The true purpose of the SP Declare

First of all, congrats to Marty Rathbun for posting *real* dox – I’m talking about Michael Fairman’s SP declare, presented as a scanned JPG. Granted, anything can be re-typed and scanned, but this looks like SP declares we’ve seen before. And it’s far more believable than briefing sessions typed out from supposed recordings or re-typed “programs” the source of which cannot be verified. You’re learning a thing or two about credibility, Marty!

Anyway… in the accompanying blog entry, Marty writes:

“There should be no mistaking that the intent of the Suppressive Person declare in modern corporate Scientology is the the public killing of the recipient. Sort of like the crucifixion of old Roman times, don’t just kill them, hang em’ up so others will get the message.”

For once, I am almost in agreement with Marty. Like Marty, I understand that the purpose of an SP declare is not so much to kick people out as it is to keep people in. Unlike Marty, I won’t pretend it hasn’t always been that way in Scientology.

Founder L. Ron Hubbard knew that if someone had doubts about Scientology, they weren’t going to add to the bottom line, and worse yet they might even poison the well by spreading doubt among the faithful. As Emma of ESMB put it, once you know Scientology does not work, you can’t unknow it. LRH knew it was best to get these people out before they reach that point, and before they do any damage.

But why not use those forced departures as an opportunity? Put their head on a pike, and use them to enforce a standard of behavior that will keep the faithful in line.

Let’s look at some of the “suppressive acts” for which someone could be declared as outlined by L. Ron Hubbard in HCO PL 23 December 1965, ETHICS – SUPPRESSIVE ACTS – SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS – THE FAIR GAME LAW:

  • Public disavowal of Scientology
  • Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists
  • Proposing, advising or voting for legislation or ordinances, rules or laws directed toward the Suppression of Scientology
  • Testifying hostilely before state or public inquiries into Scientology
  • Demanding the return of any or all fees paid for standard training or processing
  • Giving anti-Scientology or anti-Scientologist evidence to the press
  • Failure to handle or disavow and disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of Suppressive Acts

The lists goes on and on and on – you can read the full policy here – but I think you get the idea: Step out of line and you too will be declared the worst of the worst, and give up your only chance for eternal freedom to boot. No soup for you! Now all Hubbard had to was start declaring people to prove that he meant it.

I’m glad that Marty sees it this way, but to blame the head-on-a-pike mentality on “modern corporate Scientology” is ludicrous. The above policy didn’t come from David Miscavige; it came from L. Ron Hubbard.

In 1965.

When David Miscavige was five years old.

“Never be afraid to issue orders that label somebody an SP if you have the real evidence.” — LRH, HCO PL 2 June 1965, HCO DIV 1 ETHICS SECTION WRITING OF AN ETHICS ORDER

Problem is, Marty believes 100% in LRH technology. We can see that the practice of declaring people suppressive and sticking their head on a pike comes from LRH, not from DM as Marty alleges.

Marty already tries to keep his followers from reading dissenting opinion, just like the Church. He’s defended disconnection, just like the Church. He’s tried to vilify his competition, just like the Church.

How long before the Church of Rathbunology declares its first suppressive person, just like the Church?

And when Marty does write his first SP declare, can I be the subject?


10 responses to “The true purpose of the SP Declare

  1. Rob Lure & Hide

    A supberb and very objective analysis I must say.
    I would know since I as in that cult for a long time on and off .
    It was always about the bottom line and putting the fear of “God” into the minds and hearts of LRH’s flock of sheeple to keep them foorm wandering astray.
    As he was in the wool business he knew slaughtering a few sheep here and there with SP declares would keep the herd in line.
    All I have left to say is BAAA BAAAA !

  2. lurker(not the mostly)

    And when Marty does write his first SP declare, can I be the subject?

    why Caliwog, I would almost be willing to bet he is looking for some Golden rod as we speak… if it hasn’t been done already, although I think Martay has figured out that much mockage shows up if the order gets shown off.. So don’t think your going to see it..

  3. The “ask for your money back” is my favorite point. Could it be any more obvious? For the cult, that’s really sack-religious; wanting the sack of money back that you dumped on the scam. In an all-Scilon world, they’d make those SPs who want their money back, wear a dollar sign around to show how greedy they are.

    SP declares by Miscavige are money-in-the-bank for Marty. His business will boom as long as people who consider themselves true believers get SP declares. It’s also a great rallying cry, and should be. They’ll need a few years Marauditing just to get their minds untangled from the rage and the money they spent, whether they got an SP or not.

    As far as all the SPs and harassment issued under Hubbard? All those people deserved it! They were real SPs, just like Marty delivers the real super powers.

    Any SPs under Hubbard that were mistakes were because of David Miscavige’s evil unborn incubus. Goes all the way back to Marty’s prison warden days on Glock 5.

  4. As an analog to “for each and every bell that rings, another angel gets his wings,” when an SP declare is sent, Tommy Davis and David Miscavige both feel the fire. It fuels their conviction and they see Scientology covering the planet like an giant oil slick. No one on Teegeeack will be allowed to breathe without Dianutics in their life.

    In reality, had Hubbard lived to the internet age, he would have axed the whole SP declare thing, as effective as it once was at striking fear in the Thetan heart. There’s a reason Tory holds hers up in half her videos.

    They may as well just print C-U-L-T in giant letters and wave it before the public, because that is what is happening on the internet.

    It just isn’t the way to deal with members who have devoted decades of their lives to their ideals, of a “more able” drug-free, crime-free planet, no matter how misguided they were.

  5. Caliwog, I think your blog is great btw. I don’t post much anymore on any blog or board these days mostly because I feel like I’ve said everything I can or need to say about Scientology and the SO. I ran out of breath!

    On the subject of SP declares, of which I have written a few myself while I was in the CoS…

    And in regards to LRH’s “Head on a Pike” docrine…

    This all comes from Sun Tsu’s “Art of War,” which was on my MAA Full Hat pack to read. How was it that Sun Tsu was able to command an army of 30,000 against a military that was ten times larger than WU’s? The Emperor needed a military leader who would be able to not only command and control the troops, but conquer the enemy effectively. Sun Tsu was asked by the emperor if he would be able to make anyone a soldier. Sun Tsu assured the emperor he could, and proved it by gathering together a group of the beloved concubines, including the favorites of the emperor himself. When the concubines didn’t follow Sun Tsu’s orders immediately, he gave a warning, and when they continued to giggle after the orders were made perfectly clear, he cut off the heads of the concubines he initially made in-charge. After that, you can bet that the rest of those concubines became serious soldiers. And thus, the emperor promoted Sun Tsu to be General of Wu’s military.

    I believe the “Art of War” was even required reading by members of the GO and OSA.

    I’m sure that Hubbard as the emperor of Scientology expected his own Sun Tsu’s to apply any means necessary to make effective soldiers out of SO members and Scientologists under their charge.


  6. Which begs the question: What other religion would make Sun Tsu’s “Art of War” required reading for certain members, and why?

  7. Was it just me or did anyone else find it a bit odd that Marty describes his auditing skills as akin to the Easter miracle? Of course, it may well be that Marty is raising the dead but they seem more zombie-like than the sons of God.

  8. I found the whole “resurrection” theme by Marty both revolting and telling. It’s whacked positioning tech. However, as he is blogging on “moving on up a little higher” I guess we should have known he’d position himself “up there”.

  9. lurker(not the mostly)

    I find him odd, but then I am not his target market, so that really isnt a surprise…

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