Yep, “What Is Wrong With Scientology?” is an ad

Read the first paragraph of this blog entry. Kudos to Marty for being honest about it.


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  1. well, we knew this.. but I still feel a bit dirty watching him… and sorry that the fleecing of the flock continues..

  2. “I am particularly interested in working with those OT VIIs (comps or people who have audited substantial hours) and OT VIIIs ”

    Yeah no shit huh ? Once you swallow the body thetan thing the money is the easy part.

    • It’s always good to focus on a niche market. Even better if your niche has consistently demonstrated that they have more money than sense.

  3. Did you ever finish your 3-parter on Admin tech? I can’t seem to find the third part…

  4. An increasing number of media outlets have been in touch with myself and others regarding the status of children in the Sea Organization and their treatment.

    I think finally the right cord is being hit with the public, as it is hard to defend the idiocy of grown adults (at least physically anyways); however children are another matter.

    One aspect that is hard to communicate and have understood by the media outlets is the amount of information and behavioral control is exerted on the children. In a modern age it is hard to stress the point that what is in the news, the papers and the internet does not exist if the person has no access to such information freely.

    Essentially, one has to communicate a Jonestown sort of scenario to the media for them to start to comprehend the situation. In almost any society the treatment of children is considered paramount and transgressions against children are often the most severely punished acts. I believe Marty’s lack of stance or understanding of what we did as Sea Org members to destroy the children is very clear evidence that most who are still in the Scientology frame of mind really do not grasp the consequences of their actions.

    Is there a single person who would allow Marty Rathbun to parent their children?

    The locking up of children and the controlling of their thoughts and actions should be at the forefront of the attack against the Sea Organization and Scientology.

    Any ex-sea Org member who can not understand the devastation we caused within the C of S need to sit down and really come to grips with what we exposed those children to, and how many of them could never recover from literally having their minds changed to a minority group that has little chance of real social integration – and the disability that we provided to them.

    What we did was horrible. How we barred parents from seeing their kids must really be viewed for what it was – barring children from seeing their parents. How we shoved Scientology down their throat should not be seen as preparing them for the new world of scientology, but really as giving them no education and scaring them into believing any other choice than Scientology or the Sea Organization was a guaranteed way to lose their family.

    When we dismissed SO members we often looked at it as a weapon to force the parents into line – what were the kids going through? Imagine being a child and seeing the consequence of your mother defying the great Ron Hubbard ideas? Imagine as a child knowing that by defying an idea, you could lose the only thing that meant much to you – your parents.

    We as with facism transplanted the inherent truth that friends and family were paramount with the idea that total submission to an idea was senior, and in doing so created children who could only treat their parents as objects. A book or their parents; and we crushed them until the book won over.

    It is no surprise ex-SO Members now feel the greatest pain of losing their children, but the real pain is when they realize that the training and brainwashing was successful on their children, and that to them, their ghost hero Ron and his teachings surpass their love for the parents – if they love them at all. Love means above anything else, and from such a young age we all taught them that this folly was for the weak.

    All Scientologists and especially the celebrities have crimes against those children by inaction and through financial support of the creation of brainwashing centers for those kids. Those slaves at Int Base that serve Tom Cruise and John Travolta were mostly children a decade ago and all senior Scientologists and celebs jolly well knew what those children were being subjected to – to now look at a young man or woman in the Sea Org and say “they have a choice” is folly, as they never knew they had a choice and to offer them one now is to condemn them to punishment and self abasement in-line with their teachings.

    Why are we not protesting outside of Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s house about the financial support they gave to an organization that knowingly destroyed the lives (and still does) of so many children? How can we not hold them as accountable as we could any group in the world that creates camps for children?

    Tom and John have their fleet of slaves – and they should be targeted ruthlessly for clearly providing the majority of the financial and public support for a religion that hides child abuse right here in America.

    It’s time to go after the real benefactors of the religion – those at the top with the greatest gain – slaves and money funneled off shore for them to collect in their private jets.

    They sicken me.

  5. In summary, the children were weaponized. We were used to control adults and our parents, to keep them in-line. The greatest weapon used against critics is their children.

    It is low, it is effective and should be the concern of government agencies to walk in there and get those children out. It should be the point to pursue government for their failure to protect society’s greatest assets – the children.

    Talk children, and lets make the world understand what the Sea Organization does to them. I was weaponized against my own family and I did the same thing to other children over and over again – many of which have never left the cult and no longer communicate with their family.

    I am reminded of Virginia Stewart in Australia who thinks rationally and clearly that her OWN FATHER is an enemy of the Church. I think of my half brothers father – Otto Roos – who is AN ENEMY of the Church and how we were all used as weapons against our own family.

    Is there any Scientologist reading this who can int heir own mind justify such horrific actions? Even DM was a child once, weaponized, and now has turned on his own family – as did LRH against his own children and wife.

    I can not think of a more sicker cult than the one that does such things to children. A child who can rattle off the Code of a Sea Org member and who yet can’t recite a list of toys, movies or games they like to play.

    Readers should feel sick in their stomach, Ex-SO Members should hang their heads in shame at what we knew we were doing, and the protest movement should go after Scientology for their real crime against society – weaponizing children for their own purpose.

  6. For the life Alexander lived, the life of those in the hole, to the children that will grow up loyal to the Masters ideas, and to the celebration of the idea the Sea Org’s desire to control society and bring about a clear planet, free of weaklings, inferior persons and those SPs that must be eliminated.

  7. Caliwog, you’ve got to do a post about the latest Marty news. Jim Logan splits from the fold, over Marty’s posts that Hubbard lied sometimes.

    It is detailed in the 3rd page of this link on ESMB:

    As we know, Steve Hall is Marty’s rather quiet partner in the Indie movement but Jim Logan has been perhaps the most visible “tech expert” and I considered him to Marty’s most annoying sidekick on the blog. It appears they are parting, all over the issue of Marty getting a tiny bit honest about Hubbard. What a laugh.

    I think if Marty is going to maintain credibility he’ll eventually have to acknowledge that most of Scientology is a crock of shit, except auditing can be fun, and then create his own synthesis of rap, Christianity and therapy and call it, Martyology.

  8. OMG. I just went for a visit to ESMB and Marty’s blog to actually read what these people talk about.

    Oh dear. Stupidity is contagious. A simple 5th grade teacher would have spend hours, days, weeks and months – if not years – with these people to get them up to a basic understanding of life, social studies, history and science.

    It was almost a paragraph-for-paragraph of sheer ignorance. And those few (and I do mean literally a few) who shed any light of reason, rationale or facts are shunned by the others.

    I guess this is what you get when you get together a whole bunch of patients in need of therapy, close the doors fire the therapist and let them figure it all out themselves.

