Picking Apart the 31 Factors: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we started looking at Marty Rathbun’s 31 Factors for Scientologists to Consider, the rickety framework upon which the Independent Scientology movement is built. There was so much bullshit in the introduction, we didn’t even make it to the first factor. Let’s continue, shall we? Here’s Marty:

One: Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics.

Let’s not forget that Scientology was started by a self-appointed dictator, who was living out his fantasies of grandeur. Anyone who has read up on Hubbard knows how he fucked up his chance at commanding a ship. So what did he do? He got himself his own damn navy, buying ships with his parishoner’s money, and made himself the Commodore. Let’s be fair: For Hubbard, Scientology wasn’t just about making money; it was about living out the fantasies borne of his failures.

But I digress. As for the Creed, the Code and the Credo, as I said in the last blog entry, these are fancy PR jobs that are incompatible with Hubbard’s technology and intentions.

“Two: In his quest to attain power Miscavige forcibly removed no less than four Hubbard appointed executives senior to himself, and dozens of Scientologists who had created scores of huge, effective Scientology centers. Miscavige used threat of force and violence in clearing the path to control of all Scientology organizations and assumed the self-created position of Chairman of the Board. He was never assigned by Hubbard and holds a position that was not created by Hubbard.”

There is a lot of debate as to whether DM is the rightful heir to Hubbard’s throne. Aaron Saxton maintains that David Miscavige was Hubbard’s intended choice, and he explained why in this blog entry. It is true that the position of “Chairman of the Board” was never invented by Hubbard, but swapping titles is nothing new in the Church. Executives (including Hubbard himself) constantly change titles, usually to avoid legal liability.

Is Miscavige’s well-documented use of “force and violence” anything new? No, it’s part of the culture of Scientology. Hubbard may not have been much for fists (he probably didn’t have Miscavige’s small-man complex) but he was a legendary hot-head. Somewhere there’s an MP3 file of him screaming at a Messenger (one of the hot-pants-clad teenage girls he had waiting on him hand and foot) (if anyone has a link, I’d be grateful). Meanwhile, you can read these true stories of Hubbard and decide for yourself if he was any less tempermental than DM.

“Three: Since securing his position of power, the statistics of Scientology have steadily decreased in spite of Miscavige’s public proclamations to the contrary.”

That’s the problem with Scientology stats: No one really knows what is happening, although it’s clear that the Church is declining – mostly because the Internet has let the world know that Scientology is basically a UFO religion designed to milk people’s wallets. Remember, Marty still believes in Xenu… and the Introspection Rundown.

“Four: Miscavige has conducted a campaign to fortify his personal power by denigrating and depowering anyone who personally knew and worked with Hubbard. That includes, but is not limited to, the members of Hubbard’s family. The operation served to consolidate his personal power while immeasurably harming the vigor and image of Scientology.”

This is my favorite – in fact, it’s the one that inspired me to write this article – because it implies that Hubbard’s family was somehow special.

Scientology teaches that Scientology itself is more important than family, which explains the high divorce rate and the frequency of family disconnections. Hubbard was a terrible husband and a lousy father. He was a bigamist, denied the existence of one of his wives, and let the third one – the one he supposedly loved – go to jail while he went into hiding. Hubbard all but denied the existence of the children who didn’t go along with the program (a lie that Marty himself implied was true in his laughably awful Ode to L. Ron Hubbard). And let’s not forget Hubbard’s reaction when he found out that Arnie Lerma was banging his daughter.*

(* Okay, I don’t actually know if Arnie and Suzette were doing the nasty, but it’d be really cool if they were. Scientology may have infiltrated the Justice Department, but one of the guys who did the most damage to Scientology did some infiltratin’ of his own! High five! You know what I’m talkin’ about!)

“Five: Miscavige accomplished his coup by commandeering the only line of communication to Hubbard during the last five years of his life, plying Hubbard with embellished and false reports of a dangerous environment to keep him out of communication with Sea Org members and his family. The reports falsely accused Hubbard’s family and lifelong friends of selling out to the enemy and that Scientology orgs had been infiltrated by psychiatric and government interests. He prevented true reports from reaching Hubbard in order to make his actions appear necessary and on policy and to solidify his position.”

