Happy Father’s Day, LRH!

“You raised three fine children and one who died too soon…” — Marty Rathbun, An Ode to L. Ron Hubbard

Today being Father’s Day, I thought we could look at what kind of a father LRH was to his seven (not four) children. Let’s step through his offspring one by one, shall we?

Marriage #1 (Margaret Louise “Polly” Grub)

Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Jr. (“Nibs”): Nibs supported his father early on but left the Church in 1959 and turned against LRH, going so far as to change his name to Ron DeWolf. He was quoted in a 1983 Penthouse Magazine article as saying “99% of anything my father ever wrote or said about himself is untrue.” Nibs sued for control of his father’s estate when LRH went into hiding, so as to prove that his father was either dead or incapacitated. His stepmother (Mary Sue) later sued him for $5 million with no apparent objection from LRH. Nibs was named as a co-author of the unauthorized (and very unflattering) biography, L.Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman. After LRH died, Nibs accepted a settlement from the Church and agreed not to speak out against Scientology or his father. Nibs died in 1991; his grandson, Jamie DeWolf, continues to speak out against Scientology and LRH.

Katherine May Hubbard: Not much information known about Katherine, but in 1951, Polly filed papers saying that LRH had not paid child support since their 1947 divorce. Katherine is not acknowledged in Church biographies, which (like Marty) maintain that LRH had only four children, but she is named in alleged wills from 1979, 1982, 1983, and 1986 and in this 1994 copyright transfer notice.

Marriage #2 (Sarah Elizabeth Northrup)

Alexis Valierie Hubbard: After his marriage to Sarah broke up, LRH reportedly abducted both her and three-year-old Alexis, then released Sarah and took Alexis to Cuba. Eventually he returned Alexis to her mother in exchange for a written statement from her (Sarah) denying all the claims she made about him; Sarah signed so as to get Alexis back and get away from LRH. In 1970, at the age of 21, Alexis attempted to contact LRH. He wrote back, denying that he was her father (as he denied his marriage to Sarah), and she never tried to contact him again. Alexis is not mentioned in any legal paperwork, though in 1986 she reportedly received a financial settlement from the Church in exchange for her continued silence. LRH can be seen lying about being married to Sarah in this 1968 television program.

Marriage #3 (Mary Sue Whipp)

Diana Meredith Dewolf Hubbard: The oldest child of LRH and Mary Sue, Diana was favored by her father and reportedly remains active in Church management to this day. Notably, she has not spoken out against David Miscavige.

Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard (“Quentin”): After Nibs quit the Church, LRH expected Quentin to be his successor, regardless of the fact that Quentin wanted nothing of the sort. Quentin was reportedly homosexual, which LRH considered to be a dangerous perversion. Quentin attempted suicide in 1974, and was placed in the Rehabilitation Project Force, Scientology’s in-house prison camp. On October 28th, 1976, Quentin made another suicide attempt, and was found unconscious in his car. LRH’s alleged reaction was to scream “That stupid fucking kid! Look what he’s done to me!” Quentin died two weeks later without regaining consciousness. He was 22.

Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard (“Suzette”): Became active in the Church. Suzette had a romantic relationship with then-Scientologist Arnie Lerma, until Hubbard learned of their plans to elope. Lerma left Scientology and went on to post the OT levels to the Internet (on which Indies like Marty Rathbun now rely). Suzette is reportedly still involved with Scientology, though not in upper management. Like her sister, she has not spoken out against David Miscavige.

Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard: Arthur grew up in Scientology, but reportedly drifted away from the Church. An artist, he went by Arthur Conway rather than Arthur Hubbard, presumably to avoid association with his famous father. He may have accepted a financial settlement in exchange for not speaking out about Scientology or his father.

LRH went on to teach that children are just “thetans (spirits) in little bodies,” and since they do not contribute much work, are “down-stat” (non-productive) and deserving of little resource allocation, hence the disgraceful conditions in Scientology Sea Org day care centers (the “Cadet Org”) and the eventual ban on Sea Org members being banned from having children (or coerced into having abortions). For more on Scientology’s attitude towards children, see this Caliwog article.

Happy Father’s Day, LRH, and thank you for setting such a craptastic example of parenthood for your customers suckers culties followers!


9 responses to “Happy Father’s Day, LRH!