    These goons are actually doing crazy comments like comparing the laws of attraction to electromagnetism. or perhaps showing how silly science is because the theory of Quantum Physics seems to violate the LAWS of physics…obviously it is a THEORY of Quantum Physics and not the LAWS of Quantum physics…not that anyone on that forum has an inkling about actual science.

    Oh it is painful to watch and worse still to read, I think they do research and become “Experts” in Social information, Science, religion and history by reading short blurbs from the internet rather than buy books (except for LRH’s of course which are packed with truth!).

    Honestly, it is embarrassing to just think for a moment I used to be one of those twerps, and it is so sad to think of the poor parents or children of these people – and how moronic they feel their siblings are.

    To understand Scientology you must have a fairly good educational background and a true understanding of many things – but not to be abel to comprehend Scientology, but to understand just how ludicrous it truly is. Sadly, we have ESMBers and Martyers who spend hundreds of hours writing blurbs, quoting LRH and oddly are unable to find a library containing actual knowledge.

    You can tell who the smart ones are – once they study even just a little bit they jump away from ESMB and Marty’s blogs never to return.

    Oh it was just so painful to read last night – and these are the “Einstein’s” we used to aspire to become – so very very sad.

    They truly are becoming Tone 40…. Not Know a damn thing.

    • I admit Aaron, I didn’t read Marty’s blog on Einstein. I went a little blind and stupid from reading the first year or so of Marty’s blog and that was enough. I don’t blame you for not wanting to do ESMB, but I really like the thinking of about a few dozen people there. They do read other books. ESMB is such an important feeder of news leads, and a “bridge to a little freedom,” for Marty’s crowd, as well as newly out, those still in the cult, and sometimes people who speak out for the first time, having left 20 or 30 years ago, prompted by something like the TomKat divorce.

      Even with Marty’s club, it’s not so much the ideas of Scientology, that excites them anymore, but instead, the drama around it, which is sometimes very personal if they still have friends and relatives stuck in. We’re all weak or vulnerable at times, and Marty’s people are weak from the sunk time factor, the ego investment, or so many years, and behavior devoted to upholding it and following it.

      Marty’s blog is a microcosm of the main cult, but it shows what happens when they communicate more, even if Marty does censor comments. That same type of splintering is going to happen in the mother cult too, with people like Debbie Cook leaving, because she communicated through her email, and people know that they’re there in Guadalupe. Even Debbie and Wayne didn’t disappear like I thought they might. They are showing happy photos of their life, and any cult members can see what they’re doing now that they’re out. Years ago, anyone paid to leave would be like Pat Broeker — never seen or heard from again.

  9. I got to laugh at ESMB. They are attempting to determine if a certain person is really OSA who has been on there a long time.

    The reason it is funny is because 2 years ago I had a mini-programI ran to determine who was OSA and who was not that were in contact with me. Sure enough, 3 of them were confirmed OSA – and they are still on Anon and ESMB as well respected members.

    I guess what startles me is how easy it is to confirm who is OSA and who is not – but you know those ESMBers, they can be dazzled with bullshit conversations without doing the absolutely most obvious thing to verify them.

    What really got me is that one of them is on this special site called “theta” that was set up by the people on ESMB for the “trusted” people – and even that I knew was being infiltrated at least 2 years ago by OSA.

    Anon and ESMB and that silly Theta site all have OSA Members on them and yet they are some of the most trusted people in the anti-movement.

    I guess the real question is how do you fool someone who fell for Scientology? Oh yeah, talk a lot of bullshit until the other person forgets their own name.

    • The whole OSA penetration is a freaky thing to contemplate, but I don’t think a site like ESMB is impaired too much by it. A few of those people who are assigned that infiltration task, might even get a clue, like Tory did.

      OSA’s capability to make significant advantage playing secret agent pales compared to growing numbers of people within the cult, who for the first time, are able to communicate to outsiders before they leave. They may stay in, because they have family or a business or whatever, but they are taking note of what is going on and relaying it to the outside, whether to Marty, a journalist or to someone else.

      If OSA were to penetrate ESMB, their mission would be to create as many frivolous threads as possible, and derail the threads that would be the most meaningful to people contemplating leaving CoS.

      The worst thing OSA can do, is stuff like they did to you. As you were trying to start an online business, they attempt to ruin it, and ruin you. I hope there comes a day when they have to compensate you financially for that, as well as for having stolen a chunk of your life.

      When JB blew and they had the recovery team and road blocks down at Marty’s, I first thought this would be a perfect way to install a plant. But JB’s whole story, it just sounds too real, and JB didn’t really become part of Marty’s fold anyway. The cult is full of foot bullets, like hiring that camera guy to film Marty, bringing an outsider that deep into the nutty world of the cult and their “operations.” And hiring a dullard like “Louanne” to copy and paste — their little Pouw about the net.

      I see a confluence of very negative events for the CoS, combined with a critical mass of credible and informed ex-members like yourself, Astra Woodcraft, and many others. Your lives did have meaning, and part of that meaning is your experience, and your voice now. Try to enjoy the feeling as more of the world becomes aware, as the truth comes out faster than ever. At this time, the unvarnished truth is more powerful than their billions, buildings, and Hubbard-driven antics.

  10. A major thanks ought to go out to all the critics.

    The film, “the Master” probably would not have been considered fro production unless first of all, the media was allowed to humiliate Scientology. With what happened in ANZO, and the ability for people to start quoting what Scientology was really about, critiquing Scientology could not have really happened.

    And now the film about LRH is about to be released, and the effects of this film will be D-E-V-A-S-T-A-T-I-N-G to Scientology.

    Wait for it…

    This is the Nagasaki of Scientology.

    Pre-2009 no film director, no media outlet would have mocked Scientology like they do today. Congrats to all critics, with viewpoints divided, the result is the same.

  11. One thing that has to be made very clear is why OSA infiltrate ESMB or Marty’s group int he first place.

    OSA needs employees.

    The definition of a Dead Agent as given in the OSA Refs written by Ron clearly allude that a “Dead agent” is working for a group or person without even knowing it – often they think they are working against the group they are actually working for. In other words, they are a tool.

    People with destroyed lives, separated families and empty bank accounts who still stand their and praise the validity or truth of Scientology or the Sea Org are ultimate examples of the best Dead agents working for the church.

    These references were studied by me in great detail before my Mission to the Ship where I met Marty and Greg Wilhere – who was sec checking him until he had a funny look on his face.

    The critic of the SO who then still praises Scientology is a Dead Agent – working for OSA. It can only have one result – that person praising Scientology and either introducing him to a squirrel group or eventually falling into the hands of Scientology itself – either way it results in a book sale, a positive approach to Scientology or an e-meter sale.

    Marty has not damaged Scientology. He has helped it. He has taken out their trash, isolated the weak members and placed them in one location where they can be identified and destroyed. People who go to Marty are disaffected anyways, the only thing that can happen is that they leave Scientology for good (which is the route they were on) or they get pulled back into thinking Scientology is OK. Either way the Church wins and has work done for them.

