Science catches up to L. Ron Hubbard

When I set out to write my series on the Credo of a True Group Member, I promised myself I would spend a straight week writing about LRH tech and not get distracted by any Marty Rathbun fuckery. But then he posted Life After Death and the Scientology Axioms, and it’s so farging funny that I just… can’t… help… myself!

Here’s the gist of the post: Marty starts off with a few of LRH’s “Axioms” – I’ll get to those in a minute – and then cites a pair of articles by Robert Lanza as evidence that LRH was right. Robert Lanza is an acclaimed doctor who has made great strides in the field of stem cell research. He is also a proponent of “biocentrism,” the theory that biology is the highest of the sciences and that the presence of life is what brought the universe into existence, and not the other way around. It’s a belief that loosely aligns with LRH’s idea that “thetans” (spirits) “postulate” the universe into existence.

Marty links to two of Lanza’s articles, Does the Soul Exist? Evidence Says Yes and Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t The End. (If Dr. Lanza owned L. Ron Hubbard’s album The Road To Freedom, he’d know that “Death is only an invention.”) Here’s the over-simplified version: Since what we experience of the world around us (sights, sounds, smells, etc.) is actually our brain’s interpretation of stimuli, and since experiments seem to indicate that the act of observing an experiment affects the outcome, then the universe around us is actually our own creation; and since fields like quantum physics have shown that many of our scientific theories break down at a certain level, science is wrong about the nature of life and all bets are off. Dr. Lanza’s opinions have met with mixed reactions; personally, I think they’re a bit too simplistic, indicative of the human need to come to firm conclusions rather than accepting that there are things we can’t quite understand. (It’s the same phenomenon that leads to our belief in God.)

Anyway, back to Marty, who uses these two controversial articles as proof that science is finally catching up to Hubbard. Wait, let me use his own words, because the jab at the organized Church makes them even funnier:

“Is it not a travesty that corporate Scientologists would be burned at the stake (figuratively) if they were to dare to even take a peek at such a magazine? Is it not a travesty that Scientology Inc is busy using the billions you have donated to them to stage public demonstrations of their flat earth mentality while science catches up with L Ron Hubbard?”

Lesson learned: Do not drink soda while reading Marty’s blog. My nostrils still hurt.

(Marty’s “burned at the stake” comment stems from the fact that the articles appeared in Psychology Today, which Scientologists are about as likely to read as Pedophelia Today. Shame, though, since Scientologists usually grab right onto anything that purports to prove Hubbard right. That said, given the scientific community’s mixed reactions to Lanza’s biocentrist theories, the Church might be smart enough to think twice about casting their lot with him.)

Marty’s evidence is the first ten of Hubbard’s “Axioms” (if you don’t want to read them on Marty’s site or a Church site, here they are in PDF). The Co$ says the Axioms are “truths which are proven by all of life and which represent the most succinct distillation of wisdom regarding the nature of the human spirit.”

In fact, they are made-up baloney that rely on a) careful redefinition of words and b) the utter certainty that Hubbard knew what he was talking about, and wasn’t just a blowhard who couldn’t tell an ion from an eon.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

“AXIOM 1. LIFE IS BASICALLY A STATIC. Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.”

One could spend hours arguing the intellectual merit of this. (A jellyfish has no brain; it can perceive but probably not postulate. So does it lack a life spirit? Or is each jellyfish inhabited by the spirit of some poor fucknob who meant to inhabit the body of a dolphin, but missed?) However, to accept this as a “truth” is completely and totally absurd. There is no proof and no way to prove it. But that doesn’t matter to Scientologists, who accept what Hubbard says as fact.


Not according to Webster’s dictionary it isn’t. It amazes me how a man so obsessed with dictionary definitions was so willing to abandon them when it suited his purposes to do so. Scientologists do the same thing; tell them LRH was a fraud, and they’ll whip out their dictionary, look up “fraud,” and explain why, even if Scn is a scam, LRH isn’t, by definition, a fraud. But give them something ridiculous like “Space is a viewpoint of dimension” and they’ll buy it without question. Unfuckingbelievable.


Sounds legitimate and defensible. But there are a host of other theories about time, and ironically, both of the Lanza articles Marty mentions cite an argument, based on an experiment, that time is more liquid than we thought, and that change can occur irrespective of time. But I don’t want to get into an intellectual debate, because that is another Scientology tactic: Argue the minutiae of something until your audience’s brain turns to mush and they just accept it, assuming that the reason Hubbard’s arguments make no sense is because Hubbard is smart and they are stupid. (Considering they’ve probably just paid $1,000 for a “course” that involves screaming at ashtrays, they might be right.)


