Caliwog on the Cruise-Holmes divorce

Perhaps Tom and Katie should have read How To Save Your Marriage by L. Ron Hubbard which, according to the Ol’ Fraud hisself, “contains thousands of successful marriages” (skip to 13:05). Or perhaps they should have taken the How To Salvage Your Marriage course. Or used the Marriage Assist, which you can read on this Church site.

Or maybe they did all those things, but they didn’t work, because a) Scientology is bullshit and b) Katie Holmes wisely realized what this bullshit is doing to her life, her finances and her child.

What happens if a Scientology partner says “It’s either your religion or me?” A proper, dedicated Scientologist will choose Scientology.

Hubbard preached his own version of “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.” His version was “The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” The first dynamic is self; second is your family; third is the group; the fourth is the human species. Remember, Scientologists believe that Scientology is the only salvation for mankind. (That’s the crutch that allows Marty Rathbun and other ex-Church members to keep themselves deluded.) Even if you love your spouse, love her with all your heart, letting her go so you can continue with Scientology is the right thing to do. It is the moral thing to do. It helps the greater good.

And so, like thousands of Scientologists before you, you let your wife go. Hubbard may have been evil, but he wasn’t an idiot – as with his ban on those who had gone through psychiatric care (who might recognize “Dianetic auditing” as totally cribbed from psychotherapy), Hubbard knew the best way to keep his followers from listening to critics was to get the hell rid of them. You can easily get the faithful to ignore the media, even friends and blood relatives, but tuning out the person you sleep with and raise children with, that’s a lot harder. Hubbard knew exactly what to do with them: Cut them off like a gangrenous limb, which is essentially what anyone becomes when they see the real truth about Scientology. Get rid of them before they can poison the body. And so he taught his followers that Scientology is more important than our desires, our loves, our vows.

This is yet another reason why I think Hubbard is such an absolute pile of human garbage. This is yet another example of how Hubbard used (and the Church continues to use) the well-meaning urges of selfless people to like his own pockets. Ron, if the Scns are right and you are still floating around out there, know that this Thetan thinks you are a scheming, steaming pile of shit.

I always wonder what will happen if Marty’s wife Mosey realizes that Scientology is a con job. I truly hope he chooses her over Hubbard. I certainly see signs of cracks in his belief, the lies he just can’t explain. But I’m not optimistic.

So, anyway, no doubt Scientology played a big role in Cruise’s divorce. That’s how you go from jumping on a couch to signing a divorce decree and knowing you are doing the right thing.

Now, who wants to start a pool on how long it takes before Marty and his sheep start blaming David Miscavige’s misapplication of “The Tech” for Cruise’s divorce? After all, if the Church weren’t delivering “reverse Scientology” and “black Dianetics,” Hubbard’s marriage-saving books and courses would have worked, right? Right?


3 responses to “Caliwog on the Cruise-Holmes divorce

  1. If Cruise didn’t know how to save his marriage, I don’t think an LRH course would help. Marc Headley sent his book to Katie’s father and I wonder how much a part that played in Katie’s father being able to crack through Katie’s bubble. Katie’s divorce is going to cause Scientologists to end their marriage to the cult.

    For a long time, I worried that the Cruise video and formation of Anonymous would be the climax, and that Scientology would dwindle away over the course of 20 or 30 years. Instead, I think that was just a warm up, and the death blow is going to be the sustained interest in the Holmes/Cruise divorce story. It is going to be DEVASTATING.

    I was reading the comments of the cult’s attorney Soter, that Scientology’s explosive growth is coincident with the departure of the apostate executives. Same line as Karin Pouw. She’s been shelved.

    Marty and his wife are too excited about the new recruits they’re going to get from this fallout to think about contradictions. Their numbers will grow, as Scientology collapses. Marty will end up with 500 Xenu-believers instead of the 120 or so he has now.

  2. Wow. I hear Alexander – Karens Son is dead.

    What strikes me about his death is Karen’s reaction. Surely she has no business wanting to see a dead body – why doesn’t she just wait around until he picks up another body?

    Honestly, she gave the kid away to the Sea Org, and she has no rights to see him or his dead body.

    Sounds like as with the other Sea Org members that are dying like flies that the Sea Org seriously needs to step up it’s recruitment efforts – clearly they are not taking very good care of them.

    But then again, this Alexander guy is a downstat degenerate – a degraded being per LRH – for leaving the Sea Org, and I guess he deserved it.

    But it must be real punishment for Karen to be alive seeing herself cut off from all her family – by hey then again it is no wonder she gives Marty so much money – she has to buy family now.

  3. Someone will also need to send a memo to Heber to remind him his son is dead – cause he didn’t even know he was alive.

    P.S. Memo to self, donate $1 Million to Marty so I get some friends to replace family.

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