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Happy Father’s Day, LRH!

“You raised three fine children and one who died too soon…” — Marty Rathbun, An Ode to L. Ron Hubbard

Today being Father’s Day, I thought we could look at what kind of a father LRH was to his seven (not four) children. Let’s step through his offspring one by one, shall we?

Marriage #1 (Margaret Louise “Polly” Grub)

Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Jr. (“Nibs”): Nibs supported his father early on but left the Church in 1959 and turned against LRH, going so far as to change his name to Ron DeWolf. He was quoted in a 1983 Penthouse Magazine article as saying “99% of anything my father ever wrote or said about himself is untrue.” Nibs sued for control of his father’s estate when LRH went into hiding, so as to prove that his father was either dead or incapacitated. His stepmother (Mary Sue) later sued him for $5 million with no apparent objection from LRH. Nibs was named as a co-author of the unauthorized (and very unflattering) biography, L.Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman. After LRH died, Nibs accepted a settlement from the Church and agreed not to speak out against Scientology or his father. Nibs died in 1991; his grandson, Jamie DeWolf, continues to speak out against Scientology and LRH.

Katherine May Hubbard: Not much information known about Katherine, but in 1951, Polly filed papers saying that LRH had not paid child support since their 1947 divorce. Katherine is not acknowledged in Church biographies, which (like Marty) maintain that LRH had only four children, but she is named in alleged wills from 1979, 1982, 1983, and 1986 and in this 1994 copyright transfer notice.

Marriage #2 (Sarah Elizabeth Northrup)

Alexis Valierie Hubbard: After his marriage to Sarah broke up, LRH reportedly abducted both her and three-year-old Alexis, then released Sarah and took Alexis to Cuba. Eventually he returned Alexis to her mother in exchange for a written statement from her (Sarah) denying all the claims she made about him; Sarah signed so as to get Alexis back and get away from LRH. In 1970, at the age of 21, Alexis attempted to contact LRH. He wrote back, denying that he was her father (as he denied his marriage to Sarah), and she never tried to contact him again. Alexis is not mentioned in any legal paperwork, though in 1986 she reportedly received a financial settlement from the Church in exchange for her continued silence. LRH can be seen lying about being married to Sarah in this 1968 television program.

Marriage #3 (Mary Sue Whipp)

Diana Meredith Dewolf Hubbard: The oldest child of LRH and Mary Sue, Diana was favored by her father and reportedly remains active in Church management to this day. Notably, she has not spoken out against David Miscavige.

Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard (“Quentin”): After Nibs quit the Church, LRH expected Quentin to be his successor, regardless of the fact that Quentin wanted nothing of the sort. Quentin was reportedly homosexual, which LRH considered to be a dangerous perversion. Quentin attempted suicide in 1974, and was placed in the Rehabilitation Project Force, Scientology’s in-house prison camp. On October 28th, 1976, Quentin made another suicide attempt, and was found unconscious in his car. LRH’s alleged reaction was to scream “That stupid fucking kid! Look what he’s done to me!” Quentin died two weeks later without regaining consciousness. He was 22.

Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard (“Suzette”): Became active in the Church. Suzette had a romantic relationship with then-Scientologist Arnie Lerma, until Hubbard learned of their plans to elope. Lerma left Scientology and went on to post the OT levels to the Internet (on which Indies like Marty Rathbun now rely). Suzette is reportedly still involved with Scientology, though not in upper management. Like her sister, she has not spoken out against David Miscavige.

Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard: Arthur grew up in Scientology, but reportedly drifted away from the Church. An artist, he went by Arthur Conway rather than Arthur Hubbard, presumably to avoid association with his famous father. He may have accepted a financial settlement in exchange for not speaking out about Scientology or his father.

LRH went on to teach that children are just “thetans (spirits) in little bodies,” and since they do not contribute much work, are “down-stat” (non-productive) and deserving of little resource allocation, hence the disgraceful conditions in Scientology Sea Org day care centers (the “Cadet Org”) and the eventual ban on Sea Org members being banned from having children (or coerced into having abortions). For more on Scientology’s attitude towards children, see this Caliwog article.

Happy Father’s Day, LRH, and thank you for setting such a craptastic example of parenthood for your customers suckers culties followers!