I love this one, because after nine axioms that can be explained away, Hubbard drops in this non-sequitor. I’m tempted to say that I could just as easily claim that “THE HIGHEST PURPOSE IN THIS UNIVERSE IS THE CREATION OF A PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH,” but Hubbard apologists will dismiss that as a “glib” non-argument. Fair point, so let’s try this:

I would argue that since Hubbard’s axioms say that change is the primary manifestation of time, and a change in relative position of particles is a natural occurrence, then the creation of an effect is not the highest purpose, since effects are a by-product of the passage of time. A higher purpose would be to impose one’s own order on the universe – to stop the effects of time. So I would say that the highest purpose in the universe is the cessation of an effect.

That makes sense, right?

Of course it fucking doesn’t. I made it up without the slightest bit of thought. But because I can talk my way around it, it seems to make sense. I always talk about Scientologists mistaking verbosity for intelligence. There we are, I’ve just made it work for myself. (Give me a grand and I’ll give you an ashtray to scream at.)

Let’s get back to Marty’s premise: The fact that someone wrote an article in 2011 that happens to correspond with some of Hubbard’s writings does not lend even the slightest shred of legitimacy to his theories, let alone prove the absurd idea that science is “catching up” to L. Ron Hubbard. Both Lanza’s and Hubbard’s theories are questionable, and Hubbard wasn’t the first one to think of them, although he would like his followers to think he was.

That said, I will accept that science is catching up to L. Ron Hubbard when they prove the following theories, which you can hear in Hubbard’s own words:


Read more about Hubbard taking legitimate concepts and completely fucking them up in Positioning, Misunderstanding Of.

20 responses to “Science catches up to L. Ron Hubbard

  1. williamjohnson007

    Well lets see…
    ElRon got an
    F-nuclear physics
    F-analytical geometry

    I contend that Hubbard didn’t even have a respectable knowledge of the REAL world, so he invented one that suited HIM! To even remotely compare Hubbards’ rantings with SCIENCE is an insult. From Marty’s blog:

    ” For example, Hubbard states in the Tech dictionary not to go looking for 4th or 5th dimensions, etc., when the more modern scientific theories or trend indicate there might be something on the order of 11 dimensions.

    martyrathbun09 | May 9, 2012 at 10:37 am | Reply

    Clearly you’ve never exteriorized and viewed what he viewed, and those who have exteriorized continue to view. It is all there to behold.”

    Someone with a modicum of REAL physics knowledge calls Marty out on this and he responds that you have to leave your body to see it! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

  2. My favorite is this gem from the comments section, by Marty:-

    “Hubbard lectured in 1952 about how “particle” was a word used for convenience of understanding but that matter acted as both wave and particle which was a tad complex for enumerating succinct axioms. He claimed he flunked nuclear physics at George Washington University because he expressed that view then – and at the time scientific dogma held the smallest form of matter was indeed only solid particle. In either event, some ‘out there’ quantum physicists are saying the same today – particle or wave? Depends on the observer.”

    Apparently you have to be an “out there” quantum physicist to say that particle or wave depends on the observer.

    Someone called John P then challenges this absurd statement, and demonstrates that Hubbard could not have possibly been thrown out of George Washington University for expressing a view of particle/wave duality.

    Marty then responds to John P with a thinly veiled threat to “rail-road” him off the blog for such heinous behavior.

    Interesting though that Marty admits Hubbard flunked his class. What a shame the explanation was nonsense.

  3. Love the stuff from the comments. It’s material like this, when Scientologists have to work so hard to justify LRH, that I think is invaluable to the protest movement.

  4. The thing about Axioms is that they are intended to be a set of basic truths you can use to construct other ones. I don’t see how Hubbard’s “axioms” are used as the basis for anything else within Scientology.

    Also, if Hubbard had been better at math he probably would have been familiar with Godel. Godel proved that any axiomatic system of sufficient complexity to be interesting, such as math, cannot be fully described by a finite set of axioms.

    And yet Hubbard can describe the workings of life, the universe and everything in under a dozen?

  5. “A higher purpose would be to impose one’s own order on the universe – to stop the effects of time. So I would say that the highest purpose in the universe is the cessation of an effect.”

    That’s great Cali ! LOL.. I want to sign up.


  6. Has anyone been seeing the total crap from Marty in his comments section?

    Some guy from Gold nails it on the head about LRH and Marty’s response is to tell him he is miserable.

    Hoenstly, Marty runs around with a big puff but this guy is scared. He wants his indis to think he can stand up to DM but this is just total bull. Marty is, and has always been a total coward. He can;t help his brother, he can;t help his friends and when he was in the Sea Org he was scared of DM and shit himself everytime he saw DM.

