Marty’s book: Chapter one

Well, I’ve survived the first few pages of Marty’s book without catching pneumonia! (Of course, I haven’t gotten to the stuff about OT3 yet…)

Actually, I think this first chapter is a must-read, and the good news is that you can read the part I’m going to talk about here for free by using the “Look Inside!” link at

What makes it a must-read? Because Marty’s “non-gradient” explanation of Dianetics does a beautiful job of showing just how riduculous Hubbard’s scam really is. Marty explains Hubbard’s analytical/reactive mind concept, which based on a proven (and previously discovered) idea — that we have a subconscious that influences our actions without our realizing it. But Marty adds in the ridiculous bits that Scientology is careful to cover up to brand-newbies (“the gradient”) — such as Hubbard’s notion that the subconcious (reactive mind) is based on evolution, not brain chemistry. Per Marty (and Hubbard), “The reactive mind was presumably created in tooth-and-claw times, where constant stimulus-response reactivity was vital to survival.”

Next, we get to see an example of the reactive mind at work. A kid is hit on the head with a baseball, and while he’s unconscious, his coach says he was “knocked senseless.” Years later, he’s a lawyer, drinking in a bar in a situation that vaguely reminds him of the baseball game, and this forgotten memory is “restimulated” — and the next day he suddenly and for no apparent reason drops the succesful legal strategy he was pursuing, simply because his subconcious has told him his approach is “senseless,” and then loses the case.

Seriously, is that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? And yet Scientologists really believe that “wogs” do these kind of oddball, random things, because we haven’t “cleared” our reactive mind. Never mind that if people really functioned this way, the world would look like one big Benny Hill sketch — that doesn’t stop Scns from believing Hubbard’s screwball examples rather than their own eyes. (So much for oft-used the Indie mantra “look, don’t listen,” which they happen to be quoting out of context.)

And lest you think Rathbun has come up with a poor example, I’d say he’s done even better than the Ol’ Fraud Hisself. Here’s one of L. Ron Hubbard’s examples of subconcious phenomenon from Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health:

“An engram received from father beating mother which says ‘Take that! Take it, I tell you. You’ve got to take it!’ means that our patient has possibly had tendancies as a kleptomaniac.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics, 2007 ed., p. 260

Seriously, outside of badly-written B-movies, do people really yell that sort of thing when they beat their wives? (Did Hubbard?) And if this really worked, don’t men have a moral obligation to start hitting their pregnant wives while yelling things like “Cure cancer! Cure cancer, I tell you. You’ve got to cure cancer!” (Not that I am condoning spousal abuse, but Hubbard did emphasize the good of the many over the good of the few.)

This is where it seems that the book is aimed more towards derailing would-be ex-Scientologists on their way out of the Church — surely newcomers would see right through this hogwosh. Hubbard knew they would, which is why he made the path to Scientology more elaborate, with sub-scams like the Hubbard-authored “Oxford Capacity Analysis” (the dreaded Personality Test) and the introduction film — what Hubbard termed “the gradient.” Granted, Marty isn’t trying to attract people like you and I — Hubbard called us “raw meat” — but I think it’s possible that Marty just doesn’t realize that sane, rational, non-brainwashed people will see right through this. This is what Scientology does to people… to a dedicated Scientologist, that whole “senseless” story makes perfect sense.

Anyway, Marty then covers the cure: Go back and talk about the incident that causes pain. Again, this is a concept common in psychotherapy, one that long pre-dates Hubbard’s Dianetics book. This is the reason that Scientology does not take people who have had psychiatric care. The Church says such people are too messed up, but the truth is they might recognize the techniques and know that Hubbard’s claim of authorship is a lie. And if they tell that to fellow Scientologists, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

That’s not all of Chapte r1, but that’s all the reading I could stomach in one sitting. More coming soon.


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9 responses to “Marty’s book: Chapter one

  1. Yeah, I almost feel that the pages with examples of how engrams work (and sadly there are more in the book) should have big bold headers and footers saying, “This is what Scientologists actually believe!”

  2. I wouldn’t handle it without tongs…

  3. The idea that the primary association linking a stimulus to engrams being a word, particularly a homonym, is ridiculous. The whole point of engrams is that the monkey brain or the lizard brain goes into survival mode. And that happens with other stimuli than language — it’s visual or auditory. Language is a frontal lobe function, not a monkey brain function, so it almost by definition would not be involved in an “engram” being triggered.

