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In memoriam: Lisa McPherson (one day late)

In my zeal to get back on the air yesterday, I missed something very important: The fifteenth anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death. Lisa died, alone and away from her family, on December 5th, 1996, after being locked in a hotel room as part of L. Ron Hubbard’s “Introspection Rundown.”

Lisa McPherson wasn’t the only person killed by L. Ron Hubbard’s ass-backwards “technology,” which many (most? all?) dedicated Scientologists use in place of proper medical and mental health care. But her death was one of the most visible, and one that brought international attention to the crimes of Scientology.

One of the things that makes me most angry about ex-Churchie Marty Rathbun is his apparent lack of remorse over Lisa McPherson’s death. He’s expressed regret about shredding documents that could have helped the family’s lawsuit against the Church, but I believe that’s because he missed a good opportunity to hurt David Miscavige. Never mind any opportunities he may have had to SAVE LISA MCPHERSON’S LIFE.

To this day, Marty insists that Lisa McPherson died because Church leader David Miscavige “mishandled her case” — not because a bunch of brainwashed Scientologists followed Hubbard’s instructions for handling a psychotic break instead of getting her proper medical care.

And to this day, the Introspection Rundown is still part of Scientology.

You’ll note, as an Anon pointed out yesterday, that Marty hasn’t said anything about Lisa McPherson’s death. I’m assuming that, unlike me, he didn’t accidentally overlook it. No, it’s business as usual for Marty: In today’s blog entry, he’s shilling for business by opining that payment for his services should be tax-deductible. (Oh, and speaking of overlooking Lisa’s death, I’m a little surprised Mark Bunker didn’t post anything about it on his site.)

It’s difficult to say that someone hasn’t died in vain; I’m sure Lisa’s family would love nothing more than to have her back (and out of Scientology). Still, Lisa’s death was a pivotal event in the movement to expose the true crimes of Scientology — not the petty stuff like the physical abuse of upper management or the relentless haranguing of members for money, but the life-destroying “technology” authored by that narcissistic, self-aggrandizing con man, L. Ron Hubbard.

The perfect storm created by Lisa’s death and the growing popularity of the Internet has no doubt kept thousands of people from emptying their wallets into Scientology’s coffers, and probably saved several from dying as a result of Hubbard’s gigantic con.

As protesters, it is our duty to remember why Lisa McPherson, Herbiert Pffaf, Ed Brewer, and countless others died.

Not because David Miscavige changed a few words so that he could sell more books…

…but because L. Ron Hubbard is a con man, and Scientology – in all of its forms – is nothing but a dangerous cult.

Rest in peace, Lisa.


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