Perhaps we really don’t have anything to worry about…

Just read a recent post, Miscavige’s Religious Freedom Crusade, on Marty’s blog.

For those not in the know, the fruits of the Squirrel Busters labors have finally been revealed in the form of this video, which does a pretty good job of portraying Marty as crazy and violent, while conveniently leaving out the fact that they literally worked overtime to provoke him. (For the record, I think Marty’s anger was justified, although his behavior wasn’t too bright.) In one scene, Marty popped a guy in the face, knocking off his sunglasses and allegedly causing cuts. The Scientologists reported it and Marty was arrested, but David Aken, the county attorney, refused to file charges.

The blog entry cites a letter from the guy Marty hit (although Marty says it was “clearly written” by a Scn lawyer who just died) to “Mr. Akens” (Dumb shits!), questioning the decision not to prosecute, and mentioning that he was producing a documentary for his religion.

I saw the message between the lines pretty clearly: This is a thinly veiled threat of a religious discrimination lawsuit. Marty even pointed that out in the blog entry.

You’d expect to see talk of this in the comments, right? Wrong! Here’s a sampling of what Marty’s flock had to say:

“DM and his corrupt church are PTS corporate idiots stable datum and it’s senior to their logic.”

“I do feel sorry for him, must be awful to be such a lilly-livered little coward. I’m shore [sic] he dudn’t get much respect. Too sad.”

“Pathetic. I’m surprised this clown didn’t throw in something along the lines of “My psychiatrist has confirmed that I have suffered irreversible mental anguish, trauma and PTSD from this incident.”

(In case you don’t know, to a Scientologist, saying someone goes to a psychiatrist is a HUGE insult, as bad as if I told you that your mother is a whore. Speaking of which, if you see your mother, tell her she still owes me change from my $20 bill. OH SNAP!!)

“The obvious insanity and psychotic behavior of miscavige and his personal cult is well described in the following excerpts from an LRH bulletin…”

“..that Norman guy from your videos is one of the greasiest most evil-purposed looking SP’s I’ve ever seen.”

And the Ignorance of the Wog World Award goes to Sara:

Jury trial for battery? Really?

I thought there might be SOME intelligent discussion of the possibility of a lawsuit, and how that might get handled in Texas, and all the positive media reaction it might receive… but, nope. Nada. Just a lot of childish name-calling.

Compare that to these randomly-picked comments from this Church-run, anti-Marty site:

“Rathbun just keeps going right past all his idiotic screw ups and still thinks he’s smart.”

“If there’s anything that Rin and Rat want to stop it’s Scientology’s basic purpose… They will never get policy, and even if they did, they would work against it. These are not good, constructive people.”

“I think that Rathbun knows he is an incompetent moron.”

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to protest this so-called religion. They’re like a bunch of fucking eight-year-olds. I suppose this is a perfect example of the sort of blind, idiotic conformity that Hubbard was trying to achieve… problem is, I don’t think he imagined that the mental eight-year-olds he created, like Miscavige and Rathbun, would ever be running the show.

Sometimes I wonder if we really have anything to worry about. Of course, I know that while an individual wasp may not be all that much of a problem, get a swarm of them angry and they can really ruin your day.


19 responses to “Perhaps we really don’t have anything to worry about…

  1. You are correct. The indi movement, Scientology and the tech believers are all children, mentally.

    Ever tried to tell a kid Santa Claus does not exist and try to explain it nicely. Tears and the like soon follow.

    Scientologists are the greatest liars that anyone ever made.

    Here are some of the greatest lies I have ever heard from Scientologists:

    1. Portland Oregon Crime Rate dropped to Zero after they handed out The Way to Happiness Booklets. False. Totally. Even more disturbing than the lie is the fact that many ex-Scios who are tech believers actually still think this is true – despite having resources on hand to find the truth, they bark at people why Scientology works.

    2. That Hurricane Andrew was turned around to not hit the Flag Land Base by OTs postulating it…do I even need to explain any further?

    3. That When OT VIII was released, all wars on the planet stopped. This is possibly, beyond even the strangest explanation.

