In memoriam: Lisa McPherson (one day late)

In my zeal to get back on the air yesterday, I missed something very important: The fifteenth anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death. Lisa died, alone and away from her family, on December 5th, 1996, after being locked in a hotel room as part of L. Ron Hubbard’s “Introspection Rundown.”

Lisa McPherson wasn’t the only person killed by L. Ron Hubbard’s ass-backwards “technology,” which many (most? all?) dedicated Scientologists use in place of proper medical and mental health care. But her death was one of the most visible, and one that brought international attention to the crimes of Scientology.

One of the things that makes me most angry about ex-Churchie Marty Rathbun is his apparent lack of remorse over Lisa McPherson’s death. He’s expressed regret about shredding documents that could have helped the family’s lawsuit against the Church, but I believe that’s because he missed a good opportunity to hurt David Miscavige. Never mind any opportunities he may have had to SAVE LISA MCPHERSON’S LIFE.

To this day, Marty insists that Lisa McPherson died because Church leader David Miscavige “mishandled her case” — not because a bunch of brainwashed Scientologists followed Hubbard’s instructions for handling a psychotic break instead of getting her proper medical care.

And to this day, the Introspection Rundown is still part of Scientology.

You’ll note, as an Anon pointed out yesterday, that Marty hasn’t said anything about Lisa McPherson’s death. I’m assuming that, unlike me, he didn’t accidentally overlook it. No, it’s business as usual for Marty: In today’s blog entry, he’s shilling for business by opining that payment for his services should be tax-deductible. (Oh, and speaking of overlooking Lisa’s death, I’m a little surprised Mark Bunker didn’t post anything about it on his site.)

It’s difficult to say that someone hasn’t died in vain; I’m sure Lisa’s family would love nothing more than to have her back (and out of Scientology). Still, Lisa’s death was a pivotal event in the movement to expose the true crimes of Scientology — not the petty stuff like the physical abuse of upper management or the relentless haranguing of members for money, but the life-destroying “technology” authored by that narcissistic, self-aggrandizing con man, L. Ron Hubbard.

The perfect storm created by Lisa’s death and the growing popularity of the Internet has no doubt kept thousands of people from emptying their wallets into Scientology’s coffers, and probably saved several from dying as a result of Hubbard’s gigantic con.

As protesters, it is our duty to remember why Lisa McPherson, Herbiert Pffaf, Ed Brewer, and countless others died.

Not because David Miscavige changed a few words so that he could sell more books…

…but because L. Ron Hubbard is a con man, and Scientology – in all of its forms – is nothing but a dangerous cult.

Rest in peace, Lisa.


Read for yourself: The technology that killed Lisa McPherson
Marty, have you no shame?

12 responses to “In memoriam: Lisa McPherson (one day late)

  1. Terrific post, Caliwog, thank you. RIP Lisa, we do not forget.

  2. Well, I thought after being off the scene for over 18 months would see the Church of Assholes lay-off me.

    But no…

    Their latest bullshit takes the cake.

    My partner and I have an ebay account. Well, it looks like the church found it, and stooped to the level of having Scios buy my shit on-line and then complain in an attempt to shut us down.

    One better, one of the Scios only over the phone and not through email attempted to have me commit insurance fraud to get the item she purchased for nothing.


    They screwed up when they emailed me to the wrong email address. Once I picked up what had happened, the lady suddenly disappeared.

    Honestly, we agree to a truce and then they go around and pull this bullshit off. I guess they expect me to go at them like a bulldog again and wreck their party.

    Well, I just might have to do that. In fact, I think I will giving OSA a call today to let them know just what I think of their latest attempt. I wonder what they were after? My fingerprints? DNA? they love to make you paranoid, but here is the thing, this is exactly the stuff they do.


  3. Why are Scientologists so stupid?

    I knew the Feshbachs in Florida and LA. Young girls traed to the SEA ORG in exchange for 100’s of millions for Matt Feshbach to invest – great parenting by the way.

    Dying of cancer, Suicides. Disease…

    Scios will not believe in what is right in front of them. Disease, cancer, etc can all be SEEN, PROVEN – but to stupid ignorant SO members and “OT’s” it is not real and “created in the mind….”