Bullshit like this really irks me. The implication is that Hubbard had no idea what was going on during the last few years of his life, and was somehow kept in isolation. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Hubbard went into hiding in order to avoid prosecution. He was labeled an “un-indicted co-conspirator” in the break-in that sent his wife, Mary Sue, to jail. We know that Hubbard was the micro-manager to end all micro-managers, and yet we’re supposed to believe that this uneductaed kid, Hubbard’s former cameraman, was suddenly able to isolate Hubbard from the Scientology empire he worked his whole life to build up? Come the fuck on!! Hubbard’s isolation was self-imposed, and the eyewitness accounts (let’s not forget that Marty wasn’t around) are that he was anything but isolated from Scientology.

I believe that Hubbard was still calling the shots, but he was unwilling to face the consequences of his ill-gotten gains… although he was all too willing to let his own wife face the consequences for him. What an absolute piece of shit he was.

Okay, I think that’s enough for today. I’ll continue this series if I don’t get bored with it first. (Update: I didn’t. Here’s Part 3.)


16 responses to “Picking Apart the 31 Factors: Part 2

  1. “Five: Miscavige accomplished his coup by commandeering the only line of communication to Hubbard during the last five years of his life, plying Hubbard with embellished and false reports of a dangerous environment to keep him out of communication with Sea Org members and his family. The reports falsely accused Hubbard’s family and lifelong friends of selling out to the enemy and that Scientology orgs had been infiltrated by psychiatric and government interests. He prevented true reports from reaching Hubbard in order to make his actions appear necessary and on policy and to solidify his position.”

    Why wasn’t Hubbard OT enough to know and deal with this?

    • Precisely. Hubbard claimed he could visit outer space and other planets without his body whenver he wanted to, and so on. But, he could not detect this “menace” right next to him? That is something ordinary, everyday people have the ability to do.

  2. Further, this is the management/communication system that Hubbard set up. God, was he a victim or what?? Geesh, he really pulled it in!

  3. It is kind of easy to get bored with this shit. I’ve been lurking and posting on various boards since 2007. I think it’s time to take a break.

  4. elwood, must say that you are totally right!!!!

    …..and you are always
    welcomed in LRHs Bulgravia…. ,-)

  5. When we see statements like this from Marty Rathbun or anyone else, one has to realize the audience it is addressed to.

    These statements are not for wogs – they are for Scientologists.

    Marty is excellent at the art of slowly introducing more and more information until one member of his audience is convinced he is right – he never sways.

    But look at who he is recruiting – morons.

    No rational, sane person would buy any of this – and when you review the success stories and the amounts of money these people have spent going nowhere, you can easily understand that the pool of idiots is not large – but it is large enough to keep Marty financially afloat.

    And that is all that matters.

    Scientologists are the most arrogant group of people one can met. They know almost nothing about any particular subject and will rattle off falsehoods as facts which are empirically proven wrong – decades ago I might add.

    You can not argue that they are not deserving of any particular help.

    Anyone walking into a Church today has to be pretty stupid, so it is my estimation that the general I.Q. of Scientologists worldwide is pretty low – and they are setting the bar lower and lower each year.

    Find a child who is convinced the tooth fairy exists and you will have a comm cycle that is on-par with a Scientologist.

    Caliwog, you can argue facts until the cows come home. The bottom line is that if a public is educated in the schooling system well enough, then religions in general will simply cease to exist.

    You will not convince any indi that they are mistaken in their belief in Marty, or LRH, or even David Miscavige.

    You see, if they were capable of evaluating (thinking) then they could take a “fact” and test it – but they refuse to do this.

    One of the great lies LRH placed into his tech is that you must believe in it for it to work – this is a stated fact by LRH.

    IF you can not sit a person down and have them listen to RJ67 and not see the idiocy of it, then what you really have is child.

    European countries tend to fall for Scientology a lot less as they are more advanced than the American culture. It could take some decades for the American society as a whole to come up in intelligence, common sense and thinkign ability before in general, cons like this will cease to exist.

