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Denial redux

I wanted to re-post a comment on Marty’s blog by an Indie named KFrancis. I was going to post this free of my own input, but I just can’t help myself. Take it away, K:

The things I believe in A.D. 2012

A.D.? Anno Domini? In the year of our lord? You must not be far enough up The Bridge to know that Christianity is an implant and Christ didn’t exist. LRH will set you straight in this MP3 file. (I’m assuming you didn’t mean LRH’s definition, “After Dianetics,” because AD 2012 is the year 3963.)

1. That LRH is actually our greatest friend, that he left this earth with the full intention to come back and that he intends to clear this planet.

You forgot: “…and my bank account.”

2. I believe that LRH considers all auditors his personal friends and allies in the effort to clear this planet.

3. I believe that LRH considers Ms. Debbie Cook his friend and would not want her harmed, suppressed, declared, diminished, stopped pressured, followed or in any way ruined.

I love Debbie Cook’s email, but it seems to me she’s guilty of crimes under HCO PL 7 March 1965 Issue III, JUSTICE OFFENSES AND PENALTIES. I’m sure Ron wouldn’t be pleased about that. (More on Scn crimes.)

4. I believe that LRH’s heart weeps to see what has happened to his friends and the technology that he handed over to us for safe keeping and application.

Well, given accounts of what LRH was like, it’s more likely that he’s red as a beet, screaming his head off at the hot-pants-clad teenage girls he used as personal servants.

Regardless, while I still think DM is running things more or less as LRH intended, it’s true that if LRH was around, he could update the scam for modern times and make a lot more more money. Instead, David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun, and other Scientology profit-seekers are stuck with the shit he wrote 25+ years ago.

.5. I believe that LRH knows exactly what is going on here and in Scientology today and knows exactly who is doing it and already has a plan in place to correct the scene and restore Scientology.

I believe if you read all of the “tech,” especially the Admin Tech (LRH’s management how-to), you’ll see that DM is running things more or less as LRH wanted, i.e. selling salvation to make a profit. That said, thanks to the Internet, I think the general public knows Scientology is a scam and LRH is a fraud, hence DM’s reliance on hounding the faithfully brainwashed for money. LRH might not approve, but he left no provisions for “discoveries” of new material, so what’s a cult leader to do?

6. I believe that since LRH departed in 1986 he has never once taken his eye off of our planet and his home for even a minute.

Maybe that’s why he failed to notice those Vistaril injections he got in the days before he died.

7. I believe that things may get much worse before they get better but that they will get better.

I’m with you up until the “before”.

8. I believe that January 1st 2012 will be remembered as the day when the tide turned and that an auditor said “no more” and Ms. Debbie Cook will be remembered for taking a stand.

Debbie Cook’s email was a landmark, but she’s no Lisa McPherson.

9. I believe when the betrayal is fully recognized and understood that the pain will be unimaginable for some but that we will pass through it as a group and that it will open the door for the healing to begin.

100% correct here. This happens daily to Scientologists who wake up and realize that the whole thing is a scam — not just the Church, but LRH’s entire subject of Scientology.

10. I believe that the actual Golden Age of Tech. took place on this earth from 1950 until roughly 1982. That LRH presided over this age at St. Hill and any other location where he was actually present and on the line.

That was certainly the Golden Age of the Scam. It amazes me that Scientologists are so eager to believe in the public persona carefully sown by LRH, and ignore numerous eyewitnesses who actually worked with him and said he acted like a petulant, hot-headed baby.

11. I believe LRH has been in progress for his return and that he will be returning with a group of ethical and fully trained OT’s that share his vision, know all about earth cases and intend to clear this planet and sector.

Ah, the Second Coming. Every religion has one nowadays. Though one has to wonder, if he couldn’t get his ass out of his motorhome to stand up for his (supposedly) beloved wife, what makes you think he’s going to lift a finger for you whiners?

12. I believe that LRH and these OT’s will be entirely unimpeded by the small time games played down here on earth and world clearing will begin immediately with LRH’s original tech. fully in and on source.

No question, the key to un-fucking this prison planet is a bunch of chain-smokers armed with dictionaries.

13. I believe earth will be the site of an unbelievable renaissance and will be lead by LRH , OT’s and all Scientologists who wish to join.

…because if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

14. I believe many will immediately recognize that it is LRH and that the Org’s will see a boom like never before and that they will be a joy to be in and support.

As long as you’re not on his shit list. But yes, aside from those who get locked in chain lockers, tossed overboard, screamed at, arbitrarily sent to do slave labor, disowned or left to take the blame and rot in jail (note: the latter two apply to immediate family only), I’m sure “many” will love their time in the orgs under LRH.

15. I believe we are going to make it to unimaginable OT states of being!

You’re right. The OT states of being are definitely unimaginable, because no one can a) say what they are or b) demonstrate them.

If this is the Scientology mindset, then clearly Rathbun and Miscavige need not worry about an income stream for the next few years.