Marty: Suppression causes cancer

Just a quick quote from Marty Rathbun’s blog entry about the death of Annie Broeker, former LRH aid and ex-wife of Marty’s superfanboy Jim Logan (“Ann Marie Tidman 1956 – 2011 — In Memoriam):

“Shortly before John Brousseau (JB) left the corporate church in April 2010 he was told that Annie had contracted lung cancer. Since then a network of friends on the outside has sought to assist her knowing full well the suppression she was under that would cause such a scourge to invade her body.”

Got that? Annie Broeker got lung cancer because of “the suppression she was under.” Not because it ran in her family. Not because Scientologists smoke like chimneys in their attempt to be like their guru, L. Ron Hubbard. (Disclaimer: I don’t know if Ms. Broeker smoked or not.) Not because of some undiscovered medical cause.

Nope – Annie Broeker got lung cancer because David Miscavige was suppressing her.

This is what L. Ron Hubbard teaches his Scientologists – that you don’t get sick because of germs, but rather that you get sick because of a connection to a suppressive person or a “potential trouble source” (someone who is connected to an SP).

This sounds like something you could laugh off… until you realize that this is the information Scientologists use to make decisions about their own health care and that of their loved ones. Including their children. Scientologists would rather listen to a power-crazed con man who failed out of college than doctors who have had years of training.

And how do Scientologists treat cancer? Do they go to the doctor for aggressive radiation or chemotherapy? Nope. They give “touch assists.” They repeatedly poke the person and say “Feel my finger. Thank you.”

Imagine if you went to your doctor and were told that your spouse had cancer, that it was caused by someone being mean to her, and that the treatment was to repeatedly touch her and thank her. I don’t know about you, but I’d punch that doctor in his shiny white teeth, and then I’d sue the living shit out of him.

Not that any of this matters, because Annie Broeker didn’t die; she simply dropped her body. As we speak, she’s probably directing her new body to coo and gurgle and gaze lovingly at her new parents. Or maybe she’s hanging out with LRH’s thetan on some far-away planet somewhere. Who the fuck knows.

All I do know is that we have yet more evidence that so-called independent Scientology is no safer than Church-going Scientology. Forget about Miscavige throwing a beating to his staff – that isn’t right, but it’s not the real evil of the Church.

The real evil is people who perpetuate the idea that if no one treats you badly, you are safe from deadly diseases.

Think about it this way: If Annie Broeker had quit Scientology and trusted her care to real doctors, she probably would have had her cancer detected earlier, could have treated it, and would probably be alive today.

LRH reached out from beyond the grave and killed her, as sure as if he shot her with a gun. Except a gun is more humane.

Ever watch someone die of cancer? I have. It’s about as unpleasant and undignified a death as you could hope for.

And yet Marty Rathbun, just like David Miscavige, still wants to make his living by selling this bullshit.

And what are Marty’s followers doing? Acting sad. Wait a second, I thought Annie was an immortal thetan! She’s dropped her body and freed herself of Miscavige’s suppression! Shouldn’t you be celebrating?

But you’re not. You’re sad. You know why? Because humans recognize death for what it really is. You see the finality of it. You know Annie is dead and gone. That sad feeling welling inside you, dear Scientologist, is your bullshit detector, and it’s ringing like fucking crazy.

Rest in peace, Annie.


11 responses to “Marty: Suppression causes cancer

  1. And yet Marty Rathbun, just like David Miscavige, still wants to make his living by selling this bullshit.
    that is a whole point….
    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  2. And apparently he is in communication with her Thetan.

    From his blog:
    “For those who knew Annie and for those who understood her relationship with L Ron Hubbard, worry not. I know for a fact that she is now doing ok.”


  3. Wow, Marty Rugburn. how did I miss that???

    If he can get in touch with Annie, why doesn’t he get in touch with LRH and tell him to get his ass into a body and get the hell back to Earth?


  4. Maybe Marty is LRH! That would explain how he is in communication with her Thetan.


  5. If Marty was LRH, he’d have a lot more money, and he’d probably be done with Mosey by now.

  6. Caliwog, I’m not really sure where people starting believing that Scientologists don’t get conventional cancer treatments. Personally, that one point was probably one of the biggest issues I had with the organization. We were always FORCED to go to conventional doctors and get conventional medicine – against my own will. I personally prefer to handle health matters with nutrition and use medicine as a last resort when the body is not functioning correctly enough to overcome.

