One other thing…

A quick update to yesterday’s post

I was poking around the Church of Scientology’s Religious Freedom Watch site, and came across their page about Ted Patrick. Some of the verbiage is familiar — they are the exact same words as Heber Jentzsch used about Ted Patrick in this famous KFI radio interview. Not similar – the same.

And isn’t Heber Jentzsch the guy that Marty and his independents hold up as the Greatest Scientologist Ever? (Even if Marry exaggerated his disappearance, a lie that seems to have persisted and made it into one of the Villiage Voice’s stories.)

Anyway, this isn’t any big deal; L. Ron Hubbard redefined the concept of understanding by substituting the word “duplication.” Learning in Scientology doesn’t involve grasping a concept so much as learning whatever shit LRH (or your Scn betters) wrote by rote. So it’s common to see the same words popping up from difference Scientology sources.

Still, I thought this was interesting – the same words coming from Heber (who Marty called “one of the most special people I have met and worked with”) and RFW’s Joel Philips (per Marty, a “little rat OSA operative” who is ignoring “his obligation to take down his OSA propaganda designed to destroy a number of people”).


2 responses to “One other thing…

  1. The other side of this is going on at the site where Steve Hall is trying to get himself removed from RFW so as to not be associated with the “convicted felons and notorious anti-religionists” that make up the rest of that rogue’s gallery.

    I read that as an indication that RFW would be fine if it took down the “good guys” it has put up there along with the SPs.

  2. Oh yeah. Heber.

    Great guy.

    I bet he can;t wait to get all those dollars he shoved down the throat of Executive Software International in exchange to have Craig insert a tracking pgm into Microsofts operating system.

    Or perhaps Karen will give him a handfull for all the millions he had her paid from CSI for her “I/T” contracting while he was in the Church.

    I lose track of these dirty little bastards – who can keep up.

    Someone ought to tell them the Star Trek convention is over…and to hand back their uniforms, and go home to their parents.

    Heber is a Grade 1, First Class dick head. anyone who thinks differently never worked with the guy.

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