Scientology’s Credo of a True Group Member: Part 3

We’ve been looking at L. Ron Hubbard’s “Credo of a True Group Member,” the policy behind Scientology’s “us vs. them” mentality. Let’s get through the last few points.

“13. On the group member depends the height of the ARC of the group. He must insist upon high-level communication lines and clarity in affinity and reality and know the consequence of not having such conditions. And he must work continually and actively to maintain high ARC in the organization.”

Note: The last sentence is italicized in the original.

This deals with the Scientology concept of ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication), which LRH said is the key to human communication. (It’s high-falutin’ hogwash, which I picked apart in The BS of ARC). The point of this point is that group members always have to put on a happy face, no matter how bad things are going or how much doubt they have. This is part of the reason you always see videos full of happy, smiling, over-enthusiastic Scientologists (who turn all snarling and nasty when Anonymous turn their own cameras on) – they are being True Group Members! This goes hand in hand with the points I talked about in Part Two, in which group members may not “enturbulate” leaders, and if they do choose to exercise their “right” to object, must do so loudly enough for all the other members to see that they are not going with the program.

“14. A group member has the right of pride in his tasks and a right of judgment and handling in those tasks.”

Another one of my favorites. If you’re given something to do, you have the right to be proud of it. This alleviates the group member from having to make any moral judgement about whether the task the are carrying out is right or wrong in the first place. Don’t judge your own actions, just be proud that you did your job! Same deal with having judgement in how to handle it… what about judgement as to whether you should do that task in the first place? Nope, no need to worry about that. (“Ours is not to wonder why…”) And what makes this latter point all the more poignant is that it contributes to Scientologist’s conception that they are free to act as individuals, when in fact they conform to the thoughts and actions dictated by L. Ron Hubbard.

Not that it matters, because in the “group” of Scientology, this point is routinely ignored. Hubbard wrote policy on how to do everything, from the way questions are worded to how the org is to be cleaned. In a Scientology organization (or an “admin tech” company), one is “hatted” in how to use equipment. Few Scientologists dare exercise their “right” as a group member to try to find a better way.

“15. A group member must recognize that he is, himself, a manager of some section of the group and/or its tasks and that he himself must have both the knowledge and right of management in that sphere for which he is responsible.”

More intelligent-sounding bullshit that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The idea is that you must take ownership of whatever little scrap of responsibility you are given. Take my earlier examples of my old-car group or my monthly poker game. Am I a “manager” of some section? No way. I do nothing to help with organization of the car group and my specialty is playing bad hands of poker, not organizing the games, so how, per LRH, am I a “true” member of the group? Now, I know how a Scientologist would answer this, because I have had similar discussions: They would say that I “manage” my individual hand of cards or the old car that I own. Well, I suppose that’s true – but it has nothing to do with the spirit of the point LRH was making, which is that one must feel one is in a managerial role, even if one is just doing shit work to feed the machine. But Scientologists will go to great lengths to make LRH’s bullshit seem workable and true, even when it isn’t.

“16. The group member should not permit laws to be passed which limit or proscribe the activities of all the members of the group because of the failure of some of the members of the group.”

Man, I love this one. Remember, this was a quarter-century before LRH would go into hiding while his wife and a few other expendable accomplices went to jail for Scientology’s crimes. Reading this, I can’t help but think that even as early as 1951, LRH knew that in order to make his scam succeed, he’d have to skirt the law to get around the objections that Dianetics was already facing. Today, this serves Marty and the Indies well as an argument for prosecuting the practitioners of Scientology policy, without bringing the policies and creeds that led to such activity under the scrutiny of law. This is impossible and illogical, but Hubbard never let reality get in the way of a good con.

“17. The group member should insist on flexible planning and unerring execution of plans.”

In other words, get it done no matter what. Another constant theme in Scientology: “Make it go right.” Doesn’t matter if the plans are flawed, or illegal, or morally wrong, or a PR disaster, as Scientology plans often are; a group member is not to question, but is to simply insist that the plans are executed unerringly. This helps to explain the extraordinarily high number of foot-bullets fired by both the Church and independent Scientologists.

Last one:

“18. The performance of duty at optimum by every member of the group should be understood by the group member to be the best safeguard of his own and the group survival. It is the pertinent business of any member of the group that optimum performance be achieved by any other member of the group, whether chain of command or similarity of activity sphere warrants such supervision or not.”

