Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Um… No: OTVII Edition

Someone made a comment recently that Marty Rathbun is starting to buy into his own bullshit, just like Hubbard did. And I’m starting to think that myself.

Check out Marty’s blog entry Bridge Collapse Catastrophe or Instant Karma?. There’s a scan of a success story from someone who apparently completed OT7 in 18 months. (OT7 is a very long level that requires the sucker customer Scientologist to return to Florida every 6 months to be checked. Real money maker, that one.) Again, it’s pretty clear to me that this is just an anecdotal success story. Marty’s interpretation:

After getting thoroughly exposed on this blog for using OT VII – and its endless six month check line – as a never-ending control and cash cow line, Miscavige has ordered Flag to get OT VII’s off the line in as little as eighteen months. No joke.

Um… no.

First of all, the idea that Marty “exposed” OTVII as one of Scientology’s cash cows is utter bullshit. Marty really is channeling Hubbard by laying claim to other people’s accomplishments! Ex-Scios and Independents have been complaining about the length of OTVII since long before the days when Marty helped Miscavige turn the Church into what it is now. So, Marty, STFU and stop trying to take credit for all the work that REAL protesters have done.

Second, how one derives from a single success story that David Miscavige has ORDERED things done is beyond me. It’s crazy-talk. And it hurts the legitimate protest movement, because it makes it look like the only way to oppose the organized Church is to grasp at straws.

Unless… unless… hey, wait — unless Marty is still working for the Church and is trying to make those who oppose Miscavige sound like delusional idiots! Oh my God… it’s REVERSE SCIENTOLOGY PROTESTING!!!

And to think — Tony Ortega, editor-in-chief of the Village Voice, takes this guy seriously. Really, Ton?