    Now, on ESMB you can see a lot of “enemies of the Sea Org” who now are certain Scientology is workable and should be done – these are the Dead agents.

    Scientology does not work. Scientology does not do anything it claims to. this is a fact that is irreputable…therefore all those that are for it are only assisting the Church.

    No one could destory Scientology who believes in it – and we have seen with critics like Marty and others in ANZO fall short of their ability to destroy Scientology because deep down they can not. Thus they have been effectively twisted to fall short.

    I came under enormous flak in Australia when many oft he ANZO 7 were still deep into Scientology beliefs – and they did all they could to stop me – even worked for Marty on the sly and reported my every move to him, and even assisted the police in ensuring I got my Restraining Orders. All because I opposed Scientology.

    Some of them are coming around now, but until they completely do, they are still working for OSA. Just as effective and just as dangerous.

    Marty is very familiar with Dead Agents and despite being one himself unknowingly, still creates others who are anti SO but not anti-Scn to do his dirty work of finding and recruiting followers.

    They are crawling all over ESMB “Don’t hate the tech, just hate the organization” is there common pitch. “It’s misapplication, not the tech” is the other one. Their excuse given by true critics is “Oh come on, they haven’t woken fully up yet” which is a bunch of bullshit – people do not slowly wake up to the BS in Scientology, they either get it or they don’t. If they are 50/50 on it then they really are telling you that they want to believe it and are finding it hard to stop – all are symptoms of the SAME THING, they have NOT WOKEN UP as they have not been educated into what was really going on.

    The purpose of the techies on ESMB is slowly turn these people around and show them that there was good in Scientology and that it’s application can result in a benefit. This is totally false, and anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

    And sure, people need time to wake up – but do they really? You can either evaluate Scientology and see it, or not. I did not wake up to it. I discovered a core piece of evidence which in one second turned doubt into rock hard certainty. And while I was going through that phase I never asserted by beliefs because I new they were in question. Once I was done evaluating, then I came out firing.

    A guy who came up with a food replicator I understand is now a moderator on ESMB, a true techie…oh for gods sake are we serious here? OR at least he was being seriously considered, why he is allowed on ESMB at all is the real question.

    ESMB is a playground for techies to get new members.

  12. OMG. I just read the letter David Miscaviage bantered out to his attorney to Vanity Fair.

    Never have I seen such an example of small man syndrome in full swing. We had a term for this in the Sea Org “Raging Serv Fac”. And DM is a shining example of it.

    Trust me on this. I met David several times. You can tell it’s him by the glittering gold at eye level before your eyes ponder beyond a full foot of Max Headroom hair gel to reveal a raging Psycho.

    And there he is – a lunatic. Short. Aggressive not unlike a rabid pomeranian dog. And no matter how much wheat grass he demanded the little kids he had running around for him go get him – he didn’t grow an inch.

    God, I must make an effort to see all these open Churches he rants about – I hope it is not as dismal as the closed churches I saw in Washington D.C. and the boring one in Cincinnati church that had ZERO body traffic.

    Oh yeah, and wait for it…SUPERPOWER!!!!! Ah!!! SPs go hide!!!! That ones been on the cards for almost as long as DM has been alive.

    DM, you are SUCH A DICKHEAD of such biblical proportions, oh your father is so sorry he sired you.

    I’ll never forget you at the FLB ordering us all to stop smoking, and went on a torrent in the Flag Auditorium about mental ability and being Tone 40 – You hypocrite smokes 3 packs a day…sounds like a Beastie Boy song, but I wouldn’t them to sue me for mentioning their good lyric and your name int he same sentence.

    OH SCIENTOLOGY, you are the laughing stock today, and DM as the one ultimately responsibie for the PR of Scientology, it is clear you have TOTALLY FAILED, perhaps you should M9 and clear up your MUs on “The responsibilities of Leaders” as you have SO FAILED.

    FLUNK DM! Very well done DM, for absolutely being the worst leader to ever have held the reins of Scientology – someone needs to go get you a stool so you can see where you’re heading.

    Oh yeah and Vanity Fair got you’re memo WILCO.

  13. We should declare KAtie Holmes – as DM can’t do it because he is too scared to see the results in hollywood – though this is a direct violation of HCO PL’s on the matter.

    We should all chip in an add to the below declare order and have it issued on the internet. Katie Holmes must pay for her crimes…her HIGH CRIMES against Scientology and Tom Cruise for what she did.

    S E A O R G A N I Z A T I O N

    Limited Memo
    To: All Int Staff
    Katie Holmes
    Tom Cruise
    Onion staff


    Katie Holmes is hereby declared a suppressive person in accordance with HCO PL 9 September 1983 WRITING A DECLARE ORDER.

    Katie Holmes was found to have committed HIGH CRIMES in violation of Church policy. As per HCO PL SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, “Suppressive acts are defined
    as actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce or impede Scientology or Scientologists. These consist of publicly departing Scientology or
    committing suppressive acts.” – LRH

    Katie Holmes suppressive acts include:

    “… publicly departing Scientology…”

    Katie Holmes has departed Scientology despite being given the chance of true salvation, and has denied herself the only route to Total Spiritual Freedom. Katie not only left the Church of Scientology publicly, but also entered into another Church proving her disagreements with the basic tenants of Scientology.

    “…Blackmail of Scientologists or Scientology organizations threatened

    or accomplished-in which case the crime being used for blackmail

    purposes becomes fully outside the reach of Ethics and is absolved by

    the fact of blackmail unless repeated…” – LRH

    Katie Holmes threatened to cooperate with staff of Vanity Fair and disclose matters confidential to the Church unless the Church instructed Tom Cruise to agree to divorce proceedings. She also threatened to disclose her feelings of failure with Scientology resulting from her own out-ethics situation.

    “…Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing
    with Scientology organizations…” – LRH

    Katie Holmes disavowal of Sea Org staff and the personal staff of Tom Cruise placed by the Sea Organization to monitor Katie Holmes as she went through an ethics cycle is a HIGH CRIME. Katie’s refusal to now associate with previously known Scientologists or Sea Org Members is per LRH a HIGH CRIME.

    “…Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to
    Committees of Evidence duly convened….”

    Katie Holmes per her own admission made statements to media, family and to Tom Cruise that indicated her lack of support and outright disagreement with Scientology principles and teachings, and by doing so has attempted to deny others – including her own children – the Road to Total Freedom.

    “…Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to
    civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists
    from practicing or receiving standard Scientology…”

    Katie Holmes through litigation & civil courts ordered & won the right that her children may not receive any teachings of Scientology or Dianetics until the age of 18. Katie has attempted and succeeded in suppressing the delivery of Scientology.

