Death of Alexander Jentzsch

Let me start by offering my sincere condolences to Heber Jentzsch and Karen de la Carrriere on the death of their son, Alexander, who was just 27.

Tony Ortega reported on this, and it seems that Ms. de la Carriere is beside herself. How could she not be? The death of a child is one of the worst possible events in the human experience.

Although… if she’s this upset, she’s not a very good Scientologist.

You’ll forgive me if I’m being insensitive, but I think a frank discussion of the Scientology view of death is in order, and appropriate in this case, since both Heber and Karen have done so much to spread the word about the wonders of Scientology.

According to L. Ron Hubbard, Alexander did not actually die; he merely “dropped his body.” Normally, at this point, the thetan (spirit) is whipped away to an implant center and has his internal hard drive reformatted – his memories are mostly wiped, his image of the world re-implanted, and he is slammed into another body at the moment of birth, just as he was slammed into the body to which Karen was about to give birth back in 1984.

If Alexander was able to achieve the Operating Thetan levels in his short lifetime, then he’s all set. He can control his destiny, avoid the implant stations, and either pick up another body at will or whiz around the universe to his heart’s content. Maybe he’ll hang out with Hubbard. He might even come back to spend a lifetime as a dog or a horse, according to Hubbard. And if he was in the Sea Org, he gets his 20 years or so to find a body and grow up, then he’s due to report back for service according to the terms of his billion-year contract. Death, according to Hubbard, is no big deal.

“What happens to Man when he dies? Basically all that happens is that a separation occurs between the thetan and the body… The first thing one learns about death is that it is not anything of which to be very frightened. If you are frightened of losing your pocketbook, your money, your memory, boy or girl friend, well, that’s how frightened you ought to be of dying because it’s all the same order of magnitude.” — LRH, “Death,” Professional Auditor’s Bulletin #130, Feb 15, 1958

Furthermore, according to Hubbard, Scientologists should not get all worked up about death:

“The subject of death is never a very serious one to a Scientologist beyond the fact that he feels kind of sorry for himself sometimes. There was somebody of such terrific elan, who made him real happy and this person was thoughtless enough to dispose of the mock-up and go out of communication and the Scientologist feels unhappy about it, for it is a thoughtless thing for a friend to do. This, by the way, is a very early concept of death. You now more or less progress back to death as it was regarded very early on this particular track in this universe…

“Death is in itself a technical subject. You can, with considerable confidence, reassure some husband whose wife is dying or has just died that she got out all right and she is going someplace else to pick up a mock-up.” — LRH, ibid

Scientology doctrine is rife with the notion that death is no big deal. So why is Karen so distraught? Why isn’t she happy that the Alexander (who, let’s face it, was only her son because his thetan happened to be stumble upon the body that was about to slip from her womb) has moved on to his next life?

Could it be simple human instinct? Her deep-down knowledge that the bond between mother and child is stronger than the mere happenstance that LRH says it is?

Could it be that Karen knows, even if she is not ready to admit it, that Scientology is bullshit?

Because, let’s face it, if she was a true believer, she wouldn’t be so upset about merely not being able to see her son’s body.

LRH designed his king con to divest his followers of normal human feelings such as loss upon the death, divorce, or disconnection of a loved one. Such things got in the way of expanding Scientology and making money.

Problem is, LRH was a sociopath. He did not understand that you cannot entirely separate people from what he scoffed as as “H E & R” – Human Emotion and Reaction. LRH wasn’t much of a father, but most of us really do love our kids. LRH never understood that when you are dealing with healthy human beings, that bond is nearly impossible to break.

Now, I’m sure that we won’t see Karen repudiating Scientology any time soon. I am sure she will turn her grief into more anger towards David Miscavige. He probably fucked up Alexander’s spirituality so bad that poor Alex will wind up back at that implant station, all his Scientology training and devotion for naught. She might not even stop to wonder how, in this day and age, an otherwise healthy man died of a simple fever, or if she does, she’ll blame it on Miscavige, and not LRH’s quack theories of using “touch assists” to cure ailments that need doctors and medications.