  1. I don’t think Diana Hubbard is in the church anymore!
    This is Diana Ron’s daughter on Facebook and she has at least one independent scientologist as her friend namely; Ing-Marie Lundberg from Sweden. I have asked the owner of the site Ksw Sweden Stefan Tunedal if this Diana on Ing-Marie Lundberg’s friend list is Ron’s daughter and he told me it is his daughter!

    KSW Sweden!

    Diana Hubbard on Facebook!

    • I don’t believe this is Diana Hubbard on Facebook.

      Her profile reads:- “I love Jesus! I have 4 children,5 grandchildren,6 great grandchildren, . Oh, and 5 chihuahuas.”

      That doesn’t sound like her to me.

  2. I just finished reading Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr’s “Messiah or Madman? and this book put the whole problem to rest for me.
    He was a despicable lying coward and a shit father. May he rot in hell.
    I also just received the new CoS “Promo” pushing the new Ron The Legacy series and the level of delusion promoted in their DVD here reaches new heights, 16 Hard back Volumes rewriting history. The Man. The Legacy. The Legend… If we just look at the legacy, the world would be a much saner piece if that piece of shit had never been born.

  3. come on Cali…..there is plenty of things happening right now…..
    we wait for new thread….
    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  4. Wow. Scientology must have pissed off Rupert Murdoch very seriously.

    I have been contacted by a number of people working for his papers that he owns asking for information about the church of Scientology and their dirty secrets.

    My advice to everyone is write up what you know and get it to any of Rupert’s papers, especially anything about Tom Cruise or John Travolta, it looks like Rupert Murdoch is going after the Church of Scientology, this is a fight the church can not win, I wonder if they are stupid enough to go after him?

  5. That’s really good to know Aaron. In particular, I felt that Miscavige’s joking and talking about Travolta’s and Cruise’s auditing secrets deserved a much wider audience, so that it would get the attention of the stars. Of course, the latter comes mostly from Marty and Mike, but it seems plausible, especially about Travolta, around the time Battlefield Earth was being made.

    I think this divorce has the potential to increase the public’s awareness of Scientology’s controlling nature and craziness by a factor of… All depends on what Katie comes out with, and how the cult and Cruise react.

    As far as Marty’s ode to Hubbard as a father, LOL.

  6. If one takes the top Scientologists of the last 15 years and views their lives, what they went through, what their families went through it reads like a train wreck.

    There is no doubt that if everyone on the planet had the least worst luck of anyone on this list, that the world would be a pretty screwed up place.

    And yet these are top applicators of Scientology technology, it certainly is a telling tale. It also makes a lot of sense why these people push Scientology with the strife in their lives and the direct company they keep, it is little wonder they consider the world to be a swindling spiral – al their lives and of those directly around them were that and a lot worse.

    Review the deaths, what happened to their siblings (include parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters), and the relationships these people have and have had, and view their current circumstances and their viewpoints of Scientology:

    Bill Robertson
    David Mayo
    Greg Wilhere
    David Miscaivige
    Marty Rathbun
    Mike Rinder
    Tom Cruise
    John Travolta
    The Archer Family
    The Presley Family
    The Hubbard Family

    All these people and their families have gone through hell – and it is all self inflicted which is the odd part. If this does not show the unworkability of it, then I do not know what does.

    It is ironic that in the movement against Scientology corporation and against the tech (myself included in this group), the tradgedies that have befallen those and their life histories reveals nothing but pain, and it is little wonder in their current circumstance they see relief and joy – whether they say they are for or not for LRH tech or the Corporate Scientology.

    The real dismay to people on the outside viewing in on all this is that al had to go through – often through their own volition – this pain at all as again, it is often self inflicted.

    The truth is Scientologists, ex-Scientologists and ex-C of S members pro tech are all fine examples of why no one should ever do or contemplate Scientology.

    What happened to Karen’s son is another example – and to boot what has happened to DMs family and JTs loss, the Feshbach pending loss…christ the list is a trainwreck from hell – who needs to give their opinion on the tech at all when there is this much disaster and turmoil to behold?

    Where do the magazines even start with all this?

  7. And here is the most alarming aspect of the above list – they are not victims, they are perpetrators of their own misery.

    No one tells Archer to give her child away to the Sea Org. No one would deny Archer if she demanded feshbach get treatment – they hold power and weight.

    Dm himself, look at his brother and father and ex-wife. He held the power to control what happened.

    CO OSA INT, Mike – if there is one man who could manipulate the circumstances to get a good outcome – it was him, and instead look what happened.