This is the grand finale, and it’s a good one: Not only must everyone must do their best for the group, but they must insist on similar standards for others. This helps explain the rationale behind “crush regging,” the relentless harranguing for money and the berating of those who don’t give ’till it hurts: Everyone must do what they can for the group. Indies love to blame this behavior on David Miscavige, but there we see it in LRH’s words: It’s part of being a True Group Member.

LRH was right about one thing: This level of commitment is necessary for the survival of the group, or at least the group of Scientology. Unless everyone works together to hold the scam of Scientology together, it’s bound to fall apart… as it already is. People leave Scientology when they see the truth through the cracks.

But Hubbard was wrong when he said that the survival of the individual relies on the survival of the group. If my poker group breaks up, or if Emma closes down ESMB, the individuals who make up those groups will be just fine. And if Scientology comes to an end – all of it, not just the organized Church – I have no doubt that the members of that group will be much, much more able to survive.


8 responses to “Scientology’s Credo of a True Group Member: Part 3

  1. Pete Griffiths

    He says “group” but he really means, Scientology.

  2. Lisa Marie Presley is a coward.

    She has left the Church, and understands that it is an organization that is hypercritical and wrong.

    And yet she will not say anything publicly about it – probably die to some agreement she has with them. I have a huge problem with this, because it is like a doctor supporting a drug and telling people to use it, then they find out it hurts people and they do nothing.

    She is responsible for many people joining and now takes no responsibility for informing them or others that it is wrong.

    There are only two answers: 1, she thinks it is still good, but for some crazy crazy reason it does not work for her but night for others so feels guilty telling others not to do it. This is a clear indication (if true) that she left for the wrong reaosns and really, she just doesn’t get it at all why it is bad.

    2. She has an agreement with them. Her responsibility is huge. People joined because they thought it must work if it worked for her, and she was proud telling the world about it. If this is the reason, then she is a damn coward and has taken no responsibility for her own actions; and it is disgusting.

  3. Aaron, give her a chance. She’s penned two songs on her album as a big “f*** you” to Scientology, which is more than most exes do.

    She sad “sadly” she can’t talk about Scientology on this promo, which I think is more to do with her record company, than any agreement with Scientology. If there was an agreement with Scientology she would not be singing about what an SP she is.

    Wait until the promo is over and done, and I think she will give her Scientology interview. Also, don’t forget she was dragged in as a kid, and hasn’t exactly promoted it in say the same way Jason Beghe did.

  4. It’s part of the bait and switch. Individual development and autonomy switching to “if the group dies, we all die.” It’s probably something Hubbard got from the military. He thought of Scientology as a siege on the world, and members found that exciting.

  5. Well it doesn’t really matter if I give her a break or not – she doesn’t read these boards or any others for that matter.

    Which brings up a vital point as to where her disaffection is coming from.

    It is from her own “personal experience”.

    This is the gift of Scientolgoy where facts can be all around you, and you remain blind to it until it happens to you and then all of a sudden you “wake up”, but you really don’t because your realization was there to be had all the time.

    The real question every ex has to ask is why they were unable to evaluate while IN there. The solution is not to walk away from Scientology, the solution is to figure out why you didn’t SEE it when you were there. It wasn’t hidden, the problems were everywhere, so how come you didn’t see it?

    And that is my point with Lisa, she required them to go against her for her to think it was all bad. Kids have been screwed up, people have died, families lost for decades and she saw it – so how come that was OK, but when they start going through the trash they are all of a sudden sinners?

    There is no “gradual wake up” from Scientology. You either wake up or you don’t. And if your not at that point and you see “gradual change” in the persons viewpoint what you are really seeing is another set of beliefs being set up based on false thinking or the inability to think, and they will end up in the Catholic church or Marty’s group.

    Very few ex-Scios are ex-anything. Most have their belief in the spiritual, the after life or some other balderdash – and now have it fixed firmly that there “is a way” to be “spirutally free” just not via Scientology.

    They never got they were never spiritually trapped in the first place and they miss the point they are not a spirit. They are flesh and blood.

    Afterlife does not exist. And neither does heaven or hell. It is all Myth. And it is compariable to kids believing in father christmas or the tooth ferry.