    “…Bringing civil suit against any Scientology organization or Scientologist,
    …, without first calling the matter to the attention of the International Justice Chief
    and receiving a reply….” – LRH

    Katie Holmes instigated legal action against Tom Cruise, a Scientologist and Freedom Medal Award winner in excellent standing with the Church without first contacting the IJC, thus knowingly and willingly circumventing Church procedure for remedy and restitution.

    “…Writing anti-Scientology letters to the press or giving anti-Scientology
    or anti-Scientologist data to the press…” – LRH

    Katie Holmes has given statements to the media that are unsupportive of Scientology and are thus anti-Scientology.

    Katie Holmes may not talk or communicate with any Scientologist in good standing with the church of Scientology. Her only line of communication per LRH policy is the IJC. It is hoped she avails herself of her only recourse through the A-E steps as per HCO PL SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS.

  14. I think that the unfortunate fact is that Marty doesn’t know any other way of making a living. He also believes in his own power over others because he was one of Miscavige’s right-hand-men in abusing others.

    So I guess he wants to now show that he can redeem his own participation in the oppression of others by taking the best of the corrupt system and getting paid to administer it himself, without the crazy middle-man Miscavige.

    Obviously, no one has to relinquish whatever growth they experienced in Scientology once they leave. All they need to do is to continue to build on their strengths in freedom.

    I think it’s not just the trauma of the many losses that come from escaping from Scientology that causes Marty and others who were deeply complicit in perpetrating abuse that keeps them clinging to the ideology. Anyone would want to find some good in themselves even in the face of appreciating their own past misdeeds.

    But there is a deep sense of betrayal and needing someone to blame. So Miscavige is such an obvious whipping boy (after all, that’s all he has to give himself: fear and punishment). And since Old Father Hubbard was the guy who made the koolaid so tasty and attractive, there’s a persistent addiction to the highs the indies got during their early experiences.

    I guess the independent Scientologists (a true contradiction in terms) still need the sense of belonging, of working through a structured hierarchy that guarantees spiritual evolution and the status that they once had within the group. It was a security-blanket extraordinaire to be deeply entrenched in that business.

    That status must be especially hard for Marty to relinquish. If everyone now turns to him as their father confessor, then he doesn’t have to learn new skills, doesn’t have to compete in the non-Scientology controlled workplace and doesn’t even have to learn to speak standard English again!

    He may also suffer from the taint of not wanting to be around anyone who isn’t a Scientologist, a phenomenon I’ve read other long-term former Scientologists express in their own postings online.

    Basically these are slaves who escaped and now want to run their own plantation. They liked the big, gracious house, the well-kept estate and all of the status that goes with being even higher (move on up a little higher) in the pecking order. The sacrifice of leaving, harassment, persecution is all worth it if you can have the freedom to run the show.

    I’d have less concern about Marty and the other so-called independents if they could admit the criminality, cruelty, moral failure, greed and contempt for human life that Hubbard himself showed. But I guess it’s pretty tough to use rotten wood as the main structural element in your new building.

    Too bad they can’t see that the gains they made are indelibly their own and are actually truly independent of Hubbard already. He never did give them anything at all – they gave it and give it to themselves, as we all do.

    If they want to feel grateful to the corrupt “Master” (who couldn’t master anything other than manipulating others), go ahead. But is it really necessary to keep eating the same junk food when you finally have gotten yourself to a place where you can eat nutritious food for the same money?

  15. Your comment above gave me ponderance into the mechanisms of how some can leave Scientology.

    Title: Why they prevent themselves from leaving.

    Within Scientology there is a fundamental mechanism used to determine if one should stay or go. It is know as the Doubt Formula and there is little “doubt” Scientology readers are thoroughly familiar to it – but to those who are not, essentially it is a process where one must take statistics that make up “life” and compare them to other groups to decide if one group is better than another.

    To anyone on the outside of Scientology this would seem to be an easy enough step, but when one is within Scientology it is another matter, as the statistics are not available.

    A staff member at an organization in New York can not call management and even ask or see the statistics of Scientology. No Scientologist has access to statistics on Scientology other than the current ones they are given.

    If you were to determine if the Sea Org is doing a good job or not, one would have to take say the last 20 years statistics and actually see them to know if Scientology is expanding.

    A huge evolution was done in 1995 to compare the last 20 years of statistics at Management and what it revealed was that all statistics were sliding.

    Well Done Auditing Hours.
    Student Points
    Number of course completions
    Number of Auditors made.
    Gross Income
    Book Sales

    What was found was that Book Sales and Gross Income were the only ones that were rising – and that was because the charges had been raised – individual book sales and individual course and auditing hours purchased wee actually less.

    All other statistics were less. It is sort of like Hollywood who now use “Revenue” from films to tell you it is a blockbuster – if you go by actual ticket sales – which you should, nothing beats Gone with the Wind – it is not Titanic at all.

    As a result to manipulate stats, auditing hours started including things that previously were no auditing hours – even Narconon actions etc were starting to be counted. Student Points scoring system was changed, course completions were fixed by making hundreds of “min” courses and adding things that previously were never counted – like staff actions. etc. etc.

    When these celebrities stand there straight faced and defend Scientology – like Jenna Elfman – who by the way was terrified of being in the Sea Org when she was approached, what stats are they comparing?

    Let’s take a look at DMs stance on the Church and it’s high moral behavor.

    Lets get the names of the current Sea Org Members and ALL who have been in the Sea Org within the last 10 years. How many marriages have there been and divorces?

    How many children born who do not live with BOTH parents?

    How many who no longer see their family outside of Scientology more than once a month?

    These celebrities are shown odd statistics that mean nothing. And this is what they compare Scientolgoy’s “success” to – nothing.

    If you are a Scientologist and wondering if the Sea Org is doing it’s job, then you will have to do basic math.

    The world is growing. Rapidly. But is Scientology? If there were 5000 members in 1990, and it is now 2012, then in 22 years if it is still at 5000, then it has not grown.

    If you took 1000 WDAHs in 1995 and look at what auditing is delivered today, then it is a sham.

    How can a NY staff member or an LA staff member compare anything is they are NOT ALLOWED to know the statistics of the other orgs? Go on, have a staff member at LA Foundation call Auckland Org in New Zealand and ask – they won’t tell them.

    I would really like to see a push by a major Newspaper list the top 50 Sea Org members in the last 25 years and the top Scientologists – not celebs – and LOOK into their personal lives to see the damage done. And show that to the public.

    If we do so, people will see there is no point. And the odd thing is that many of the indis have absolutely shattered lives and blame DM?? Really? DM had absolutely nothing to do with the damage in my life, Virginia Stewarts life, Karen’s or Marty’s – Marty’s happened all before DM – just ask Marty for his life history.

    A short book on the lives of the top Scientologists would reveal devastation.

