Independent Scientology breaks up families

In his interview with Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega’s postscript thanked Christie Collbran, Mike’s girlfriend, for her patience, as she is just about to have a baby. (Congratulations, Mike and Christie.) His thank-you note links to this New York Times article about Christie and her ex-husband, Chris.

Chris and Christie were former Sea Org members who got tired of the atmosphere of control. Christie got pregnant (children are not allowed in the Sea Org, and members are encouraged to have abortions) and the two of them “routed out standardly” – in other words, they went through the proper process, complete with confessionals and a five-figure “freeloader debt” which they paid off. (Sea Org members get free Scientology classes and counesling in exchange for their labor. Per L. Ron Hubbard’s policy, if they break their billion-year contract, they are expected to pay for those services at full retail.)

Despite following Hubbard’s myriad and complex rules for leaving, both Collbrans were declared Supressive Persons, and their Scientology families disconnected from them. According to the article, Christie’s own mother sent her an email calling her a “snake in the grass.” But that’s not the disconnection I’m talking about – we already know that Church members cut ties with family members who go to the Independent movement, which Marty, Mike, and his ilk label as “forced disconnction” and blame on David Miscavige. (In fact, disconnection is an L. Ron Hubbard policy that Marty has defended.)

No, the disconnection I’m talking about happened later. Chris and Christie left as a married couple, but while Christie still believed in Hubbard and Scientology, Chris decided he wanted nothing to do with it. The NYT article quotes Chris: “Eventually I realized I was part of a con,” he said, “and I have to leave it and get on with my life.”

The NYT article ends with its own postscript:

“Despite all they have been through together, Ms. and Mr. Collbran are getting a divorce. The reason, they agree sadly, is that they no longer see eye to eye on Scientology.”

Let’s review: Chris and Christie apparently loved each other enough to stay together through the ordeal of being in, and leaving, the Sea Org. They had a baby together (although the NYT article seems to imply that her sole reason for getting pregnant was to leave the Sea Org, I have trouble believing that Christie would be so selfish and self-serving as to bring a child into this world strictly because she was too much of a coward to stand up and leave on her own). Their bond was strong enough to survive all that – and yet the wedge that drove them apart was simply that Chris realized that Scientology is a scam and Christie didn’t.

See, this is how Scientology really breaks up families. Believers don’t want to be with non-believers – and non-believers can’t stand to watch their loved ones delude themselves and waste all their money on Scientology services. Not all Scn/non-Scn relationships break up, but LRH policy pushes the us-vs-them mentality. Non-Scns are always viewed as wogs and “not part of the group.” They are always viewed with suspicion. Just note how dissenters on Marty’s blog (when they aren’t censored) are labeled as “OSA” (Office of Special Affairs, the Church’s secret police) or “agreeing with Miscavige,” even those who openly say that Scientology is full of shit.

Marty can crow all he wants about “forced disconnection,” but this is the Scientology mindset – and as long as people follow L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology will continue to break up families, whether they pratice inside the Church or on their own.


16 responses to “Independent Scientology breaks up families

  1. The key words here are scientology and/or scientologist. The words that define where they practice aren’t important. Most scientologists would argue that this isn’t disconnection. Scientology-technically, maybe it isn’t. People go their separate ways for all kinds of reasons in all walks of life. Indeed, scientologists and sea org members get divorced and “don’t have anything to do with the x anymore”. But, when the difference of beliefs comes into play, the scientologist is especially harsh. They quickly shore up the sides of their box and in doing so they ensure that by-in-large the only connections that remain are those that are in the box.

    Cali – Hubbard wrote about this too – OTs do better with other OTs.

  2. It amazes me that after getting out of the CoS, a husband is unable to convince his wife that they have just escaped a cult, not a church, and a wife would rather lose her husband than wake up.

    • Sid, I lived this when my spouse and I routed out. We (children and I) still live it – many years later.

      When we left neither one of us left for the reason that we thought it was a cult. It took years for that realization to sink in with me, and it obviously still hasn’t sunk in with my current-scientologist X.

      I made the point that X was choosing scientology over kids/family. It was one of the biggest fights we ever had. After 14 years of marriage and all we had been through I was regarded and labelled as a personal enemy as I had dared to suggest that they look at and/or question their beliefs.

      Despite their assertions that they could and would maintain family and belief, the shoring up of their box started immediately and was cemented by my lack of scientology participation and refusal to allow the children to be subjected to or manipulated into scientology, in any way.

      There is now a solid cemented disconnnection from the family, entirely due to their actions, their choices – repeatedly, over and over throughout the years.