    Even when Marty was leaving the SO, DM would scream at him and Marty took it. No, it was not confront, I mean he took it like a battered wife – he was scared.

    And now that he is out and has his little group to preach to, he has got to shoot down everything that counters that – including people.

    Sound like someone Marty used to know?

    Marty has no personality except the one DM created for him – so it is no wonder Marty is so predictable to DM.

    Marty a threat to Scientology? Oh, I do not think so. There is a jolly good reason why Marty doesn’t get a payout or a law suit from DM – why shoot down a total loser with no teeth and frankly, someone who looks more crazy than DM?

    From law enforcement point of view, here is a guy who escaped from a cult and his only complaint is that the leader isn;t true to the “word” of “God”…thats Marty’s complaint. Wow… who is going to take that seriously?

    All the things that happen to Marty, all the implied “imminent threats” from Scientology and Marty’s amazing ability to “thwart” it is the same hocus pocus horseshit LRH had the Sea Org thinking about governments, Psychs and law enforcement back in the 70’s.

    LRH said he was cop. An undercover agent for the US Military. A man who suffered eye wounds in active duty. A writer. A muscian. A Traveller. A philiospher. A “Master” mariner. A Humanitarian. A singer. A filmaker. blah blah blah.

    I used to know a guy who would have photos up in his house showing his trip to this place…that place…a shot with a celeb…a guitar on the wall…a photo of a hot girlfriend…very impressive guy.

    Behind all that he was bankrupt. No girlfriend – didnt even know the girl, had never left australia (all photoshoped) and so on – LRH is much the same way. Thousands who don’t know him, never knew him ignore all the facts and go with the hype of myth.

    Here is Marty. When he is asked a question about why LRH was and how to prove he ever was a cop. His response? Ignore it. Sort of like LRH, DM and any of the indi’s.

    For you not versed in Scientolgoy BS it is called “Confront” that is what they do when confronted with facts – turn off like lightbulbs and stare at you with a dumb look (like a possum in headlights).

    Scientology is virtually dead now, and like Otto Roos who was LRHs main man, people like Marty will soon die from old age and unhandled medical conditions. It will not be long before we wont have to worry about this bunch anymore.

    • At least Marty let the comment through. I agree his response was absolutely pathetic, but at least he let it through – and it was one of the most critical comments I’ve seen on his blog.

      There’s such a conundrum with Marty. It’s good that he reads non-Scn books on the meaning of life, and encourages others to do the same. It’s good that he met with Ursula Caberta, and took assistance from Mark Bunker when setting up his blog, and later let Mark write an article about his movie. It’s good that he lets SOME critical comments through. It’s good that he’s spoken out, to the media, about SOME of the abuses he witnessed in the church. It’s good that he often links to VV articles even if they are critical of Hubbard. It’s good that he came clean on Hubbard’s participation in Operation Snow White a few weeks ago.I

      All of the above are highly unusual behavior for a typical Scientologist.

      On the flip side of the coin is a reluctance to tell everything he knows, he refuses to make amends with people like Gerry Armstrong, he blames all of Scientology’s ills on Miscavige, and he continues to BS about other aspects of Hubbard’s life and works.

      • But it’s bad that he still believes in this lrh shit and makes his living (probably tax-free) selling it to others who might otherwise leave it behind. And it’s bad that he lies about lrh to preserve his bottom line.

  7. Why is it that Caliwog my last message is put on moderation and sometimes they get through without waiting there?

    • Because you are posting enturbulation that will not be tolerated!!!!!

      No, seriously, it’s because I keep forgetting to check the moderation queue. The multiple links sometimes trigger the spam filter. Sorry about that, if it happens again either post a short comment or email me at caliwog at hotmail. — ML, CW

  8. Soderqvist1: Marty refer fuzzily to a 1952 lecture by Hubbard!
    So it is not verified that Hubbard said he was flunked 1932 because he understood the wave/particle duality because science back then didn’t!

    I believe that the existence of the classical “path” can be pregnantly formulated as follows: The “path” comes into existence only when we observe it. –Heisenberg, in uncertainty principle paper, 1927

    In 1922, Bohr was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics “for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them.” Bohr also conceived the principle of complementarity: that items could be separately analyzed as having several contradictory properties. For example, physicists currently conclude that light behaves either as a wave or a stream of particles depending on the experimental framework – two apparently mutually exclusive properties – on the basis of this principle.Werner Heisenberg worked as an assistant to Bohr and university lecturer in Copenhagen from 1926 to 1927. It was in Copenhagen, in 1927, that Heisenberg developed his uncertainty principle, while working on the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics. Heisenberg later became head of the German nuclear energy project.

