And the facts are that the Scientology empire has at its hand immense disposable funds and a recruitment pool that is shrinking. The world is full of stupid people, so scientology will always have a great recruitment pool as they always have, the difference is though that this pool wakes up faster than the ones before due to social media, and the Scientology business model really needs a person for 5 or more years to make the investment worth it. Below 5 years the process of expense via organizations, events and gimmicks becomes a beans-for-beans equation wherein it no longer pays.

    Thus we see an increased revenue, but coupled with a reduced pool of idiots.

    DM like Marty, like may others are fanatics, and fanatics are always trying to prove what they believe because they know the facts do not hold up – and are always incapable of scientific evaluation.

    Mike Rinder “Sounds” well rounded and speaks well, but in reality he his a child. Take a look at his actions, and especially his wife and you take away the face and look simply at his actions – not much progress beyond that of a regular 17 year old with exception to the aging of his body.

    The truth about DM is that from a psychological point of view he was an outcast as a child, physically he never stacked up and so he never really developed friendships properly. Scientolgoy gave his a way to develop relationships that were based on something tangible to him – statistics and loyalty, something he could not obtain from other children. His father gave him a warped sense of love in that love was dependent upon loyalities, beliefs and little to do with core human emotion. It is not surprising that DM grew up even despondent from his own brother and father who always had to show obedience to an idea and when DM became the idea or the master of it, they had to bend to that obligation – there was no love loss in what happened to Shelly, his father or brother because he did not love them – only what they stood for, and that could be represented in anyperson who gave him what he needed – promises of loyalty.

    This is why DM punishes those who fail not because they fail, but because they are showing him at a subconious level that they do not love him. All his wife needed to do was fail and his love was therefore destroyed (his warped sense of it anyways).

    Int base is important to him and the presence of isolation is a representation to him of his relationship with his own family – isolated wherein only those things permitted in are allowed – and those things must passLRH, thus all friends, all relationships are soley based on their obedience to LRH – thus the Int base is a representation really subconiously of DMs state of mind. Beautiful. Elegant. And closed to critic. But as at Int, and as is with DMs mind there has to be a place where he can punish those who do not love him – thus “the hole” this is the dark spot where LRH/DM gets to punish those who do not love him.

    The Int base has bars facing INWARDS purposefully but this again is subconscious…once you give allegiance to LRH/DM you give him your love and you are never allowed to break it, thus you can not leave. Those bars represent his subconious desire to hold on to people though everyone sees him firing people – but in reality he is looking for those who love him – such as TC.

    We see the long entrance, guarded and morbid much like DM imagines his mother – those allowed into her literally and those allowed into her life were all screened and had to “pass”. Int base is the womb of his mother where it was the last place he was safe – where evil people were not allowed, where people were screened., “Mommy would not allow evil to touch me”.

    DM is a dangerous man to those who are stupid enough to love and admire him, because as his parents and LRH showed him, those who love you must be pushed until they fail and when they fail, they must be hated, and from this there is no recovery, there is no redemption there is only eternal disgust for them.

    You will see this shortly displayed in the relationship with TC where the relationship breaks down as TC fails to meet up to this impossible standard that DM himself is incapable of. TC will be turned into an enemy through his failure to give all his love to DM, and at that point DM will decide TC just was never up to the task and find another or is currently grooming another.

    Deep down DM is disgusted by TC and TC’s total failure to give everything to the cause, and this will eventually surface as TC regardless of his feelings for Scientology will soon feel the distance by his children which he is genetically connected to, and he will seek someone to blame and that person will be DM because he can not blame LRH.

    DM will destroy Scientology, and in the process probably at the end kill a few people as he lies to them in some super remote location even further away than Int where he can feed them amazing stories of success so they love him, and the moment that place is penetrated by the anti-Scn movement all gloves will come off as the last place where DM feels “love” becomes threatened.

    At that stage we will all find out what DM is capable of. And judging from my first hand dealings with the man, he will leave LRH in the dust with the destruction he will level against his enemies, and it will go down in history as a Wacko “we should have seen coming”.

    His psychological profile is disturbing because the greatest motivation the man has is to find an impossible love, and when CST or that remotest of locations is invaded there will be one course of action left – pure attack. And when that happens if he has fanatics at his side and a pile of money there will be NOTHING he will not be capable of and that will include the outright slaughter of his perceived enemies.

    Unless a heart attack or cancer gets him, this is a “I told you so”. warning to those who think they can stand up to him – he will go further than you will and will break any law at that last point.

    When Int is no longer safe and he is in the final location to make his loves’ last stand, and that gets invaded and destroyed, hold onto your hats.