But she’s sad about her son’s death, and that’s a step in the right direction – proof that even the most devout Scientologists can’t buy into LRH’s bullshit 100%.

Again, my deepest condolences to both Karen and Heber.


20 responses to “Death of Alexander Jentzsch

  1. Karen may have been doing the indie scene partly to reconnect with her son. His chances of waking up about the evil of David Miscavige were greater than him waking up about the evil of Hubbard. At the news of her son’s death, I felt stunned, after all the elation of the Cruise divorce. Karen may find her way out of the whole scam now. Either that or she’s going to direct her furor toward David Miscavige, like we’ve never seen before.

    Karen is going to feel not only loss and grief, but guilt, knowing she and Heber are the ones who raised their son to be the Sea Org puppet he became.

    Good analysis, as always, on Hubbard’s/Scientology’s view of death though. Like most of it, it’s utter BS.

  2. This is the most sensible post I have read regarding this horrific death. While reading my usual gossip websites re cruise and Travolta, I somehow decided to google “Scientology collapse”… Wtf it’s been a week and I have not been able to stop reading blog after blog about this cult… And all the comment sections as well…. Beyond the obvious fact that miscavige is a psycho, it really disturbs me that so many people leaving still believe in hubbard- needless to say I am completely freaked out by this whole reality that has been allowed to fester for so long.

    • Welcome, Nina. Miscavige isn’t a psycho; as far as I can tell, he’s doing the will of Hubbard as he sees it. Unfortunately, he’s not the ingenious con man that Ron was.

  3. while I dont agree with Karens stance on Scientology, I can understand why she hasnt completely dumped it even after all the grief its given her..

    I see it as a larger version of a quirk I have.. I am a sucker for those ‘miracle products” you see on tv, I buy the damn thing, it doesnt work, but I paid all this money for it, so I cant throw it away.. thats just a small silly thing.. now imagine giving your whole LIFE to Scientology, giving you kid, AT THE AGE OF 8, to this cult.. So many horrible decisions you made because you believed in it… I think it takes a really strong mind, and a lot of time, to come to grips with that… I think I would have a hard time admitting to myself, much less anyone else, that it was all one big con.. and that my kid died, because I put him in a situation and had him indoctrinated into a cult… I am not sure I could do it… I admire those that have..

    • Lurker, I completely understand and agree with your analysis. I continue to delve into this grimy cesspool by way of the blessed Internet. I continue to be dumbfounded by what I read.

  4. I was thinking about how rare it is to read what Scientologists believe about death. Around the time of Suri’s birth, especially, there were dozens of articles on Hubbard’s ideas of silent birth, but not a mention of what happens at the end of the line, not that that usually gets mentioned in an article about a birth but… Are we going to have to wait for some famous celebrity Scientologist to die before it’s mentioned in the major media? Anyway, I think this is a good place to address it. Karen isn’t going to be reading this tucked-in-the-corner blog anyway.

    The public deserves to know not only the sales pitch, but what Hubbard believed or claimed about things, including death. The sooner they do that, the less likely they’ll fall prey to the fantasy.

    • I’m not sure there’s much mileage in this.
      You could argue Hubbard’s ideas of life and death are no stranger than say Christianity’s.
      Many Christians believe they are going to heaven when they die, for eternal peace with God. Some even believe they will be re-united with loved ones again in heaven. It doesn’t stop them crying the house down when a loved one dies.
      Even a hard-core Atheist who believes we are simply meat, made of atoms, experiencing a temporary phenomena called “consciousness”, would not feel ashamed at the terrible pain of bereavement.
      I think trying to point out the silliness in Scientology doctrine is counter-productive. The general public just makes the same observations as I did above. Far better to stick to actual abuses, from which Scientology finds hiding much more difficult.
      I actually think that suggesting Karen is not a good Scientologist if she’s really upset is a bit of a cheap shot. I think she’s feeling bad enough as it is, so if you are genuine about your condolences then just leave it there.

