Daily Archives: March 27, 2012

One other thing…

A quick update to yesterday’s post

I was poking around the Church of Scientology’s Religious Freedom Watch site, and came across their page about Ted Patrick. Some of the verbiage is familiar — they are the exact same words as Heber Jentzsch used about Ted Patrick in this famous KFI radio interview. Not similar – the same.

And isn’t Heber Jentzsch the guy that Marty and his independents hold up as the Greatest Scientologist Ever? (Even if Marry exaggerated his disappearance, a lie that seems to have persisted and made it into one of the Villiage Voice’s stories.)

Anyway, this isn’t any big deal; L. Ron Hubbard redefined the concept of understanding by substituting the word “duplication.” Learning in Scientology doesn’t involve grasping a concept so much as learning whatever shit LRH (or your Scn betters) wrote by rote. So it’s common to see the same words popping up from difference Scientology sources.

Still, I thought this was interesting – the same words coming from Heber (who Marty called “one of the most special people I have met and worked with”) and RFW’s Joel Philips (per Marty, a “little rat OSA operative” who is ignoring “his obligation to take down his OSA propaganda designed to destroy a number of people”).