    4. That OTs have powers others do not have. Not one Scientologists in the world has ever been shown to have any abilities even coming close to currently living and previously living people.

    5. That they have for 60 years known the ultimate tech on communication, Public Realtions, Communications…every subject basically. One must ask why their band the “5 Jive Aces” suck so badly, no one sells their albums, why their Sci-Fi books from Ron are so “basic-4th-Grade-level” sci fi that no one reads them. And no one makes films about them…wait, we did have Battlefield Earth…”nuf said”.

    6. That Scio’s or tech minded people have amazing results in their personal lives. No Nobel prizes, no grants, no mentions, loads of divorces, lots of abandoned children, lots of suicides and the word family pretty much does not exist in Scientology.

    Yes, Scientologists and Techies are a crazy bunch of people.

    But one must remember that they are deluded, and they are happy in their delusion – why wake them up from it if they are happy?

    Answer – only wake them up if they try to get others into it, or it effects other people to their detriment.

    Caliwog, talking or trying to make sense of Marty is a waste of time. You are sooooooooo far above their thinking that they think they are smarter than you – seriously. I shit you not that Marty actually thinks – and his followers – that Marty and some of their crew are the smartest, most well informed people on the planet.

    Those that leave Scientology and leave the primitive village thinking are very smart. The others are just a waste of time, and I have found it much better to spend time with other activities and ventures that are satisfying and make me very happy. Trying to get these goons out of their thinking is pretty difficult when you can;t even get them to pick up a book or do some research.

    I would not worry about Scientology at all – they are totally screwed. TOTALLY.

    Anyone in this day and age who gets sucked into it probably deserves it – I mean, you HAVE TO BE an idiot to believe any of it.

    And frankly, I do not mind if every moron is bankrupted through this cult – at least they will do some good by not being around my family, have any money to influence anything and will essentially just die as morons.

    Being A Scientologist is embarrassing, and they must stick together because they can not stand intelligent company, so they must grow their numbers if they are going to have any friends.

    I do not know who is worse, 1 Tom Cruise that has a cult at his disposal, or the few thousand moronic Sea Org members that would suck his dick if he asked nicely enough…or the 10,000 or so left Scios that would throw every dollar they have (included the money for the kids college funds) at the IAS to fund Tom’s life style.

    I live in a Scientology free zone, and it is great. They have zero influence in the state I am in and from what I have seen of the stats, aren’t having any effect anywhere except on realtors stats, and that is just fine by me.

    What good is it when your two top reps in the world are flaming homos that can’t admit to it? So much for confront…. LOL

  2. Hi Caliwog,
    Well, we actually have quite a bit to worry about. All of us.
    L. Ron Hubbard was a drooling lunatic. But Hubbard was very, very good at what he did. Hubbard was quite expert and effective at building a cult, exploiting people, and defending that cult.
    In my observation, an individual’s sociopathic mental illness does not necessarily impair the person’s other mental faculties. Hubbard was a diabolical genius, but a genius nonetheless.
    It is very possible that our descendants will live in a Scientology controlled world where most or all of the population has been tricked into being slaves.
    Currently, Scientology is stalled. But they’re smart. Their strategy right now is 3 things:
    1. Children: this is mostly the offspring of already programmed cult members. But Scientology is also targeting the very young, impressionable, and vulnerable.
    2. The Third World: In countries where people do not have the internet, Scientology can control what information poor people get. Scientology tells them to join Scientology and they will come to America, learn English and job skills, and have a new life. When the victims arrive here, their passports are confiscated and they are imprisoned (through various means). This practice is so despicable, most people would react with disgust. But Scientologists don’t hesitate because it is for “mankind’s greatest friend”. (Can you believe Hubbard’s hypocrisy?)
    3. Bide their time and rewrite history: Hubbard was right – you can rewrite history and say pretty much anything you want. Right now, Scientologists are systematically eliminating any negative exposure of Scientology on the internet. Within a few generations, Scientologists will be publishing how Hubbard originally developed the internet all by himself as a means of exposing the crimes of psychiatry. And so forth.
    Scientology currently has enough funds, plus the slave labor from “1” and “2” above, to keep going until they can effect “3” above. Pretty creepy, eh?
    Yes, Hubbard was incredibly childish. But very dangerous. Look at what Hubbard did to Paulette Cooper. Merely because Cooper criticized Hubbard. They only thing that saved Paulette Cooper was the FBI discovering Hubbard’s (lunatic) schemes in his own GO files. It was just luck that saved her, really.
    So, don’t underestimate how much damage an infantile sociopath can cause. The current church is stamped in Hubbard’s personal mold, and is therefore ridiculous, but capable of considerable destruction.
    Fiat Lux