      • Sid, I happen to agree with you about the silliness of other views of death. As it happens, I’m a meat-only athiest.

        But I still think that Scientology’s views on death *is* one of its abuses.

        There are a lot of people who use the “abuse” argument specific to the misdeeds of David Miscavige. I’m not discounting those, but that plays right into the plans of Hubbard apologists who are trying to pin the evil of Scientology on what Miscavige is doing.

        The fact is that David Miscavige punching and slapping his execs and locking them up in trailers isn’t even a measureable percentage of the true evil of Scientology. Is it bad? Oh lordy yes. Is it significant compared to the whole of Scientology? No fucking way.

        Scientology teaches people to eschew common sense, tune out well-meaning friends and relatives, and make decisions that are bad for your life, but good for the coffers of Scientology. Those are the abuses.

        For the general public, I think it’s good that we keep reminding people that this is a UFO religion that believes in the Xenu space opera story and that charges hundreds of thousands of dollars for what amounts to exorcism. We cannot lend the beliefs of Scientology any creedence — we cannot give them the same “free pass” that most religions get. One can argue whether religions should get a free pass (I personally think they should not) but the fact remains that Scientology is NOT a true religion; it merely became one for tax purposes. Scientology is, first and foremost, a self-help scam. Emphasis on the word scam.

        Calling out Karen for being a bad Scientologist may be a bit mean, but let’s face it — it’s true. She is not practicing what she preaches. Just as it is important to remind the world that the Old Testament says that men who have sex with other men are to be killed, it’s important to remind the world that Scientology says that death is no big deal. I feel bad for Karen as a parent, but let’s be 100% honest: Were she and Heber not Scientologists, Alexander might well be alive. At the very worst, were they not Scientologists, she’d have a body to bury.

        Harsh? Yes. But compared to L. Ron Hubbard, I’m Mother Theresa.


  5. A “Touch Assist” ?? come on people… a fucking “Touch Assist” ??How and Why does that make any possible sense to anyone? just because you are told that this procedure will “help” or “cure” what ever the fuck ails you, how the hell can ANYONE fall for this…I mean this is where the “rubber meets the road” this is when a $cientologist can PROVE his “religion/faith” can actually achieve what its professed. But…OOOOPS didn’t seem to work for young Alexander did it.

  6. Alexander was a downstat, a degraded being and out-ethics who spread his PTSness to everyone around him.

    The Church is not sad he is dead – they are glad, he is one less problem to worry about and cremating him ASAP is a good way to save money and not allow staff to go off-post for any length of time to some silly funeral.

    Karen – who never actually knew her son – is showing H,E & R and is of course herself out-ethics, off the bridge and an enemy of Scientology.

    Karen of course saw this sort of thing happening all the time while she was in the Sea Org and was happy to watch others suffer, be refused Leaves of Absences, and of course, her favorite thing was to tell them they were showing H,E & R and slam them into an auditing session until they walked out with a blank expression and accepted it.

    So buckle up Karen, and apply to yourself what Scientology taught you – that it is someone else’s fault, that you could have saved him but failed, and your hat as a mother was dropped and you should be thankful you have no other siblings (and they would be thankful if they exist) that rely on you.

    Once the tears and grief has settled, as well as the pity party you are being given (by people you would not, could not and do not care for – and would never help anyways), do what you do best, buy some friends and remember, he was just an out ethics thetan and while in life he served you no real purpose, at least in death he will buy you some tears and pats on the back – hell, perhaps some people who need your wallet may even tell you you were a half decent mother.

    Your son is dead. Many sons and family are prematurely dead at the hands of Scientology – so please tell me and everyone else that it did not take your dead son to get you to wake up while you for years walked through the graveyeard in the Sea Org?

    Proof of your total lack of understanding as a mother or a decent human being is that it took your son to be killed for you to hopefully wake up. Honestly, didn’t just missing most of his best years as a teenager not make you understand back then you were being a terrible mother?

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you had a terrible time as a teenager, drugs, sex, massages and simply passed your denial of love and real parenthood to your own son.