    Probably the Sea Org members who are reading this very blog have not even seen their families in years or have such poor relations it is best summed up as “Fair Weather Good Roads” and this somehow passes as acceptable – they would call this a “normal” when in fact is treason to their own family.

    Anyways, I am off to go see another empty Church full of people pounding the phones selling books to members who already have 38 sets of the same thing.

    It must be fun in RTC – you get to re-write the books and HCO PLs every few years to resell, by goodness, all that man power and they would have you believe that after 20 re-issues there is still stuff missing – doesn’t say much about their organizational skills, does it?

  16. I know who the parents of one of Tom & Nicole’s adopted Kids were – and which Scientologists they were. Let’s see if the Church of Scientology can convince Tom that it is better to start talking about it now before the media gets a hold of it.

    How much time should I give them before spilling it?

    • It depends on the story I guess. If you’re saying that they were ordered to give their child to Tom Cruise for example, then it would be a gigantic story, if it could be proven.

  17. /Users/MariaArmada/Desktop/movies.jpg

  18. May I suggest you go whole track on their asses and spill it yesterday.

    Nice to see ya Aaron…Hope life is beautiful my friend.

  19. My heart goes to certain people in the Sea Org right now who are scared, and are afraid to leave. Sometimes we can forget that for any civilian with an internet connection, that the truth is only a click away, and an easy way to be become more informed – even if they were looking for answers to their mortality, they at least could find what was not the right path.

    There are those Sea Org Members who do want something different, and to them it is not a matter of leaving, it is a matter of conflicting ideas that lead to a feeling of fear and withdrawal.

    Who wouldn’t give up their lives if they were informed that a certain piece of technology or medicine would cure all cancer in the world, and prevent it from ever happening again? Unless you are a rich republician, you probably would see your sacrafice of life as a reasonable payment for the eternity and good life of billions.

    Many in the Sea Org are there for that reason. They believe their actions will result in a utopia for all others – and they are very unselfish. We often confuse these people for RTC types and OSA staff who know the difference but ignore it.

    Please keep in mind when we go after these people we are going behind a very real wall. We need to show them what is on the otherside, and it has little do with LRH.

    While in the Sea Org I was often asked to fix people’s doubt conditions – those who wanted to leave and one thing that was important was to always hide the statistics. I compiled Worldwide stats for years as part of my job, so I knew we were not winning, and simple math showed me that we were so far off, we were shrinking – even if expanding – compared to population growth. Still I fought on for my “Germania” which would somehow fix it all.

    Not all Sea Org Members are evil prats and it would pay to remember that when we protest – who are we trying to reach, and what is the message for those people?

    I believe it is probable that Tom Cruise’s child is that of a lady in Florida. While in CMO CW we had cadets become Messengers. They were young – around 13-15.

    While in CMO CW in Early 1992 I also brought into CMO CW two young fellows as part of a “coin swap ” (Personnel swap) from Flag Land Base, they were two 16 & 18 year old brothers. Marco and Ricardo.

    They were placed into the CMO EPF along with a girl from the cadet org called Sarah/Sara. She was 13-15.

    During her time int he CMO EPF, the two boys raped her in CMO Quarters (D/CO CMO’s room – Riki ) in the Hacienda Gardens while doing “M.E.S.T.” work. I discovered this a few days later when her indicators were way off.

    The Two boys were sent back to FSO and instantly sent on planes out of the country – back to Mexico/Sth America where they came from.

    Sara however was a different story – both her parents were senior Sea Org Members of Flag (techies) and so her route was different. Normally when there were abortions I would have to approve the purchase of the procedure as part of Financial Planning, but something went very wrong with Sara’s case.

    I was cut out of it after I put her through ethics and back into the cadet org. The parents did not want their child to get an abortion. this was around Feb-April 1992. The two Sea Org members were very senior, and during a trip of the Int Execs around that time (could have been just prior to the LRH Event on March 13th), special interest was taken over the situation.

    It presented legal issues as we could not have police reports filed as it was bad PR, and it would mean a statutory rape on the grounds. It would have also exposed under age recruitment also.

    The doctor in Tampa was not contacted by CMO CW…I left CW shortly thereafter and went to L.A.. While up there cleaning up issues I left behind in CMO CW I did a search and found zero information on Sara or the abortion that should have happened.

    It struck me years later there is a darn good chance the kid Sara was sent to Miami to have the child, and arrangements made for adoption by a Scientologist. It was only after I saw Tom’s girl grow up that it struck me the darn close similarities of the mother possible (Sara).

    It deserves to be investigated – and more so because the FBI have taken little if no interest in the Stat Rape Case and pretty much refuse to act against the Church.

    I say this in ernest that I feel it is very likely Sara’s kid – the looks are too close, the timeline in near perfect. I hope someone can compile lists of the Cadets at FSO 1991-1993 so we can find Sara and also a staff list of FSO so we can get the parents and look into this.

    If Sara is out there, please reach out and talk about it. You should not have been punished for what happened, and I am sorry.

    Tom DeVocht would know of this situation, but he isn’t talking, and I think he should.

    • Couldn’t agree more with regard to the intentions of the overwhelming majority of SOMs.

      The story you are telling leaves me catching my breath through a widely gaping jaw since minutes…………………………


  20. It’s all true, there is no simpler way to speak of what happened. I also signed over written worn statements to law enforcement and it forms part of a signed affidavit – and here it’s a serious offense to make something like this up.

    It’s time for someone else in the media to start the process of investigating the facts of the case in detail and start digging up names. Regardless of whether it is Tom Cruise’s child (and I think it likely IS), there is a statutory rape case and cover up by the C of S Florida that needs to go to court.

    There are other individual situations which also need their own investigation, but this one is when looked at from all angles, quite serious and it is not out of time limit and it can be prosecuted.

  21. Pretty funny the only completions of the Superpower rundown that I know of – Jenztch (1994) and the Feshbach’s are doing shitty.

    What a telling tale.

    You know, I feel Heber right now, in this room watching me with his super powers.

    I hear they will be showing the roadrunner cartoons on the screens and one of the perceptions will be to predict the single and only episode where the coyote catches the roadrunner.

    I violated the EP and have actually seen this episode, so I can never do the superpower rundown. I am so disappointed, my bridge to total delusion has been taken away from me by Warner Bros.

  22. And on a funnier note, I hear the Margin Calls on CST and the other legal entities that took all the IAS, SO Reserves and donations that got screwed in 2008 financial crash resulting in a massive donor drive to make up for the lost money, has failed AGAIN.

    Apparently they doubled down…and lost.

    You should see huge donor drives, screams for more book sales and more fleecing of the public as the Church makes up for the 100’s of millions squandered, as they flex their muscles showing how financially inept they truly are.

    And for that, we thank you! Go Feshbach Investments!!!!!

