Fear of the E-Meter – and of life outside

While searching the “tech” for an upcoming blog post, I came across this quote from L. Ron Hubbard that I just had to share. Notes in brackets are mine:

“If the pc invalidates the instrument [the E-meter], says, ‘Oh, one of them things. I hear as how they ain’t regular,’ the auditor knows he is dealing with a case he will have to use a dredge on to find bottom. For this character sees in the E-Meter something which is going to ‘find him out,’ something he cannot cheat and lie around, something which will locate and bring sunlight into the dark caverns of his loathsome and horrendous guilt. In this E-Meter he sees a tattletale which will expose his extracurricular activities on the second dynamic [cheating on his wife], his masturbation at the age of one and the real reason dogs hate him, why he shoots ducks and committed grand larceny in college and makes improper proposals in the little boys’ room. He doesn’t spell it ‘E-Meter,’ he spells it ‘Enemy.’ And when put on the instrument he will usually register almost ‘off the bottom’; that is to say, the range expander will be over at minus, the tone handle so low the light flickers and the sensitivity knob so shut down that when asked about the time he murdered his mother, the auditor has to have a magnifying glass to see if the needle moved.”

I’d comment, but I’m not exactly sure what to say.

Now, a smarter Scientologist – and in my experience, they run the gamut from blind believers to the truly intelligent – might say that Hubbard was being sarcastic with some of his more extreme examples like infant masturbation and matricide. Others wouldn’t – Hubbard continuously painted a picture of wogs routinely doing randomly senseless things (see my earlier post Data Series 1: You are an idiot).

But smart or stupid, the implication is the same: The world outside Scientology is a crazy place, and anyone who objects to Scientology practices is not just wrong – they are dangerous.

This is the mindset promoted by L. Ron Hubbard. It continues under Miscavige, where protesters are dismissed as crazy bigots, Independents are harangued by ridiculous men with hat-cams, and serious threats are silenced by any means necessary. And it continues in the Independent movement, where those who dare point out the holes in Hubbard’s logic, or try to talk about Rathbun and Rinder’s extensive role in Scientology’s crimes, are dismissed as agents of Miscavige.

By the way, I hope you all caught this line in Marty’s latest blog entry:

“For anyone interpreting this as an invitation for people to witch hunt and willy-nilly call people plants and trolls, please read it again. It is not. You rarely see me engage in that, and it bothers me when I see trigger happy people attempting to shoot someone for treason on the blog with little provocation.”

Marty: Are you fucking SERIOUS?!?! And the worst part is, your potential customers followers will believe this boldface lie and will probably thank you for it.

You are getting better and better at the fine art of lying to the suckers people who look up to you and trust you. Hubbard would be proud, and Miscavige ought to be jealous.



7 responses to “Fear of the E-Meter – and of life outside

  1. There’s a good discussion going on on ESMB about narcissistic personalities and how the profile is a good fit for Hubbard, Miscavige and Marty.

  2. William Johnson

    It’s getting harder and harder tu understand what these people are actually talking about! An example:
    “What she should not do is put on a “reformer” hat on that clearly does not belong to her and causes only more enturbulation in an already ARC-X’en field. ”

    What the hell does that mean?

    • last-in-line (just-in-time)

      Loved how you stirred up Marty’s gang with you #1 comment on his “Plant or Veggie” post!! good stuff William really good!!!

      • I saw that too! William, you are officially the Church of Caliwog’s first OI – that would be “Operating Irritant.” Just like in Scientology, you get a written commendation and a VWD – Very Well Done!


  3. Off topic I know but it seems ANOTHER Scientologist has decided to commit suicide by climbing into an electrical vault.

  4. just for the record: The key part of the e-meter is not invented by hubbard.
    its this:

  5. William Johnson

    Also, the cumulative effects of the meter are similar to that of ECT (ElectroConvulsiveTherapy). Instead of one big shock all at once, the user of an emeter gets a low voltage low current dosage that spans years, and ElRon didn’t like psychotherapy, but he did the same thing only in smaller doses!

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