    On the other hand, they believe we are 76 Quadtrillion years old, past lives, and OT III and Xenu that IS ALL MADE UP IN THEIR MINDS – but that is what is real to them.

    Off with the fucking fairies – the whole damn lot of them.

    CCRD is not to ensure you are clear, it is to ensure you are stupid enough and you have convinced yourself you are clear. It is all in your damn head – LRH gave you a clue once – he TOLD YOU all your problems you created in your mind.

    He wasn’t kidding.

    The joke is, that they all think it has to be real, and then go fix it… What a con.

    There was no dilemia with Xenu and his crew until you decided he must have been real.

    Dorks. Fools. Twats.

  4. Jessica pulled it in, 100%, and so did Tommy.

    Jessica will soon be dead, and Tommy will be sitting there trying to figure out who she was PTS to.


    Dead people are less trouble than live people. It is the Sea Org way.

    I guess her sister who has identical genetics will probably be next. Someone call the cemetary and start making arrangements.

    I have little sympathy (actually none) because of the amount of pain Tommy inflicted upon genuine critics of Scientology – the lies he told and actions he authorized to destroy people…

    You had it coming sunshine.

    Tell me, what does she look like bald? Not exactly pleasing is it? At least she is thin now and not so chubby like she was before. All plus-points. Relax, she will be back next lifetime, so what is all the fuss about? you might as well just give her a morphine overdose and help her drop her body now.

    Her chubby nature – unhealthy, how did she get so porky on beans and rice? Ah, that’s right, you and her ate well while other SO members got punished because your mom was so important.

    Well, I guess that gig is up now, right Tommy?

    You’re TOTALLY sure she is coming back, right? She has another 999,999,999,980 years left on her contract buddy. No leaving the SO without approval mate – you know the drill.

    She is out ethics for not being on post – and you are OK with this? Sick or not sick, Scientology is for the serious, and you are now off post and being an out-ethics cat yourself.

    Think about the 100’s of other dead people you helped along denying them medical treatment and taking their life savings for the “good” of Scientology.

    Your pain is but a fraction. So enjoy her death, I imagine it will be slow and painful – remember, if you give her painkillers you are giving her DRUGS and helping Big Pharma out – so whatever you do, no matter how much she cries as her body shuts down her organs, do not go “reasonable” and give in.

    But do not worry. soon you will have it all audited out and walk around with a blank expression as if it didn’t even happen. if that fails, there is always good hard cocaine to help numb the pain buddy.

    And give DM a pat on the back for telling you it was your fault, that she was PTS and while doctors could have saved her IT IS YOUR FAULT.

    Welcome to the Sea Org – this is what Marty supports, help to create, what Tommy created, Tom Cruise, John Travolta and the whole damn lot of them.

    There is nothing but the stench of death with Scientology and when you have had enough of the company of death, you might want to try being with the living.

    It is better than where you are now, or will be in the easily predictable future.

    Suffer Tommy. And suffer hard. You DO deserve it.

  5. Gosh Aaron you sure are a piece of shit. Nobody deserves cancer regardless of the cult they belong to. You sure seem to be as bad as others say you are.

  6. At least Aaron recognizes LIsa McPherson’s memorial death date as the appropriate time to whine about his supposed ebay fair gaming.

    Good move

  7. They deserve WORSE than cancer. Good to see you Aaron. Sorry all this bullshit continues

  8. That’s pretty sick Aaron.

  9. Yes Sid,

    It is pretty sick – that is the thinking of a Scientologist. That is exactly how the feshbach case is being perceived by SO members at command.

    Worse still, the public Scientologists love it.

    Check it out – they say MEST is a trap and yet give millions to make lovely MESTy buildings to trap people – and fuck their medical.

    Not a single public scio gives one cent to get a Sea Org a day off, a better meal or medical treatment.

    This is what they get.

    And as for Feshbachs & Ann Archer – they can go fuck themselves and live wiht the consequences.

    Make no mistake buddy, slaves have been used to make motorbikes, serve meals and build palacial spaces here and abroad for the like of Tom Cruise, John Travolta.

    They couldn’t be morons, see, cause they are homosexuals, so the next best thing to your own planet and seven wives is an entire slave colony of people that are made to do your bidding. Its no wonder they die off like flies.