  11. If you understand his profile, you understand his choices.

    His executives always had to have common traits. They were usually taller, physically stronger men. This was important because with his poor stature and from his memories at childhood, he needed to show that he could control people. even his own brother was probably stoenger than him and may have made the mistake of showing his physical talents that DM was never capable of – which would result in further hate and disgust.

    His female executives will be almost always the worst selection possible because they can not ever represent anything but those that would remind him of anything else other than betrayal – as his mother betrayed him. Heartless, unloving types will be his first choice – either very young and who have never loved or those that have destroyed relationships.

    Those females in his presence that have good relaitonships with their spouses will almost always be targeted as they have something he can not ever have – a loving relationship.

    TC displays this trait perfectly, which is why DM thought that his last wife could be simply gotten rid of – yet TC at some level actually liked her more than just an object (a little).

    Marty was a tall man, a strong man who represented all the things DM had to control. It is doubtful Marty did anything but show loyalty, and the more loyalty he showed, the more DM pushed him to fail and prove that MArty didn’t really love him. Marty never saw it this way, but this is because he could not see it.

    DM is therefore the type to find out your spouse has cancer or isn’t doing well, promote you so you are closer to him, test you and your spouse and push the spouse to destruction. And if they have canc r even better, then he can really test their loyalty as they watch their other half die, and DM will see how much you love him and LRH.

    The greatest concentration of those sick will not be around DM by chance – he will seek them out.

    Debbie cook represented a real threat -s he grew into a legend and he had to show the world that she was not as good as everyone thought, and that their “love” was best palce din him, thus he got her to Int not to succeeed, but to fail, and he was hopeful her partner would fail.

    He would probably lay off critics once they lost their kids or family as in DMs mind, they have been punished.

    He pursued LRHs closest friends fr decades not because of fear of what they knew, but because they had LRHs love – something DM never had, and he hated them for that, so he wanted them eternally punished.

    If you want to destroy DM, simply launch an attack on TC about how much TC has failed Scientology. DM will start to believe it one day, and when he does, he will attack TC like everyone else. Just attack how TC has failed as senior Scientologist and honorary Sea Org member, and you will beat DM.

    JT failed because after the loss of his son, JT showed that his love was not for LRH or DM, but for his son, and when Scinetology cost him his boys life, JT effectively was no longer a person DM could love, but that was OK because he had TC who he probably dreams of being – short in stature and yet a master of others.

    DM will make very sure TC is surrounded by those who can be controlled, even at the expense of TCs career because that is not as important to DM as is his “love” /loyality to the “word”. That is paramount.

    DMs profile also alludes to the fact that in roder to be lovedhe will need to replicate LRH in actions, thus he will do expeditions, research, adventures, learn pointless skills and think he is better than he really is because this should resul in people “loving him”. Show DM what a failure he is at these other skills and you will severely hurt him because his image requires him to show that he has skill.

    Anyway, that is enough for now.

  12. I think it’s time certain people were willing to somewhat revise their opinion of Rathbun. He has been hated by so many for so long that I think some just can’t stop hating him.

    The reality is that he has been a victim of L Ron Hubbard like everyone else. However, he is clearly continuing to wake up. He doesn’t even call himself a Scientologist anymore.

    Look, someone as far in as Rathbun takes a hell of a long time to sort his shit out. Scientology is bad enough, but the long time Sea Org staff? Those guys need major psychological help.

    Rathbun is at least going through the process – what about these M2 idiots? Creating a goddamn new CoS with exactly the same tech.

    Aaron – it’s easy to dismiss Marty, but I’m sorry I just don’t buy your statement that he represents not even a minor threat to Scientology. In a sense you may be nearly right because I think he’s just bored with CofS and COB, and he’s stated Miscavige has no option but to do what he has been doing. My prediction is that within the next couple of years he will drift away from the subject completely, and good luck to him. It’s ruined the best years of his life, if I was him I would not let it define my remaining couple of decades.

    But in the past few years, he has inflicted some major wounds on the church, and provided counselling to a number of people who wanted to leave the CofS – and from what I have read a number of those have since moved on and out completely from the subject.

    The people who hate him the most however are the “loyal indies”. They can’t bear it that Rathbun “denigrates LRH”, or points the finger at KSW, or asks why the OT levels are necessary if there is such a thing as Clear. Have you read his “warrior” book? It may be something of an ego trip, but he makes it plain that Hubbard was a deeply flawed person.

    So, I don’t believe the “Marty is a scum-bag” message. It’s cognitive dissonance, it doesn’t match with what I see.

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