    Don’t get the idea I am stirring up your dark past – after all, how many times did you condone others lives to be destroyed by revealing their sorrid past “in the name of Scientology”? Plenty.

    And now your ransom to it yourself.

    So much for being a Class XII, you could learn more from a mother in East L.A. about parenthood than a person could from you.

    Anyways, this is the view of the Sea Org – sounds terrible doesn’t it? But here is the catch – it was like that from the start and and has been like that since when LRH was there – and you only get bothered by it when it doesn’t personally suit you.

    • “drugs, sex, massages”.

      What kind of massages did YOU have as a teenager???

      However, I do like “sorrid” – it’s when you feel sorry for a torrid past.

      • Marty RugburnItsgrilan

        Aaron lived it, so did Karen. At least Aaron got out of the mindfuck that is CO$.

        In CO$ terms, she pulled this in. Hubtard said so, so it is true.

        I have some compassion for Karen but it is blocked by her allowing her son to join the Borg at age 8. Imagine being brought up in that mess without seeing your parents or anyone sane for that matter.

        It may sound harsh, but you reap what you sow.


    • Aaron has a place in this discussion. Ruthless and heartless as he sounds, I’m afraid there is much truth in what he says. Glad aaron’s
      voice is heard

  7. I mean Karen’s past experience as a worker in the massage industry, that is all, nothing to be ashamed of. After all, in the last few lifetimes she was Cleopatra and Charles Dickens secret lover.

    The media last night was disappointing, Marty apparently could not find a razor despite being OT, and Mike Rinder couldn’t explain why people should believe him now – which is clearly a sign that if he doesn’t know why anyone should trust him, then neither does he, so we should not trust him.

    Perhaps if he explained that he was brainwashed and thought that he was doing the right thing by lying then to save Earth, people would understand, but perhaps the sad truth is that Mike was not so brainwashed and actually hated the people he went after – after all, he has made clear attempts to avoid them, thinking most of the people that went up against the Church when he was there were scum. In other words, all those PIs that they had working that dug up dirt actually made Mike think those people were scum. This should help him to understand why his family perhaps dislikes him – there is plenty in Mikes past and present that is god awful – not the least manipulating a woman with a proven lower IQ, and young enough to be his daughters’s YOUNGER sister.

    Sadly, Marty and Mike had some good information to share and the damn network only gave us 60 seconds of their words, and then proceeded to explain for 5 minutes the tenants of Scientology – so a pretty poor performance from the network in this matter.

    Mike and Marty should have had the floor and they sound-byted them when I bet they spoke for hours – that is not right.

    The same thing happens all the time with media here and abroad – they want to hear their own whiney voices for an hour and then give the guests about 60 seconds – not very fair indeed.

    Fighting for the average watchers 5 second “Strike and Awe” them approach is typical of media consumers these days, hopefully a real magazine or distinct news program actually takes up the challenge of explaining the victims story in the good hour it justly deserves.

    You can tell the reporters read up on Scientology for about 5 minutes before airing the program, and again, pretty poor standards and it is no wonder they can fit 5 news stories into an hour.

    I bet the program director already forgot the word Scientology and Mike or Marty.

  8. From the first videos I saw that Aaron did, I relate to his comments. He reminds me of Roland, another ex, but he’s also had his own unique and devastating experience in the cult. Even though I’ve never taken a course, if my circumstances had been like Aaron’s, I picture myself being very much like him, in my thinking when I got out and had to pick up the pieces.

    Karen, on the other hand, is very difficult for me to relate to and understand. When she started writing on ESMB, I was shocked that she is so intelligent, writes well, and sees many problems so clearly. I honestly thought she might be faking a passion for Hubbard, just to get her son out of the cult. I felt a sympathy for her there, that she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. There was also an irony. She’s very wealthy, successful in her kitsch art business and really would have so much to give her son — I mean she seems like a fairly loving person — and yet she can’t even see him. And he rejects her. And now, she never will see him.

