Where’s Ron?

I was reading yet another Scientology declaration of independence – this one by OT8 Ziba Feulner – and one particular passage stood out:

“The Gestapo-like ethics and justice machinery of Miscavige cull these people’s PC folders for overts revealed in confidential sessions and publish them on SP Declares; examples are Mark Rathbun or Mike Rinder. What other church does this? Would LRH do something like that? NO, he would NOT!”

Actually, LRH probably would – and did. As we know, there is plenty of evidence that L. Ron Hubbard was a ruthless man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, including cutting off his children and letting his wife go to prison for Scientology’s crimes.

But let’s pretend that wasn’t the case. Let’s say Ms. Feulner is correct, and David Miscavige really has steered the Church of Scientology away from the course set by Hubbard.

Why hasn’t LRH come back to fix it?

Think about it: According to Scientology technology – which, Ms. Fuelner writes, “works 100% if applied correctly” – LRH didn’t die in 1986; he voluntarily dropped his body, and his immortal soul, or Thetan, lives on. According to LRH, Operating Thetans are not bound by matter, energy, space or time. LRH and other OTs can move about the universe as they please, and grab a new body, human or otherwise, as needed.

Since LRH worked so hard to free Earth, and since he repeatedly told his Scientologists that they were the only hope for Mankind and/or the Universe, one would think he’d drop by periodically to check in on things. Surely he would have noticed what David Miscavige has done to the Church. Why hasn’t he grabbed a body and started kicking some ass?

The way I see it, there are two possible answers.

1) LRH’s technology was wrong. Either a, the soul does not really live on; b, LRH’s idea of the Thetan was not correct; or c, his procedures for freeing the soul do not work.

2) LRH has been here to inspect things, and he’s perfectly happy with the way David Miscavige is running the Church.

I suppose there is a third option, which is that LRH is busy elsewhere and hasn’t made time to check on the Church, but I find this extremely unlikely. LRH maintained tight links to his followers for the 35 years between writing Dianetics and his death. I can’t see him staying hands-off for the next 25, unless he lacked the ability to return.

I don’t see a way to explain this one away. The good news is that this is just one of many ways in which Scientology doesn’t stand up to logic and thought. That’s a key element of LRH “technology:” Bury ’em in bullshit, and fill in enough minutiae that they won’t think things through forthemselves. Because people who think things through tend to leave Scientology for good.

Incidentally, the Feulner declare shows the danger of relying solely on a single course for information about Scientology. In her declaration, Ms. Feulner asks “Where is Mr. Heber Jentzsch, one of our most favorite leaders in Scientology?” and refers to Marty’s Free Heber post. I’ve already supplied the answer: According to Rathbun supporter Karen de la Carriere, Heber was in Los Angeles visiting his son three days after Marry’s post. I notice that in the 200 or so comments following the declaration, neither Marty nor any of his sheep have bothered to set Ms. Feulner straight (and if anyone has, Marty censored the comment). OVIIIs like Ms. Feulner have money, and it wouldn’t be good for business if she knew that her beloved Heber Jentzsch is most likely staying in the Church of his own free will.


20 responses to “Where’s Ron?

  1. I LOL at #2.

    This very issue has been a pet peeve of mine starting with LRH’s death at the age of 74, after claiming he had the answers to life extension.

    Then the Kool cigarettes, left reverently in expectation that when he “comes back,” he will resume chain smoking heartily.

    It’s like these narcissistic nitwits don’t care about LRH, the moment he dropped his body, and that he’s supposed to come back. Right away, their concern was about not making it up the bridge to total freedom.

    There’s no talk of where he is now. Where the hell is he?

    The Scilons are marooned in Oz, and the wizard left no heel-clicking instructions at all, how to get back to Kansas.

    Except, LRH left his only beloved munchkin, and once you reject him, hey, the game’s pretty much over, isn’t it?

  2. The number of executives that helped run the church from 1955 through to 1970? Near zero. Every single one of them declared.

    DMs crew is the second generation leaders after all others were cleared out.

    LRH saw to them being sent off, that is why he died alone and miserable – except for the people who had never met him who loved him. If they had known him well, they would have been declared.

  3. Apparently while he WAS here, he didn’t pay ANY attention to what he was publishing, and cwazy widdle davy had to correct it all. (several times). Davy must be right, since ElRon hasn’t come back to chastise him yet.

  4. I vaguely recall something about how he was going to wait twenty years before coming back so he could only be about five. Maybe he’s in the cadet org scrubbing things with a toothbrush.

  5. What is to keep him from ‘taking over’ an adult body? Is there some rule against it?

  6. lurker(not the mostly)

    sorry, quick change of subject… I love the way scientologists (both indie and in the fold) are obsessed with stats and twist them in such interesting ways…

    Martys new post is how his stats are going up and now challenging the churches stats for hits on their websites.. the question is, how many of these are “friendly” hits? I go to Martys site with no intention of ever being part of the indie movement, I go to the churches websites occasionally, never with the intention of joining… Mostly I am just watching the trainwreck.. I would guess that the vast majority of hits are people entertaining themselves…

    A better stat (but one they never seem to publish, either one) would be individuals who indentify as either COS or Indie…and more importantly when some of those leave the movements, be taken off the roles…

    I see a core group of folks in the indie movement, posting a lot..and a lot of people who seem to come in, but then go out as they decompress..

