VV’s Birthday Event story: Marty, you’re doing it wrong

Back when I was working for a secular Admin Tech company, I quickly came to realize that I made a better Scientologist than a lot of the Scientologists I worked with. I may not have believed in LRH’s bullshit, but it when it came to following LRH’s instructions, I had it all over the Kool-Aid drinkers. I was Mister Standard Tech.

Now it’s looking like I may have to take over Marty’s Independent Movement, too.

Marty’s latest blog entry, Ortega Calls Bullshit on Miscavige, is all about the Village Voice’s hilarious coverage of the LRH Birthday Celebration. Except Tony Ortega doesn’t call bullshit on Miscavige – he calls bullshit on Hubbard.

I was about to call Tony’s article “an excellent expose’ of Hubbard’s lies,” but the truth is, Tony doesn’t do much exposing and doesn’t need to. All he has to do is show the videos that feature Hubbard’s own words in his own voice, and it’s crystal clear to your average wog that L. Ron is as full of shit as the men’s room at a prune-eating contest. Tony does an excellent job of letting the facts – or, in Hubbard’s case, the fabrications – speak for themselves.

Now, if I was in the business of selling Scientology, as Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige are, the last thing I would do is link to this article, which is devastating to Hubbard’s credibility. But not Marty! Tony absolutely trashes Marty’s hero, and all Marty can say is “I don’t particularly cotton to Tony’s anti-Scientology tone and joking and degrading digs….”

Jesus, Marty, are you blind and stupid?

I suppose I shouldn’t be pointing this out, as by promoting the article, Marty is doing great harm to the Scientology movement, and that’s what I like to see. But I just can’t stand to watch someone so dedicated do such a lousy job.

I am doing my best to figure out how Marty can possibly see the VV article as damning Miscavige. Marty goes on to finish the sentence I quoted above with “…he has done a splendid job of chronicling the fraud and insanity that pass for Scientology Inc events.”

Is the idea that by showing these clips, which make it obvious that Hubbard is either deluded, a liar, or both, that the Church is somehow harming LRH’s reputation? That’s the best justification I could come up with, and let’s face it, it’s not a very good one. (UPDATE: Yup, that’s it. See below.)

No, it appears that Marty is doing the “Enemy of my enemy” thing. Tony has made the Church’s shit list; they are trying to paint him as an enabler of pimps and human traffickers (the VV takes ads for sexual services in their classified section) and a friend of the squirrels.

“I guess they didn’t want me linking to Tony’s article,” Marty writes. (To which I want to reply, “Well, of course they don’t want you linking to Tony’s article, you fucktard – it makes Hubbard look like a delusional buffoon!”) But Marty doesn’t see that. Instead, he writes, “Too late, and had I seen this infantile OSA statement beforehand, I would have linked earlier.”

Marty, maybe this hasn’t occurred to you, but if people realize Hubbard has no credibility whatsoever, and that he lied about his background and his abilities, THEY WON’T WANT TO BUY SCIENTOLOGY SERVICES FROM YOU, EITHER.

Seriously, Marty, maybe you should turn the whole Independent movement over to me. I may see Scientology as nothing but a fraud, but I’m pretty sure I can do it better than you.

Stay tuned for more – Marty says he’s working on a blog entry that will tell us “why Tony’s work is so skilled and important. I am going to connect some dots on how it evidences that Miscavige is L Ron Hubbard’s worst enemy.”

Marty, as much as I would like to claim the title for myself, L. Ron Hubbard’s worst enemy is… L. Ron Hubbard. For those of us who haven’t deluded ourselves into thinking he’s Mankind’s Greatest Friend, the man all but hangs himself by the balls with every sentence. If I wasn’t so busy being distracted by your antics, I think I could make this blog much better by simply writing about Hubbard’s own policies with blog entries like this one.

If I were you, Marty, I’d a) remove my tongue from Ortega’s rectum and b) forget your revenge fantasies against Miscavige. Better to follow the lead of David Mayo; he built a lot more than you did in a much shorter time. I don’t agree with you making money selling Scientology; you are no better than David Miscavige. But if you’re going to do it, for fuck’s sake, do it right.

UPDATE: Marty tied the whole thing together in a blog entry he just posted, L Ron Hubbard’s Worst Enemy – Part II. After a quick read, it looks like Marty is saying that Hubbard was indeed a bit of a bullshit artist, but that’s okay, and by dragging out these literal stories, Miscavige is trying to make Hubbard look foolish and therefore destroy Scientology. Here’s where you’re getting it wrong, Marty: Scientology is built on Hubbard’s credibility. If Hubbard lied about his Navy record, who is to say he didn’t like about the gains on the OT levels? (Oh wait, he did.) More soon.