    I have seen two friends and “fellow” staff members die of cancer and both of them had all the traditional cancer treatment, on an immediate basis. I have witnessed a lot of them with other serious conditions doing the same. I’m assuming they also had assists, but they were REQUIRED to get traditional medicine. That is crap as far as I’m concerned, as it is really at the whim of who is handling that area and where in the country they are from. In St. Louis, it was medicine all the way. In LA it might be alternative health all the way…..just wishy washy, but not scientology.

    I just wanted to say this part.

    I’m not trying to defend this stupid group of people and I don’t agree that she got cancer because she was suppressed by DM, however, she might have gotten cancer due to a tremendous amount of suppression and stress – I don’t know. But, I am quite opinionated in the area of health/disease and the effects of drugs on the body – and I believe that people have a lot of factors that come together to create a disease and part of the biggest one is for sure stress (in my opinion).

    So, first hand I know that “scientology” does not tell you that you should not go to a doctor for treatment. I have fought them over and over because I refused to go get medicine – as I healed myself with good rest, good water and good food, not an antibiotic at every turn and that sure pissed them off!

    Also, as a side note here, I think I pulled a lot of interesting knowledge from the subject of scientology, but I do not believe it delivered what it says it does and I believe LRH perpetuated it for the recognition and money…..unethically. So, I do NOT support LRH, scientology or otherwise.

    For what it was worth….

  7. johnny d / thetan-x

    Meshell, My Bell….
    you are quite the walking/talking contradiction.
    I feel for you Meshell if ever the big “C” decides to visit your pancreas or liver, uterus or lungs.
    Meshell, have you had the misfortune of watching a loved-one die of Lung Cancer, or any cancer for that matter ? if you really believe that putting a terminal cancer patient on “the cans” will cure him/her, well then its a good thing we are NOT neighbors. (yes feel free to take that however you wish)
    Meshell, Cancer is a MUTHA-FUCKER and you cannot cure it with mumbo-jumbo and wishy-washy pretend science like taking a walk through “L.Ron Hubbard’s Wall of Fire that was built by the Lord XENU 75 million years ago” …..ain’t gonna happen sweetheart, nope never!

    I will NOT say that “NATURAL MEDICINES” have NO beneficial effects along with modern and standardized medical practices in the treatment of ..BUT Hubbards BULLSHIT does not fall into that category, he is a snake-oil salesman and a monster of a charlatan.

    For what it’s worth….

    • Respectfully stated here, I never once said for peeps to hold the cans for cancer or any other sickness, nor did I say apply any scn tech at all. I wouldn’t, so I’m thinking you didn’t read my post?

      I said I believe in natural medicine first and foremost and I don’t run to the doctor for antibiotics at every sniffle, as they tried to force me to do. Along with that I tried to point out that it is false data that scientologists don’t use medical doctors or medicine for diseases, or that they just use “feel my finger”.

      I have no idea how I would treat my own cancer until faced with the tough decisions, but I can assure you that no scientologist gets auditing once they have something as serious. At least not official auditing, as it’s considered too much of a present time problem to get any wins blah blah blah….complete bullshit – all of it. It’s probably because they don’t want sued. But that is beside the point. The point I want to make is that they don’t tell the parishioners not to see medical doctors for traditional medical treatment. They nearly force you to do such.

      I guess one of my pet peeves is reading stuff written on the internet about scientology or scientologists beliefs that is so far off-based that an insider stumbing upon it would just dismiss the author and not consider the data. When I was researching for myself to see what was actually going on, I came across many sites that didn’t help me at all in my search or decisions because of that fact.

      Scientologists use the touch assist to help on the side of any kind of medicine or treatment. It works along the same lines as chiropractic and isn’t any more mysterious than that.

      For me personally, however, I use my chiropractor’s assistance first and foremost anytime I’m sick. Of course, if I need to see a medical doc I will, but on my own determinism, not because some snot-nosed kid in qual at some org tells me I have to!

  8. Cali,

    Have you noticed the success stories listed behind “What we do” on Marty’s blog? Just noticed them today. Standard Scio tech. All are signed with initials only.


  9. Caliwog,
    Great point. But you are missing another “bit of LRH tech”: Always use anything (ruthlessly) for your own personal benefit. Twist any occurrence to fit your own personal agenda. If a pc died under Hubbard’s care, the “PR Line” would be: “See!? He didn’t get enough auditing! Don’t let that happen to you!”
    You or I would cringe at the thought of promoting a person’s death as a reason to patronize our personal enterprise. But, “on source” Scientologists don’t hesitate for a second. It is all “grist for their mill” to use Hubbard’s phraseology.
    Fiat Lux

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