The beat goes on

I haven’t been writing a lot lately, because from what I can see, I don’t have to. Nothing seems to be changing in the Scientology world. Marty and Mike continue to lambaste David Miscavige’s every move by piling on as many adjectives as their well-thumbed thesauruses will provide, while the Church continues their broken-record assault on Marty’s facilities, saying that he can’t possibly deliver proper Scientology. Everyone has reason to get riled up, everyone huddles around the horse of their choice, and everyone makes money.

One thing that really did impress me was this video of Marty’s wife, Monique, confronting a Church member who came to her door while Marty was away. I say this in all seriousness: What a classy woman. It’s clear to me from her voice that she was nervous, but she did an outstanding job standing up to and confronting the Scientologist who came to her door.

It got me to thinking more about the Scientology mindset. Let’s set aside Marty, who clearly knows a lot more than he lets on. Here’s a woman who has the convictions of being right. She believes the version of Scientology that has been presented to her by Marty. On the other side, we have Scientologists who believe the version of Scientology that has been presented to them by the Church. And by concentrating so intensely and intently on each other, they ignore what those of us who oppose Scientology so easily see: The whole thing is a fraud. It’s frustrating, because it doesn’t take much to see that L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology are full of shit.

But as long as they concentrate on each other; as long as Monique is willing to believe Marty and as long as that ridiculous woman in the sunglasses is willing to believe Miscavige, no one has to look… and Marty and Miscavige will continue to make money.

And the beat goes on.


3 responses to “The beat goes on

  1. Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was !!!

  2. Heh. Same as it NEVER was.

  3. You know, it scares me to remember being that way. Disillusionment eventually sets in, though. The irony is that these little dramas are the source of the determination on BOTH sides. Nothing puts the fire in a zealot’s eyes like an enemy of his or her faith.

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