    I guess I would lump Karen together with Steve Hall — bright, but nuttier than a fruitcake. I think there’s a problem with people who got stuck inside for so long, and “believed” so sincerely, a problem that Aaron doesn’t have. However, as far as driving a stake through the heart of Scientology right now? Marty and Karen have very large hammers. Karen is really controlling the cult now, or at least has considerable power and potential, instead of letting them control her like when she was inside.

  9. Just to clarify, I honestly did not know a more dedicated Scientologist or Sea Org member than myself – I gave it everything. It was the same attitude to go the whole hog that made sure years after I got out, I would eventually figure out the Sea Org and Scientology.

    Karen is driving me nuts. She deseveres a good slap for being such a pathetic mother (and a perfect Scientology & Sea Org mother) and she literally killed that kid. We hear her now whine whine whine about how Alexander spent nearly every waking moment in the SO, miles away in a ranch that no one could get to, made to write up O/Ws for causing a flap. Oh boo fucking hoo – AND YOU WERE ALL OK WITH THIS KAREN UP TO A FEW YEARS AGO???? WTF?

    What Alexander feared was realized when he knew as a child he had NO ONE to protect him and YOU told him it was right what he had to go through and it WAS YOU who did not take him out of there. He was scared – you made sure he stayed scared.

    Where the hell were you when he was a little child and needed a parent? Off fucking playing space cadets.

    So you get the gold medal for finger pointing when you kid’s rotten life lay squarely on your shoulders.

    Jesus Karen, you allowed so many other kids to go through this and actually was a driving force behind it’s enforcement. Don’t go crying to the boards about some evil cult when you gladly enforced it for decades and are now the victim of not it – but you own lack of courage to be a parent.

    Alexanders funeral was a testament to your ultimate failure. Of all the responsibilities you were ever given, his was paramount, and your idiotic thinking that you could some how remedy it after he had become a adult c- shaped by your actions – is pure ignorance of how to raise a child – any comprehension about how human beings are.

    Wake up Karen. It was Scientology and you beloved founder who treated his children the same. He is no messiah – he is a terrible role model for you in every sense of the word.

    I’ll say it again, your ultimate responsibility in this life was never saving Earth – it was raising that child, and you failed in every sense of the word. His death is your Scientology success story. No cult, no religion , no ideology is ever above that – and you still haven’t learned that – don;t have kids again.

    You are no role model for anyone out of Scientology Karen – your the absolute proof that an idiot is still an idiot. My bet is your about to go get an auditing session to make you feel better. Great Karen, just fucking great.

    And to top if off, somewhere is your stupid brain you’re thinking “If he just got the right session, the right list, the right rundown…” NO NO NO! He needed a mother – and clearly there is a good reason why Scientology has no such course – because it’s founder nor any of it’s executives ever knew the subject – the most important one in mankind’s past, present & future.

    Now piss off and go get some bo-tox, I can see your forehead slightly move still.(so much for no desire of MEST, Karen).

    • >Alexanders funeral was a testament to your ultimate failure.

      That about sums it up right there. Forget about the beatings and the secret vaults. A dead adult child and a grieving mother… THAT is the real evil of Scientology.

      ML, CW

  10. Aaron, there are tears in my eyes as I read your last post… Another week has gone by, and I am even more immersed in this. I read about your story and seen you on YouTube. I am the mother to one son. He is 8 and the light of my and my husband’s life. He has autism. I knew after he was born that the reason I was put on this earth is to love and protect him and help him grow up to be a productive member of society. It breaks my heart to know that you were neglected by your own parents- your anger is justified. You have incredible strength, you used it while in the sea org and you are using it now. Please know that there are those of us who love you and see the little boy you used to be. As for Karen, and all the parents who sent their children into this cult, I hope that you can get PSYCHIATRIC help and use what you know to help destroy it. I give Karen cudos because she is making a HUGE stink- which is very courageous. Yes, too late for Alexander, and too late for you (only in that your past can not be erased)- but not too late for any new potential victim. Aaron, again- love to you.

  11. You got to take what I write with a grain of salt!

    I am presenting a viewpoint in my posts – often aggressive and insensitive to peoples losses & my own.