  3. I tend to disagree. Scientology might have been a force in the ’60’s and ’70’s, but it had been in decline ever since. ElRon in his infinite wisdom didn’t forsee the internet, and the effects it would have on his cult. This blog’s very existence is proof of their loss of control. Their ’50’s mentality can’t compete today. They are but a toothless hound. I agree that they can be a threat to the more weak-minded among us, but a threat to our CIVILIZATION, never! The results of their lawsuit against Debbie Cook will be very telling, with media today all over it, it may very well bring the cult to it’s knees.

    • Hi William,
      I certainly hope you are right.
      Perhaps one way of looking at it is that there will always be cultists: people who want to be in a cult and/or are easily victimized by cult leader personalities.
      I recently read a short little history book about “The Holy City”, a cult established in the Santa Cruz mountains by “William Riker” in the 1930s. It was like a 1930’s version of Scientology, although on a much smaller scale. But, similar scheme. Riker even resembled Hubbard, and had the same “wars” with government, the medical establishment, etc. Their quotes are very similar. So, maybe we will always have some degree of cult activity.
      Fiat Lux

  4. There is no doubt in countries where information is lacking they can make traction.

    That is a fact. But 3 cows for 12 hours of auditing isn’t very useful to them. And princes in Africa kill you when you rip them off, they do not go to the police.

    But Scientology is not a religion and even the Indis are proof of that.

    I haven’t seen an orphanages set up anywhere by a Scio, not one meal created to feed a hungry person, nothing. They are scum, and so are the indis.

    Money money money.

    I don’t approve of religions period, but I do recognize helpful work.

    If there is camera rolling, Scientology might pitch in, but I do not get loads of broadcasts or fliers from religions who have lately been feeding people, I just know they do it because when your out and about you find out through word of mouth.

    If Scientology or Indis cant get a free spot int he paper, then they won;t do it.

    Marty was even sick enough to advertise he cures cancer. What a fucking scum bag – seriously, a scum bag. How can any indis support this guy knowing he did something as loathsome as this…

    Of course LRH did much much worse than this, but telling an indi that is like slapping them in the face. It always amazes me that people who directly dealt with LRH do tell the tales of a mad man, but those who read his manipulated books tell you of a God.

    It is sort of like North Korea. There is the regime and then there are the hopefuls, they are both sick in the head.

    Those third world countries where LRH has made in roads through covert programs that do not even mention his name, will all come out in the open. Scientology is laughed at in the top 20 countries in the world and it is a fact that their disapproval is spreading faster than their approval.

    The pinnacle they hit in the 90’s is gone forever.

    Let the Church sue Debbie Cook and let us have a discovery process reveal what happened at the FLB int he 90’s, including child rape, cadet org children being molested, and staff thrown into the basement.

    I think Debbie Cook is a weirdo, but for R&D purposes, I would hope Mike, Marty, and Tom Devo will finally open up their mouths and tell what went on down there.

    Because I can guarantee you, DM WILL have to go into court and he can be fried right there and then, and be found guilty of a couple of things.

    It is one thing to sue about an incident at Int, but when it comes to FLB, there were too many eyes and too many witnesses.