    Religion suffered set back after set back as science showed us what the world is without ever wanting to prove religion wrong or ever setting out to – they just observed what IS.

    And now Religion is a joke because if you look you can see it is a joke. Scientology is the same.

    And I will repeat, why can these people simply not think and see facts?

    It is because they do not know how to think – and they were programmed to not think.

    that is what they need to work on whether it is Scientolgoy, Jonestown, mormonism etc.

    Leaving or fighting the church means nothing.

    • The Greater Good for The Greater Number of Goddamn,Mother-Fucking Bitching, Cock-Sucking, Bitch-Slapping, Turd-Cutting, Whore Mongering, Kunt-Likcing, Douche-dribbling…Fucking MisCavige Butt-Fucking DYNAMICS!!!!!! MOTHRER FUCKERS !!!!!!!THATS WHY!!!!!!!YOU SEE !!??!! DON’T YOU FUCKING GET IT YOU GOD-DAMNED RE-FUCKING-TARDS ???!!!!!!!!????

  6. Why Scientology must be destroyed.

    The destruction of Scientology is as a statement one that brings about negative association, probably because “destruction” is best used to describe the intended action towards something that every person in ones vicinity can agree on is truly evil.

    Depending on who you are, stating Scientology is evil is clearly a relative term.

    When we review situations in Society that require analysis to determine whether they are destructive forces or not, we take a look at the statistics, but beyond that, we determine the causes for those statistics.

    Perhaps we have a situation where the crime rate in one city has doubled, but finding a statistic such as perhaps “school attendance” that has plummeted by half in itself is mearly coincidence. We could not say “school attendance dropped, so crime went up”.

    Upon further inspection we find that a major industrial company shut down and children were required to help at home or to farm crops, and the actual rise in crime was an increase in police force form one person to three, and so they captured 3 times as many “crimes” perhaps 90% all speeding associated “crimes”.

    So statistics must be very carefully used when we decide as a group of protestors if Scientology should be abolished.

    Scientology can certainly be abolished, this was touched upon several years ago or more when the role of HCO’s was raised and how fundamentally, the destruction of HCOs will result in a very rapid failure of Scientology – we will touch on this again later.

    So is Scientology destructive?

    According to certain personal views – always of those who have left, yes it is. To those who have not left, no it is not. What is interesting to note is that almost all those who left and are unhappy with Scientology on the whole were some of it’s most active participants.

    If we have stats to hand we can say yes. currently, most stats are ambigious and not clarified. As a group we suspect strongly based on observations that the following would hold true if a statistical analysis (not a Scientology Stat Analysis, a real one) was done:

    A.) Sea Org members have lower standards of education that they normally would if they were to be within the norms for their minority/majority cultural group (black, white, rich, poor etc).
    B.) That Sea Org members can only become poorer upon entrance to the Sea Org, eventually resulting in zero assets or finance.
    C.) That where someone leaves Scientology, there is a probability that if they leave and they have family in Scientology, that the relationship will be destroyed.
    D.) That Scientology as a corporation executes illegal acts to silence critics and potential critics.

    There are many other stats everyone is interested in.

    It has bee shown that the cessation of Scientology via legal means is not simply improbable, but is impossible as an absolute certainty. one can take any person to court, but one can not take an ideology to court and win. Regardless of the number of potentials leaders in Scientology, it will remain oppressive and even in light of a slightly benign leadership, will still follow LRH policies and essentially keep SO Members as slaves – it must do so or it simply financially or any other way can not survive. It is not simply a matter of paying people – if they get paid they have money, if they have money they have options and the easiest option is to one day leave. If they have no money and have a family they must stay.

    No amount of external force can destroy Scientology. As a point of physics, if the true armor of Scientology is it’s huge financial potential to create problems, then the smaller we may it, the factual stronger the smaller body gets if it shrinks disproportionally to the armor.

    Example 10,000 members, and they can use $500 to protect each member. Reduce the number down to 5,000 members with $1,000 for each member and you actually raise the ability of the Sea Org to keep some of those people more so than before. The irony being if you hit it enough you get just a few left with an near infinite amount of money to protect themselves and the few remaining.

    And also per physics, if it does grow this small (as it has done before) but absorbs more armor, when it regrows, it becomes stronger than before – perhaps not as big, but stronger.