    I admie you Caliwog for picking apart Marty and LRH, but at the end of the day, you are dealing with children that like all children learn best from experience.

    Await until they lose someone to cancer or lose a partner and they start to wake up…having said that, most fo the people we all talk of have lost children, aprents or siblings and still they have not learned anything.

    If anything, these people are an excellent portrait of why we must ensure children receive a good education and most of all good parenting.

    Two things no religion, philosophy or cult could or will ever be able to replace.

    It is my estimation in 1-2,000 years historians will read about the existence of religions and cults and muse with collegues as to how the most intelligent life on a planet such as Earth could even conceive in an age of such technologicial achievements such falsehoods as those given in Scientology.

    My messages and comments as with all others will be on hand in several thousand years and I estimate they will write books about the failures of homo sapiens to use their brains when faced with authority/muddled minds/deceiptful persons still could not figure out the obvious.

    The state of clear or OT does not exist. None of these states ever could exist – for reasons that can only be understood by an intelligent person who is capable of evaluating information.

    Just steer your children away from these types and pray that they do not reproduce. It would be wonderful if we were to find out there was something in the water at Int that prevented their child berth ability – we might see Scientology fall into oblivion.

    Just look at Debbie Cooks statements and understand that this is the thinking and “best judgement” of Scienotlogy’s best – which says little for their average.

    I recently spoke to a Scientologist and I was amazed at how absolutely stupid it was to try to reaosn with them. Belief is a powerful tool – but not the well intentioned.

  6. http://www.khow.com/player/?station…t&program_id=fullshow_boyles.xml&mid=21841735

    Marty expressing his ‘beliefs’ or lack thereof…best part starts at 17 minutes in…Marty is NOT a $cientologist!

  7. Scientologists and the incorrect pursuit of O.T. – why they will never achieve it.

    It seems to allude Scientologists even the most fundamental of observations. They can see that if a human has a damaged brain that they can not function well – regardless of the amount of auditing, and assume when a human does function well, that auditing is responsible – but are then baffled why they can not “soar” to new levels.

    The factor they are not considering is the most important one: the Human Brain.

    With the current Human Brain that is available to Homo Sapiens, it is possible to have a brain like Eienstein – we know this is possible because his brain has been studied and sure enough, the differences between his and a regular brain have been noted. There is a good reason why some of his concepts still can be read, but not actually understood very well – you need a more powerful brain. It is possible unless created, that we may not see another brain like his for centuries – regardless of the studies done and advancements in science – it will take a superior brain to make leaps. To consider what Eientsein may have accomplished using computers today to hold information he calculated rather than him having to calculate immense equations by hand – it is hard to grasp what in this day and age Eienstein may have accomplished.

    Scientology makes the assumption that the body and brain has nothing to do with ability and only the spirit does and only by REDUCTION (remove engraves, harmful memories) can you INCREASE ability.

    What Scientology does not consider is the distinct (and factual) possibility that all your ability IS linked to your brain.

    In other words, the “state of OT” is not factually possible with your brain. It does not matter (hypothetically) if you did OT 56 and could perceive “anything” your body can not, and thus you (the thetan) never could.

    If your eyes can not see purple, it does not mater if your “thetan” could see purple – YOU WILL NOT see purple.

    What Scientologists do not understand is that when they have been doing well, their brains have been working well – and this can easily be demonstrated, just deprive yourself of sleep. Simple test.

    It is in theory and probable that if a human being had a very large brain that was wired well together, that they could have I.Q.s that would make modern man look like an omeba compared to a dolphin.

    This theoretical brain could calculate odds and possibilities much more accurately than what we can contemplate – and take in data at such speeds and calculations that it would appear it could “predict” the immediate future.

    As an example, if a brain was powerful enough to know every que you as a person gives off, every way you think and how you calculate, it would therefore be possible for that brain to predict everything you were going to do – or even closely say.

    They would appear “O.T.”.

    If this brain knew all your experiences and knew how your brain was wired and how you reacted to expereinces, it could simply with fundamental communication, cause changes in your brain to take place and literally “cure you” of what was worrying you.

    This is the power of the super brain.