    Anyone going back and talking about past moments where something went very wrong will cause upset – those videos that were posted with me being interviewed by Carmel certainly showed a less often discussed side of the Sea Org and the loss and problems with Scientology.

    I would not take that, nor any post on here to be a reflection of my state of mind currently, though my views on what I write are fairly reflective of the distain I do hold for Scientologists and other non-associated morons I run into.

    I was not neglected by my parents. I was raised in a certain way that they believed would be best for me, and they were a victim of their own idiocy; as was I then, and a little later when I was in the Sea Org.

    Autism is very tough to deal with – I have seen others with children with this condition to a lesser and more severe degree – very tough indeed so I feel you are already dealing with some of life’s hardest balls to be thrown. Brains are like organs and body parts – some are better than others, some are defective, but it would be my guess your son will show soon enough where the brain is putting it’s energies into and revealed will be an area of exceptional talent and intelligence – as it with many suffers of autism. Most geniuses are afflicted with poor areas of social E.Q. and I.Q. but make up for it in others areas by the truck loads.

    I was on stage in Australia and whenever I post, which was and is rather easy because I simply go back and speak from a previous state of mind. An acts doesn’t have to involve falsehoods, and the best acts are based on truth. But they are acts.

    I am so unconcerned with the Sea Org knowing that if just a few of us got together and really went the full 9 yards with them, they would be buried as a religion within 3 years – it’s just that the people that we would “save” from Scientology’s paws would just go walking into another cult more than likely or worse, become Republicans.

    These posts are only done because one of my favorite subjects has come up again – kids in the Sea Org; and seeing as I used to harvest them like apples, keeping the best, swapping the OK ones for some a little better and eradicating the bad ones, I have a good amount of insight into the pathetic attempts by Scientologists and indi’s to be parents.

    DM is a prime example of an apple that should have been swapped out – his father must be so ashamed of his creation now.

    A visit to the psychiatrist would be interesting, except I know a few personally and they think I’m in a fine mental state and my success is reflective of that. Psychs and psychologists are some of the most well adjusted and educated people you can find – and it is funny to mention Scientology to them – most haven’t heard of them and when you tell them the boogey man stories Scientology used to shell out they sort of sit there with an open mouth and go “WE caused the holocaust???” and then we all start giggling (apparently, rumor has it that a man (called Hitler) rose up in a disgruntled country punished by an unfair treaty and got extremely pissed off and used Eugenics to weed out Jews (who no one else had aaaaaany problems with at all), inferior Germans and the like! Can you imagine that?) .

    The past is an excellent memory to have especially when things are going so well for so long that you kind of laugh it off as an adventure with a bunch of mellon-heads, even if it has death and loss associated with it.

    I will never forget the security check I got and had a K.R. written up by the auditor for me thinking DM was so short, and his hair so big, that he reminded me of Max Headroom – I knew my chance at being in RTC was shot at that point – and I even had my joke all ready to go (you have to tell a joke in your first staff meeting at RTC when you’re the new guy – that has probably long since been abolished). Anyways my point is what a loss it was back then to think I had squandered my chance at RTC when in reality it saved me. So I kind of look at what my father did and think “Hell, maybe if I had saved him from suicide he would have driven us all over a cliff.” As for mum, well, she is a sheet of iron as Lungren would say and nothing I do or others will ever change her – which I admire and despise at the same time.

    “See good in bad” – chinese proverb from a reasonable film.

    Good luck to you with your son, and don’t try to fix what can not be broken (generalization), and don’t forget to bring on and spur all the amazing talents he does have hidden – that will remain hidden if the bad is concentrated on).

  12. Good to hear from you Aaron. Your forceful manner can make you seem more vulnerable than you describe (or maybe I don’t react to it like most?) I think you are an extraordinary person and I admire your strength in this epic battle against this blight. Thank you for your kind words regarding my son. Please know that we have always known that he is uniquely talented- he is the most fantastic person I know. Whether you are or ever will be a parent yourself, I think you have helped the world’s children with what you do.

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