Daily Archives: July 20, 2012

Victory is so sweet!

I haven’t had much time to write recently, but I’ve had time to read — and oh, how I am enjoying Marty Rathbun’s frustration over the refusal of “The Media” to separate Scientology from… well, from Scientology.

Marty writes:

“It is unfortunate that there has not been time, nor the inclination on the part of media, to differentiate Miscavige‚Äôs cult and its conduct from the philosophy of Scientology.”

Ah, but Marty, bubby, clearly they are taking the time — the time to properly reasearch Scientology. Rather than take your attempts to whitewash Hubbard at face value, they are taking the time to read more about the subject, and at the very least realize that, Slappy Miscavige or not, Scientology is still a bug-nutty UFO religion. You can write all the books you want, Marty, but you can’t change that fact.

Unfortunately for Marty and other Hubbard apologists, the proof is in Hubbard’s own prolific writing. Go back through the archives of this blog and you’ll see countless examples of Hubbard policy dictacing the wrong-doing that these clowns attempt to blame on David Miscavige. Is Miscavige bad? Hell yeah, he is — he’s scum. But Hubbard is far, far worse, a lying, scheming, glory-seeking con man whose money-making, tax-evading scam persists even decades after his death.

And now one of Marty’s minyans wants to start an Indie youth group? Fuck me.

Marty Rathbun has been saying for years now that the organized Church of Scientology is dead. Clearly, it isn’t, not yet at least. But perhaps I can take this opportunity to do what Marty does, and declare Scientology dead. It appears we’ve hit the tipping point where the mainstream media is no longer willing to accept Rathbun and the other vocal Indie’s insistance that Scientoloy is good, and Miscavige is the problem. That hackneyed old story has sprung so many leaks that there just aren’t enough Independent thumbs to plug them all.

Of course, Scientology isn’t dead, and we should not rest until everyone understands that it is nothing but a self-help scam designed to enrich its long-dead founder. And when I say everyone, I mean even the people who really don’t want to see it — the Indies themselves.

Marty, if you’re reading this, I know you like to read non-Scientology books (and I commend you for that). Why not read this one and comment about it on your blog?