Sheila Huber: Must-See YT

If you havent’ seen Sheila Huber’s video interviews, you must, must, must watch them. There is nothing more educational for Scientology protesters than the tesimony of former Scientologists who are actually former Scientologists — not just those who have traded the David Miscavige for Marty Rathbun or the Free Zone.

In Part 1, Sheila tells us how she wound up in Scientology and the Sea Org, despite a fair amount of skepticism. Keep in mind, she got into the Church in the early 80s, before LRH died and Miscatige took over.

Part 2 tells about how Shiela got out of the Sea Org — including how they used her only son as a pawn to keep her going with the program.

There are four more segment of Ms. Huber’s video; search YouTube for Sheila Huber and you’ll find them. Watch and learn, and think carefully when you hear people say that aside from Miscavige’s beatings and the endless pursuit of money, Scientology is just a harmless religion.


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