The Debbie Cook disintegration

I suppose the Debbie Cook situation is too big a thing for me not to comment on it.

In case you’re not familiar, Debbie Cook is a former high-ranking Scientology executive. Over the New Year weekend, she sent an email to 12,000 Scientologists complaining about the Church’s emphasis on fund raising for ornate Ideal Orgs and forcing Scientologists to re-take “levels” that they do not need. Ms. Cook blames David Miscavige for the destruction of the Church’s management structure, and quotes LRH policy saying that selling Scientology, not fund-raisers, should be used to make money. The letter (authenticated by other sources) can be found at this Marty Rathbun blog entry.

So what does this mean? Well, for one thing, it means you should stock up on popcorn!

I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude towards this one. Debbie claims she is a member in good standing of the Church, and is not in communication with those who aren’t (i.e. Marty and his crew). Her outlook is clearly similar to many Independents – that LRH’s tech is basically good, and David Miscavige’s implementation is bad – although she lacks Marty’s vitriol towards DM. (I’m sure that will come in good time.)

I have often said that David Miscavige is following closely in the foosteps of L. Ron Hubbard. Debbie’s email bolsters the Independent argument that DM is mis-managing the Church, counter to LRH’s intentions. I can’t argue her with the policy she quotes; LRH emphasized exchange (i.e. no something-for-nothing) (although he did have financial mechanisms in place to accept financial “gifts”). Ms. Cook’s policy quotes clearly show LRH’s intention to use Scientology services as the main profit center (something I would think the IRS should take notice of). As for DM’s provenance, there is little evidence available to the public of what LRH actually intended for Church management after his death.

I would imagine that the reason for David Miscavige’s emphasis on fund-raising is that Scientology simply isn’t making money the way it used to. When LRH was alive, he continually updated the scam Scientology to adapt it to modern times. Since his death, Scientologists have continued to beat the same dead horses. Their vilification of psychiatry, for example, which may have had merit in the 1950s, seems ridiculous and ill-informed today. But with no new policies being written, and their conviction that LRH had all the answers, what else can they do but keep on keeping on?

David Miscavige is the product of a Scientology environment – the “Homo Novis” who is dedicated to fulfilling his purpose, no matter what. He’s exactly the kind of sociopathic bastard that Scientology tries to create. You’ll see similar personality traits in other Scientologists, especially when they get angry. (See Aaron Saxton’s video interview for a candid discussion of just how ruthless Scientologists are supposed to be.)

Anyway, as always, I have mixed feelings about stories like these. On the one hand, anything that exposes the truth about Scientology is a good thing – and Scientology’s endless “regging” for money is the truth.

On the other hand, this story does, in some small way, perpetuate the myth that David Miscavige is the source of Scientology’s bad practices. To be fair, Scientologists like Marty Rathbun and Debbie Cook are too young to know how bad things were when Hubbard was running the show. It’s a classic example of “Good Old Days” syndrome.

Fortunately, there are still people who remember that the Good Old Days were anything but good. Like this person.

So, as I said, I’ll wait and see. As I’m sure Marty Rathbun will. After all, this could go two ways for him.

If Debbie Cook ends up being an ally, this could be a windfall for Marty’s burgeoning Scientology business, with the potential to bring in a lot of customers with big pockets.

On the other hand, if Ms. Cook is laying the groundwork for her own auditing business, then I’m sure Marty will be quick to give her the David Mayo treatment.

As for me, I’ll continue doing what I do best: Talking about the real practices of Scientology as dictated by L. Ron Hubbard. Despite Miscavige’s attempt to accelerate the emptying of parishioners’ pockets, it is within “the Tech” that the real evil of Scientology can be found.

Let’s keep our eye on the ball – as long as people are reaching for information about Scientology, it is the obligation of the protest movement to see that people get the real truth – not the skewed version of those who, like Hubbard, Miscavige, and Rathbun, seek to profit from its followers.