    The church won’t release their financial statement as it is a huge joke.

  23. Dedicated Scientologist & proactive Narconoon Advocate, Johnny Lewis found dead from suicide after killing his landlord.

    Drugs were found in his bloodstream.

    We would like to thank the Church of Scientology and Johnny’s dedicated Scientology parents for ignoring his real mental issues and telling him he was out-ethics and that was his true problem.

    Not unlike as with Alexander Jentzch, Jet Travola and a huge growing number of victims, the Church wishes to express these tragedies could have been avoided if they had just given them all their money and advanced up to OT XII.

    The Church of Scientology has also announced that after OT XV, they will eventually release an advanced course on parenting and how to be an adult.

    Tom Cruise was asked to comment about the fact this Purification Rundown completion had drugs in his system, and when confronted with the Question as to what Vitamin E was, he replied with “The one before Vitamin F, idiot” proving once again that even though they force patients to take deadly amounts of niacin, forcing organ malfunction resulting in incorrect metabolism of drugs, that failure to know anything factual is no excuse for not thrusting proven ill-treatment down people’s throats.

  24. Scientology – happy to have used Johnny Lewis’s name to make loads of money – will now spend more money to deny that Johnny ever existed than it would cost to issue a statement that they are sorry about the poor boy’s life.

    Yes, at the speed of light Scientology jumped onto web sites to remove any history of the existence of this fellow in Scientology. Can you imagine how many thousands of times this has happened in the history of the Church? Indelible.

    Most churches – even the questionable one would issue a statement, telling people (whether true or false) that they were saddened by the news.

    But not Scientology, which treats people as either assets or liabilities – has tossed his carcass out of their religion and will now tell you he wasn’t really a practicing Scientologist – but he was.

    Even worse, they will now re-do the training films in which he appeared so that this guy “never existed”.

    I do not know what is more shameful, the church or his sister and parents who will condone this horrid behavior and allow it to happen – all in the name of protecting their church.

    The irony being is that all we see is how inhumane the C of S actually is.

    If Scientology’s goal is a planet like the one Scientologists have, and we calculate the few Scientologists out there either as independents or within the true Church of Scientology Cult and take into account the number of suicides, disconnected families, extortions, abortions, heavy ethics, black smear campaigns and fleecing of money, kids without real parents, kids who die from being DENIED proper treatment, the number of divorces…wow, imagine that on a scale of a membership of not 25,000, but 7,000,000,000 and we do not have a sane world.

    We have true anarchy and unhappiness. Total anarchy.

    Is this what they want? Marty will tell you it can be different, but look within his own family, look within the families of those closest to Marty and you will see it is exactly the same. They scream it will always be different, but it never is. There is so much happiness in this world, and Marty and C of S will simply tell you YOU ARE MISERABLE, you are NOT CAPABLE, you are RUINED, but the reality is that you are not – and you are far better off never touching this true cult.

    If you let your kids in, don’t expect to see them again, and if you do, they will never, never be the same, and that family bond you worked 18 years of your life to nurture will be destroyed, and never to return.

    Just look at Johnny’s parents – they will lie and tell you that he was never offered help from Psychs – but he was, they will tell you he was “beyond help” but he wasn’t.

    Tommy – Ann Archer’s son told us Marty (Scientologist who went to create an independent movement) was evil, Mike was evil (previous spokesperson and legal in-chareg for the Church) and that us critics were all EVIL and we proved this by being “thrown out of Scientology” when in reality we ran and Scientology begged us and our check books to stay.

    Now Tommy has left – how long before we hear the stories of how Tommy was “evil” and an “SP”. Can a Scientologist ever just wake up and see what is happening? Even Martys camp weeds out those with free thinking minds and removes them from their membership if they display the ability to think – it is not just the Church of Scientology – it is every single Scientologist that does this to his own friends and family, work fellows that are unlucky enough to be stuck with them.

    God, should any Scientologist be allowed to have children? Jet Travolta would be under correct medication and care in a normal family. Johnny would have received concelling and medical treatment, Alexander Jentzch would be doing just fine as a regular kid interacting with other normal people…the list just will not stop growing – it is hundreds if not thousands – from such a small group.

    Good on you Katie Holmes and your father for seeing what was on the horizon. You saved yourselves a true nightmare.

    As to the Church of Scientology and the Sea Org Members reading this blog entry – how the hell you can continue to support such a rotten way of life has only been seen in Europe over 50 years ago.

    No one will ever let you as a group grow powerful – you’re just too dangerous and ill-willed.

    Try being human before being OT.

    And in case i have not said it enough, the sister of Johnny Lewis and his parents MAKE ME SICK and EVERY OTHER DECENT PARENT out there. You’re not family – your just some people with labels on your chests that you remove as needed, when it suits.

  25. Who are the OSA agents on ESMB. Please name the names rather than just stating it as fact without any dox.

  26. I find such a request pretty interesting.

    You want me to name them as if they are somehow a complete mystery to the staff that run ESMB.

    Exactly how closed minded and ignorant can you, and the others on ESMB be? I think sometimes all it would take for me to beyond suspicion is to tell you I would suck LRHs dick for three lifetimes and you would believe I must be pro-LRH.

    Anyone with half a brain who wanted to operate a REAL site that properly critiqued LRH, Scientology, Scientologists or the Sea Organization would make it a compulsory action for an least some form of attestation that the person does not have an association with the C of S. Provision of a photo I.D. from a verified IP Address.

    Does that sound crazy to you? If it does it is probably because of the incident with CAN, but whoever said the documents would have to be kept in America after they were verified?

    There is time to do such things – it is not like ESMB has so many members signing up everyday that this would be such a big operation.

    It was rather easy to spot the Anons in Sydney that were working for the C of S, you see, they could not quite get their story straight when popped questions after a few beers and a month after I wrote down all their answers to certain questions. Funny how a beer can take 3 years off an incident and even change a persons name.

    I was tagged several times in Australia prior to 2009, during 2009 and in 2010 and I always knew who they were.

    Doxs…that is so fucking ridiculous I find it amazing you ask – what the fuck is the value of a doc to you when you need it to find out the guy next to you have been shoving his dick up your arse for 2 years and you need someone to give you a doc to prove it?

    If I give you a doc and then another one stating the first doc is false, which one do you believe? Perhaps the real problem here is that you can’t see the most fucking obvious things right in front of you.

    I will send you a doc at 6am to show proof that the sun has risen.

    Wake up and learn how to spot an investigator and a fraud – this will mean unlearning what you think you know, so I know that will be a tough pill for you to swallow, thus the emptiness of providing you a doc is revealed, and why if I did, they would send up another one to screw you for several years and you would again need another doc.

    Run the ESMB site with some professionalism aimed at the sites integrity rather than the administrators deciding what is acceptable comments on it…their job is to maintain a site with integrity and they are allowing the Sea Org to fuck it all up because they somehow think that a plant will tell them they are a plant or someone will come into some “secret document” that reveals who and what they are.