    Jessica & Katie & even Jenny Devocht were darn nice people when I was at CMO CW and now they are complete, 100% assholes that will fuck you over, steal your emails, destroy your lives if you utter a word about their cult.

    They are not the same people they used to be – they are monsters.

    And the more of them that die off, the better it is for everyone else.

    It is my sincere hope there are cancer-causing elements at the Int Base that end up wiping the whole darn lot of them off slowly.

    Come on, celebrate the pending-death. they would celebrate yours (or mine) – and Tommy would especially.

    The C of S would be shut down by now if there were not a statue of limitations on their crimes – some scum bags get all the luck.

    After a full disclosure to the FBI by myself and a few others, the response was that there was sufficient evidence for proceeding – but except for statue of limitations and they wished people had come forward earlier.

    Jessica Feshbach being denied life-saving medical treatment is manslaughter by definition, but she has to die first – so hurry up you downstat and drop the body, will you? And Tommy, get some balls and stand up for your wife, you piss-weak human being – SHES YOUR FUCKING WIFE, not a stat.

    And Ann Archer, you get the worst mother in history award – you gave your son to a cult, you then watched your daughter-in-law die slowly (soon to be true) and you give money to them so they can separate more families and create slave colonies to build motorbikes and houses for Tom & co.

    Tom Cruise – you get the ultimate award for having no brain and proving Scientology may in fact be correct in that a brain is not required to operate a body.

    And John Travolta, you are about the worst one of the lot. You got set up to marry your wife by Kirstie Alley who told you that she would at least cover up your love for men (and ensured your wife’s partner disappeared off the scene), but even with that gift, you still managed to get your own son killed. If Scientology didn’t have all the doctor records of all the men you sent to get tested to ensure they were safe sex partners, you might actually get some balls (ironic) and leave the cult.

    But I guess while your still making movies, you gotta tow the line.

    what were you saying, Sid?

  10. I was saying that some of your comments sound pretty sick, and I don’t think voicing such thoughts helps anyone.

    Yes, maybe Tommy does wish every critic was dead, but that’s up to him, it doesn’t mean we have to wish him dead. The difference between us and them has to be the difference between us and them, if you get what I mean.

    You sound very bitter Aaron. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that it is true that bitterness only harms the person who holds it.

    I have thankfully not had the terrible experience of the CoS that you have, so I’m not going to comment further, since I have not walked in your shoes.

  11. Hello Aaron et al:
    You need to understand that people in Scientology (or any cult) are under the influence of mind control. That does not excuse anything that they do. But it is very similar to dealing with a drunk. The person is not themselves. And they cannot think rationally as a “normal” person in society does. Hence, you can witness some incredibly strange and bizarre behavior. Once a drunk gets away from the booze and its influence gradually wears off, or a cult victim is separated from the cult and gradually stabilizes, the person will start to think rationally and be able to make sane decisions.

  12. I am not bitter.

    What I post on here to create an effect is one thing – I laugh and have a good life – trust me on that one!

    At the end of the day people’s actions dictate the course of action one takes against them. Drug users and people with addictions like gambling or theft or anything else are sick – but their actions are their actions.

    We can not allow people who are sick to destroy others – so we lock them up and separate them.

    Give no quarter to the Sea Org – for they deserve none and they do not think they are sick. Sometimes you have to jolt them into sane rational thinking and most of the time they will not recover.

    Once you accept that you will see the cure is to eliminate Scientology and to simply prevent others from taking up the garbage. Human Beings are the only organisms known that can have belief override intelligence and perception.

    So when it comes to Shelly probably dying of cancer somewhere along with the slew of other SO members, relish it as a victory because it is that much less evil that is in the world.

    There are far more worthy people in this world that deserve help and will accept it than these cats. These cats are interested in destruction and need to be kept in a compound with their communications shut off until they lose the plot and wipe themselves off. Up at CST they are told Scientology has almost completed planetary clearing and that the job is almost done.

    When DM has lost totally, I am sure there will be a requirement for everyone to drop their body and join LRH and we may end up with a Wako situation – which will be sad, but it will bring about an end.

    So keep pushing until they crack even more.

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