    • Hi Aaron,
      Yes, when one looks honestly at what Scientology is doing, and at what Hubbard was like personally, one gets a reaction of disgust and revulsion. My research of Hubbard leads me to conclude that Hubbard was, personally, quite repulsive and had a destructive effect upon anyone in his company, particular those exposed to Hubbard for any consistent length of time. Anyone in Hubbard’s personal circle become enslaved, destroyed, or escaped.
      A prolonged “trial” of a senior ex-scientologist would be quite interesting. Like you say, it would flush out all kinds of dreadful details about inner Scientology. I read one journalist’s blog that described the recent court case with Mark Headley this way: Scientology “won” the legal case, but the case exposed the dreadful practices of the COS (even if they have the legal “right” to carry them out).
      Fiat Lux

  5. Yeah, LRH was a bastard, of that there is no doubt.

    What happened to his family, and the families of those closest to them sort of reads like horror story.

    But Indis will tel you different – they are so stupid, they can’t tell fact from fiction – a quality LRH admired in his followers, and was a prerequisite to his OT levels.

    The difference between Debbie Cook & Marty (while both are idiots) is that Debbie could successfully lead a new Scientology front as she has a lot of respect – more so than almost any other Sea Org executive past or present – Marty sort of invokes a sense of disgust which is duly deserved.

    I wouldn’t bother if anyone is trying to size up Debbie for the crap she let go on – there are 5,000 guilty Sea Org members who did the same thing – and staff – and public.

    But if you see her taking the same route as Marty and trying to lead a movement that promotes Scientology – rather than taking out it’s garbage from the current C of S ranks – then she has lowered herself down to Marty’s level.

    I on occasion read the ESMB boards and I am always amazed at how hard the indis and tech believers work on others to accept LRH and his cult.

    The thread of “Success Stories” is just so funny, you got to wonder if the author of the thread sends LSD in little packages to his groupies. If any kid had a parent that talked such nonsense, than I would find it good grounds to take the children away from them. Scientologists have a track record of being the worst spouses and parents of any cult.

    Just take the top 100 Scios lives (see their past marriages children, siblings, parents etc.) from 1980 onwards in or out of the Sea Org, in or out of the Church now and it reads like trashy novel – and yet somehow Indis claim these are the examples of the tech at it’s best.

    Of the entire movement against the Church, I found the greatest intelligence, most knowledge & success among the Non-Scio protestors. The Ex-Scios or even ex-SO on the better part were just plain weird. there were a few exceptions – and they know who they are.

  6. I dislike Debbie and Marty – but I like a good contest.

    Advice to Debbie: Stay the hell away from Marty and start your own revolt against the Church. Marty is poison, and you Debbie, have not set a foot wrong yet.

    The public will go with you Debbie.

    P.S. May I add that running the FSO is a bigger responsibility in the Sea Org than the position of WDC or RTC. Debbie Cook was perhaps on the Command Channels simply the head of a freaking big AO, but the bottom line is she handled more on her plate than pretty much every other SO member with perhaps the exception of COB, and CO CMO I and his motley crew.

  7. I would like just one Scientologist to tell me how they can follow LRH after finding out about his falsified military record.

    Seriously. I would like one of Marty’s crew or a Scientologist in good standing to explain on this forum how they can support a Church that lied while LRH was alive and after his death to put forward a 100% totally false statement about his Military history – and still respect the guy.

  8. Lying?????!!!!! Scientologists don’t lie, they use PR and tell acceptable truths. Anyone who says that LRH lied is lying. These are lies which are part of the enemy line promoted by suppressive people/critics.

    Honkers, Scientologists (and Indies) have VERY selective hearing and don’t want to deal with entheta. IF an Indie or Scientologist has allowed themself to become aware of this information (or pulled it in -lol) they really don’t address or confront it.

    In the very few cases where I have heard a scientologist (Indie) admit that maybe LRH didn’t have the lofty shit he attributed to his self/life – it is just brushed off. “Because” it doesn’t matter what LRHs life was – what matters is his “gifts” to mankind.

    To me, that is skirting the issue that LRH lied. But skirting and PR and acceptable truths are part an parcel of scientology.

    Sorry, I can’t give you an actual answer/explanation.

