Grab your coat, the snow job is a-comin’!

Shit, maybe I’m not going on hiatus just yet.

Marty’s latest blog entry, Meet the Editors – What Is Wrong With Scientology? talks about the purposes of Marty’s (supposedly) upcoming book. From the book’s title, we can already tell that Marty will be using a classic Church of Scientology technique: Redirection.

It works like this: We protesters say “Scientology is wrong.” Instead of saying “No it isn’t,” the Scientologists hijacks the subject by saying “You’re right! There is something wrong with it. Here’s what it is.” And it is invariably something that works in Scientology’s favor. In Marty’s case, you can bet the lives of your children that it will be David Miscavige.

Sounds simple, but see how effective it can be? Marty will essentially use all of our good work to make it sound like we’re all on the same side. Scientology is evil. That evil is ’cause of Miscavige. Get rid of Miscavige and the evil is gone.

Except it’s not, because Scientology is rotten to the core. But I’m pretty sure Marty won’t say that.

In this blog entry, Marty says, “…in describing what is wrong with Scientology, I tell what Scientology is, or what it was intended to be by L. Ron Hubbard.”

Well, now, that’s a problem, because what LRH meant Scientology to be, and what he said it was intended to be, are two different things.

LRH said Scientology was a way to help mankind – a mantra that Scientologists cling on to like some sort of lifeline. Problem is, as we all know, LRH was a proven liar. The Church deals with this by encouraging its parishioners not to believe anything about Scientology or LRH that did not originate from the Church. Marty encourages his flock to read a bit more – not too much “entheta,” but some outside stuff. Problem is, when you do that, you run into bullshit that simply cannot be justified. Hence Marty’s “not everything LRH said should be taken literally” mantra. (Bullshit again. LRH literally said to always take him literally.)

Basically, Marty is going to use the words of a known bullshit artist to justify that artist’s own bullshit. It doesn’t add up unless you want it to add up.

And Scientologists like Marty desperately want it to add up.

Anyway, this whole redirection and truth-substitution thing is a Church technique. Heber Jentzsch, a favorite Scientologist of both Marty’s and mine (but for entirely different reasons), used it to great effect by trying to out-shout and out-bully his opponents (as heard in the greatest Scientology interview ever). And now Marty is probably going to use it in his book.

Sorry, tell me again how Marty’s Independent movement is that different from the Church of Scientology? Because the more I distance myself from the whole thing, the more trouble I have telling the two of them apart.


3 responses to “Grab your coat, the snow job is a-comin’!

  1. Sharone Stainforth

    So glad you are not off just yet, great write up!

  2. What is wrong with Scientology? Nothing that Scientology couldn’t fix if any of it actually worked.

  3. I’ve always wanted to post something like this this on Marty’s website!

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