    My goodness, I am reminded in 2009 when I met Shane McSweeney and he was so concerned about going against the Church because he had so many Scientology employees…jesus christ the Church already fucking knew that and were making sure he was being watched from within his own damn company.

    I will provide no docs, I do not need to – you guys over there need to become professionals – you’re throwing out decent people who have value in their comments – and sometimes not – and allowing some of the largest morons to keep going at it with their Scientology pro-active bullshit.

    ESMB is not for the defense of Scientology, nor is it there to weigh up the pros and cons – because if that is what it is there for, it means the guys running it still think Scientology somehow works or others should be allowed to make up their mind.

    Really? They can go to the C of S site for bullshit. Keep ESMB real rather than running a 13,000 page on success stories of Scientology and indi wins.

    For Gods sake.

    There are certain things that OSA Operators can not do

  27. I will say this… there is a major operator that is all many people’s facebook, all over Anon and ESMB and he 100% works for the Church.

    Problem is, most of you guys love him so much you would find it impossible to believe. You just would not believe it.

    But it is a fact. And he knows that I know he does. But it is not my job to go destroying the only livelihood he has getting paid by the C of S to report people friends, relatives and family connections.

    He has even managed to get some people’s addresses too – by simply asking for it.

    He has already been suspected – but I figured him out quite some time ago and I have been watching his posts – and despite the red flags, he is welcomed like a vampire with an invitation.

    At one point I was suspected of working for OSA, which is so ridiculous given my public outcry against the Church and the destruction I wrecked on them in NZ, Australia and the US that it should ASTOUND people to even think such a thing.

    Now this fellow who does work for C of S does a lot of yelling, he does a lot of talking, and there is an appearance of him doing a lot of doing. But take a REAL LOOK at his stories about his past and present, and take a look at WHAT HAS HE ACTUALLY D-O-N-E, and it will become clear as crystal.

    The funny thing is, he gets a warm welcome on WWP, luke warm on ESMB, Protest Events and oddly, I think if I turned up at one event, or tried to post on ESMB or WWP, I would get the boot. I never did anything to make anyone like me – just told it the way it is if you read every post I did – and I am somehow less valuable than a factual OSA Op.

    I will never reveal his name. If you guys can’t spot him than god help you.

    I am reminded (not that Carmel works for C of S), but there seemed to be a shock in ANZO when it was found Carmel really wasn’t too anti-Scn in 2009 and just anti-establishment…now that may have changed – I have not kept up with her posts, but what the hell is a person doing fighting Scientology when in their book collection to front and center series of Books is the OEC Vols complete with Scn Lion Heads???? Or the neighbor with WALL TO WALL tapes of LRH? And at the time when I pointed this out, there was a “shock” and yet so many had been to her house – were they not l-o-o-k-i-n-g? My goodness, burn the damn things, why on EARTH, what RATIONALE could there EVER BE for keeping these after you go public unless you’re really just anti-SO and not Anti-Scn.

    Real critics state what they are against and stick to it. They don’t flip flop.

    And the guy I am talking about..well, you’ve probably had emails with the guy, he has even commented on other blogs, go figure it out.

  28. Gee, I thought the reason you had a hard-on about ESMB was because they took up a collection for donations to help you pay your legal costs — and instead you took the money and ran.

  29. Let me give you one final example.

    While I was in Security in AOSH ANZO in 1990, two WELL KNOWN, OT Scientologists…members of the Ot Committee were declared suppressive.

    They were declared so they could enter into a splinter group.

    Their best friends did not know about the Covert Op and they willingly disconnected from every Scientologist to keep the cover real. Even their neighbors were senior Scientologists in Sydney and didn’t have a clue.

    The SP Orders were placed up everywhere, and everyone disconnected from them.

    They completed their assignment and pretended to do A-E Steps – and I still think to this day, most of the Scios that now know them still do not know about that operation.

    So you think being declared means your ex-Scientology? I guarantee you it does not.

    In fact, it is a guarantee that some of the people in the last 5 years who were declared suppressive are actually working for the Church, right now, and again, you just would not believe it.

    Yet right there in ANZO, it happened – and no one knew – not even their friends who they were disconnected from for 2 years, so I ask you, rethink how you’re going to deal with the infiltration.

  30. LOL! Instead of answering my question you go off on a tinfoilly screed. Aaron dox or STFU!

  31. Twice Aaron got money from fundraising in WWP & ESMB and twice he took off with it. He talks a lot but mostly he lies. Why do you think he’s not welcome anywhere anymore?

  32. No Docs. Period. I have not contributed to the anti-Scn/SO cause since May 2010 and I am not about to now. Any info on plants was gleaned for my protection and that of my family – not yours or any other person or group. Do you’re own dirty work.

    I just rattle off comments here and there on this blog site, provide contacts for media when they contact me as to who might help them with a story or a lead and that is it.

    I don’t lie. Sorry. Read my posts and you will see the people and incidents I was talking about since the early 2000’s have all panned out to be 100% true and correct. Remember when I spoke about INCOMM a L-O-N-G time ago – people called me crazy – now it is a”commonly known” incident.

    What you are referring to as lying is the specific debacle that occurred with the large fund drive in Sydney, Australia. I did not start that fund raising drive, but I certainly lost my way with it once I received it. An unforgivable occurrence, and to be written off for that it totally acceptable.

    But don’t get the idea if used exactly as stipulated by the donors that I would not have left Australia in April 2010 – the C of S had some surprises coming down the pipeline and I had no intention of sticking around for a jail term.

    And the support network was just not there to handle what was coming. I live in peace now, and it is absolutely lovely. So thank you for all helping me to accomplish that. Sorry it cost the both of us a lot in many ways.

  33. A silly comment. It must have taken an awful lot of brain power to read all the previous comments and come up with that one. You must be schooled in Scientology, you appear to have the wit of one.

  34. Appears mental is and oldie but goodie from Scn criticdom. It goes way back to when and FBI agent read a letter that the Hubtoad wrote and commented on Hubbard’s crazy screed. “Appears mental”. Your crazy screeds reminded me of someone just as crazy as Hubbard.

  35. Patty,

    The clear difference between myself and Hubbard is that he made up enemies and scenarios that do not exist and could be proven to not exist. This is but one of a thousand – and needless to say I doubt you have actually read anything from Hubbard as nutty as what I have read, and we are nothing alike. You have absolutely no knowledge of the situation that unfolded in Australia, or the situations I referred to in Los Angeles or Florida and thus it is impossible for you to determine whether or not it is crazy. And if you do have knowledge or tad bits of information, I doubt it is as well informed or precise as mine as I was actually there; and you were not.