    “Radiation is either a particle or wavelength – these things become the fad or fashion …. One moment everybody says it is a wavelength and the next they say it is a particle. This has been going on since 1932.”
    [L. Ron Hubbard, Radiation and the Scientologist, lecture of 13 April 1957]

    Soderqvist1: Hubbard did seem to understand the wave-particle duality 1957 or wavicle as it is called nowadays; I have no reason to believe that he understood it 1952 either, as Marty Claims!

  9. This was an exchange between marty and myself when I dared to ask him about Hubbard being a Cop. He states in a reply earlier to Mr. Fancy that the joke was on “Mr. Fancy” and he WAS a cop. Scientologist believe that he was a cop sometime in 1948. I did some snooping and found about his arrest and move to Georgia. This is how Mary CONFRONTED me.

    Ellis | May 11, 2012 at 12:02 pm | Reply

    On August 31, 1948, Hubbard was convicted in San Luis Obispo, California, of petty theft. He left California to move to Savannah, Georgia late in !948…Do you really think that he became a cop between those dates? If you have details when he served, I would be more than happy to believe what you have said . Thanks.

    martyrathbun09 | May 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm | Reply

    I don’t care to make anyone believe what I say. You, quite apparently, do care so about your own utterances. Interesting conundrum for an mocked up valence.
    Ellis | May 11, 2012 at 1:28 pm | Reply

    Gosh, are you saying to me that I am possessed by evil or that I am doing evil because I ask you to explain your knowledge that LRH was a cop? You threw the fact back to Mr. Fancy with “the jokes on you” and replied with certainty that is was a policeman. I am not your enemy, only someone whom wanted you to back you facts..You would not expect less from anyone else.
    martyrathbun09 | May 11, 2012 at 1:38 pm | Reply

    Bullshit. You are here to run down Hubbard. And I am not here to prove his every utterance or give proof of his day by day whereabouts. If you read this blog you would understand that. So, if you haven’t, do so. If you don’t want to do so, get lost.
    Ellis | May 11, 2012 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    This is my last post about this…I’m sorry if I said anything untruthful but I stand by my statements abut LRH, I wasn’t Running him down. Although if the TRUTH runs him down, that is his undoing…You can’t have it BOTH can’t say that he did this or that and then say you don’t have to prove his utterances that you state as fact. The reason being is that he lied about alot, just because, and if he lied about the small stuff, he lied about the big stuff and the big stuff is what counts..I’m sorry that I have seemed to you as a waste of time. Sometimes you can judge a man by what they don’t say and you have answered my original question by not answering at all.
    martyrathbun09 | May 11, 2012 at 2:58 pm |

    Good riddance. You provided nothing to refute the statement, only a salacious, irrelevant stab.

    • Shame on you, Ellis, how dare you try to point out that the guy Marty has devoted his life to might not have been what he said he was. Don’t you realize that Marty is trying to run a business? How is he gonna sell LRH “tech” if people like you keep pointing out that he was a liar? 🙂

      Actually, I’m surprised that Marty let your comments through. Assuming his customers have a similar outlook to his, it’s probably good for business to let the LRH haters speak. But what he doesn’t seem to realize is that it also helps those unfamiliar with the subject to see that it’s a fraud. Let’s hope he doesn’t smarten up and go back to his old ways.

      ML, CW

    • It must get pretty tiring for Marty – he knows that critics know enough about Hubbard to make it impossible for them to ever give him any credibility.

      He knows that any exchange with a critic of Hubbard can only go one way.

      However, he knows it’s safe letting even the harshest comments through – if you’ve fallen for Hubbard then no amount of criticism is gonna change your mind.

  10. Because L. Ron Hubbard was a proven pathological liar in the Gerry Armstrong case when it comes to his history background and achievement doesn’t mean that his every utterance from cradle to the grave is lie. There may be some grain of truth Co$ Claim that he was a police officer with badge nr 2448 in January – 7 – 1948. Or what can be seen at a glance a Security Guard!

    In 1983 that identification card was used in the court in order to establish that Hubbard’s fingerprints was his on the letter he send to the court to disprove his son Nibs claim that he was dead or incompetent to take care of himself!

    The identification card is also part of the Coroner’s report 1986!

    Click to access l-ron-hubbard-coroners-report-complete.pdf

  11. Yep, Hubbard was a rent-a-cop. More on that in tomorrow’s blog entry!

    ML, CW

  12. But Hubbard was ahead of his time on the smoking more to prevent cancer thing wasn’t he?

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