17 responses to “The Debbie Cook disintegration

  1. Debbie Cook has the right per LRH to request a Comm Ev – she should do so.

    This will show how DM will alter the facts – and the entire list of people in good standing can see what the Church gets up to.

    There should be a site set up to disprove the “facts” given by the Comm Ev.

    She has the right – she is not declared.

    And frankly, anyone has the right to request that Comm Ev – even to ask for a Comm Ev on David.

    They should do so.

  2. I would love to see David get a Comm Ev. For that matter, I’d like to see Debbie get a comm ev, if only so that we could see if DM thinks himself above using LRH’s “justice” process.

    For those not in the know, a Comm Ev is a committee of evidence, the Scientology equivalent of a trial by a jury of your peers.

    Debbie would, I imagine, be found guilty, as she’s talked shit about a Scientologist in good standing (DM). And out she goes.

    ML, CW

  3. The state of OT & how it is real.

    The State of O.T. is not understood by critics of Scientology. I thought I would elaborate on this as most Scientologists – whether OT by case level or not – go through auditing processes that create the sensation.

    Often, while a person is “keyed-out” the experience is identical to the State of O.T. because essentially, the ingredients as perceived by the person are identical.

    Firstly, it would be ideal to loosely define the State of O.T., which for general purposes is similar to a sensation whereby you feel in control, able to influence things, communicate easily, and in general be in an up-beat state and create the same sensation in others. No one I have ever met who was in an O.T. state or a large “key-out” moment ever tried to lift a building or make it rain instead of shine; rather they were interested in keeping the momentum of the moment going for hours, days, weeks or even months.

    O.T. states in the Sea Org are much briefer because you are surrounded by conditions that eventually crash you.

    In auditing the brain undergoes chemical fluxs influenced by reactions the brain receives to create releases of hormones. A crude example is if you take drugs, whether you are aware of the drug or not it will have affect you and create changes in chemistry which can factually change how the brain processes electrical impulses and result in the person having perceptions of the same information – but arrive at a different interpretation.

    Anyone can be induced to have a hallucination via drugs. Anyone can have a feeling of being high or in love through drug inducement. A person is also able to have this same affect (exactly the same) created via the bodies own release of hormones and triggers if they are released in extreme quantities.

    Oxygen. CO2, Endorphins, Testosterone, etc. all have incredible effects when in great quantities.

    It is important to understand that the human brain does things super computers can not do. The amount of processing of bodily functions, how we turn images into moving film for our minds etc. etc. are processes we have no control or awareness of, and what we perceive as our “soul” or personality makes up a super-fraction of what the brain allots to such a function.

    Most assume the conscious part of our brain which is to really say the conscious part of us that can make decisions and extert control is the major part of our brain, wherein fact it is a mere fraction (and by fraction we are talking about well below 10,000 thousandth of our brains capability.

    The actions required by a brain to take moving pictures of a ball being thrown at us and to determine when it will hit us in the face, assume it’s potential weight from the curvature of its trajectory and to then take instant action to move is more than 99.9% done automatically, and it would take a supercomputer longer to make the calculations. Take into account the human brain can do this for an unknown object also, and you see a super computer would simply not be able to compute it at all. More bizzare is that the brain programmed itself without you having to do a course in physics.

    My point is that the brain is just about completely out of your control.

    Now, when we are in auditing, what we consciously are aware of, our thoughts and so forth, our answers, our evaluations etc. is buy a fraction of what the brain is doing that we are not aware of – at all.

    While we relive the moment consciously of the tiger attacking our brain is doing something else we are NOT aware of.

    Hormones are released. Adrenalin. Our balls go smaller and get sucked up into our Pelvis. Muscles tense. a thousand other things are happening to our body and while you can detect some of them – you are not aware of all of them as some of them can not be perceived.

    The brain protects the human from pain in various ways. One way is to set up triggers to prevent injury.

    Scientology auditing addresses these and takes way the triggers which in the long term can result in a failing to act when you are attacked (or ripped off or being conned) because the triggers are gone.