    If we couple to this brain a body that has advantages, we truely start to get towards an OT.

    For instance, a dolphin or bat DO send out waves of energy. They use this energy on ehco to receive back and translate it. Sperm Whales do the same thing – it is very advanced, but regardless of the brain you have to have the machinery to go with it.

    So in theory, yes, a brain could via a physical mechanism emit a powerful signal that could be as simple as a wave of energy to echo locate – or potentially be a high enough energy wave to know someone over, or possibly to cause a sound resonation that could make an object lift.

    These are not impossibilites – these are realities with an engineered body and brain.

    While Scientologists will never accomplish this, the “state of O.T.” will be accomplished eventually though genetics and construction of brains and bodies that can be “super-huamn”. We can already to an extent control genetics to create desired outcomes in cows, crops and humans – and we can take this to a very high level.

    The real issue is morality, and what temperment the new super being would have. Consider for a moment what it would be like if we say unleashed a superbeing with an I.Q. of 5,000, and coupled it to mechanisms mechanical or biological that the brain could use and self-wire to?

    What if it though all other humans were insuperior and should be eliminated in favor of a new species?

    Welcome to Dianetics – the statement of eradication of Homo Sapien by LRH in favor of Homo Novus was correctly an immoral statement made by a dictator with no morals.

    Moreover, it had already been stated previously as was the subject of Eugenics.

    Where Eugencis and LRH failed (as they both did not have the actual technology to unleash their postulated “monsters of evolution”) Genetic Scientists will in fact achieve this.

    You see, if Dianetics or Scientology had a pittance of a chance of ever creating the superbeing – then commercial enterprises would ahve thrown billions at it – but it can’t and never could work.

    The reason why we see hundreds of billions being thrown at Genetics is that it WILL WORK.

    If you are rich enough, then the only thing you need to buy is immortality – or perhaps several hundred years. Genetics makes this possible completely and there is a good chance some of the wealthiest persons alive today that are young enough for the technology to reach it’s desired level, will still be with us in several hundred years.

    There is no God, but that is no reason not to create one.

    Scientology, you have been outdone, and ironically, fooled by your own, insuperior brain. Now please, stop filling it full of shit to make it even more gullible and start doing something positive with what is left of your brain.

    Better still, let other live and have good brains with good lives, instead of stealing their money, taking their dreams and betraying them, and then selling your shit to others.

    Debbie Cook, your another priest who is convinced she saw God, and you will not shut the fuck up about Scientology being so good.

    I could tell you why you saw it work, I could tell you exactly what happened when that person in Colorado died on the operating table and did in fact see and hear God talking to her – but you just would not understand. Scientologists, your brains have a limited capacity to store and hold knowledge – and your brains are literally, full of shit.

  8. Hairy Potter Aloewicius Monkeyhands Spiderman Jones, Esq.

    ouch my brainz hurted after reading that.

  9. Feshbach bites the dust.

    I think we are perhaps only weeks away from When Tommy is going to appear at a funeral with his beloved mother Archer.

    While we will hear the crocodile tears, we can;t help but remember the fact that in fact, Tommy will in a bewildered state be standing there knowing that the reason for Jessica’s death was nothing more than his and her out-ethics that brought about the cancer.

    You see, in Scientology there are no excuses. PTS is PTS and Tommy will have worked out in his mind how it was the handling of all the critics that resulted in his wife being exposed to suppression.

    All the more reason to attack the critics.

    While Jessica will die, be rest assured Tommy will be viewing the latest Scientology kids wondering “Is that Jessica coming back?” Perhaps he too will take up a young bridge in 20 years like so many screwed up male ex-SO members that like to adopt being the father figure in these young women’s lives – seeing as with Scientology parents you really do lack parenting.

    But the bottom line is Tommy has pulled this in, and here are some of reasons why he is so out-ethics:

    1. While other SO members eat terrible food, Tommy eats like a king.
    2. While other SO members hardly ever get a day off – Tommy has taken many with mommy.
    3. While other SO members can not see their dying families – Tommy has been allowed so.
    4. Other Sea Org members have poor quarters – but not Tommy, he has gone outside of Flag Order and has allowed himself to have lavish quarters because his mother has money.
    5. Tommy has not stayed up as late as others and has allowed others to handle his load.