    How many of you have shown indisputable facts to a Sea Org member that perhaps 15 years ago would have made him run, but now he just grins and bears it?

    You know what I am talking about – the core that remains is staunch.

    As an example of this, now the armor around Int Staff is higher than before including some core members to such a degree we can not even directly observe them and even know if they are alive or captive.

    When faced with a sphere, it takes many orders less explosives to destroy it from inside then it does externally.

    10,000 active people destroying Scientology from the outside would not equal 100 people within it to destroy it.

    Therefore the solution to the destruction of Scientology is to lace internally the material that will cause it to explode, rather then trying to explode it from the external force.

    It will not matter if Scientology is aware of the plan or not – it can nto prevent it from happening because also per physics, all energy that comprises that sphere is not internally grown anymore (Cadet Org etc), it all must come from external sources.

    This is a great weakness, and the costs the Sea Org spends trying to defend this pipeline is huge.

    But what is that line?

    It is the line which all Scientologists much go through to prevent their leaving, to ensure their subverted and obidient, and it is the same line every communication of Scientology has no choice but to go through.


    Nothing destroys an organization faster than a useless HCO or even better, a corrupted one.

    Almost every failure can be traced to HCO.

    Entheta on the liens of HCO disrupt an organization severely.

    Here are a few examples of disruption that would cause immense problems for an organization:

    1. Overflow of Knowledge Reports naming eveyone. HCO by virtue must investigate – even if suspected as false. the result will ALWAYS be SOME of those interviewed feel like they have been unfairly treated, or suspected, and thus become disaffected.
    2. Those people must then be handled by other people. And their families.

    Even if the organization knows this is what is being done, it MUST follow procedure as anyone reading those reports will at some point accept an enemy line and pass it on.

    1. False SP Declares.
    Produce on Goldenrod declares on a vast number of Scientologists for the ver things going on in the organization which the staff are aware of and get these SP declares on the notice boards or send to every HCO.

    As an example, declare a person for entering into a squirrel cult that does things Scientology does. Declare someone for changing the tech and HCOBs just like the Church does. Declare someone suppressive and deliberatly disconnect their children in the declare. Declare Tom Cruise for using staff to build him – personal profit. Declare John Travolta for out 2-D behavior and perverted 2-D acts. Whether the staff are aware it is false or not will result in SOME enemy lines being accepted. It will also result in SOME questioning Scientology. It ALWAYS does which is why HCO staff are recycles like bottletops – they get lost more than others.

    Sadly, they can also become the most hardened and never leave.

    The Sea Org responds by now having all communication liens monitored at great expense. Monitring the entrances, perhaps even changing the command structure having senior staff handle communications even before HCO gets them.

    The end result is massive Dev-T and a loss of staff and public.

    The key here is:

    For everything the Sea Org does that makes it hard, do the exact same thing because when the pressure builds, people leave.

    1. Contact. Letters asking questions, letters, phone calls & emails asking about aspects of Scientology or illegal suspected activities are all LEGAL to do – you can not get in trouble asking questions. The same goes for massive enquiries to city councels and the like demanding answers – it all takes someone in the church answering them.

    You will reach a point where most information starts to be ignored, and then the real situations do not get picked up on and real explosive situations, suicides, deaths, out 2-D etc actually get overshadowed and these things bring about destruction.

    1. flyer drops of known Scientologists that have been declared at events is highly effective. Keep dropping them. “Do you think he is an SP?” some who knew the person will question it. etc. etc.

    Attending events and standing up calling DM a liar will simply get you evicted from the Shrine Auditorium – but not arrested. Say your peace and leave.

    There are so many forms of causing HCO to fail that it boggles the mind.

    right now the Sea Org is executing an operation – at great expense – to weed out email addresses, contacts because of this sort of thing – and because of what Debbie Cook did with her emails.

    Do not worry, just do it again and again and again.

    To prevent victims, take the current culprits – all Scientology staff and Sea Org members and lay upon them so much pressure they will explode into leaving or destruction.

    Explosion from internal combustion is far more effective than an external hammer against them.

    Overload the Sea Org HCOs entirely with massive volumes of traffic and the resources and mistakes that will be made will be…huge.

    Leave the legal arena alone – they own it pretty much and it effects a very small percentage of people in the SO or Scientology, whereas HCO effects them all.

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