Top Ten Posts of 2011

I have a couple of new posts in the works, but for now, I thought I’d steal an idea from Marty and list the ten posts you visited most in 2011. (This excludes the Censored by Marty section.) Here they are, starting with the most popular:

  1. How Scientology works: Re-stating the obvious
  2. Omitted by Marty: Heber is alive and well
  3. The Big Lie
  4. Why Mark Bunker is wrong
  5. The rift is open
  6. Aaron Saxton: More on Tory and Marty
  7. Mosey: Let’s talk about KSW
  8. Dark Ride
  9. Marty vs. Mayo
  10. All aboard the hypocrisy express!

Enjoy, and I’ll talk to you in the New Year.


2 responses to “Top Ten Posts of 2011

    tnx Cali….

  2. What will DM’s removal accomplish?

    What is Debbie Cook hoping to achieve by sending out a letter that very clearly shows that the actions taken by mgmt are unacceptable?

    If Marty and Debbie got their wish, what would we have? assume tomorrow DM steps down and assigns a new leader to the cult.

    What we will not see is the following:

    1. A cessation of cancer or other illnesses from top ex-SO and current SO members & Senior Scientologists. Marty and his tech hoard would have you think that as a result of the PTSness gone, there would rein goodness and light.

    Never in Scientology’s history has this ever been the case. Death & Illnesses are the only things that surrounded LRH and every executive he ever had work under him, before and after DM was even born.

    Scientologists though, certain int heir belief, will state though that cancer, loss of limbs and eyesight are all a result of PTSness – which it is not. PTSness as they like to put it is a symptom that there is something wrong with your body, and as it so happens to be, your mind is a result of how your brain works – get some chemicals into it and it will work differently – or as the case with the SO, deny people excellent nutrition and you lower the ability of the immune system, and thus you have more sick people.

    2. The tech will return to what it should be.

    Scientologists have gone to the extraordinary length of actually accepting verbal tech from people like Marty and Debbie Cook to accept that the definitions of OT and Clear are not REALLY how LRH stated it many years ago. Yet LRH’s definition is extremely clear and there can be no mistake that if the state of OT or clear did exist, the world would want it and Scientology could literally overnight, be the religion of the world. Fact.

    But this never happens because it has never happened, and yet, Scios in and out, in good standing or not insist that this state does exist.

    They will tell you once DM is gone, the tech will rebound.

    And yet, LRH – the OT of all OTs, died with drugs in his system, a wife in jail, a son who was murdered, a son who disowned LRH and all his closest friends from 1955 to 1980 left LRH or were declared suppressive.

    What Scios want is a rainmaker, someone who will tell them all this is possible and then deliver it.

    And Marty is swearing that he can cure cancer now. LOL.

    Why ask for donations, Marty? All you have to do is prove you have cured ONE case of cancer and I will guarantee I have a billion dollars for you in three months.

    You see, I really hope it is the Scios that read this, including the OSA staff who are required to.

    Just because someone says he is OT, does not make him OT. And if they say they are OT when they clearly not that either makes them a liar or delusional. Factually, I knew few SO members or Scios to lie about such things – so it must be delusion.

    It never crosses the minds of Scios that if in fact Scientology could cure anything, then the medical profession and especially private interests would pay literally billions.

    Apple Founder Steve would have paid Scientology 10 Billion if he could have been cured.

    Despite Scientology having had been around since 1955, still, to this day, they can not get even a little growth.

    If Scientology in 1960 had 1000 auditing hours per week, and 1000 members, and it increased by a mere 1% every year (which is below even the weekly desired increase) then Scientology would be gigantic today.

    But it isn’t.

    Because it does not do what it promises.

    When Scios start living in reality and accept that Scientology will not give them what it states it can do (and never, ever had to one single human being) than perhaps they will accept that the promise of a utopia without DM is as much as a bullshit promise from Marty as is the promise of super-OT from LRH.

    My mother still, to this day sits there and still thinks OT is real. Despite the fact that I can name off so many dead people, destroyed families from the top people of Scientology, it still is unacceptable to destroy her dream.

    It is ironic – as well as befitting – that LRH’s personal auditor, Otto Roos who went off and set up Scientology in Europe and was last on OT XIIII (yes, he factually did the L Rundowns – not LRH), he has recently lost most of his memory and is now on the brink of being a vegetable.

    This is how Scios die. With delusion.

    And I love being on Marty’s blog watching delusion dished out in almost the same volumes as auditing hours – few – and ineffective.

    What Marty does not realize, and what DM does, is that Marty holds together the hope for people that Scientology will do something it never can.

    And for that, DM thanks Marty, because DM knows the gig is up – he has seen too much and knows it is bullshit.

    MArty and Debbie, your turn is next.

    I recommend you both first find out what a body really is and fully understand it, and you may begin to actually unlock something.

    Right now, you both talk in a language of the deluded, and can not answer simple, fundamental questions about the very thing that keeps you alive – your body.

    Expect more deaths. And soon.

    Scio’s believe that

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