    • lurker(not the mostly)

      oh and several of the people in the picture are not actively getting services or even really in the “indie” movement… They were more there to support those that want to be indies, or to reunite with old friends…

  7. You know, I was thinking recently of how people within the Church of Scientology could actually get rid of Miscavige. I was thinking that you probably needed to have sufficient leverage to get him arrested or to force him to resign and appoint a successor.

    But maybe convincing Scientologists that your kid is Ron returned is a viable option as well.

    Mind you, I don’t think anyone following that approach is likely to be an improvement over Miscavige.

  8. Good question Caliwog, however Christians have been waiting for their savior to return for 2,000 years so I don’t imagine the non-appearance of Ron will ever deter Scientologists.

    Clearly critics and supporters will never agree on the benefits, efficacy, originality or dangers of Scientology. But what about the things that everyone can agree on? I’m thinking his family life, his friends, his legacy.

    Here’s a thought experiment for you:-

    Imagine you know nothing about LRH. Imagine all you believe is that he is probably the mightiest thetan in the history of the Universe. Imagine he continually returned as many of the great humans throughout history. Imagine he discovered the “wonders of Scientology”.

    Now try to think about the life of such a “mighty thetan”.

    How many wives would he have? Well only one of course! He would be able to choose a fantastic wife who would be loving and loyal to him throughout his life.

    What about his kids? They would be brought up well, would love him dearly and would themselves become senior or well-respected Scientologists.

    What about his friends and associates? Well they would be fiercely loyal, become well trained and go on to run his Church well in his honour.

    What about his health? Well he is at cause over the MEST universe so his health would be generally excellent. He certainly would not smoke, knowing the dangers of this decades before everyone else.

    So why did he have to get married so many times – why did he need to do this? Why did his last wife (his “Scientology wife”) end up in prison?
    Why did one of his children commit suicide? Why did another one make such horrific allegations against him?

    Why did he decide David Mayo was an SP? How did Mayo get away with it for so long if he was an SP? Why does Mayo sound so rational, normal, peaceful and logical in videos and tapes if he’s such a big SP?

    Why did he hand over his Church to such a corrupt group of individuals? Why has he not returned to rectify the situation?

    Why did he smoke so much? Why was he so unhealthy?

    Mighty thetan or mighty unpleasant?

    • Good point Sid. I forgot completely about Jesus when I wrote my comment. That’s right, they expected him back right away, didn’t they.

      The rest of your post is good too. That’s why a Scilon can never doubt the tech. Once the doubt creeps in the whole house of cards collapses. No foundation in practice or reality.

      Jesus has a better foundation, even if it is just made up. The stories about his life are better.

  9. Get rid of DM??? Oh, please no! I like midgets with big balls, they are such a paradox!

    We can’t let Marty run it cause then Scientology would really be F*&%#d in a few years, and who would we tease then?

    Honestly, some people just put no thought into their comments, unlike Ron who put comments into his own thoughts.

    • What you say about the increase of Asians is definitely true. In the guy’s video recently that went on vacation to Flag, I was surprised how many Asians in these Sea Org groups.

      I agree. At least a core of critical information should be translated into a bunch of languages. At least a few pages would be better than nothing.

      It’s going to be hard to stop since so many foreigners see it as a ticket to citizenship, and becoming fluent in English, which in itself is valuable in some foreign countries. Many of those people are completely trapped.

      Orgs will remain dead in the U.S., as wealthy people are uneasy when they go to a building and find people that don’t speak English trying to sell them on it. It just kind of curious, and may cause people to read what is going on with that on the web.

      Thanks for the explanation of the operational structure, as I tend to think in terms of ideology and social history, and forget that completely.

      I’m just watching the Reitman book now wondering if it will be a blip, a major wrench, or a volcanic eruption. I think it will take another month to a year for the impact to unfold, maybe even longer.

      If anything in the celebrity scilon world happens, or if there is any kind of bizarre incident that captures the public’s attention, people will flock to that book in droves.

  10. I was talking with my girlfriend last night and she made some comments on a new book on Scientology that is out. As usual we talk about some major points in it, and typically we both pick up on some points that do not seem clear to some.

    I was in charge of worldwide statistics from 93 – 96, and prior to that I worked in the Flag Finance Office (located at L.A., not Flag Land Base) collecting all international money stats, and I also worked at CMO CW doing the same thing for the FLB, and I previously did the same thing at AOSH ANZO. So I know true stats and the false ones, and I can read them the way they are reported in Scn.