    The same with just about anybody on this list – they were in control of what happened, and their troubles spawned from their misguided values.

    Family is not as important as Scientology. Christ, if a Sea Org member or top Scio tells you “You are like family to them” then watch out because it clearly means you are unloved, dispensible, replaceable and can be let go of at a moments notice.

    And so the cycle of misguided views of family, what love is and what peace is cycles down through their families.

    Is there anyone reading this that would ant their children to grow up with anybody on that list? Just one? You could take the best genetics, the best chance a human being could have and turn them over to these people and watch them be destroyed.

    A book never does it. Neither does a religion or cult, but a viewpoint that results in actions certainly does.

    I note that al the above people listed not a single one has ever said the misery in their family or those around them was ever their fault – it is always someone elses.

    LRH blames his bad generals, the FBI, the Government, the AMA, shitty SO personnel…you

    DM blames his bad staff, the evil press, the monsters running the world. Marty blames the evil DM and those that follow him. Mike blames DM and the big shots at WDC and cMOI for his misery.

    Wilhere blames the SPs in the field for making his son and wife PTS.

    Tom Cruise blames the SPs for getting to his wife and her family of “evil non-Scios”.

    JT blames his sons death on the Medical profession for NOT treating his son and blames Scientology for not doing more “good”.

    Tommy blames the SPs he has had to deal with for what happened to Kate Feshbach – it is their fault she is PTS and thus dying. It has nothing to do with the medical treatment she didnt get.

    Lisa Presley blames the tactics of a Church she has watched do this to others for decades without batting an eye lid – christ her father pointed out exactly what type of people they were and she ignores him.

    For each of the above we see the true cause as their own actions. They are victims of their own actions and ironically, they ALL love to surround themselves with people who tell them “It is not their fault” and help them to seek out and destroy “The perceived enemy and true cause” just like LRH did in his books.

    If Scientology teaches you anything, it is clear that the root of all evil, failure and misery is all due to your own actions – and yet this one piece of truth (which is not fucking rocket science fro christs sake!) is the one piece of “tech” none of them like to quote to anyone.

    And then when they do, it is always “My act of omission is my act of self destruction” load of bullshit when it really is “Their willful act they did and had nothing to do with omission”.

    “I should have done more” “I should have done this to stop it” are all the crappy lines a real self victim gives to others who should be saying “I did this” “I gave my child away” “I did such and such”.

    None of the above people could even tell you the following about their direct family or ex-souses:

    1. Their favorite film.
    2. What music they like.
    3. What their ideal fashion look is.
    4. What sports they like.
    5. Their favorite animal.
    6. What part of history most impresses them or facinates them.
    7. What their partners like sexually the most.
    etc. etc.

    Anything to do with what humans are really all about is something they are all clueless about.

    Why should Mike even bother wanting to know his children now? He was never there as a father, doesn’t have a clue about how to raise them and his best advice is put your dick in and watch a fetus grow – because that is the extent of his knowledge on raising children.

    HE does not know his kids now, and he never did. “He loves them” is really phoney. He has a genetic inclination to want to protect his kids, but then used Scientology to override this desire and then he wonders why he has an awkward relationship with them.

    They do not want to know him. they have been told lies. They wouldnt believe those lies if they knew him – but they never did, because Mike never gave them a chance.

    People know their children and they know their parents if they are a factual family. And Mike and the others above – like Karen – just do not. Son or daughter is a title given to a thetan who inhabits the fetus you created is the sum of their knowledge. There is so much more to having children and family, but they will never know.

    their direct fami

  8. Third, because I have successfully understood and applied the technology of L. Ron Hubbard to intended result, over and over again, both in the church of Scientology and out while under intense attack by the same entity, I have earned the right to have my own opinions on the subject – as have others. Hubbard himself acknowledged that right in the first lecture he delivered on the subject of how to study, Studying – Introduction, 18 June 1964. If others do not have that same level of certainty of application and result I can understand their steadfast unwillingness to think with and discourse on the subject. But, to attempt to dissuade those who have – and to condemn them with belittling labels and false accusations about their alleged history – signifies a weak certainty on the subject in my opinion, and is anathema to the notion of broadening one’s horizons and is suppressive to the exercise of the one ability Scientology has always promised to deliver, knowing how to know. As will be made clear as we proceed, I would be very wary about putting a loved one’s spiritual destiny into the hands of such folk.

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