  9. Hello Honker, Catfish,
    I think it is really just a matter of hypnosis. As Hubbard explained in “Science of Survival”, hypnosis is simply directing someone’s attention and getting it fixated on something. At that point, the subject (victim) becomes very suggestible and controllable. So Hubbard just kept dangling out the juicy carrot of “OT”. Hubbard just kept swinging the shiny watch in front of their faces, and shining the light in their eyes.
    Hubbard’s victims could not believe that anyone could tell such a heartless and unconscionable lie. That’s how Hubbard got away with it.
    Very simple, really, but ingeniously (and diabolically) effective. Hubbard could lead them around by the nose, empty their pockets, work them to death for no pay, and then lead them right over the cliff.
    Other people besides Hubbard use this. I work with a lot of high tech startups, and lots of CEOs are getting their people to work for nothing by showing them stories of Facebook instant millionaires (“success stories”). So, even though their startup has no revenue and no product, the employees want so badly to believe the story, they are blinded by the light in their eyes.
    Think back to the last time you bought something from some salesperson because she had incredible tits. Kind of hard to focus on the business transaction at hand.
    I guess Scientologists were hypnotized by “Hubbard’s Tits” (stories of OT). Even from beyond the grave, Hubbard’s Tits still work their magic. (Actually, according to John McMaster, Hubbard was so overweight he had very large man boobs, so I guess the tits were real.)
    Don’t underestimate the power of focusing the victim’s attention on the lie. When I asked one Scientologist why Hubbard did not come back (as promised) to run Scientology, he explained to me, in complete seriousness, how Hubbard was “remotely running David Miscavige’s body”. I was so astonished it didn’t even occur to me to fall over laughing.
    So, next time you are in a tight spot, pull out “Hubbard’s Tits” and hypnotize ‘em!
    Fiat Lux

  10. “Hubbard’s tits” indeed. I will never be able to think about the fat, drug-addled conman again without thinking of this?! THANKS!!

    • Yes, it is a great visual. I’ll see if I can whip something up in Photoshop.

    • Dear William,
      You must never say anything critical about L. Ron Blubbard.
      Anyone saying anything critical about Hubbard will cause the critical speaker, and anyone who exposed to the critical comment, to:
      1. Go insane.
      2. Commit suicide
      3. Die of pneumonia after weeks of sleeplessness
      Recent research into super advanced OT levels has confirmed this.
      Fiat Lux

  11. Scientologists do more to themselves than anything to get into trouble.

    If you believe in God and you hear voices from the heavens then it must be true. If you see angels, then it must be true.

    If you believe in ghosts and see one, then it must be true. If you do not believe in ghosts and then see one, and then start believing, then you are an idiot.

    All that is going on here is the creation of the apparent desired delusion.

    The point is, there is no God. The point is, there are no ghosts. There never could be, and never will be. Whether you THINK you see it or not.

    The resson why someone even think either of these could exist is the real point that needs to be addressed. You see, “no matter how many ghosts I think I see or voices from the heavens”, my good sense knows it is not so, so I can sit down and actually find out the origin of the perceived reality that is simply a fucking lie.

    And thus uncover the cause of what I thought I saw – usually to reveal a big scam or a very well hidden lie.

    Scios can not do this with LRH because they lack the intelligence, knowledge, education and ability of analysis to know what is real and what is false. Thus they can be fooled. If it wasn’t Scientology, it was something else.

    If you know how to think correctly, and apply Scientific thinking to what you are told, see and hear or even what you think, then it is pretty much impossible to go wrong.

    This explains why most indis & religious Americans get sucked in again and again and again.

    It is not what you believe – it is the fact you are willing to believe anything at all that is the mystery that can only be understood by humans using limited intelligence.

    You do not have to believe anything, ever. You just need to know what is.

    The sky is blue regardless of what you think or believe. If you see it is orange, and evertyone else sees it as blue, then yu had better distrust your own eyes because they are lying to you. When you get smart enough, you know the Sky is not blue – it is a wavelength of light that is at roughly 380 nm and that is the truth. How your brain sees it – or the 99.9999999999% of human brains sees it (as blue) is the reason why we see it as blue, and thus is a fact as”blue”. But in reality, if our brains were wired different, we may see it as brown, pink or another color.