6 responses to “VV’s Birthday Event story: Marty, you’re doing it wrong

  1. Rather than blaming himself or other SPs, Marty has found it lucrative to concentrate on blaming DM. Marty is like Hubbard in that way. He knows his market. Ironically, Marty’s market is in a collapsing cult, other people who want to blame DM and not themselves (or Marty), not in getting new raw meat. Marty knows the richest or most influential people who fall into disfavor with DM, or become disenchanted with their Scientology experience (eg OT wife dies from cancer) will come to him to “repair” their egos and lives, and are likely to be the most generous. They can count on Marty to tell them what they want to hear:

    “You did nothing wrong. Scientology is wonderful. It’s all DM’s fault.”

    By pointing them to Ortega’s blog story, he assumes that his market readers will be LRH-trusting enough to understand that the only reason a smart fellow like Ortega mocks Hubbard or Scientology is he hasn’t experienced its wonders for himself.

    You are right though, that to the outsider, DM’s faking some stats and saying “good night” instead of “good evening” is nothing compared to Ortega’s debunking of Hubbard’s accomplishments or just hearing Hubbard babbling like a loon.

    It’s all part of Marty’s new tack of claiming it doesn’t matter that Hubbard lied a lot, especially to people who bought into it for decades.

    All Marty has to do to have it made in the shade is land one or two whales. By that, I mean people who contribute sums like 5 million a year to the IAS, but will feel so outraged about the direction Scientology has taken under DM that they want to support Marty with millions to get at DM faster.

    I don’t know about a billion years, but for this lifetime, unless some cult member goes nuts and attacks him, Marty has a secure future in bringing the cult down.

    Marty has a much easier sell than Mayo. He’s got two markets: Scientology lovers and DM haters. And since Marty has real powers, Marty might be able to dig up some of these people who died of cancer, resurrect and cure them using 100% standard tech. Wouldn’t that put those stupid stories in Advance to shame?

  2. Soderqvist1: What life have learned me is that it is very difficult to tell lies when lot of other facts are known in a field in example M&M statement regarding Hubbard’s Biography doesn’t add up!

    Marty: “Some of the representations covered in this year’s March 13th event – such as the alleged Oregon sub chasing incident was “regarded as among the most regionally famed encounters of the war” – are so easily discredited that those in the know have to wonder: are the people making such representations attempting to set up L Ron Hubbard for a fall?”

    “David Miscavige is well aware of what its long term effect will be, more years of dragging L Ron Hubbard through the mud publicly as allegedly making false claims as to his history, qualifications and competence.”

    Mark Rinder: “Miscavige is the absolute champion of “if LRH said it, its true” no matter what it was that was said or what context it was said in, whether a story, a sideline comment or a note for a book….”

    Soderqvist1: How can David Miscavige well aware set up Hubbard for a fall, if he is a strong believer in the inerrant word of Hubbard?

  3. What is really stupid, is that ESMBers and Marty’s flock actually would rather believe OT III happened and trash this ridiculous story of Nixon, the Bomb and the Scientists.

    From a logic point of view, it is totally false LRHs claims about helping the world be saved from the bomb, but even that far off story is more possible than OT III.

    When I was in the SO there was supposed to be information put out about LRHs stance on the Bomb (because h knew so much about it, and nailed in “All About Radiation”), but it wasn’t placed in the 1994 released bio versions.

    But this has taken “A letter that never existed” to a whole new level.

    I am beginning to wonder who was the better Sci-Fi writer…LRH or his fellow Scientologists.

  4. johnny d / thetan-x

    Its so awesome to see you writing again !!! Your wit and prose is un-matched -you absolutely blow Tony away and I freak’in LOVE Tony-!!

    Things sure ams getting ugly for Marty and I love it, it won’t be long before a sure footed back-peddling anti-Dave pro- L Ron campaign from camp-Marty springs up and all of the Marty Butt-Munchers clammer to comment on how horrible Tony and the VV is…you watch Cali, that whole the “enemy of my enemy” shit will quietly dissolve and a new rant on Tony and the VV will blossom, don’t believe me? stay tuned !!!!

    TTFN love ya Cali.
    johnny d

    • johnny d / thetan-x

      Wowwie Zowwie !!!

      Marty posted my thoughts….Jeeeus !! and hell hasn’t froze over !!!!

      johnny d

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