    I also was asked on many occasions to obtain graphs of stats going back as far as they had been kept for special binders that reviewed Scn worldwide on a historical level.

    To understand why Scn is doing what it is doing now, compared to what others think it should be, take a look a this:

    Scn boomed in 50’s and 60’s.

    However, there was a problem, Scn top mgmt was not getting much of it. The orgs and missions swallowed most of it up.

    By the the time the Sea Org came around in the late 60’s, there was a huge slump – people reached the end of donations because there was nothing beyond clear, so they stopped paying.

    The OT levels were created and of course, the field started buying – for every 10 people that did a Scn course before, only 1 or less was doing the new stuff – it is not without coincidence that Scn then started charging 10 Xs the normal prices.

    Milk the public.

    By the time the 70’s started rolling in, OTs were dropping in numbers – so it is no coincidence that OT VI & VII came out.

    However, a problem presented it self in the 80’s. The missions holders were not liked not because they did a bad job – on the contrary, they were indeed expanding Scn. The problem was that the heads of the missions were making more profits than Scn mgmt itself, and as such, they started throwing their weight around.

    SH size orgs have to be made now – and it has been that way for over 20 years…. but back then they actually made themselves without the help of the Sea Org – many orgs literally were overflowing – like McDonalds franchises, they were raking in mega bucks.

    The Sea Org would have left them alone if they had done just one thing…sent people to the AOs and FLB for OT Levels. But they were not.

    For an OT Level, the org itself could make a huge packet of money on getting the guy to train, so they kept them and cut off the Sea Org form making money.

    That is why they were crushed.

    After that, Scn slumped because no one was working on the front lines.

    Come the 90’s, Scn picked up again. The Sea Org started the front lines again and some new blood was being pumped, but unfortunately, the money was drying up. No new OT levels and nothing amazing, the public stopped spending.

    You can put a timeline on when Scn failed worlwide and a real slump began in 1995 because several major actions happened in 1995 that changed Scn forever.

    First off, FCB was running tactical implementation. Int was running strategy. COB was frustrated (as so was every other Exec at Int) at FCB for not getting enough done.

    They seemed to forget that the people that went out on mission and projects WERE FCB staff and they KNEW the people they were managing – orgs and Missions.

    A critical mistake was made when Int thought FCB were in “Bank Agreement” with the field of orgs and missions and needed ethics. What in fact had happened is that between 93-95 major missions were fired from FCB level to get orgs SH size and the result was a strain on FCB to cope with the massive amount of traffic. they were overworked more than Int was – but Int (like every level in Scn) snubbed their noses at those below them – it’s a Scn thing.

    So what did Int do?

    They ran into FCB and put maniacs on all the CO posts. Blows increased. Staff ethics increased. It got nasty.

    The icing on the cake was when COB went to FLB and found things out of whack. at the time, FLB was the only org bringing in real cash. Short-sighted thinking meant to him and all other execs that to sort out the FLB would result in expansion down the line, when in fact it was the opposite, they should have opened the doors down the line and allowed the new business 3-5 years to trickle through.

    FCB was striped of key personnel and over 100 were sent to the FLB.

    Sure enough, FLB rose.

    Worldwide, the stats plumetted to all time lows as the missions and orgs went out of control.

    Int blamed FCB for poor mgmtm when in fact it was simply that Int had taken away too many people and downplayed the importance of FCB.

    So Int took control directly and through an Ivory Tower attempted to control sectors that only, really, FCB staff really knew anything about.

    Once the failures had been realized it was too late.

    Now Scn has created Superpower to suck more money out as well as the Ideal Orgs.

    But there is a bounty ahead for Scn….

    You see, while we have all been looking at our own countries, have we not noticed the massive leap in Internationals arriving? where there used to be one asian on staff or on-lines there are now 100. Where there was once 5 guys from Italy, there are now 10.

    What is going on?

    Scn has put it’s hooks into Asia and other countries because they KNOW the field is dead here. But, they are implementing the plan well abroad to get grass roots movements worldwide.

    There will be a re-bound for Scn it may not be as spectacular, but there will be a re-bound.

    We talk about Scn on this site and every other one.

    Hey, wait a minute, every newbie aborad is not being showed Scientology. They are being showed “How to handle work” “have you lived bfore this life” and most importantly, they are being showed Dianetics which does not contain Scientology.

    So a guy abroad searches using Dianetics and does not find enough.

    But in fairness, there is some. But we are searching under english – these countries do not speak english and they are not reading what Scn is really about.

    A project needs to be launched to take the tp 10 best sites about the REAL Scientology, and translate it into about 40 languages and post separate websites (which costs little) for each of the ten top websites, in each of the languages.

    This will thump the crap out of Scn expansion. If it doe snot happen,t here will be a 5 year rise in Scn stats because worldwide outside of english speaking countries (where the AOs are, FLB etc) there is a grassroots push – but Scn speaks 50 languages, the websites speak but a few.

  11. Where’s Caliwog?

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