The Church tracks down Marty’s brother

The latest from the Church’s anti-Marty crowd is a blog entry about his brother Scott, which alternately says that he “lives alone with two birds he keeps for company” and “is in full time care.” The gist of the article is that Marty is ignoring Scott, who is projected as a lonely man who just wants to hear from his brother.

My take on this is that Marty’s relationships with his family are none of the Church’s fucking business. They should be ashamed of themselves for stooping this low. (They should be, but they won’t.) And I’m sure this article will backfire, generating a lot of sympathy for Marty. If he plays his cards right, he can probably get Tony Ortega of the Village Voice, who seems to buy 100% into Marty’s bullshit, to write an article.

Even though I think this is wrong, I stop short of sympathy for Marty. Why? Because the Church is acting exactly the way founder L. Ron Hubbard directed them to. And L. Ron Hubbard is the man that Marty holds up as his ideal.

This is usually the point where I quote policy proving that the Church is just doing what Hubbard said, and put paid to Marty’s constant and continuous lie that David Miscavige is the root of all of the Church’s evils. But is that really necessary? Any devoted Scientologist will tell you that Scientology is all about doing what LRH said. Furthermore, public issuances, such as the web site, have to go through a process called IA, which stands for Issue Authority. They must be checked for exact adherence to LRH tech and Church policy before they can see the light of day. Marty may try to blame this sort of bullshit on Miscavige, but the truth is that the Church is acting in accordance with Scientology scripture. (Lucky for Marty, most of his customers are public Scientologists who aren’t familiar with the “Admin Tech.”)

And let’s not forget that the Church has been doing this sort of thing for decades. Once again, I will ask why Mike and Marty did not try to put a stop to this sort of thing when they held positions of authority in the Church? The answer is simple and self-evident: Because this is what L. Ron Hubbard said to do. Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder know that. And just like any good Scientologist, Church-going or Independent, they always do exactly what L. Ron Hubbard says. Best yet, they don’t have to tell their customers/followers the truth, because LRH said that one should tell an “acceptable truth” (i.e. a lie) for public relations purposes.

This is why I have absolutely no sympathy for Marty Rathbun. You reap what you sow, Marty. If you had truly left Scientology – if you spoke out against the true source of Scientology’s crimes, like Jesse Prince does – I might feel differently. But you haven’t, so I don’t. Remember, Marty, the basic cause for the harassment of your brother is YOUR religious philosophy.

By the way, the article also mentions that schizophrenia runs in the Rathbun family, which, it says, “explains a lot of what we are currently witnessing with Marty falling apart and losing his marbles.” This should give you some idea of how ignorant Scientologists are about mental illness. Marty may be a lot of things, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s not schizophrenic. Scientologists won’t realize this, though – and it is with this same level of ignorance and incompetence that they make decisions about the health care of their children. This is just one of the reasons why I maintain that Scientology is exceptionally dangerous.

I am glad that Scott is getting proper care. The article notes that despite being on psychiatric medicine – something Scientologists consider an evil on par with rape and murder – he is “lucid, interesting, intelligent, well-mannered and loving.” If Scott were being cared for by Scientologists, he’d probably be dead like Lisa McPherson. Let’s be frank: Until Marty Rathbun quits Scientology, the further he stays away from his brother Scott, the better.


11 responses to “The Church tracks down Marty’s brother

  1. Wow, you sure more than made up for your silent
    period! I mean this in a positive way, of course.
    Excellent post; poignant and brutally relevant points.

    I sure love those who DON’T beat around the bush,
    or dress things up when they really shouldn’t, yet
    who can state their point clearly and with correct
    emphasis and firmness, while still delivering their
    communication in a decent and concise manner.

    So kudos to you for being one of these uncommon
    human beings capable of doing the above, Caliwog!
    Your profesionalism and your care shows through too.
    Thanks. May all manner of blessings come your way.

  2. Marty Rugburn

    I thought Scios say mental illness does not exist!


    • There were a lot of surprising slips in that article. I’m a little amazed it got IA, because it paints a positive picture of proper mental care. But the message they were trying to communicate was about Marty, which is probably why it was approved. Many Scios are smart but they tend to hyper-focus their thinking and not see the big picture. If Minerva is still posting next week, we’ll know she didn’t get busted and sent to “cramming.”
      ML, CW

  3. Once again Cali, you have made clear the horrible distinction between what is real and what is $cientology. Unfortunately, as wide of a margin that distinction is, the believers, be they “churchies” or “indies” will never, NEVER see it. LRH was careful to be damn sure he had an answer for EVERY critical thought or question that might come up. And – oh boy – those questions came up like machine-gun fire and old L Ron had an answer for everyone.(you bet he did). Not that you or I could grasp/understand his ridiculous prose, but the indoctrinated sure could and really thats all that mattered/s to LRH then and to both the -tiny tyrant- and -Marty the martyr- now !!

    Please Cali, And I think I speak for most of us critics of the cult, including Anonymous and other bloggers,…
    PLEASE don’t stop giving us your opinions and theories on the latest cult activity, be it the Rathbun/Rinder circus or anything related to the cult of $cientology…It is vital that we continue to demonstrate the WORLDS objection to this despicable organization, and the abuses it delivers to its critics AND its members.
    And Cali, you are a front-runner in this (internet) global attack on Miscarage,Rathbun,LRH (RIP…yea right,, he’s on venus dodging freight trains) and the Carnival Of The Bazaar that IS the CULT of $cientology!!!
    So you CAN’T stop PARTNER !!

    there is no hell, there is only France!!!
    *fz 1999
    don’t stop the fight!

    god-bless & much Love to you

    johnny d

  4. They should be tracking down and interviewing Shelly Miscavige to show the world she’s alive and still a Xenu-believer, not an ex-member, his siblings, spouse, neighbors, employer (in the case of Rinder).

    While this focus on Marty by the cult may distract a few members, in the long run it is a huge mistake for them, and will hasten their collapse. It points out the failure of LRH policies.

  5. I thought Marty’s brother was murdered. Didn’t the COS try to get Marty blamed for his brothers death? I guess Marty has more than 1 brother.

  6. The comments on Marty’s recent blog post are kind of interesting. There are a good number of people who clearly don’t like the semi-endorsement that Marty is giving Mark Bunker because he talks about Xenu, questions the tech and refuses to blame everything on Miscavige.

  7. CW…his words are wise…his mind is wog.

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