    But while these triggers are being removed the body will also release chemicals into the brain as part of the process. The brain is being fooled.

    In an honest statement, the first person who observed the effect if auditing could not have possibly known what created the effect and as in god delusions, makes up things like reactive minds and charge to explain what he sees.

    The bottom line is, the key out is a chemical state and any study of brain activity or blood from the brain or other parts of the body will detect chemical imbalances which fully explain the condition.

    Welcome to your state of O.T..

    And the only way to get it back if you can not take drugs, if you do not have an activity that releases the same chemicals is to repeat what gave it to you in the first place.


    The state of O.T. is real by definition. The state of drugged out and high and happy is also real. There is no difference to the brain.

    Now, because no Scientologist has any understanding of how a body works – and is factually told is a “meat body” with little or no value, they never research it and understand what it is.

    This while it explains horrible medical conditions better explains for the purpose of this post their total failure to be able to evaluate Scientology.

    If you can not evaluate and find the correct answer for how you feel, then you are going to very much fail when given a false answer for why you felt that way and you are going to be completely duped when it comes to the State of O.T. as defined by LRH.

    When dealing with Indi’s and Scios, understand they have an addiction.

    Ever taken away someone’s last cigarette and told them there are no more?

    This is what Scientology does when they threaten disconnection or ethics – the threat creates a reaction in the person’s body “Don’t lose the thing that makes me feel good”.

    And when it comes to dealing with independents and Scientologists, understand you are not talking to deluded beings.


    You are talking to addicts. And like all addicts, they think they are not, and they think you are crazy for suggesting it. And like all addicts, they are sick and need help.

    Hello Marty, hello DM, you are both drug dealers.

  4. And this is why the Church tries to convince it’s members that people like Marty, Debbie Cook, Tom Devocht and all the rest are “unhappy” (when they factually ARE HAPPY) because they lose their patients.

    If a patient can get his kick from Marty and his crowd for a tenth the price, then they would.

    The Church scares people into staying and the reactions of Debbie Cook’s friends – EVEN THOUGH SHE MAKES PERFECT SENSE – is to react with fear because their brains are telling them if they go along with it they will lose their source of happiness.

    The Church is false.

    And while I do not think Marty is any better IT REMAINS A FACT that he can give what the Church is giving without the strings. And the Church isn’t really trying to do anything else but to convince it’s members that leaving results in happiness.

    This is the big lie.

  5. tnx both of you….

  6. I think it is important to also realize that over the years, the small voltages/currents that one receives during auditing add up to the same shock one gets during electroshock therapy. Small currents have been proven to cause conduction problems in the brain, adding to the ‘euphoria’ sometimes felt after auditing.

  7. Caliwog,

    Great post on ESMB on the new HCO PL. Laughed my ass off!

    Were you not brought up in SCN? You sound like someone who has a formal education. Great post as usual.

    Marty Rugburn

  8. Most of this info is from Wikipedia.

    The average Emeter produces a very low current (.005ma) at around 5 volts. this works out to .0025 watts/second
    1 minute=.15 watts
    1 hour=9 watts
    10 hours=90 watts
    The average ECT shock is around 55 volts at .8 amps=40 watts in one second.
    The jury is still out regarding low voltage effects on humans, but you can see that cumulatively 10 hours of auditing gives you more juice that one ECT shock!

  9. Oh William…
    Your reasoning is sooo flawed…
    Go lean up against 100 trucks for a few seconds each. Now step out in front of one moving 35 MPH. The cumulative effect of contact with 100 trucks is not the same as one truck at 35 MPH.

  10. Those trucks are not FLOWING THROUGH YOUR BODY like electricity is…it is your reasoning that is flawed.

  11. Okay, try this one:
    Drink one cup of water every 20 minutes for 12 hours. Now, take a fire hose and deliver that same 36 cups of water into your stomach in 3 seconds. Not the same sensation. Don’t believe me, go ahead and try it.

