Still here!

…just a bit busy this week. Don’t worry, more embarrassing anti-Scientology goodness coming up in the next couple-few days!


9 responses to “Still here!

  1. well, you know we love you… rock on !


  2. William Johnson

    Boys and girls, I have a serious concern. I have been mistaken for cwazy widdle davy on two different occasions on Marty’s blog. Some of those folks have spent DECADES in the cult, and yet they can’t tell the difference between their “Ecliesiastic leader” and someone who has never been in a cult building, never been to any of their training, hell I have never even had a ‘stress test’!
    Either they were pretty much retarded from birth, or the mindfuck the cult put on them is far worse that it would seem. Being Homer Novis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Is it possible that Marty is doing the whole planet a favor, keeping all these people ‘under one roof’ so to speak, where they can be watched by the ‘normals’, so we know where to go if one of them decides to off some head of State or blow up an airplane or something?

    • lurker(not the mostly)

      They don’t really think your DM, its like the scientology version of fighting on the internet… You know, like calling a poster a nazi… They know your not a nazi, but its stock answer when you don’t agree…

      I think its wishful thinking on their part that DM finds their blathering interesting enough to read and post to it.. I think it makes Marty and Mike feel bigger and more important to think DM hangs on their every word..

    • I have to hand it to you William, you really got under their skin on Marty’s last post “Scietology Cult vs. Washington Post” . Nice job, apparently William you are “not -ising the scene” ….WTF?

    • WJ -Many who post at Marty’s have merely moved from the box defined as “COS” to a box defined as “Marty’s Indies”. Only the label on the box has changed. If they label you as “DM” then they are “free” to not look at and/or discard whatever you say.

      As an aside, DM hasn’t had much scientology training and what little he did have was not well applied, nor apparently understood.

  3. William Johnson

    I don’t know what it means either. One would think that a ‘Homer Novis’ would be able to use English more accurately.

  4. Was hoping to see you comment on Marty’s close brush with the truth yesterday, when ex-WaPo journalist Rich Leiby’s ex-wife called Marty out for lies “from the mundane to the significant” relating to a story on his blog about an op run against Leiby. Even when called out for making shit up, Marty can’t help showing his true colors, questioning Leiby’s wife’s motives in being so bold as to correct Marty.

  5. William Johnson

    Lord knows I have tried…Marty has a delete button and isn’t afraid to use it.

    • Wear it as a badge of honor, William. That’s a Scientology thing. The Church labels anyone who disagrees with them as a “religious bigot” or (nowadays) a “squirrel.” Marty’s sheep label anyone who disagrees with them as an OSA agent or David Miscavige.

      While I think the title is figurative, the sad thing is that they probably really do believe that you work for the Church. In Scientology, you are either for a group or against a group. There is no gray area. To them, the ONLY people who would object MUST be people who work for the Church. Marty either agrees or is happy to have his people think that.

      Sad, isn’t it? This is why I do what I do!


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