Daily Archives: June 9, 2012

Caliwog on hiatus

Hello, fellow wogs! Due to some other obligations in my life, I’ll once again have to hang up Caliwog for a little while. I’m not giving up and no one has gotten to me. But I think we’ve reached a good point for me to take a break: The Church is continuing its downward slide and Marty, having run into an intellectual cul-de-sac by saying that L. Ron Hubbard was not to be taken literally, has gone back to his “successful actions” of posting rambling stories of the newly liberated and “leaking” ten-plus-year-old “dox” revealing innocuous marketing advice. Scientology is spinning its wheels as usual.

Keep checking back every couple of weeks, as I’ll post when necessary. If you’re new, dig back through the archives. There’s a lot of good stuff here on the basic scam of Scientology, how it works, where LRH cribbed his materials, etc. That shit never changes.

Hey, you know what? If anyone wants me to post a blog entry here, send it to caliwog at hotmail. (Dot-com, of course.) Give me a couple of weeks as I’m checking mail infrequently.

Oh, and Marty sez his first book is supposedly coming out soon… not the big book, but an alternative, smaller book. I definitely can’t wait for that!!

Thanks, Wogs, and I’ll be back on the air in a little bit!