    Hearing something that doesn’t ring true or sound accurate does not make the source of the information incorrect, but what it does require is for you to know whether or not the information is correct before making a determination.

    And that you have not done – and to me it makes no difference, but if you are going to comment on whether those involved in Scientology operations are crazy simply because you find it unreal, then your predetermined mind set is going to prevent you from understanding the situations that occurred within Scientology Management. Why this even interests you to jump on the thread in the first place is something I would really like to know – and what your interest actually is.

    If it is the style of my writing that you find nutty, I would say that is a fair call – I have not been one to sit down and particularly over-contemplate a comment and literally take thoughts as they come out and splash them down – I am not writing a paper or document for a case, or doing these blog comments for anything else other than mild amusement. And you have not seen formed documents or explanations from myself in these situations where communication on a legal level for judgement is required.

    The particular situations and the particulars of in the past that I have referred to within this thread are very real. The fact that you refer to them as crazy – or the author as such when these situations have been known about for quite some time by a larger number of people other than myself shows a lack of research on your part.

    Be better informed. Or ask a question and gain some insight.

  36. Actually I have quite a bit of knowledge of the Aussie situation as I am good friends with many of the Aussies that played a roll in the Inquiry and the ones that have been instrumental in clearing Australia of the cult. My understanding is that your behavior of lying and deceit and predatory behavior almost caused huge harm to the cause of those trying to expose and destroy the cult. The fact that you sit on this obscure blog and type delusional screeds, and spread false rumors about those that have actually done the work to bring down Scn does not sit will with me and so I call you out on your disgusting behavior. Feel free to DIAF.

  37. Patty,

    I am glad you have come out to say something with a constitution rather than some one-liners here and there.

    Do not get Xenaphon’s ambitions politically confused with the whimsical goals of some disaffected ex-Scientologists (and not ex-SO Members) who actually had an extremely poor understanding of the actual actions the Sea Org takes on an international scale.

    I did an immense amount of destruction on Scientology in Australia and abroad, and it is only some who did not enjoy my method down under that you speak of.

    My purpose in Australia was to bring the real horror of the Sea Organization to the Media and get it spoken – and it was and published in many papers around the world, stating what the Sea Org (not Scientology) does to staff and how they act towards enemies.

    There was a distinct difference in my goal, to those of Xenophon and the other Australian members and to those ends we fought about what the message should be, and how to deliver it.

    In a time when not single event depicted Sea Org operations planting false evidence or fabricating legal claims against an individual that were false, I bought to bear the false witness of Sue Hunt and the Sea Org, showing that they do indeed still to this day bring about operations to not only harass critics, but to do so by fabricating evidence. You may not see that as important, but some others did.

    When I was at Channel Seven and met Carmel and the crew along with Rohan and Xenophon I asked some very fundamental questions about Sea Org operations and they had blank expressions and clearly, they did not know much factually about how the Sea Org actually works. Given that Xenophon had raised a war against an enemy he claimed to know much about, it gave me ponder to fully realize what Xenophon – like most other politicians – was actually seeking.

    You are not going to eliminate Scientology from Australia or anywhere – and any notion you can is ignorance and an indictment on your lack of understanding of human nature and why people are drawn to Scientology.

    Even with every fact out there about many cults, bad organizations etc. people are still drawn to them. What we can do is weaken their ability to be as destructive as they are and to get them in-line with humane thought and actions towards others. The idea of elimination of a Scientology is a poor and unobtainable goal.

    Causing an organization failure in the Sea Org requires overloading their lines in certain areas to cause operational failure – and that has been accomplished over the last decade nicely.

    You can harp all you want about how effective you think I was or was not – but people outside of the noise that are better suited to judge have already made their judgement on the matter and their evaluations are sound.

    I well and truly did my part to hurt them – but it wasn’t for you or anyone else, it was for me and my family, and to take away the power and effort I gave them while I worked for them, and delete that by several orders. And I did, and am very satisfied with my effort.

    My life was never going to revolve around some belittling cause to fight them to the death, like others who can not walk away from a fight and leave others there. I brought out a few key people and elements that did destruction.

    I admire the desire to see Scientology eliminated, but ignorance from society is imbedded with various reasons, and it is best to simply limit the Sea Org’s power through destroying what they need in order to be successful – and that element is not money or large numbers of Scientologists. It is something else – and you still have not figured that out.

    Your world and your perception is not shared by the top of the Sea Org – they live in a different world, and the reason they went after me with several cases in Australia and one in New Zealand wasn’t because I spoke of the facts of their bad behavior and “revealed” this or that, it was because I did something else that really threatened them.

    And when you can figure out what that was, you will be a smarter person. Some of the people I had come out and fight I manipulated to do so, and then left – not an admirable trait I grant you, but you don’t get to tell me – or anyone – how I get to achieve my goal that I set, and accomplished.

    I was never part of “your” or anyone else’s “movement”. I was there to do something specific, and I did that – it was you and the others who were mistaken in thinking what my intentions were – you never asked, and were never interested in the first place.

    Now, if you go back through my statements about incidents in the Sea Org and what happened to certain people, there are no lies. But why you would see value in that information when there are thousands of such incidents in an interesting one, because there are enough incidents to put together a web site detailing all those to give horror to a reader – and yet people will still enter the doors.

    My objective was Sea Org related, and related to certain people within the Sea Org.

    I can call out the people in Australia and say what I want – as you can to me. And your statements that I nearly “sabotaged” your actions in Australia is complete folly because I do not care about your goals down there or what they were. I cared as much about your goals, or Carmel’s or Kevin’s as they cared about mine. None.

    It seems that you were interested to jump on this thread only after I mentioned that there were plants laying around on ESMB and other forums, and if not for that I really do not see why you have come trolling over here – are you really that concerned with the comments of one person on a blog site so far away from what you are doing? Is it your goal to seek out any harsh comments on the ANZO operations that you will troll the internet in search of anyone saying anything, or is this something more personal about me?

    Will you remain on this blog until…what? What is your goal by coming over here and stating I am a liar? What is it you wish to accomplish exactly?

    If there is something you want me to do – like not talk about a person or people in a certain way then ask for it – but by the same token that gesture has to be returned not just in public forums, but the private ones as well.

    So, what is your goal with me here today?

  38. I will thank Patty for one thing – her point about me going off at people in ANZO. I gestured in my later thread that if they didn’t do it about me – and it did start there – that I would also cease.

    I have to admit, that is backward thinking on my part. “I will do to others because they have done to me”. I don’t know this Patty character, but there is a good point made, or at least I got something out of it for myself.

    I will cease discussing the ANZO people, regardless of them discussing me or not. I will leave Caliwog’s threads to others to comment on also, my reputation is tarnished on the subject of Scientology, wether it is right or wrong changes the effect little when it comes to new readers; and I would prefer them to look than not look.

  39. Makayla Noble

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