    In other words, small doses of water, trucks and electricity cumulatively do NOT necessarily have the same effects as a single large dose.

    I mean, come on, man, what would you rather do, hold e-meter cans for ten hours or have a single shock treatment. I mean, duh.

    As a critic of all things Hubbard, you do not increase your credibility about things that genuinely need to be looked at critically regarding Hubbard or his work, by over reaching with specious reasoning. Just sayin’…

  12. The point is, I am not in the habit of abusing my body by ANY of these methods, whether it be electricity or water. The jury is still out on the cumulative effects of low voltage exposure, WHY DO IT? It is not beneficial in any way. You can actually KILL someone with a 9 volt battery by connecting it to their ECG electrodes, low voltage has effects so again WHY DO IT? The heart operates on 1 millivolt pulses, brain waves are also in the millivolt (thousandths of a volt) region. WHY DO IT?

  13. Thank you Marty,

    I have been re-schooling myself. And have had to eat humble pie with what I thought I knew about the world. I do appreciate your comment.

    In regards the EST comment – I have to agree with the critics – the built up effect is not identical.

    If it were, then one could connect a battery up to themselves with the same voltage of an e-meter and have problems. But not that are identical to Scn side effects.

    So clearly, the issue is not the electrical current – though factually the brain would be effected to some extent.

    Rather, take a look at what the body’s own electrical currents are doing to its own neural pathways which is what the e-meter is actually reading. In there lay the factual changes to neural operations and subsequent problems.

    A well directed question on a traumatic incident that results in a neural pathway being deactivate d(when it should not be!) is very much a problem.

    If there is evidence of a acculmative effect, then fair enough – but as I said, take a look at what neural pathways are being activated and what is happening to the brain in auditing that the person is not aware of – in this you will find the true damage.

    A person not scared of a Black Mamba, or who does not jump back from one is not a good thing, it is a dead thing. It is not confronting. It is stupidity. much like people having their entire life savings taken… there is a reason for it.

    Again, take a look at what the e-meter is ACTUALLY reading and worry about the amount of charge as a secondary study. Plenty of OTs out there that have come full circle after thousands of hours (though not many I am afraid!).


  14. Aaron,

    Seems like you are very far on working your way out of the mindfuck of Scn. Keep on keepin’ on Brutha!


  15. Kevin Stevenson

    What the e-meter is actually reading/displaying/showing. Something to read something into. A mind blowing experience for me reading Aaron’s OT phenomena thing. Got to think it over but seems sound to me. I know self-delusion was involved, or group delusion/support but this new angle I never considered. What kind of freaks me out is my certainty now faced against my certainty then, both equal yet opposed. I sacrificed everything for it and now would pretty much sacrifice anything against it, although I have a feeling that this madness is not unique to Scientology alone, but it is Scientology that has done the most damage. It’s a mindfuck of Philip K. Dick proportions.

  16. Beaner Muchos Nada
    some excerpts from the article:

    “She is also named in a 2001 declaration by Maria Pia Gardini, a former Sea Org member who said that ten years earlier she was put under intense pressure by Debbie Cook to donate more than a million dollars to Scientology after Cook learned that Pia Gardini’s mother had just died and she stood to inherit money. Pia Gardini writes in painful detail how Cook and others pressured her repeatedly to turn over the money, supposedly to help pay for a program that would bring Italians to Clearwater for auditor training, but the money never was spent for that purpose. Instead, Pia Gardini claimed, Cook was paid a large bonus for getting the money out of her, and with the bonus bought an expensive car.”
    “For the next twelve hours Debbie was made to stand in a large garbage can and face one hundred people screaming at her demanding a confession as to her “homosexual tendencies”. While this was going on, water was poured over her head. Signs were put around Debbie’s neck, one marked in magic marker “LESBO” while this torture proceeded. Debbie was repeatedly slapped across the face by other women in the room during the interrogation. Debbie never did break.”

    effed up, maaan.

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