      • Dear Catfish,
        I have observed the same thing, but I never understood it: Why someone would remain in a cult, doggedly, in spite of years of evidence that the cult is a lie. It seems that the cult “fills in” something that is “missing” in the person. And as long as the cult (appears to) fills that void, the victim will remain in the cult.
        One reason I stayed in the Scientology cult as long as I did was that I could not believe that anyone could lie about an idea as noble as “OT” (or Sublimation, or whatever you want to call it). I could not accept that Hubbard had simply invented the story to captivate his victims. It was impossible for me to believe that anyone could be so without any feeling of conscience. But after many years, piles of evidence, and lots of $s, I had to accept that Hubbard simply lied about it because he wanted money.
        So, even people who stubbornly believed in The Dream, eventually “gave in” and (painfully) saw the truth: they had been conned.
        However, large bodies of people I knew remained in Scientology and similar cults. Because they felt they weren’t really losing anything anyway? Because the realization of the deception would be just too painful? (Like Mad Empress Carlotta when Maximilian was killed in Mexico, 1867). If that phenomenon could be understood, that understanding could be used to help people.
        Fiat Lux

      • I am genuinely, sincerely, sorry to hear that.

        Nothing else I can say.

  3. johnny d / thetan-x

    I can’t help but have the feeling you are – whispering – when telling/typing you tale of woe at the hands of the Co$…………

  4. My inlaws are Lutheran. After my wife died, they have no contact whatsoever with their 2 grand childeren because I raise them Catholic. Sick people.

    • LOL. I was raised Lutheran. The beloved pastor of the Lutheran church that my parents currently attend left the Lutheran church and is now a Father in the Catholic church. We’ve attended a number of Catholic events which he led or spoke at. We haven’t been banned from the Catholic events or disconnected from by the Lutherans.

      If they are sick, I wouldn’t agree that being Lutheran makes them that way.

      • It’s more to do with them being selfish and controlling. They just pick their excuse for bad behavior.

  5. Andre Tabyoyon

    Closely examined over thousands one would see that religious beliefs and ideas cause hate in men, so much that they would die to get rid of non believers or defend their belief. Just take the time to look at the hate that is generated the presence of a religion. Also look and see if you can find any religious wars in the past few centuries that still sting the heart when reviewed….

  6. It gets a little old when people who are out of the church cry about not seeing their families – they hardly knew them before.

    I don’t think Mike Rinder would even know what his Children actually THINK, what food they like, what’s their favorite movie, food or what they like to wear.

    It wasn’t important then, and now he claims it is important?

    I call Bullshit.

    When we were there we all saw disconnections take place and we didn’t bat an eye, because to us at the time they were doing the right thing. We thought that because we had the wrong ideas about how to judge people, situations and circumstances.

    Nothing has changed with Mike, Marty, Debbie Cook or anyone else who still waves the Flag of Scientology.

    As long as they love a myth more than their own life, or the lives of their family, they are screwed.

    To this day we see the likes of Marty, Mike, Debbie, and a list that goes on forever trying to “smack the cult back” for “what they did”, and yet if you take a long look at their internet browser histories you will find thousands of links to Ron Hubbard, the Sea Org and other members.

    What should be there in those browser histories is “how to be a parent”, and the “value of education” and “studies on the brain, mind” etc. etc.

    Wounds won’t heal when you treat it with further infections.

    Before Mike could even be a father, he should try being human first, and then take the next step.

    There is nothing human about being a Sea Org member, or a Scientologist, if anything, it is the study on how to destroy everything that makes you human.

    To think that to be in Marty’s house you MUST submit tho the myth of LRH the Great, deny the existence of anything else as workable, and deny all other forms of education and knowledge.

    There is little Marty or Mike could actually constructively do to assist anyone unless it is placebo and they submit to their beliefs – to total proof their LRH is a myth.

    • To be fair to Mike Rinder I’m not certain he says it’s important now. I think he just says that he knew his family would disconnect, so he didn’t even bother trying.

      That man’s heart seems quite hard. It’s like he has no emotion, I hope he can be a good and loving and present father to his new family.

      In fact, you can sense among all the senior exes (Mike, Marty, Debbie) a real hardness about them. I guess they’re tough SOBs after their experiences in CoS, and to have risen to the top they would have needed to be tough.

      I wonder what kind of people they would have been had they never encountered L Ron Hubbard.

  7. After Mike’s kid grows up with the squirrel parents, he’ll join Miscavige’s Sea Org, so he can “get right with LRH.”

  8. Wow you are just making this all up. They where not kicked out of the Church when they left the S.O., I knew both of them. They decided to leave on their own, and after they decided to leave the Church Chris started doing drugs and seeing other women. Then Christie left him and moved in with another man immediately.

    I hate when people write about shit they know nothing about. There is so much B/S on the net.

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