    The bottom line is that Tommy is not really a Sea Org member and has failed to perform and justly deserves the RPF – but his mother will certainly make sure this never happens – and if it does it will be a watered down version where Tommy gets to break Flag Orders and speak to others. He just isn’t Sea Org grade – and as a PR rep for the Church has utterly failed.

    Jessica on the other hand should take the little time she has left and understand that her being outethics is the reason why she is losing the body. She has pulled it in. So have her family, but they acts.

    This is the Scientology way.

    Remember, Scientology works. Just look where it got LRH’s family, Davids wife father and brother, Marty’s brother, Mike Rinders family and so on.

    We concentrate on the effects on SO members because they like to whine a lot about it. But there are more sorry tales like this from public Scientologists that never get a voice.

    David Miscavige is doing a stellar job – not bad for a dwarf (and he too, pulled that in).

    I am sure at the current rate we will see the true stats of Scientology like WDAH, VSD etc. all either altered to include auditing hours that would previously have been student points, or abandoned altogether for stats like “number of people who have heard about Tom Cruise – you know, the Oscar winning actor”.

    But hey, as long as Scientology has gutless members like Lisa Marie Presley who doesn’t have the balls to go to the press, or members like John Travolta who let their kids die from lack of medication, or members like tom who adopt would-be Sea Org abortions as their own kids, I guess we will see more serious failures.

    The only thing more amusing than watchng Scientology fall apart is to wonder how the people around DM can respect a guy who does not even have the balls to turn up in court and tell the world what he thinks, or to go on TV.

    David Miscavige is a gutless wonder, whose only wish is to hope that Scientology comes under a super-attack so he can “save it” again and have people who admire him.

    Is there anyone out there who would think of Tom Cruise, Lisa-Marie Presley or David Miscavige as fit enough to teach the 10th grade? No, I didn’t think so.

    But never fear, for the Sea Org is working on a way to get more false information out into the world. They have dispacthed Jason Medeiros to go to NARA sites and take records from the files so they can match the typewriter fonts to create their own records (these are Jason’s own words – Jason is a Sea Org member by the way). Jason is also urgently getting together along with others an entre slew of information so they can accurately put together false action reports to give substantiation to LRH’s impressive war record.

    Again, these are from Jason’s mouth. You see, if the facts get disprovem, you can always do the Scientology thing and just make up facts. It goes along with statements like “50,000 years of human discovery…” even though written and spoken research has only been kept about 20% of that time at the most.

    LRH. King of facts from Fiction. Soon we will see a new LRH War Record released (blaming Mike Rinder for the falsehoods). Like everything in Scientology you have to keep delcaring good people so you have someone to blame for the previous state of affairs.

    Next it will be Debbie Cooks fault we don’t have real OTs. I suspect my cat will be a future scape goat also.

  10. i always thought that human compassion was ( -is) truly powerful.

  11. I want to know how much Mike Laws had to pay for a Marty to dedicate a poem to him on his latest blog post (3-10-12)? I mean in CoS you pay $20,000 you get a IAS status and something shiny. Think $20,000 with the indies gets a poem dedicated by Marty at “Moving on up” and fawning adulation from the ditto heads MartyWorld?

    We know Marty will dedicate his upcoming book to LRH & Mary Sue, but I bet for $30,000 you could be added or if you’re not feeling flush how about $5,000 to join the pantheon of Indie “True OT”

  12. Mirna…..
    hope one day I could invite You,Cali,Aaron, and few others , here in my home in Bulgravia…..
    we may speak different language ,but deep inside we all KNOW the same…
    I work in hotel,and ( I try to) speak 4 languages….but sometimes,when I meet guest from country that it is hard for me to “speak” with him,all we in is “will” to do it….and if we have that : there you have use of arms ,legs,eyes, even slow talking…and person CAN understand YOU !!!

    but here ….. every time I come here, someone has posted my thoughts….

    Thanks to ALL of YOU here….

    Big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

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