    If engrams are universal, one would think that they would be independent of a particular language. Conversely, if they were dependent on language, particularly on homonyms, then the Japanese would be the most engrammatic people in the world, since their language has so many homonyms that it’s bafflingly hard to sort through them when you’re learning Japanese as a second language.

    Dogs have engrams, too. I have a friend whose dog tumbled down a long flight of stairs and was seriously injured as a result. The dog won’t go up stairs as a result. No surprise there. The dog now avoids stairs not because somebody said “look at the way she stares at him” or any such thing. That “engram” has nothing to do with language. It has everything to do with a visual similarity not some bogus pun on “stare” versus “stair” or “s’there” or any other such rot.

    Amazing that Hubbard took a common sense concept and couldn’t just leave it at that — he had to graft a big dose of crazy on top of it.

  4. Paulette Cooper wrote about the absurdity of the engram theory in her prologue to THE SCANDAL OF SCIENTOLOGY entitled “The Tragi-Farce of Scientology.”

    I admit that I have a big problem reading Hubbard’s writing. A lot of it is so idiotic and downright silly, it just freaks me out that people like Paul Haggis ever took it seriously. It’s definitely fodder for a mind the likes of Marty’s. It’s a worthy pursuit to read Marty though, because there are a lot of people in Scientology, including Miscavige, who think along these lines. Since I can’t read Hubbard, it’s even harder for me to read Marty on Hubbard.

    You can see why they’re not supposed to talk about this stuff among themselves, because it might lead to thinking.

    About “raw meat” though Cal, I always took that to mean possible recruits vs. PTS wogs like you and myself. Raw meat haven’t been exposed to any of the heat of Scientology. They are people who when they see a copy or Dianetics or get a stress test, they think it sounds interesting. They might think, “What did L Ron discover?”

    In another respect though, it could just mean people who are not indoctrinated to the proper level, of knowingness, of course. I’m probably not a Scientologist because I heard a bowel full of homonyms or was exposed to some particularly disturbing gastric squeaking in the womb. What was Val’s line from The Master? “He’s making all this up as he goes along.”

  5. Marty Rugburn

    See an actual engram auditing session. Hypnosis? …NAH!

    Change KOM to com. Not a scilon hosted video.


  6. I have really always wanted one of these…

    Apparently Whitehurst doesn’t particularly want one anymore…

  7. Hey guys,

    This guy got regged to buy ANOTHER book package – apparently there were a few words misspelled in the last re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release, so he has the old set up on ebay – starting bid $2!!!!

    Can we help him?

    If the Church is reading this, I hope you understand by allowing anyone to sell, read or use any book that has had an update is a violation of KSW Series one because you are allowing altered technology to exist and be available to the people of Teegeaack.

    So technically, you screwed up, should you not be paying for every Scientologist to have a new set? Remember what an Overt Product is?

  8. Marty astounds me.

    I saw a comment where he spoke of training a person in the 90’s on Espionage and counter-espionage.

    I should know something about this. I was in the SO for years – and was a Messenger for years – before I came into contact with the references Marty alludes to.

    In fact, Marty should remember and should be telling of the real story behind these references.

    In 1994/1995 I as the HCO Chief CMO IXU was asked to put together 20 special hat packs based on the disgusting orders of LRH relating to Espionage and counter Espionage. They were ordered complied for RTC and I sent them direct to RTC.

    What should set off alarm bells is why RTC asked a Messenger in the HGB to do this – I mean, Archives and Int didn’t have them??? The answer is no, they did not, and why they did not have them is the real point of this post.

    The references condoned violence, blackmail, planting of false evidence, and actions that were so disgusting, if they were ever found in a raid by FBI or police, it would have made headlines as to what LRH thought was acceptable behavior – even the CIA I doubt would think that such things are acceptable against people who just don’t even agree with you.

    The references were about 20% stored in CMO and OSA Int, the rest however because of their vial nature were stored in cabinets in the basement of the HGB not far from Mimeo – but the point was they were not on any floor plans so that in the event of a raid, no one would be able to claim them as references or materials of the church of Scientology International.

    What is more disturbing is that Marty has read and seen those references – and do not think for one minute that if you were Int, Gold, OSA Int, CMO Int or even RTC that you saw these references. They were for very special occasions when a dup was needed to cary out something truly disgusting.

    And yes, I was the only person in CMO IXU who read them – and was asked to carry out something which I have not nor will not discuss on email or a blog – but C of S knows what it is – and I have a strong feeling Marty knows what it was, too. And if he doesn’t, then it shows how much like shit he was kept in the dark.

    Stand there with a straight face and defend those references Marty. Disgusting – and you know what I am talking about.

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