Daily Archives: July 3, 2011

Where’s Ron?

I was reading yet another Scientology declaration of independence – this one by OT8 Ziba Feulner – and one particular passage stood out:

“The Gestapo-like ethics and justice machinery of Miscavige cull these people‚Äôs PC folders for overts revealed in confidential sessions and publish them on SP Declares; examples are Mark Rathbun or Mike Rinder. What other church does this? Would LRH do something like that? NO, he would NOT!”

Actually, LRH probably would – and did. As we know, there is plenty of evidence that L. Ron Hubbard was a ruthless man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, including cutting off his children and letting his wife go to prison for Scientology’s crimes.

But let’s pretend that wasn’t the case. Let’s say Ms. Feulner is correct, and David Miscavige really has steered the Church of Scientology away from the course set by Hubbard.

Why hasn’t LRH come back to fix it?

Think about it: According to Scientology technology – which, Ms. Fuelner writes, “works 100% if applied correctly” – LRH didn’t die in 1986; he voluntarily dropped his body, and his immortal soul, or Thetan, lives on. According to LRH, Operating Thetans are not bound by matter, energy, space or time. LRH and other OTs can move about the universe as they please, and grab a new body, human or otherwise, as needed.

Since LRH worked so hard to free Earth, and since he repeatedly told his Scientologists that they were the only hope for Mankind and/or the Universe, one would think he’d drop by periodically to check in on things. Surely he would have noticed what David Miscavige has done to the Church. Why hasn’t he grabbed a body and started kicking some ass?

The way I see it, there are two possible answers.

1) LRH’s technology was wrong. Either a, the soul does not really live on; b, LRH’s idea of the Thetan was not correct; or c, his procedures for freeing the soul do not work.

2) LRH has been here to inspect things, and he’s perfectly happy with the way David Miscavige is running the Church.

I suppose there is a third option, which is that LRH is busy elsewhere and hasn’t made time to check on the Church, but I find this extremely unlikely. LRH maintained tight links to his followers for the 35 years between writing Dianetics and his death. I can’t see him staying hands-off for the next 25, unless he lacked the ability to return.

I don’t see a way to explain this one away. The good news is that this is just one of many ways in which Scientology doesn’t stand up to logic and thought. That’s a key element of LRH “technology:” Bury ’em in bullshit, and fill in enough minutiae that they won’t think things through forthemselves. Because people who think things through tend to leave Scientology for good.

Incidentally, the Feulner declare shows the danger of relying solely on a single course for information about Scientology. In her declaration, Ms. Feulner asks “Where is Mr. Heber Jentzsch, one of our most favorite leaders in Scientology?” and refers to Marty’s Free Heber post. I’ve already supplied the answer: According to Rathbun supporter Karen de la Carriere, Heber was in Los Angeles visiting his son three days after Marry’s post. I notice that in the 200 or so comments following the declaration, neither Marty nor any of his sheep have bothered to set Ms. Feulner straight (and if anyone has, Marty censored the comment). OVIIIs like Ms. Feulner have money, and it wouldn’t be good for business if she knew that her beloved Heber Jentzsch is most likely staying in the Church of his own free will.