    So there you go – a reader now knows why they see a blue sky. Now I do not care who the fuck you are or what you think, it is blue because your brain sees it as blue and what your brain is seeing is a vibration of liht at (near enough) to 380 nm. And that will never change – 380 nm. Perhaps another animal sees 380 nm as brown – good the it is brown to them. What this DOES MEAN is that reality is subjective to who you are (Dog sees brown, you see blue). because regardless if you are a dog or human, it is 380 nm you are fucking seeing and that DOES NOT change.

    So In Scientology, when you see a “miracle” if you can’t ask questions about it, or analize it, then you must shut the fuck up and just beleive the reason it happened as given to you by an authority.

    And Scientologsts and Indis know nothing – which is why they like to believe. Believing means you do not have to learn anything – and more importantyl, it means hanging around people like you – stupid, dumb fucks that are an ambrassement to the chain that is human evolution.

    They do not know how to think. If you ever asked them why they see a blue sky, not a single one could tell you because they are too fucking stupid – and yet they have seen a blue sky since they were born and walk around under it all day, every day without even understanding it.

    So how could they understand anything at all if they are that blind.

    Scientologists and indis who claim to have “knowledge” have dig shit wrapped as candy – and to them it tastates so good – you kind of get used to the diet you were raised on, I guess.

    • Hi Aaron (and all): There was this great psychology experiment where a series of adult individuals were asked, with encouragement from their mothers, to recall an incident when they were 2 years old where they got lost in a shopping mall having inadvertently been separated from their mothers. They were lost about 2 hours and were reunited with their mother after meeting a woman in the mall with kids who took the lost child to a policeman. Most of the subjects had very good recall of the incident. Many gave great detail about the woman’s dress, how she held their hand, what the policeman looked like, the shops in the mall, etc, etc. The only thing is: this incident NEVER HAPPENED. The psychologist, along with the subject’s mother, made the whole thing up to test the subject’s response. And, lo and behold, the subject produced the “memory” in great detail. Very, very few of the subjects reported no recall of the incident (which would have been an accurate response).
      I remember when a group of us finished “OT3” all around the same time. Some of us got together and shared that we didn’t feel any different. But most were afraid to speak up. And some gave “fantastic wins” about how their whole life had changed. (Although it was kind of hard to get what the specifics were of these fantastic changes.)
      I even shared my feelings with the supervisors about not feeling any different. Of course, none of them told me, “You’re not supposed to feel any different. It’s all a con, dummy!”
      Fiat Lux

  12. This is why LRH came up with “What is true for you, is true for you” because if you believe that, then you are really ripe for thinking anything.

    What that quote really means is “Believe what you want to believe.”

    Which then translates into “If your reading this shit from me in the first place than you are capable of believing ANYTHING you moron…so believe what I am about to tell you.”

    Which the evolves into “Here is OT III and a lot of lectures about what happened 74,000,000,000,000,000,000”

    Which then translates into “Gimme all your money, gimme all your kids, gimme all your friends, gimme every fucking thing you got – even your mind.”

    I would be madder at LRH if people weren’t so stupid in the first place.

  13. GO DEBBIE COOK!!!!

    AND A BIG F-U-C-K Y-O-U to the anti-Scn movement.

    In the early 2000’s when I was posting the shit that happened to people in LA, the shit that happened at INCOMM, the things that were going on with children and people at FLB, Int and L.A. Australia you all called me a fucking nut job. And asked me to get off the boards.

    I will never forget being told that what I said happened at INCOMM was “impossible in the middle of L.A.” or the children at Flag Land Base.

    In 2009 when I told more of it – again I was called a fucking liar because it was “too extreme” and “Oh come on, that never happened!”.

    And here you have Debbie Cook giving you some juicy details.

    Wait until proof of the deaths start to come out and some of the things that happened to the children, and then we will see who gets the last laugh.

    There are things from the 90’s you guys still don’t know about –
    but it is my guess it will not take long for some of the others I worked with to wake up and start talking.

    Marty – you still wanna say you knew nothing about what happened on the Ship when I was there? You STILL want to tow that line?

    Again, Fuck you, with all my love,

    Aaron Saxton

  14. TURTLES.

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