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Perhaps we really don’t have anything to worry about…

Just read a recent post, Miscavige’s Religious Freedom Crusade, on Marty’s blog.

For those not in the know, the fruits of the Squirrel Busters labors have finally been revealed in the form of this video, which does a pretty good job of portraying Marty as crazy and violent, while conveniently leaving out the fact that they literally worked overtime to provoke him. (For the record, I think Marty’s anger was justified, although his behavior wasn’t too bright.) In one scene, Marty popped a guy in the face, knocking off his sunglasses and allegedly causing cuts. The Scientologists reported it and Marty was arrested, but David Aken, the county attorney, refused to file charges.

The blog entry cites a letter from the guy Marty hit (although Marty says it was “clearly written” by a Scn lawyer who just died) to “Mr. Akens” (Dumb shits!), questioning the decision not to prosecute, and mentioning that he was producing a documentary for his religion.

I saw the message between the lines pretty clearly: This is a thinly veiled threat of a religious discrimination lawsuit. Marty even pointed that out in the blog entry.

You’d expect to see talk of this in the comments, right? Wrong! Here’s a sampling of what Marty’s flock had to say:

“DM and his corrupt church are PTS corporate idiots stable datum and it’s senior to their logic.”

“I do feel sorry for him, must be awful to be such a lilly-livered little coward. I’m shore [sic] he dudn’t get much respect. Too sad.”

“Pathetic. I’m surprised this clown didn’t throw in something along the lines of “My psychiatrist has confirmed that I have suffered irreversible mental anguish, trauma and PTSD from this incident.”

(In case you don’t know, to a Scientologist, saying someone goes to a psychiatrist is a HUGE insult, as bad as if I told you that your mother is a whore. Speaking of which, if you see your mother, tell her she still owes me change from my $20 bill. OH SNAP!!)

“The obvious insanity and psychotic behavior of miscavige and his personal cult is well described in the following excerpts from an LRH bulletin…”

“..that Norman guy from your videos is one of the greasiest most evil-purposed looking SP’s I’ve ever seen.”

And the Ignorance of the Wog World Award goes to Sara:

Jury trial for battery? Really?

I thought there might be SOME intelligent discussion of the possibility of a lawsuit, and how that might get handled in Texas, and all the positive media reaction it might receive… but, nope. Nada. Just a lot of childish name-calling.

Compare that to these randomly-picked comments from this Church-run, anti-Marty site:

“Rathbun just keeps going right past all his idiotic screw ups and still thinks he’s smart.”

“If there’s anything that Rin and Rat want to stop it’s Scientology’s basic purpose… They will never get policy, and even if they did, they would work against it. These are not good, constructive people.”

“I think that Rathbun knows he is an incompetent moron.”

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to protest this so-called religion. They’re like a bunch of fucking eight-year-olds. I suppose this is a perfect example of the sort of blind, idiotic conformity that Hubbard was trying to achieve… problem is, I don’t think he imagined that the mental eight-year-olds he created, like Miscavige and Rathbun, would ever be running the show.

Sometimes I wonder if we really have anything to worry about. Of course, I know that while an individual wasp may not be all that much of a problem, get a swarm of them angry and they can really ruin your day.